Thursday 29th of April 2021

Statement by H.E. Mahn Winn Khaing Thann, Prime Minister, National Unity Government of Myanmar on The ASEAN Leaders Meeting Held in Jakarta, Indonesia on 24 April 2021.

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your Prime Minister, means your raja, even your ruler. fact your servant, when fail duty, will your duty pick remove me." ("Kaan pakdein kursi utaar dein") Jawaharlal Nehru.

CRACKDOWNChief minister Yogi Adityanath sent harsh message state hospitals: keep your mouth shut about oxygen COVID19 crisis face actiontells police heads crack down hospitals that cite oxygen shortage complains media.

Hell Earth: thousands each COVID19 India, chief minister threatens hospitals that acknowledge oxygen shortage.
electoral commission launched investigation into refurbishment prime ministers Downing Street flat. Policy Editor Lewis Goodall more.
UK:A National Health Service (NHS) will serve first vaccine passport international travel, requiring British public present their coronavirus status order leave country, government minister confirmed Wednesday.

1/2 I pleasure co-chair today Joint Commission between Israel Azerbaijan with Minister MikayilJabbarov. fruitful discussion reflected friendship between
Eight hours questioning antagonistic opponents Prime Minister Chuckles would turn mush like Eton Mess left cupboard summer.
It's hard find principle Ministerial Code that upholds himself charged with policing current rules aren't working. This treats Parliament country with contempt it's time held account for.

People malicious with words Most times without cause When hear some things that being said about minister God, will feel like crawling under rock seeing again It tough leading God's people You must unto Lord.

Having read quotes from Prime Minister giving commitments leaseholders reality something different excuse after excuse after excuse says Lord Kennedy.
Minister Public Services miqueliceta just have told they won't stop public competitions, most them against rulings about temporality abuse. explain what kind labour reforms talk about?

Today feel luck Telugu states. ncbn Chief Minister anyone state sure will definitely show path entire country. proven himself times crises past.
person charge Ministry Long-Term Care during pandemic doesn't take responsibility actions ministry, even have Minister Long-Term Care?
you're trouble minister help, very rarely you'll reply. Only selfless supporters small office bearers help their level. However leftists minister, help reaches priority with pomp. That cringe craving validation!

Prime Minister, Major Sleaze.
"Since start pandemic, we've worker's backs," Minister Labour Monte McNaughton begins, opening with joke.
"The Ontario Minister Colleges Universities, Ross Romano, five senior administrators from Laurentian University should resign their roles creating financial crisis that devastated this northern Ontario university.".

PMQs... disgraced prime minister Boris Johnson isnt waving; drowning. answers about mounting personal sleaze scandals, just bluster, lies misdirection. Like Vicky Pollard caught just rants louder louder.

Flustered John Kerry denies told Irans Foreign Minister about Israels covert operations Syria. Given Kerry's past lack honesty integrity inclined believe happen. you're innocent JohnKerry, prove it!

Boko Haram releases images armoured tanks other operational vehicles captured from Nigerian Army recently. Pantami so-called Minister Communication Digital Economy defenders don't seem know which Boko Haram uses upload such images.

Govt MBuhari Continues Endorse Terrorism Nigeria. From Granting Amnesty Boko Haram Terrorists, Negotiating With Fulani Bandits Enabling Killer Fulani Herdsmen Having Extremist Jihadist Minister (Isa Pantami).

prime minister??? Someone power determine rate payment compound this?? Mangkuk hayun sedar perdana menteri.
This need RM70mil integrate data make dashboard. Baru minister will aware. Kah!
Principles matter. Values matter. This what happens when Prime Minister none.
What happens when Prime Minister goes rogue??? Fantastic question from Wales!!!!!!!
just reminded Prime Minister Nolan Principles which meant govern behaviour those public office. Selflessness. Integrity. Objectivity. Accountability. Openness. Honesty. Leadership.

"People have lost their mothers fathers, grandparents, even their children. That's many find Prime Minister's remarks utterly sickening." Westminster Leader Ianblackford_MP challenges Boris Johnson Covid remarks Tory sleaze scandal.

This what achieved when opposition parties work together hold Prime Minister account.
STAR: Proper fancy wallpaper EVERY Prime Minister.
smear somebody's character their true colours will always shine through Bill Shorten should have been Prime Minister would have been elections weren't interfered with Murdoch Media billionaire mining magnates like Clive Palmer donate LNP.

Mufti Qasim Fakhri qasim_fakhri other leaders meet Sindh Minister Nasir NasirShahOffice discuss release detained activists. face masks SocialDistancing despite COVID19 surge.

Arlene Foster steps down as DUP leader and Northern Ireland's First Minister. One down. One (*many more) to go.
Replug basics Manmohan Singhs journey from tiny village what Pakistan Race Course Road well-known, former prime minister typically refused make political rise from humble beginnings.

While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau covid-isolation three weeks, appeared daily address Canadian public media both official languages, addition running nation household, while caring three children.

Vietnamese Foreign Minister Pledges Deeper Cooperation With Japan.
Members Prime Minister Narendra Modis Bharatiya Janata Party holding political rallies drum support ahead municipal elections despite devastating second wave coronavirus gripping country.

"The court King Boris combines zealotry revolution with conceit empire probity gangsters." blistering demolition BorisJohnson from rafaelbehr. This should required reading.

Downing Street spokesman responded with prime minister follows ministerial code Nolan Principles when conducting himself public life Downing Street spokesman obviously million have watched this film!

Earlier today, India's health minister said much stronger position against Corona than 2020." He said this when India tallied more than 300,000 cases consecutive day. And said this after people died from virus every hour.

providing three mobile oxygen factories India, addition support, including ventilators, have already pledged. Minister JamesCleverly outlines continuing help closest friends partners.

Prime Minister ImranKhanPTI welcomes Kingdom Saudi Arabias initiative peace with Iran expressed confidence that would strengthen Muslim Ummah.
Paul McCartney, Kate Bush, Damon Albarn, Jimmy Page, Brian over other artists have signed open letter British Prime Minister plea correct inequalities music streaming system.

Germanys Merkel Presses Chinese Prime Minister Human Rights.
know prime minister paid Tory Party PS60k paid Cabinet Office cover costs refurbishing Downing Street home. That would donation Boris Johnson Tory Party. There record Electoral Commission's database...

Armed Forces neutral. They collude with armed bandits. youre depending Armed Forces, will Danjuma). Northerner, former Chief Army Staff, former Defense Minister informants that dont have.

India currently censoring posts calling resignation Prime Minister.
idea that anyone leading political party could believe that side, just stuff real danger view. prime minister MrKRudd.
Zealands Deputy Prime Minister Minister Finance, Grant Robertson, speaks with Stephen Schwartz, outlook economy, virus containment success, housing market, relationship with China. Watch.

Musician horror stories, from organist: I've been post years. During Covid, Minister used online recordings have just been advised that church prefers videos, feel they work better, they don't require anymore. been very upsetting.

first asked Minister these figures December last year. months improve system. Only now, under pressure, does admit ideal. Theres pattern emerging here.
Boko Haram releases images armoured tanks other operational vehicles captured from Nigerian Army recently. Pantami so-called Minister Communication Digital Economy defenders don't seem know which Boko Haram uses upload such images vide.

Turns Boris Johnson heartless, self serving, useless prime minister. What plot twist. that coming?
Minister Merrill Fullerton today lecturing AndreaHorwath will take lessons from you. worked repair long term care While neglected DrFullertonMPP OntarioNDP havent been power since 1995? What talking about?

"The prime minister approaches truth toddler handles broccoli. understands idea that contains some goodness, will touch lips only higher authority compels there." Perfect.

Canada Prime minister announced money India buying ambulance kits.
Second saddest day in Arlene Fosters time as First Minister, as she was guest of honour at Ibrox when we boabied the huns 1-5.
Theodore Wright, civic leader, minister. Princeton grad 1829. Developed many organizations incl American Anti-Slavery Association & 2 NYC high schools. Publicly outspoken re human rights. Privately in Underground Railroad.

what exactly? church over excited that members occupying political positions. question wether they perform not. question more leverages Goodwill church. Mind you, RCCG MINISTER fa).

Prime Minister telling himself that European Parliament gave consent because role negotiations, must disappoint him. opposite true: Despite mistrust that many MEPs feel towards him, ratified deal prevent worse.

Imagine being remembered prime minister trolled by...
What your child minister federal republic?
Minister McNaughton: This game-changer, this will save lives. Ummm...don't have isolate least days COVID19?
Former Minister Agriculture Barry Cowen told Dail that "not job" been created midlands Government's Just Transition process.
GTAAs Kath Hammond scene with Minister Public Services Procurement AnitaOakville welcome shipment! This delivery marks important step helping Canadians fight COVID-19 turn corner during this difficult time.

Nigeria where Terrorist PantamiMustGo minister Nigeria.
Significant moment Downing Street flat story. Sun, hitherto most devout supporter, demands that prime minister 'come clean'. Boris Johnson, however, will find very hard that. Only Telegraph remains loyal.

Prime Minister suggested British people interested behaviour. 13.2 million views this film suggests otherwise BorisJohnson lets send million.
spoke with AnasSarwar about class sizes modern studies teacher, MrTweedieGHS quick answer couldn't have mark better, truly First Minister material.
Every Minister Modi cabinet must resign. moral right continue power. ResignModi entire cabinet.
Congratulations FarrukhHabibISF well deserved appointment State Minister Information Broadcasting, will take oath office tomorrow.
Just been bbc5live make case that matters Prime Minister liar. think matters Tory Party broke electoral law. matters that theres seemingly rule those with WhatsApp another everyone else.

Electoral Commission power fine Boris Johnson Conservative Party PS20,000 finds been broken. stakes more serious than that. Prime Minister found have acted illegally would surely face unprecedented pressure resign.

only apologise embarrassment that Prime Minister. Hopefully wont inflicted much longer.
National Party sold Scone TAFE campus secret deal struck with Racing NSW. Last night, Minister Skills Geoff Nationals candidate David Layzell didnt bother showing Scone TAFE community forum explain why.

identical email asking leave poor Boris Johnson alone from five different people (well five different email accounts). Subject line changes, body email identical. What utter disgrace that causing trouble about Prime Minister. Etc. Weird.

During visit, foreign minister (ForeignOfficePk shared Pakistans perspective current situation, stressed imperative avoiding conflict, underscored importance defusion tensions stressed need finding diplomatic forward.

Last year, direction Prime Minister Imran Khan, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi (SMQureshiPTI) undertaken visit Tehran Riyadh.
Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation Minister, Lindiwe Sisulu has been given less than 24-hours to suspend her departments Cuban engineer programme, or she may have to defend its rollout in court.
Come dude. Mansour from royal family minister Presidential affairs. Their family controls State they football club. that state owned?
NEW: pushback against minimum unit pricing Fine Gael parliamentary party tonight. Border Senators raising concerns with former minister McHugh saying Government "reneging" commitment same time Northern Ireland.

most Shit educational minister history world!
Nova Scotia almost 10,000 tests Monday. Ontario times population Nova Scotia only manage 34,000. Doug Ford failed Minister Health celliottability cant anything right.

want strong leadership, plan recovery and, when crisis over, choice better future with independence. Make BothVotesSNP re-elect NicolaSturgeon First Minister Scotlands recovery into Scotlands hands.

That soooo true! Chinese company only paid Andrew Robb mere $880k year, although they begin employing before around resigning from relevant Minister.
You'd think that Minister, with their staff would sorting gathering information address issues that's plagued people Obviously not, seems.
Catholic publicly obstinately opposes truth regarding faith morals present himself herself receive Holy Communion minister Holy Communion give Sacrament? CardinalBurke responds.

launch Migrant Teacher Project School Network MarinoInstitute will take place online Tuesday 5pm. Minister rodericogorman dcediy will launch Network. attend please register at.

Muhyiddin best Prime Minister Malaysia ever seen Fazura.
Prime Minister ImranKhanPTI BillGates discuss next steps COVID-19 response, polio eradication climate change.

What You Really Think

No more dialogue with ASEAN .We dont need China backed organisation to give us more suffering.

Rest In Power KNUs capital lost his life in the war between KNU & Military Junta (SAC) & he has 3 children. Our civilians are trying their best to protect us & trying to end dictatorship in Myanmar. Dear world , Please dont ignore us.

Having a dialogue should be a priority.

The military council has rejected the negotiations reached by ASEAN leaders I nodded in front, but in the back I was rejected Think about why we, the people of Myanmar, are fighting against the promises made by the military council.

1 ) NUG 8.5_ plan X/ 8.5]]7.5, ]]7.53.5, 3.55.5[?]3.55.5_1.52.5 ??? 5.5[[[?]6.5 / ]]7.5 [[[?]][?] / 2.5AUM 1AUM[[[?]AUM[?] [?] / [?], 8.5_ 6.5_8.5_17.51.5[?]1.5 / ]]7.5AUM3.55.5 5.5^k 1[[[?] [[ / [?] ]7.55.5, [?]][?] / 2.5 7.55.5^]]2.5 / 8.5_ 1[[[?]8.5_ [[[?]6.5 jkk AUM]7.52.5[?]1 / ]]AUM[?] 6.5 / 3.55.5_AUM3.55.5 [[, [?] 7.5[?]3.55.5[?]7.5][?] / 2.5.

ASEAN agreement clearly doesnt work.

HEAR MYANMAR WOMEN'S VOICE: A group of Myanmar women condemn the brutal persecution of WOMEN by Min Aung Hlaing-led SAC Terrorist Group.

Pls dont wait for the green light by AungSanSuuKyi on May when SAC to let u meetSACd cheat againPls import weapons from Afghan or some whichd do disarmament or try to produce arms insidePush ICC to issue warrant for MinAungHlaingPpl r killed!

We, Myanmar people, urge ASEAN to engage with NUGMyanmar. Please hear the voice of Myanmar people.

We respect ASEAN meeting and all the statements has been issue but kindly do needed action as urgent requires.Our peoples life are not betting with terrorist lies.Statement doesnt work without action,just a statement.Better than saying Myanmar peoples are in trouble pls help us.

KenRoth TostevinM eAsiaMediaHub.

Totally agree with this. ASEAN must consider about the following-up actions as the JUNTA SAC doesn't keep his words of violence cessation.

Envoy must not be approved if they dont stand with National Unity Government (NUG)!

We stand with NUG PM statement.

Mandalay boycott brother arrested April 27.4.2021.

ASEAN needs to accept NUG of Myanmar and the daily violence, arrests, tortures and killings by the military have to stop before meaningful negotiations can take place. Its the ordinary people who had to endure and got it worst on the ground in Myanmar.

We request ASEAN to please work with NUG, only then can stop the unlawful coup and can end the current crisis in Myanmar.

"The violence is one sided, ASEAN". There is no reason for our 700 people to be killed. In a country where Democracy activists are abused and oppressed by military juntas, there will be NO peace. So, please recognize our legitimate government NUGMyanmar and negotiate with them.

There is no "consensus" or agreement with, as a top banker in Yangon said this week, those that "are fucking out of their minds".

Dear ASEAN leaders, please hear our voices from our legitimate govrt NUGMyanmar. jokowi Menlu_RI.

We support NUG.

Even Min Aung Hlaing SAC newspaper does not mention 5 points statement by ASEAN.

Even Min Aung Hlaing SAC newspaper does not mention 5 points statement by ASEAN. It is just photos taking show.

We support NUGMyanmar We agree with the statements of Manh Win Khaing Than!

What they did is interests for them, China and military terrorists not for MM people.Those consensus is a step to recognize Murderer MAL-led terrorists.Thats why ASEAN didnt invite our elected NUG. ASEANs really shameless! They should be ashamed of themselves.

We feel really sadden,ASEAN just watching Min Aung Hlaing violating the consensus of ASEAN Summit.

Very polite reply in full control of the situation. No dialogue is possible without unconditional release of the detained political leaders including U Win Myint and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. ASEAN looks stupid for the 2nd time after the 1st one in 1997 allowing Myanmar as a member.

PM MuhyiddinYassin declared thatwe have succeeded. Its beyond our expectation:5 points plan was agreed upon!2days later when security forces killed 1 civilian.SAC today state the suggestion made by ASEAN leaders will be considered if things returns to stability!

.ASEAN is a laughingstock among the international community if they still fail to engage with civilian-elected NUGMyanmar & stand with the oppressed civilians.

Progress are made after ASEAN summit, at least for MAL and SAC. The military regime steps up murders and abductions as if it has a green light.

Is already the agreements made in ASEAN summit on ending violences and using live ammunitions on civilians. He keeps killing innocent people with total ignorance of those agreements. What a shame!

Plz respect human rights of Myanmar people !

Here is the statement by our legitimate government.We, Myanmar People support National Unity Government(NUG).

Well-said ASEAN sholud recognise and work together with legitimate civilian government NUGMyanmar if they really want to support & help the people of Myanmar from this devastating situation caused by junta's brutality & injustice.

6.5 / [?]1AUM[[[?]AUM[?]2.5 / ]]7.5, 8.5_2.53.5, 3.55.5[?]]]7.5, ]], 7.52.5[?].Go to the End. 18.5_ /XX/ 1.52.5[[7.52.5 / 2.5.

Last night,A civilian has died as he crashed into 12 wheels truck on 62 street Mandalay. Witness said he rushed driving since he fear terrorists (SAC) inspecting in the next road. We are in fear every second of the coup.

Must support NUGMyanmar , a legitimate government recognized by all Burmese people. Only this support can really help and listen to the voice of the people of Burma.

Must pay attention to.

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