Saturday 14th of January 2023

Benjamin Mendy Has Been Found NOT GUILTY on Six Counts of Rape And One Count of Sexual Assault But Will Face Retrial on Two Outstanding Charges. (Source: Sky Sports).

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Benjamin Mendy been found GUILTY counts rape count sexual assault will face retrial outstanding charges.
Manchester City footballer Benjamin Mendy cleared counts rape sexual assault.
rapes unreported less than rapes lead convictions. Nothing about Benjamin Mendy case should shock you. system broken.
Guardiola refuses comment Benjamin Mendy verdict. Pep: "Please take ManCity's statement like words.".
Girl: love think great couple Benjamin Mendy.
they said Benjamin Mendy will retried even after courts cleared rape charges. Funny!
court clears Manchester City defender Benjamin Mendy rape charges.
Manchester City footballer Benjamin Mendy been found guilty counts rape count sexual assault. Jurors could reach verdicts count rape attempted rape, following six-month trial. Source: Benjamin Mendy HERE GO.

Fucking hell, here again with Mendy case. "NOT GUILTY" SAME THING INNOCENT. punched face dark room there nobody around probably found guilty because there's evidence. Doesn't mean didn't it.

crazy either look there enough evidence after being accused multiple counts rape? think accusers being caught clear might have swayed jury side with Mendy.

Benjamin Mendys Lawyer.
Man. Citys Benjamin Mendy found guilty rape charges.
seriously believe Mendy innocent youre probably rapist Money talks courts.
City footballer Benjamin Mendy been found guilty counts rape count sexual assault. Jurors could reach verdicts count rape attempted rape. retrial those counts been scheduled June.

Benjamin Mendy been found guilty counts rape count sexual assault. Jury could reach majority verdicts count rape attempted rape. Mendy facing retrial those counts.

Fear women fear women benjamin mendy andrewkibe gladys wanga.
Benjamin Mendy been found GUILTY counts rape count sexual assault. Imagine found GULITY counts. life basically been ruined already. does even begging build life?

city fan, woman, find decision against Benjamin Mendy disgraceful indictment law's failure protect women from sexual violence, consider will further harm serious underreporting sexual assaults. Solidarity with victims, always.

Benjamin Mendy's time before the courts is far from over.
tolerating rpists feel really Mendy what will happen life after case proven guilt.
ones going talk about Mendy falsely accused counts rape counts assault guilty only reason still standing evidence isnt substantial, this costs whole football career, very sad.

park under Benjamin Mendy trending topic little bit.
It's good news that benjamin mendy wasn't found guilty damage been done. There's high chance football career over. question what punishment will given person accused him?

Gary Cotterill latest update from Benjamin Mendy trial. Warning: This video contains descriptions distressing incidents.
With Benjamin Mendy trending have Someone being cleared rape charges does mean victim lying reminder
Manchester City footballer Benjamin Mendy been found guilty counts rape count sexual assault, while jurors could reach verdicts count rape attempted rape, following six-month trial Chester Crown Court.

that Benjamin Mendy will Mason Greenwood( innocent) AMEN.
Besides Alaba, Tchouameni Lucas Vazquez injured, Camavinga, Valverde, Carvajal Mendy 100%. They'll have force play final.
Mendy tarnished humiliated everywhere found guilty While word been said Sigurdsson, name wasnt even actually mentioned news about know what English media.

Manchester City Defender Mendy Guilty Rape ManCity MCFC Bitter Blue.
Clearing this idiots this platform. Benjamin Mendy been found guilty counts assault, this doesn't mean innocent doesn't mean women lied stop bashing them saying they ruined life. Rape cases rarely lead conviction.

BREAKING[?]: Manchester City footballer Benjamin Mendy been found guilty counts rape count sexual assault according BBC. blues left-back accused luring women home sexually assaulting them August 2022. Source: BBC.

reminder that guilty does equal false allegation.
Totally agree. People irate thought removing juries from rape trials, juries don't like convicting rape, partly because system encourages them judge victims. Mendy treat these young women with respect? their attitudes problem.

Statement: "Manchester City notes verdict from Chester Crown Court today, where jury found Benjamin Mendy guilty seven charges. jury hung charges trial over..." ]1/2].

that Mendy verdict against women weird.
Currently 1% (one) of rapes reported to police end in conviction.
many people interpreting guilty verdict complete exoneration everything Benjamin Mendy charged with, using call accusers prosecuted, locked burned stake, exposed social media. It's beyond vile.

Benjamin Mendy been found GUILTY counts rape count sexual assault. Jury could reach majority verdicts count rape attempted rape, with Mendy facing retrial those counts. Jack_Gaughan].

Chilwell, Reece, Kante, Sterling, Fofana, Mendy. Broja pulisic squad player.
When Benjamin mendy tells partey that innocent.
Manchester city defender Benjamin Mendy found guilty attacks.
you're looking feel really sad, read replies Mendy "not guilty" verdict...
Hearing news that Mendy proclaimed guilty
Benjamin Mendy's life been ruined already. It'll take miracle pull stronger. saying he's innocent, might then, look life going, it's really cold world there.

Should there be some sort of comeback for false accusations?
Genuinely insane even completely broken standard courts that Mendy trial didn't result conviction.
course respect courts decision. Mendy legally, never been, innocent man. thats different saying cant definitely didnt courts havent ruled didnt it.

only matter that will Mendy's case that it's only American justice system that sees being found guilty different thing than being innocent. justice system equals being innocent. (1).

another case rife hypocrisy. Mendy convicted these counts, would here saying still innocent. course not, youd accept verdict because would have suited your agenda. cant have both ways.

Footballer Benjamin Mendy been found guilty counts rape charge sexual assault against five women. More this story: 501, Virgin 602, Freeview YouTube.
person stated innocent court, should accept this verdict, unless follow-up trial finds otherwise. These basics justice system, without would total anarchy. It's that support Mendy way, still trial cases (2).

Suspended ManCity player, Benjamin Mendy been found GUILTY counts rape.
Benjamin Mendy's retrial will take place on June 26, and is expected to last two to three weeks. ] MENnewsdesk].
pictures girl that accused Benjamin Mendy rape been cleared internet protect her. That's atrocious these lads hell-bent destroying young men. Well have swooped some pictures.

Manchester City footballer Benjamin Mendy found guilty counts rape count sexual assault.

What You Really Think

So it was all false ? damn.


I thought no one was better than ronaldo in rape and sexual assault and i was God damn right. My idol finally not getting owned any more.

Bro they fd up his career. After we dont know what really happened. But apparently his career ended because of slander. I think that slandering deserves punishment and you cant accuse people for anything and get away with after creating shambles in there lives.

Funny how no sports pages are letting you comment yet when he got charged it was open ball to destroy a career and life without a conviction. No sexual crimes or crimes ar all should be reported until convictions are made.

Always knew my boy was innocent.

His lawyer is proctor.

Lucky boy.

What happens to the woman for basically destroying this mans career then ?

Wow this is crazy, now all those falsely accused them should be tried and face punishment. They ruined this mans life.

Release information on all the women who made accusations against him. We have to start holding women accountable for false accusations!!! Put out all their information! They need to be publicly harassed just like he has been for the past year.

Fucking women brought here on earth just to make everyone life miserable.

Greenwood is that u.

So whats going to happen to the liars?

Is his career and time gonna be compansated here?

Free him.

PSPSPSPS spent well.

Man Citys lawyers are unreal.

I mean what kind of wickedness.

After destroying the guys career.

Bruh.. what a comeback.

Ill sue all of them back*** Wont let that slide at all. Lost brands Sponsorship Club REPUTATION naahh They will pay back cant stand that pains alone, well all face it together.

NOT GUILTY of 6 but retrial of 2 means he's got better Solicitors then the girls. Nothing more then a rich man getting away with it yet again. MONEY TALKS.

Machinations of women trying to destroy my brother.

Wtf free this man.

If you do something illegal, don't get caught. If you get caught, throw a lot of money at it.


Man! Just imagine!

You just know there's gunna be some retard who'll be like "Mendy beat the Matrix".

How will a man whos so rich choose to rape women when he can host about 1000s of them in a house party and even pay for sex? He never yielded to extortion and blackmail so they framed him up for rape. These women do not deserve to walk free.

1v6 clutch lord.

Fear women.

God is still alive.

Scheiss fotz eif dem sini karriere zerstort. hoff de bounced back falls de wuk unschuldig ish aber s gseht echt so us...

Why are they wasting this guys time? Why? I hope those ladies pay for what they did to this guy.

Imagine his career .

The sad part about this is that his career is currently non-existent due to this, and I doubt a counter trial would be done to persecute the alleged victims of defamation. Thats the importance of innocent before being proven guilty.

All the women get the jail time for lying in attempt to ruin this mans career.

After this fear women.

His career is over.

Even if you won't punish these girls..plssss release their names.


She should be charged for defaming of character.

Poor black man's career was ruined by a white women. Same thing will apply to.

What does this mean to his soiled football career ?

You lot are such hypocrites... How many of you say a word in his support up unto this time?

Who compensate him for the lost time he wont recover that, on his side tho make better choices Ben your friends almost ruined your career over pussy, be serious chap.

Finally pep is having his golden left back in the squad again.

So what happens to those liers.

Justice can delay but never miss.

Where are the haters. They should come and see hes innocent man.

Mad Ben Mendy can't defend but is lawyer can.

I'm really happy he's out and vindicated.

Silly bitches should have a criminal record, and be criminally charged.