Friday 8th of May 2020


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The UK Govt has banned any ministers from appearing on after a series of them made complete fools of themselves in the face of basic & important questions. This is a pathetic & cowardly response to THEIR shameful incompetence. cc .

Exclusive: The secret report into Exercise Cygnus which revealed the government was not prepared for a pandemic has been leaked to the Guardian. Weve decided to publish it in full.
Care services were known to be in crisis before pandemic. That s why Labour planned a fully funded National Care Service. If this article is true, ministers knew the scale of the problem & lack of preparedness for a pandemic & did nothing. Words fail me.

The Prime Minister has his own style, but in my view, in such a situation a strong Prime Minister along with a lot of strong Chief Ministers & a lot of strong collectors are needed. I want us to tackle the disease at the local level itself: Shri.

Instead of one strong leader at the top, India needs many strong Chief Ministers, many strong DMs, many strong collectors, strong labourers, strong farmers. That is when we will have a STRONG INDIA in true sense.

As a direct consequence of interviews in this shocking compilation UK Govt has banned any ministers from appearing on . It s a national scandal that gov t ministers, unable to answer basic questions, now choose to hide from any real scrutiny.

"If you do get a media query on this please provide a written response," it reads. "I would like to sign off and see all written response (sic). Do not put Minister up for any interviews on this.".
Farcical: How an email from a Turkish T-shirt salesman led to the UK govt ordering thousands of surgical gowns from a company founded on 31 January, had no experience of making them. The gowns are "useless" and ministers are yet to accept responsibility.

AIMRA VP Vibhooti is daily attending VC with Ministers of the Ruling Party. He has stressed on the suffering of the mobile retailers and expressed their pain points. The positive response to this from the govt is the announcement of a Powerful Stimulus Package for MSMEs, soon!

Yet again forgotten - clearly not imp enough to be involved in planning! - Revealed: the secret report that gave ministers warning of care home crisis.
The end of didnt bring freedom to all of Europe - divided into spheres of influence by the . Many nations remained under the harsh rule of for almost 50 years. The statement of :.
Very important report by on how the Ardern regime has turned out to be.
We have become a country where statues count for more than people. Where it is more important to build new homes for ministers in the Central Vista than it is to provide shelter to migrants.
British racing resumption gets backing of senior minister. Matt Hancock (centre) on a visit to Newmarket( last year). A generation ago senior Irish Ministers would have been queuing up to support our industry. How times have changed.

Why would ministers want to appear on childrens television in the middle of a global emergency?
I do have sympathy for ministers. Asked complex questions & then continually interrupted so unable to elaborate, usually by polemicists who have zero experience of managing crises & are just looking for cheap "look at me" hits. Our gotcha culture is part of problem.

Eurogroup today: Since 1995, Italy has recorded a primary budget SURPLUS (excl interest) in 24 out of 25 years. Italy did more fiscal consolidation than DE and NL, with negative growth effects. Northern finance ministers should stop lecturing and support a large recovery fund!

Reminder: The very idea of a POTUS is fucking stupid on all levels and the "founding fathers" of the US, along with the vast majority of the world, should seek to abolish prime ministers, presidents and all other echos of Kingdom. We literally live in the Dark still.

Secret government report produced after the 2016 Exercise Cygnus that highlighted the UK was not prepared for a pandemic, and forewarned of the Covid-19 crisis in care homes, is being published by the Guardian.

But who will the punch drink ministers abuse?
& are the 2 Chief Ministers which have been mighty impressive in these distressful times,But none of them believe in PR so they are not highlighted in Media.
: An internal memo leaked to Newshub shows Ministers were told not to speak to media about this afternoons COVID-19 document dump.
You won t get any rest from piers Morgan and others trying to derail you so glad you don t go on his show or any of the other ministers to get all that abuse he is try to make out what you say is giving mixed messages.

Not the centre but the Chief Ministers and District Magistrates should be marking the zones. Right Now.
Disgraceful. What incentive is there to govern responsibility if your ministers are all briefed to dismiss and essentially mislead?
Piers Morgan blasts senior ministers for hiding away from Good Morning Britain. No Piers You Have Made A Fool Of Yourself!
My sincere congratulations to Hon. Raychelle Omamo, Cabinet Secretary for For Aff of Kenya & Hon. Naledi Pandor, Minister of Intl Relat. & Cooperat. of South Africa, for organizing the 1st Africas women ministers of For. Aff. meeting on COVID-19 response.

Eminently sensible & mature advice from someone who the govt its Ministers & trolls love to mock as Pappu!
You: I am really thirsty. Rahul Gandhi: drink water. Journalists: Eminently sensible & mature advice from someone who the govt its Ministers & trolls love to mock as Pappu!
Read the Joint Statement by 10 countries & on the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II.
If National dumped months worth of documents on a Friday afternoon and told ministers they werent allowed to discuss them there would be a complete and utter meltdown from the left. Their silence this time around is deafening.

Most open and transparent Government ever.
I wonder how quickly we would get to Stage 1 if all government Ministers, senior civil servants and senior police officers were told there salaries would be suspended, they would be on TERS for 3 months and then laid off, with no indication when they can start working again?

Guess this Ministerial gagging order from the PM is a response to the interviews Kelvin Davis and Willie Jackson have done in the last 24 hours.
History repeating itself - The axis of evil that fooled the world into believing that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction - now says that China deliberately released from a lab onto the world (strangely killing their own first).

Management 101 tells us that plan without a timeframe is just a fantasy. Today Morrison announced a plan without a timeframe. Why? Because the timeframes are set by those in charge - the State Premiers and Chief Ministers on the advice of their CMOs - NOT Morrison.

Migrant labour dying on the railway tracks, travelling thousands of kms on foot, suffering without food and money, and being beaten up by the police. This could cause a huge uproar resulting in people coming to the streets and ministers forced to resign. But this is India.

In 2017 the Government s own report said the UK s preparedness and response, in terms of its plans, policies and capability, is currently not sufficient to cope with the extreme demands of a severe pandemic.

PM should reduce the fear of the Indian public. PM should start talking with the Chief Ministers, not as boss, but as a colleague. PM should work with the CMs. PM should money into our peoples hands - Shri.

Yogi Adityanath government is planning to set up a new investment promotion and facilitation agency that will focus on bringing new investments and creating CM will head the agency and ministers of industrial development and MSME will be.

Love how the usual suspects are yelling "Least transparent government ever!" about the govt telling ministers to not talk to media, and ignoring that what this is all about the government releasing gigantic quantities of documents to the media.

Covid-19: Ministers told to dimiss interviews on Covid-19 documents - leaked memo.
What worried cabinet ministers today was the disclosure to them that the rate of transmission of is not properly under control in either hospitals or care homes. In the community, R - the rate of transmission - is probably as low as , which means.

Ex-diplomat Yukio Okamoto, adviser to prime ministers, dies from coronavirus: Former Japanese diplomat Yukio Okamoto, a one-time adviser to prime ministers and expert on ties with the United States, died late last month after contracting the novel.

Ive been watching Gordon Brown on condemning the low testing figures. Compared to Johnson and his ministers Brown is a political and intellectual colossus.
that Jesus will take our punishment upon himself. Therefore, no other sacrifice is needed for our salvation (Roman5:6, 8, :21).The born again Christian has been given the responsibility to let the world know about this , this is our life purpose (John15:16).We are ministers.

VP Osinbajo met today with the Presidents Power Sector Reform Working Group which he leads, including Kaduna Gov, Power & Finance Ministers, CBN Gov & Special Adviser on Infrastructure and others. The Presidents objective: significantly improve output in sector for our people.

Workers are already struggling to buy food. Can PN Ministers be in touch with reality on the ground?!
Gove and Hancock are the senior Government ministers responsible for pandemic preparedness. We now know that both knew full well how weak Britain s position was in Jan. The fact they did so little is a gross dereliction of duty. They should resign.

Hi Any idea what this comment on your piece is about? It looks pretty unpleasant to me. Good piece on systems inability to address over representation of LD individuals in mortality though.
The UK Govt has banned any ministers from appearing on . It s a national scandal that with UK now having suffered the worst death toll from in Europe & 2nd in the world ministers are unwilling to face the questions that need answering.

All week long Ardern has been saying "hard and fast" "hard and early". And today she gags her ministers? What is really going on here?
Maybe not, but smart as you are leaning on only a few ministers and they are running really fast. They need to make smart, brutally fast and well enough informed decisions, and will make mistakes. Let them focus for as long as possible, certainly in the state of emergency.

Incompetence keeps coming to Leak: Jacinda Ardern gags ministers on discussing COVID-19 response.

What You Really Think

Yes but they only go on grown ups TV.

Transparency eh ?

Is that why Piers Morgan is not back on GMB as he has exposed so many useless MP s?

Why because of their mistakes and poor performances on Te lie vision.

I agree with this policy as it doesn t make good viewing or achieve anything. It has become the Piers Morgan show and even though he makes good points,nobody else gets to make theirs. PM is no Paxman or Andrew Neil and seriously lacks decorum.

Is it? Wasnt that what Boris was doing before being elected Tory leader and before being elected PM. As long as people let it work for them the Tories will keep doing it.

Dont flatter GMB or its host. There are plenty of other alternatives that focus on the real issues rather than a tirade of "gotcha" questions.

Said it since day 1 has been hiding behind the sofa & hes Fu*ked up Big Style. The all Country knows this , yet unable to do anything. Boris Man Up you Whimp. Dominic Cummings is a Real Toss Pot. Your Running out of Excuses Boris ? Follow the Yellow Brick Road.

Bad move. When opposition leaders appear and they don t. It makes look even worse.

I think the whole political system has to change, get rid of politicians totally , just have small groups of changing members of the public help run the individual counties so that we the people would have more say. Get rid of prime ministers too . save alot of money.

I agree.

Well done the government, this program needs to be taken off air till they get rid of Piers Morgan and Susannah Reid, the most obnoxious, thick presenters.

Just let the one and only incredulous vigorous fantastic reporter ask the questions.


We can catch up with the Government Ministers on or . viewing figures on the slide, advertising revenue down 42% in April, tells a.

Shameful! So now GMB must continue to pose the big questions and leave it to viewers to draw their own conclusions since the government is unwilling to be cross-examined.

We ve just seen a shocking example George Eustice trying to explain what you do after inputting symptoms into the tracing app. He has no idea!

There s a minister on question time ! Just saying.

This government is a bunch of incompetent fools.

None of them know what they are doing ,when we needed a strong leader and Cabinet we ended up with this cabal led by a self serving clown , history will not be kind to these people , promise !

When the PM escapes scrutiny and every minister knows they can only lie to support the regime, they are terrified of being caught out.

This lots MO.

This is not government.

Governments boycott of GMTV speaks is made up of lying,cheating,inexperienced,untrustworthy,CHILDLIKE they told the shouldnt matter how difficult the question is OR how scary the INTERVIEWER the Question.

You criticised ministers for getting tested but had one yourself. They are more than you. You bully & talk over them rather than let them answer & worst of all you ignore what they are appearing for to ply your . interview case in point.

A national disgrace.

asking relevant questions imo.

We are looking at fascism at work here.

Too bad.

GMB is a shit shop which is why it s ratings are down by over 42% since mid March.

Good, with a bit of luck they ll run out of people to shout at and be taken off the air.

If they answered his question without going off on a tangent then he wouldn t have to keep repeating the question!

Which you see every day at the 5pm bullshit virus briefing.

An unprecedented act of reflection on the qualifications of Johnsons Cabinet! Cowards!

Bullying on screen . I get frustrated as they are not allowed to answer questions which are relevant but just constantly barracked.

where were you stefonovic when abbott refused to let his govt on qanda??? where were you self righteoys hypocrite ...full of it ...

Its more a reflection of the rest of the british press that politicians are happy with their questions.

It s appalling. But they can t hide. UK govt has utterly failed to keep its citizens safe. Tens of thousands of deaths compared to 18 in Singapore, 256 in , 97 Australia etc We all know was complacent, tragically slow to act and massive errors have been made.

The government just doesnt rate GMB, they dont have time to go on magazine shows, get over it.

All pricks stick together.

I garauntee the 1 where slated the woman who is a minister for laughing when he spoke of covid19 deaths is here. Not watched yet.

Mounting up first now.

A person need not be To extrapolate; Bogus Jonstonednazis Droogs. Have been told to follow Orange Fuhrer Trumpoops. And avoid any rational communication.

Trying to claw their wait out of the lies they have told the whole country, keep holding them to account which is why they stopped their ministers going on GMB out of sheer desperation!

So fuck of to the BBC then.

God help you if you believe that Morgan offers Did he ask Tony Blair about Is he in any moral position to question anyone with his own Blokes a complete.

How can a goverment get away with this, the people of this country deserve the truth.

lost the plot.

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