Monday 12th of April 2021

Looting Has Begun in Minneapolis at a Littlecaesars Looting Also Taking Place at a Foot Locker And Several Other Businesses Because.

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As the Derek Chauvin trial enters its third week, residents of the nearby Minneapolis community of Brooklyn Center protest the fatal police shooting of 20-year-old Daunte Wright during a traffic stop today.

The aunt of the victim of tonights police involved shooting in Minneapolis publicly called for politically motivated violence on Facebook People are acting on her post right now, looting & destroying the city How is this allowed on social media? Need better moderators.

Looting has begun in Minneapolis at a littlecaesars Looting also taking place at a foot locker and several other businesses Because.
Yeah I can hear helicopters over my house in Minneapolis.
Tw // police brutality, violence, racism DaunteWright was murdered by police in minneapolis today and was left on the sidewalk for hours. he was only 20 years old and a father of a one year old boy. he was murdered by cops for having air fresheners on his rear view mirror.

This is worst than the 1st night of the Minneapolis riots last May. Numerous stores have been hit around the area and there are not enough police - people keep returning to looted stores to finish off when cops move. Extremely chaotic and no one is going home.

Cw // racism and police brutality in case yall dont know whats going on, daunte wright was shot by Minneapolis police at 2pm for having air fresheners in his car. pls spread this, no matter how big or small ur platform is.

Minneapolis has very massive race issues, it's police dept. needs to be disbanded immediately and reorganized. Floyd's trial is still ongoing, another cop has killed another black man over minor traffic stop.

Tw // police brutality, death DaunteWright was just 20 years old when he was shot and killed a minneapolis police officer for having too many air fresheners in the car he was in, please share his story so we can get him justice.

Man Fatally Shot By Police Near Minneapolis During Traffic Stop, Sparking Protests.
Again! Police in Minneapolis are bent on killing all the blacks there.
RIP Daunte Wright.
Tw // police brutality, violence, racism DaunteWright a young 20 year old, father of a 1 year old child was killed by Minneapolis police today for having air fresheners in his car. please help spread awareness, he deserves justice.

Cw // racism, gun shot, police brutality . . . if you don't know what's going on rn a 20 year old black man, Daunte Wright, was shot by minneapolis police around 2pm for having AIR FRESHENERS in his car.

, a young 20yo father of a little two years old, killed by police in Brooklyn Center (Minneapolis suburb).
Speedway store hit.
People are not acting on her post, they are acting on their own anger and some are just opportunists. All she did was vent, not level an imminent threat. I don't agree with it, but this can essentially be translated to" fuck, I'm mad my nephew died. Fuck Minneapolis Police!".

"Officer Near Minneapolis Kills Motorist, and a Crowd Confronts the Police" by Azi Paybarah NYT.
TW // police brutality, violence, racism DaunteWright a 20 year old, father of a 1 year old child was killed by Minneapolis police today for having air fresheners in his car. Please help spread awareness, he deserves justice. Please spread awareness, dont ignore.

Protesters gathered outside a police station after the family of a 20-year-old Minnesota man said he was shot by police and later died.
Three years ago today, my husband Colin was killed in a cycling accident in South Minneapolis on his way home from work. It happened just blocks from our house as I was getting dinner ready (tacos) and was going to surprise him with an apple pie I made earlier that day. THREAD.

This is what the city of Minneapolis voted for in 2020. People will get the city and the neighbourhood they deserve. No point worrying about it. America has a one party political system now anyway.
Mostly peaceful non criminal protests in Minneapolis.
Protests Erupt Near Minneapolis After Police Fatally Shoot Black Man In His Car.
Minnesota National Guard has arrived to brooklyncenter and.
Another black man was murdered by police today. 20 year old DaunteWright was shot and then left on the sidewalk for hours. Murdered in Minneapolis, left on the ground, and then police turned around and pulled up on the grieving community in riot gear.

Heads up for news on protests in Minneapolis that Unicorn Riot is posting coverage.
Brooklyn Center police fatally shoot man, inflaming tensions Unarmed, during a traffic stop Sunday afternoon, inflaming already raw tensions between police and community members in the midst of the.
Cw // police brutality nd racism - - i dont think my tl knows whats going on, daunte wright was shot by the minneapolis police around 2 pm for having air freshener is his car THAT WAS THE OFFENSE please spread awareness, idc how big ur platform is, he deserves justice.

Daunte Wright, another Black man shot dead by police in Minneapolis. No lessons learnt.
Do American Police like shooting black people or is it just me ? seems like a pattern has been established of American Police shooting black people.
The day after George Floyd died, MPD Chief Arradondo summoned his top staff to his office as he wrestled with whether to fire the four officers involved. He also sought the advice of faith leaders and community activists.

I can't believe the police in Minneapolis just shot another black kid while the Derek Chauvin trial isn't even over yet. What will it take to stop them murdering people? Who will stop them?
The additional force of officers now on the scene appears to be made up of troopers from the Minnesota State Patrol - MSP was part of some of the heavier and more brutal crackdown operations during the GeorgeFloyd uprising in Minneapolis just under a year ago.

Big protest still underway in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota (close to Minneapolis) where today officers shot & killed 20-year-old DaunteWright. People moved to surround the police station & have been met w tear gas, riot cops & and an armored vehicle.

Police fatally shoot Black man in traffic stop near Minneapolis, protests erupt.
Police fire tear gas at protesters after officer fatally shoots man near Minneapolis.
Protests broke out in the US city of Minneapolis on Sunday night after a policeman fatally shot 20-year-old Daunte Wright near where George Floyd was killed last year. .
Tw // police brutality, death, racism i dont think my tl knows whats going on, daunte wright, 20, was murdered by the minneapolis police around 2pm for having air freshener is his car THAT WAS THE OFFENSE please spread awareness, he deserves justice. kpop can wait.

A 20 year old, a father with a child, a brother, a cousin. The cop killed him because of an air freshener and his body was left just like that for hours. Place - Minneapolis Cops are watching us but who are watching the cops? Justice for Daunte.

Cw // police brutality, gun shot and racism - - - i dont think some of my moots know whats going on but, daunte wright a 20 yr old black man was shot by the minneapolis police around 2pm for having air fresheners in his car, AND THAT WAS THE OFFENSE. please spread awareness.

Police fatally shoot man in suburban Minneapolis, sparking protests at the scene: Daunte Wright, 20, was fatally shot by police after a traffic stop, his family said.
Any black people near minneapolis / where they are protesting please be careful & cautious of the cops getting violent out there .
The aunt of the career criminal who was shot tonight in MN fuelling the current violent riots is openly calling for further violence on Facebook writing several mins ago "burn Minneapolis down to the f*****g ground" REMEMBER.

In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation" He once read from the book People As Animals.
Minneapolis shouldn't have to be burnt down every few months. But until cops learn to keep their gun in their pants for traffic incidents and stop murdering young black men, it gonna happen. Daunte Wright. 20 years old.

Minnesota Riots: Train operator reporting he sees 5 people with guns. Officers reporting they are the store owners defending their stores.
Protests in Minneapolis after police fatally shoot black man in traffic stop.
Hundreds of people gathered outside the police station in Brooklyn Center, northwest of Minneapolis.
Is there anything left to burn in Minneapolis? They did a good job of peacefully destroying the place last year.
Protesters demand justice over police shooting of 20-year-old Black man in Minneapolis suburbs.

What You Really Think

Burning and looting season seem to start earlier then normal this year. Democrats do so well protecting their cities.

There are thousands of places I would loot instead of taking so much as a free sample from little ceasars.

Aim high, looters .aim high.


When the shooting stops, the looting stops.

Again lmfao.

Because you care about people stealing pizza and shoes.

BCPD raging against Derek Chauvin murder trial. Kill Duante Wright to incite riots. Blame Black Americans not cops for murdering 20 year old father over air freshener, not a claimed outstanding warrant. What is warrant for? Cops fail to mention that.

LOL little squeezers!

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