Monday 7th of June 2021

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Have Welcomed Their Daughter! Lilibet Lili Diana Mountbatten-Windsor Was Born on Friday, June 4. Both Mom And Baby Are Healthy And Well, a Sussex Spox Says.

Social Media Says

Prince Harry Meghan, Duke Duchess Sussex, announce birth their second child daughter Lilibet Lili Diana Mountbatten-Windsor.
Prince Harry Meghan welcome healthy baby daughter, Lilibet Diana, whose name tribute queen Harry's late mother.
Meghan Markle Prince Harry Welcome Daughter Lilibet Diana.
Aint that both names Harry Meghan selected their children nicknames that other members royal family Prince George called Archie secret code-name. Lilibet Queens nickname. thinks coincidence.

Harry Meghan Announce Birth Second Baby, Lilibet Diana.
harry meghan need nanny, available request they cover grad school expenses slap charles annually.
Lillibet? Why? Theyve done nothing complain about Where their Doria? Meghan only child. Baffling!
Statement from Press Secretary Duke Duchess Sussex says with great that Prince Harry Meghan, Duke Duchess Sussex, welcome their daughter, Lilibet Lili Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, world".

Prince Harry Meghan Markle have welcomed their second child, baby girl named Lilibet Diana.
Prince Harry Meghan Markle have welcomed baby named after both great-grandmother Queen, late grandmother Princess Diana.
Queen, royal family 'delighted' over Harry Meghan's daughter: palace.
Welcome world Lili! Prince Harry Duchess Meghan have welcomed Lilibet "Lili" Diana Mountbatten-Windsor June 11:40 weighing lbs. Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital. named after Queen Elizabeth Princess Diana.

Expert claims Meghan never planned stay Royal Family.
Meghan, your little girl blessed have mom! Congrats!
Harry Meghan announce birth their second child, daughter named Lilibet Diana, after Queen late Princess Wales.
dont give fuck about Royal Family. Press- Harry Meghan named their baby Lili Diana. Awwwwwww.
Frantic meeting Daily Mail right staffers decipher they Meghan naming baby after Queen means secretly hates Queen.
Harry Meghan missed trick there! They should've called baby Betty diminutive Elizabeth baby been born soil, also after their queen Betty White!
Congratulations Prince Harry Meghan Markle! with great that Prince Harry Meghan, Duke Duchess Sussex, welcome their daughter, Lilibet Lili Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, world. :Misan Harriman.

Prince Harry Meghan have announce birth their daughter, Lilibet Lili Diana Mountbatten Windsor born Friday, June 11:40 a.m. Santa Barbara. More.
Congratulations Harry Meghan birth their newborn daughter Lilibet Lili Diana Mountbatten-Windsor.
Prince Harry Meghan, Duchess Sussex, announce birth their daughter, Lilibet Diana.
HAVE FOLLOWED BACK OVER 16.4K ACCOUNTS RETWEET THIS DM I WILL FOLLOW FIRST DM QUICK FOLLOW BACK Meghan Serena Mayweather Diana Sancho Hamilton Redi Bottas Lilibet Palesa Ayanda.
Prince Harry Meghan naming their daughter DIANAAAAA
Boris Johnson congratulates Harry Meghan daughter's birth.
JUST Meghan Harry welcome second child, Lilibet Lili Diana.
Congratulations Harry Meghan arrival their daughter, Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor! Also, congratulations naming your daughter after Queen, because racist British media will die, knowing that name being shared Black woman. V.

Welcome Lili Diana.
security long time ago. THEY their security, includes Meghan children...something security DIDN'T.
This is where Harry and Meghan's baby daughter Lili is in the line of succession.
Aww! Im so happy for Meghan! LiliDiana V.
Prince Harry Meghan Markles baby 'could lead royal reconciliation'.
Doria called Meghan flower Meghan daughter named Lili.
Prince Harry, Meghan Markle announce birth daughter: media.
told guys that ride Harry Meghan. Whatever they want, want them. After what Harrys been through, deserves After what Meghan been through, deserves respect whatever they that brings them happiness. They both deserve VV.

Prince Harry Meghan welcome their baby daughter, Lilibet Lili Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, whose name tribute Queen Harrys late mother, world.
Prince Harry Meghan, Duke Duchess Sussex, welcomed their second childa daughter, Friday, June 11:40 a.m, according statement from couple's press secretary.
Sarahs Gabriels first borns same age, Meghans Patricks second child have same excuse
Nice parents name child after great-grandmother.
apologize advance difference between some Meghan/Harry fans Trump fans.
Meghan Markle Prince Harry Speak After Baby Lili's Birth: She's 'More Than Ever Imagined'.
Congratulations Prince Harry Meghan birth their child, daughter, Lilibet Lili Diana Mountbatten-Windsor. Named honour Queen Harrys mother Princess Diana, baby line throne Canada.

Hello world. .Congrats Harry, Meghan Archie.
media always call Meghan controlling cant even name child without Queens approval.
Baby girl Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor here. Congrats Prince Harry Meghan Markle! Princess Diana would proud!
Prince Harry Meghan welcome baby daughter, Lilibet, named tribute Queen Elizabeth.
Congrats Prince Harry Meghan Markle birth their baby girl Lilibet Diana!
Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor. Welcome world! What lovely name. Best wishes good health happiness Meghan, daughter family Huzzah
OFFICIAL Meghan Markle Prince Harry have welcomed their baby girl Lilibet Diana.
Welcome this world, Lili, from CAMFED Association across We're thrilled your family rest assured we're here make world better place supporting girls learn, thrive lead.

Where Does Meghan Markle Prince Harry's Daughter Lili Fall Line Succession? Meghan Harry (WHO?) Over Yourselves! America's Don't Want HERE!
Announcing Lilibet Lili Diana Mountbatten-Windsor. Baby Lili arrived June 2021 11:40 Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, weighing Congratulations Harry Meghan, Duke Duchess Sussex.

Duke Duchess Sussex have welcomed their baby girl Lilibet Lili Diana Mountbatten-Windsor.
Will there congratulations Harry Meghan birth your granddaughter????
Remembering when phoned Daily Mail poisoned grandma asked what stressing most life moment said rent. then asked said Meghan Markle (?).
Meghan Markle Prince Harry Welcome Baby Girl Named Both Queen Princess Diana!
Meghan Markle Prince Harry announce that Duchess Sussex given birth baby girl.
Meghan Harry name baby daughter after Queen Diana.
this right, Prince Harry Meghan Markle, Duke Duchess Sussex welcomed baby girl days ago, named Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor which acknowledgement both Queen Diana, press literally idea.

This sort tweet which enrages many LozzaFox detractors, principally because they have reasoned response question. Perhaps StonewallUK might clarify? Should BBCNews have announced: 'Harry Meghan announce birth baby biological female'?

Daily Expressmail fulminating that outrageous that Harry Meghan should presume name their daughter after mother.
Exactly. "Archie"? George nicknamed Archie. Meghan would know this, while wasn't use. Protection extreme inner circle did, Harry's latest gf. "Lilibet" too- use. So son, calls "Archie". Names daughter "Lilibet".

Prince Harry Meghan, Duke Duchess Sussex, announce birth baby girl Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor, named after Queen Elizabeth Princess Diana.
Who's "source" that claiming Meghan told them baby girl Thursday? This just know that there's "sources" close Meghan Harry leaking press. They're surrounded circle good, honest, trustworthy people.

Brilliant news! Best wishes to the family xo.
Meghan loves you.
Congratulations Harry Meghan birth Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor. And excellent idea that alternative gifts celebrate arrival H&M learn about support organisations working women girls.

Meghan Harry have given birth baby girl: Lilibet "Lili" Diana Mountbatten-Windsor.
Congratulations Prince Harry Meghan, Duke Duchess Sussex, have announced birth their second child daughter named Lilibet Lili Diana Mountbatten-Windsor.
Using Queen's name, after trashing family. This pair make vomit.
Prince Harry Meghan Markle have welcomed their daughter, Lilibet "Lili" Diana: Lili named after great-grandmother, Majesty Queen, whose family nickname Lilibet. middle name, Diana, chosen honor beloved late grandmother, Princess Wales.".

What You Really Think


Who cares ! So many babies born every day does anyone bother!


Aww, so cute. The names they chose, I love it.


Lilibet is so cute omg congrats to them!

Congratulations to them.

Amazing news.

Please add "Doria" who deserves it MOST!

Congratulations Harry and Meghan. Such a beautiful family.

Welcome little Lili.

I am so happy she has arrived safely.

Welcome baby Diana.

Seeing as Im maybe a, 5, 6, type of, Scroller Downer Counter, of other posts. Im gonna have to say I feel pretty confident that Im not the only 1 who has said that I'm SHOCKED. That this was about the Grown Wm MM. And not the Whiny MM, who seems to Trends on a damn daily!

Congratulations to HarryandMeghan VVV.

Congratulations dear Harry and Meghan . Welcome Lili.

Most importantly, she's American by birth & can run for office in a few decades...

Welcome to the world Lili-Diana congratulations to the parents HarryandMeghan DukeAndDuchessOfSussex and big brother Archie [?][?][?][?][?].

Congrats Harry and Meghan and a special welcome for baby Lili VVVV.

Lilibet Lili Diana Mountbatten-Windsor with this particular name these two scammers are pushing every button of manipulation.

Hope she shows the respect for the crown of her namesakes and not of her parents.



Do they mean the surrogate is healthy and well.

Congratulations to Harry&Meghan, baby Archie and Mama Doria. Oh HAPPY DAY!!! WELCOME BABY LILLY.

"TRUE GENUINE REAL FACT" The Parents of d newborn "GIRL" babies are really d most Luckiest and Gifted parents in d whole World, because these "FUTURE GENERATION" Girls are going to rule the World,in top most Executive positions in top most Companies around the World.

This wont end well for MM.


Welcome to the world granddaughter of Diana.

VVVV welcome Baby Lili.

Congratulations God bless You will always be Royals VV.

Congratulations to Meghan & Harry. I'm so proud of Meghan for safely delivering her daughter. And I'm so happy for the Sussexes who's family is now complete.

Oh yay another Royal sprogette to distract everyone in the UK from the real issues that matter. Wonder what next fascist crap the Tories will try to slip in while everyone is either cooing or denouncing the choice of name?

As my birthday twin! Congrats to the Sussexes.

Welkome Lili Diana Mountbatten Windsor[?][?].

Cue piersmorgan saying the naming was way to kiss up and get back in the fold. 5...4...3...

Congratulations Harry and Meghan Welcome baby Lili Diana.

Anyone cares?

Congratulations Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. God bless Your Beautiful Baby Girl. V.

So happy for them.

A very happy news indeed.

She trashes the royal family,claiming that the queen holds no jurisdiction over the word royal and another dig at the queen that service is universal,then has the nerve to name her daughter after the nickname the late Prince Phillip used to call the queen.

Amazing news love the names & am so happy for them & keeping it out of the news since Friday so they could enjoy their time together x.

Loooove the name(s).

Wonderful news. We thank God for everything.

Surrogate delivered. Harry is sterile. Meghan faked both.

I dont like any of those names but congrats. I wish he had het own identity.

How wonderful.

Such wonderful wonderful news!!!! V congratulations to Meghan and Harry on the birth of their daughter and to Archie for becoming a big brother!!!

Lovely news, welcome Lili Diana, your big brother, Guy and Pula will look after you with your lovely mom and dada.

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