Tuesday 20th of July 2021

Pat McAfee Saying Where? After Michael Cole Shouts John Cena is Here. Never Change, Pat.

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Borussia Dortmund director Michael Zorc: Sancho deal done. Everything settled processed, told Ruhr Nachrichten. BVBBuzz MUFC next days Manchester United will sign final clubs paperwork then official announcement will take place. problem.

Brian Stelter plumbed such depths dishonesty that sleazy muck-raker like Michael Wolff plausibly assumed higher ground discussion journalistic integrity.
Michael Masi after receiving e-mails from Toto Wolff...
Just reminder that Michael Jackson THAT when streaming era/internet wasn't thing. lets RESPECT legends paved diminish their hard work
likely will movies make majority their money opening weekend need make about much your budget make profit. movie loses money parties suffer LeBron's production company going take loss what they produced won't make money.

Self-driving startup aurora_inno public SPAC merger. Co-Founder chris_urmson Reinvent Technology Partners Michael Thompson share their outlook self-driving cars.
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unless it's against Michael Byrd, Capitol Security..
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remember wedding video where said would never married. times have changed mate. Huge congrats both.
This clip about Michael shooting Frighteners makes exceedingly happy.
read Little Book must philosophy still rings true today.
Love Trumpanzee's faux outrage over Biden Kamala Harris, let's Michael explain those back.
MICHAEL WILLIAMS greatest performers time
Coming next brothalovers Jenna Fireworks JennaFireworks Black stud Michael Lowtru Willams Lowtru mwilliamsxxx3 make interracial magic! blackcocklove dontpullout Creampie JOIN NOW.
appreciate Michael Cole screaming "CENA'S HERE" McAfee just shouting "WHERE?!".
This project had: Painter Roger Dean Comic artist Michael Kaluta Comic book writer Elaine Lee Jaz Coleman (Killing Joke) Alexey Pazhitnov, creator Tetris It Adventure game RPG?) where cards fight interact with world. would 6-part series lol.

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What You Really Think

So is Michael Cole turning into Joey Styles for a moment there.

The look on roman reigns face.

My first show in a while. Just my opinion, but Pat is horrible. Half the time I found myself rolling my eyes and audibly asking, Please can you shut up?.


For Cole John is bigger than the big dawg lol. I'm glad changed it up to. Usually we get the "You gotta be kidding me!!!" Line.

He's even making Cole better. I wasn't sure about him at first but he sold me. He's really really good.

Pat is just the best, makes me laugh.

I never saw him either.

Pat honestly elevates commentary to a new level.

Reminded a lot of a bit from the Trey Parker film "Orgazmo" he plays a Mormon and anytime a character says "Jesus!", Trey follows it immediately with "WHERE?!?".

Ernest Goes back to WWE.

Michael Cole makes everything better.

I thought I was the only one who noticed that it had me dying laughing.


He has been great since the beginning!! I enjoy the hell out of him!

I love pat man.

Do people actually still watch this pantomime shitshow?

Being PatMcAfeeShow is one of the best thing happened to wwe or SmackDown to say the least in recent times.

John pulled up like yeaaa Im that wigga.

Does some at Twitter write this headline for people to see its pretty specific that Michael cole is trending but then to write also at money in the bank. Odd to me.

Welll. You cant see him. Remember hahahaha. Pat was full kayfabing jt.

This is what happens when you are a good commentator, if you ask me, he is currently the best commentator in WWE!!


Why is everyone cheering?! There's no one there!

Someone has to cast JohnCena as the Invisible man! The Universe needs it to happen lol.


Loudest pop in recent time.

Pat is great.

I love pat.

Has been the best addition to WWEUniverse in a long time!

This is a surprise.

Wack ending.

This is pat McAfee on my life MITB lmao.

He did say a John Cena joke.

Good pop. Was the PPV in Beijing?

Makes it that much more entertaining on Smackdown.

Got to give credit to him that he didn't let the moment take over too much to make that joke.

This was one of the worst part of the Show.

The most ironic thing about this is What happened with the fans thought yall hated cena XD.

It's Awesome to see John Cena back in the WWE at The Money in the Bank PPV.

Deal found.

Hahah pat is great.

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