Tuesday 6th of October 2020

Arsenal's Mesut Ozil is Offering to Pay The Full Salary of Club Mascot Gunnersaurus, Who Was Let go Yesterday After 27 Years, For "as Long as ]he] Will be an Arsenal Player".

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Mesut Ozil has offered to pay for Arsenal mascot Gunnersaurus to return to the club...
Arsenal's Mesut Ozil is offering to pay the full salary of club mascot Gunnersaurus, who was let go yesterday after 27 years, for "as long as ]he] will be an Arsenal player".
Nice gesture from Mesut, but you just know how that is going to go down at the club . That is one broken relationship.
Yesterday, Arsenal mascot Gunnersaurus was let go by the club after 27 years. Today, Mesut Ozil offered to reimburse his full salary Vnulb.
Yesterday, after 27 years of service, Jerry Quy, AKA Gunnersaurus was let go from Arsenal. Today, MesutOzil1088 has offered to reimburse his full salary for as long as he remains an Arsenal player. Good gesture, Mesut.

The way Mesut Ozil has gone about this is wrong. Good intentions, wrong approach. You'd think Arsenal works for him and not the other way round. No matter how good your intentions are, you don't communicate them in a manner that exposes your employer to public ridicule. NO.

So much love mesut VnulbVnulb.
Mesut Ozil is a player of Class. But come to think of it, how much do they pay the Mascot?Is it that much?
Rivalries aside, this is top class from Mesut, can hate him only because he plays for Arsenal but this is a great gesture.
Mesut Ozil offers to pay Jerry Quys salary in full following Arsenal's decision to make Gunnersaurus mascot redundant.
Say what you want about him as a player, this is a touch of pure class. Fair play Mesut.
I don't care what his intentions are or what has gone wrong between he and the club, that's a fucking classy gesture by Mesut Ozil.
Mesut Ozil has offered to reimburse Arsenal for the salary of Gunnersaurus if they give the mascot his job back.
Yesterday: Reports claim Arsenal are making Gunnersaurus redundant Today: Mesut Ozil offers to pay Gunnersaurus's wages.
OmG i cant hold the Love in my heart anymore I NEVER REGRET Naming my 4months Old Son OZIL for the Love i have for him. God Bless You More Ozil now and forever. You are Champion forever Mesut Love Ozil Love.

Like everyone else, were gutted that the legendary Jerry Quy aka. Gunnersaurus, has lost his job Jerry, if you see this, weve got a job with your name on it over at Iceland. Anyone with your dedication would be an asset to our team.

Hear me out, how about if Mesut Ozil and his team would have reached out to Arsenal behind closed doors. Come to an agreement on his proposal about taking care of Gunnersaurus' wages and thereafter release a joint press statement. Isn't that the civilised way of doing things?

Mesut Ozil on Instagram regarding Gunnersaurus departure. Ozil is offering to reimburse Gunnersauras, Jerry Quy, with a full salary as long as he is an Arsenal player. ]IG: m10_official] Classy touch, MesutOzil1088! Vnulb.

.ChelseaFC If Arsenal don't accepti this offer from Ozil we can still sign free agents. Top guy, classy Mesut.
You couldnt make this shit up.
Idc about your opinion on him as a player, but Mesut Ozil is an amazing human being. Vnulb.
If he can come of as classy (which indeed he is) while rattling the board and giving them a decision to make, then why not? Another good assist from Mesut if you ask me.
Mesut Ozil will pay Gunnersaurus' full salary after he was released. What a classy, classy man. You just cannot hate Mesut Ozil.
I heard he gave Mesut one too many high fives which was looked upon unfavourably by the board. Dusted.
Mesut Ozil offers to pay Gunnersaurus' wages so he can keep his mascot job at Arsenal.
Offers to pay Gunnersaurus salary after redundancy. May Allah reward you abundantly Mesut.
Class act. Thank you, Mesut.
This is pure class from Mesut Ozil. He's offered to pay for Jerry Quy's ]Gunnersaurus] salary, should he return to work...
Class act Mesut..
Class act from Mesut but the club wont like his move and most likely will reject his proposal.
I don't care who you are or what you do. As long as we are on the same team, I will assist you - Mesut Ozil.
Thank you so much mesut, god bless you.
Mesut Ozil, your heart is soo good for you to be treated in such a harsh way by arsenal. Just like Pogba you are hated by the media but it doesn't change who you are. GOAT.
Im torn here. This is professionally embarrassing for the club. The players, or Ozil alone, could have stepped up and doing this privately. Feels like with Deadline Day passing, hes tried to get back into the limelight with his own agenda. Hope you mean more than that Mesut.

Here's some photos of Mesut smiling. Have a great afternoon.
Respect, Mesut brother!!!
Mesut Ozil has offered to reimbursement Arsenal with full payment of Gunnersaurus salary as long as he is an Arsenal player. Such class from a classy footballer. I love you.
Classy move here. May not have worked out on the pitch, but thank you Mesut.
Mesut doing this publicly is spiiiiicy.
MESUT OZIL - the ASSIST King assisting Arsenal on and off the pitch! MESUT OZIL - a CREATIVE GENEROUS King I stan! [?]nulb.
People were laughing when Bale was sitting on the bench collecting wages at Madrid doing golf poses but Ozil must receive hate when there is definitely more to it. Keep going Mesut.
PR or whatever people may say, Mesut Ozil is a fantastic human being. Has gone out of his way on numerous times to help those needing it.
Im not a arsenal supporter but that is such a nice thing to do good on u mesut.
Mesut loves the club.
The people handling Mesut Ozils PR more than deserve whatever they are getting paid to do the job.
The TL is unreal whenever Mesut does anything.
Unbelievable from Mesut Ozil. The player has offered to reimburse the full salary of the mascot Gunnersaurus, who was recently made redundant, so long as he remains at the club. Class.
This has nothing to do with class. Mesut just wants to get the Fan's on his side. He probably knows Arteta doesn't plan to include Him in the 25 Man squad list.
Mesut Ozil. Always the nicest.
Hats off to Mesut Ozil for saving that guy's job. If Arsenal rejects the offer, Arsenal fans should fundraise for that guy's ticket to Nairobi to go pick his Wheelbarrow in Karen.
Truly Arsene Wenger's Man. This is the value Zaddy Wengz was talking about when he was leaving. Big up Man like Mesut.
Mesut Ozil is actually so smart. Look at the comments. You could never guess that we just signed a world class midfielder a few hours ago.
What a nice gesture from Mesut Ozil [?]nulb. This makes football much more beautiful.
Mesut Ozil brings back Gunnersaurus! Vnulb.

What You Really Think

Dude found a way to stay there longer than they want him.

What PS10 per hr ?

He was more useful than the entire arsenal club.

If only he showed this much passion on a football pitch he may not be done at Arsenal.

How much is a mascots salary? Like 40-50k right? Surely the club can afford.

Lmaooo the fans really bullied him into paying the mascots salary. Twitter is unmatched.


Classic act.

Well done, Ozil!


My boy.

King ozil.

Class act, I want Gunnersaurus back too.

Have Ozil and Gunnersaurus ever been seen together? Thought not. Ozil's just annoyed at not being allowed in on match days any more.


For u wio don't know yet, arsenal's owner is kroenke he treat arsenal like his step son.

Mesut showing a disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others; pure Ozil! A bastion of good will!

Now we also know why he did not accept a pay cut because of Corona. Everything for the mascot.

How is this guy still the most payed played at Arsenal.

This guy isnt even in the first team anymore but he does this what a legend.

God bless ozil An keep on protecting him for us.

What a guy.

Not the billionaire owner? Lol.

Goat shit.

He's a man of the people.

Good. He should give back some of that 350k a week salary he is getting.


If Ozil would just leave Arsenal could afford to play a lot of players and personnel.