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Wednesday 22nd of July 2020

Had an Extensive interaction With CEO of IBM, Mr. ArvindKrishna. We Discussed Several Subjects Relating to Technology, Data Security, Emerging Trends in Healthcare And Education.

Dominic Grieve the most understated, measured and calm individual Ive ever met. When asked about Downing Streets various explainations for delaying the RussianReport, he says simply we have a Prime Minister who did not tell the truth.

This press conference is utterly damning, utterly devastating of the prime minister, the government, the cabinet. 'We are flummoxed by the lack of action taken.'.
Had an extensive interaction with CEO of IBM, Mr. ArvindKrishna. We discussed several subjects relating to technology, data security, emerging trends in healthcare and education.
The President of SK said bts paved the way, minister of culture said bts paved the way, korean citizens said bts paved the way and also multiple known idols said bts paved the way, why would we care about what y'all gotta say, try changing the minds of those who are above first.

Julie Payette was always a bad pick for Governor General. And from the beginning, Trudeau used her to push his political agenda, something no Prime Minister should ever do.
In the present world economic situation, India is the fastest-growing economy. We have a big market, skilled manpower such as doctors and engineers. Now we are also increasing the skilled manpower: Union Minister Nitin Gadkari (21.07.20).

Minister of Mask Control.
This whole episode looks very strange! Matiullah was to appear in front of Supreme Court & one day before men in uniform pick him up in front of CCTV Cameras; Govt, Minister Interior, must immediately explain! Police claiming total ignorance; who are men wearing black uniforms?

They tried to blame the Niger Delta. They now want to make it about 16 years of OfficialPDPNig Oga ynabena, Akpabio is an APC Minister. Prof Pass-out Pondei is an APC member. Buhari appointed ALL of them 2015 propaganda will not work in 2020. APC is a curse.

Minister sacked by Ardern as sex scandals rock New Zealand's major parties.
Just rang Minister Colbeck's office; the courteous person could not answer my question the question being: if you don't have a Foxtel subscription, how do you watch these sports???
IS THIS A THING? WASN'T INAPPROPRIATE BARNABY JOYCE A NEW ZEALANDER? PM Jacinda Ardern holds impromptu press conference on Iain Lees-Galloway 'inappropriate behaviour' claims.

Prime minister of Hungary Viktor Orban speaking to media at the EU summit this week, describing how he's changed his mind on modelling his nation on western Europe because of the devastating impact mass unregulated immigration has had on it.

India China border tensions: Defense minister reveals large Chinese troop movements.
Hypocrite MahuaMoitra questioned Home Minister AmitShah Ji over Virtual Conference but she is silent over Mamata Didi Virtual Rally.
Minister of Immigration caught off guard with my question on his Department and Border Services losing 35 thousand individuals ordered removed from Canada. Will ask again Wednesday.
Reasons why"honourable minister"Ashwath Narayan didnt postpone the exam(1)His children arent writing the exam (2)He wants to compete and show that he is also capable of conducting exams..ofcourse his ego was hurt when Suresh Kumar conducted SSLC exams.

Dairy farmers to continue their stir as talks with minister fail.
The minister doesn't think that it's abnormal to not let tax paying residents people into Japan and doesn't seem to realise the difference between foreign visitors and residents. ICantLeave (July 21) Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan.

Minister Moyo was recently complaining about lack of foreign investment, when Zimbabwe was "open for business" But this type of intimidation deters investors. Someone who exposes corruption is arrested. But it is precisely corruption that investors fear.

Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa has decided to go in for a micro examination of the City area by area and zone by zone.
Congratulations Chancellor Merkel, President Macron, Prime Minister Conte, and other leaders in the EU for producing this fantastic success against the coronavirus.
Requesting minister of Medical Education mla_sudhakar To cancel exams of Medical,Dental,Pharmacy and all the Courses of Rajiv Gandi university including UG and PG due to Covid-19 Pandemic.
I eagerly await an update from deptinfra minister NicholaMallon given the inexplicable differences in these two responses to the same issue a mere fortnight apart.
I take these accusations very seriously & I would give the Minister 48 hours to publish the names, contracts, and dates and details members of National Assembly that they gave contracts to National Assembly members to, failing which the full wrath of the law will be applied.

As a former drama teacher, I wonder if the Prime Minister ever quietly grades the theatrical performances of opposition MPs. Andrew Scheer: D Does not commit, lacks substance, overacts. Weak stage presence, lacks emotional depth in his delivery. Disconnected from audience.

Here's British Prime Minister Boris Johnson taking the British version of the dementia test Donald Trump took.
Thank You Minister More delivery from a SF minister.
Watch External Affairs Minister, Dr DrSJaishankar in conversation with Prof C Raja Mohan, in a session titled Geopolitics of Opportunity: As World Rebalances, How should India Capitalise?
What's the big deal, we even have a fake Prime Minister.
Minister Pijush_hazarikas last leg of the 2-day visit of Barakvalley ended with the COVID19 review of Karimganj distt in the presence of all MLAs and DC and other dignitaries!
There's something almost Shakespearean about the Australian Prime Minister having two little girls and having no problem seeing pictures of two similarly aged girls suffering through this horrific situation, which he has complete control over. Or maybe he's just a sociopath?

Energy Minister admits he has no intentions regarding regulation and wishes you good luck. What is the point of you Angus?
Excellent. You are right Minister.
This minister don't even deserve to be in bjp.
It is so easy to make blanket statements like NASS members got 60% of NDDC contracts because videos like that would go viral. I join in urging the minister to publish the names of NASS members that took such contracts. I believe Nigerians would like to see such.

Sussan Ley is unfit to be the environment Minister, she is unfit to be sitting in Our Parliament , These Aboriginal Heritage sites are of more importance than she is, It is time for this environmental vandal to resign immediately.

We turn to this meeting between Chagger and WE before the program was even announced. Not concerning ourselves with the possibility that a youth minister might meet with a charity for youth for a variety of reasons the article suggests it is a vector for financial communique.

Perhaps while they are not working (Letters, July 20), our parliamentarians should be on the JobKeeper allowance instead of their normal salaries. - Marie Grady, Frenchs Forest.
Congress betrayed OBCs, involves in political hypocrisy, alleges minister Narottam Mishra.
Is there any way to campaign for yeobeeyin to return as the Minister of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change (now known as Ministry of Environment and Water)? Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man changed the name & now I don't even know what his plans on climatechange..

"As a minister in the United Church of Christ & a resident of Portland, I demand that President Trump remove federal forces immediately from our city. Kidnapping citizens without cause is fascism." -RevChuckCurrie of.

Black Lives Matter is a far-left and anti-Christian movement. says Minister tristan_azbej, the Hungarian State Secretary for the Aid of Persecuted Christians.
The Alberta Minister of Education is uneducated. High school and some comunity college course. Unfit, inept, and blinded by extremist ideology.
Lol. backed by Peter Thiels Founders Fund, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, who is now the companys chairman, & a small, passive investment from deceased multimillionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Three strikes & youre out. Barak was one of Epsteins clients.

Awe, Toronto! I get the Raptors & the Jays & dont even have to learn French, unless my future prime minister Justin Trudeau wants me too. The Minnesota Wild will always hold my heart, but I can cheer the Leafs on the East!

Loss of lives due to the floods in West Garo Hills, Meghalaya is very disturbing. I have spoken to the Chief Minister, Shri SangmaConrad and assured him all possible help from the Central government. Nation stands resolutely with the people of Meghalaya in these trying times.

Happy birthday to Shri Dev_Fadnavis ji, former Chief Minister of Maharashtra and former State President of Bharatiya Janata Party Maharashtra. May the blessings of God be with you, may you have good health and longevity.Pray to God to live long. " ".

Ensure this stupid idiotic lawyer whose only claim to fame is, that he is the son of former law minister, is justly punished. Nepotism example No.1.
Its more and more clear that Prime Minister Trudeaus goal was never about helping students. From the beginning, this program seems to have been precisely designed to help Mr. Trudeau's friends.
Today we announce the launch of a new international commission on the Indo-Pacific led by the former Canadian Prime Minister, the Hon stephenharper See the full announcement below.
Having re-read the FINA draft blues the $912 million the Trudeau Liberals allocated to the sole-sourced WE Charity run student volunteer program the numbers simply do not add up. Likewise both the Minister & ADM refuse to reveal the targeted number of potential placements. Why?

Hi everyone! Please stop sharing this list, its old and goes back to when the minister of health was Wael Abou Faour.
Marshall Liberal Government Minister Stephan Knoll is repaying $29,574 worth of taxpayers' money he claimed under the Country Members Accommodation Allowance over the past two and a half years.
Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa on Tuesday said that there will be no further lockdown in the state, including Bengaluru.
In defence of WE: Scott Gilmore, hubby of Catherine McKenna, Trudeau cabinet minister. There. Fixed it for ya.
This is an event by TamilNadu Minister to create awareness about SocialDistancing Errrr.
I think the title Minister of Workplace Relations will forever be a euphemism after this.
Liberal minister Bardish Chagger met with WE Charity days before student program was announced by Trudeau.
Assam Health Minister himantabiswa visits flood hit Kaziranga National Park and then his guards shoot in the air to shoo away a rhino taking rest. What is a Health Minister doing inside a Wildlife Park? Such fake publicity seeking visits only add to the burden of animals.


Where are the opposition parties? TrudeauResignNOW has a minority government. Why aren't these parties bringing down this arrogant prick of a Prime Minister.
.. and bashing some of us who support the SNP and back Our first minister. But NS has done an amazing open and honest job speaking with clarity and sense to us all as equals. How that must annoy Tory bots ... good.

Ex Prime Minister of Finland, currently Professor alexstubb commenting the EU resque package in CNN Prime to 100 million viewers in Finlands archipelago, close to midnight. Finland, Finnish design and Marimekko thank for priceless promotion.

This isnt transparency, Minister BardishKW. Chagger did not mention the meeting with Kielburger Thursday while testifying before the House of Commons finance committee.
Smt. SheilaDikshit ji played an instrumental role in putting Delhi on the global cities map during her 15-year tenure as Chief Minister. Rich tributes to the amiable leader who won so many hearts, on the first death anniversary.

This is just another example of the Trudeau Liberal's arrogance. One rule for them, another for ordinary Canadians.
India U.S trade deal : almost there says Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal at.
The newly appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan AzerbaijanMFA H.E.bayramov_jeyhun and the Secretary General of the Turkic Council Baghdad Amreyev anreyev held a telephone conversation today on 21 July 2020 nulb.

Over 100 BBC directors are paid more than the Prime Minister. Yet the organisation come to the Government with a begging bowl and use over 75s as a shameful bargaining chip. The license fee is a regressive tax which should be scrapped.

Really unusual to see a UK Government minister all over the place on fireandrehire and RollsRoyce earlier today... This is tens of thousands of people's livelihoods he is dismissing here.
Accidental prime minister Wakeup Sid Saraansh.
Respected Minister for MAUD, request you to please solve our problem pertaining to drainage issue of Bhavani Nagar Colony, Peerancheru , Idgah Road, Bandlaguda Jagir, here are some pics attached, please issue necessary directions to the concerned authorities..

Scheer: Its so gross and disgusting that this prime minister keeps using the pandemic as an excuse for his corruption I dont even have a question Mr. Speaker, it is just disgusting.
Scheer asks Freeland: "What would it take for her to lose confidence in this scandal-plagued Prime Minister?" Trudeau didn't let Freeland answer. Instead he used the pandemic as an excuse for his corruption.

Nikamma and Nalayak uttered to abuse a former Deputy Chief Minister. Sachin Pilot is in the Congress. Who will sack and suspend Ashok Gehlot for bringing party to disrepute?
On Wednesday, the Minister for Health and his Health Team will hold a press conference as we reopen the TCI today. The broadcast will be live on C Facebook page, the Premiers page and on 89.1fm.
France's foreign minister "strongly condemns" treatment of Uyghurs in China, says Paris wants independent observers to be allowed into the area.
All the LNP from the Prime Minister down were involved. No wonder cporterwa is terrified of a real independent and powerful National Integrity Commission. Corruption is their way of life!
We thought u wr smart wise thinking man PiyushGoyal? As young SBI Board Director showed lot of promise & bright future nt only fr yourself bt India. Pitiable 2say d least Minister yr performance pedestrian, mostly u r incoherent & out of depth. Lacking intellectual leadership?

The Accidental Prime Minister Manmohansingh Look at Mr. Manmohan! Will anyone say it's the PM of India standing like a statue while a nobody gets a rousing reception!
Youre all just bumping your gums! Do something about it before others do it for you. Never has it been clearer that Scotland should, and must, be independent and all you can come up with a clip where a govt minister just didnt answer a question. Weak, weak, weak, weak, weak!

Arasu Cable TV subscribers need not pay extra : Minister.
Prime Minister ImranKhanPTI chaired a meeting of the Federal Cabinet earlier today.
Advocates say Polish lawmakers have continually portrayed members of the LGBTQ community as enemies of the state.
My colleagues Minister GwedeMantashe1 and Minister NxesiThulas have been admitted to hospital . They both tested positive for covid19 a week ago . We wish them a speedy recovery .
When a government Minister uses a fake term like 'Far Right' as a derogatory term for the sole purpose of demeaning anyone who may be thinking of challenging him/her that's a worrying situation. It means the principles of open democracy have been set aside.

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Namaste Respected PM, sr me aapse itanahi kehna chahti hu ki kya e possible nhi he, ki Nagarsevak or Nagarsevika ke padbhar ke liye kuch Education Eligibility jese minimum Graduation, honi chahiye bcz, bcz of their illiteracy they can't be updated with much more social,, issues.

Sir khabhi public se bhi bat kar lo sun lo unko kya dikkat hai ...ur behaving like person common man can not reach.

U will get failed only due to these IAS lobby. Every institution headed by them, they don't know the subject and basic of institutions. Pl cut them and why increasing their span width.

Modi engineering services exam seats in indian railways.

I proud my pm.