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Sunday 10th of May 2020


Dear moms, dont forget to take care of yourselves too.
Happy Mother s Day to all the moms out there!! job in the world. I appreciate you very much.
Otter moms wrap their babies in seaweed blankets ( ).
Hey - Do you allow open carry inside your stores? Moms who take their kids there want to know if we should expect to be subjected to this socially perverse and dangerous behavior (which is legal and mostly unregulated in 45 states).

To the moms who inspire us, the moms who have become our teachers, the moms who are near and far, the moms who love us unconditionally today we celebrate you! Happy ! Thank you for all that you do.
Happy Mother s Day to all the awesome moms out there and especially to the ones in Houston Northwest ! Enjoy your special day !
Wishing all the amazing moms a very Happy Mothers Day today!
I cant wait bless moms n grandma with their gifts.
Enjoy your special day Super Moms!
Happy Mother s Day to all the incredible moms out there, but especially to my own - you ve always been there for me, and I m a better person for it. And to Sophie - I couldn t ask for a better partner, and our kids couldn t ask for a better inspiration. I love you both.

Happy Mothers Day to our amazing mamas! Thanks for all the strength, support and sweetness! Wishing you, your moms and soon-to-be mamas an INCREDIBLE day! to WIN 1,000 SPINS! A few lucky winners will be selected in 48 hours.

Happy Mother s Day to all the amazing moms out there! The significance of a Mother in the lives of her children can never be overstated. God bless you all for choosing that role. The world is a better place with a Mother s love to nurture & guide.

Wishing all our Keyport Moms a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! Being a parent is never easy but these last 2 months have been especially challenging, today is YOUR DAY!
to all of the moms out there. We appreciate everything you do.
Happy Mothers Day, Warrior Moms! ~KD.
Happy Mother s Day to GOT7 s moms.
Happyyyy Mothers Day to all moms out there!
Happy Mother s Day to all the WONDERFUL LOVING moms around the world not just this day but EVERYDAY! And to my MOM if I said Thank You a Billion times it wouldn t be enough for all you have done for me! I Love You.

Listen to these Super Hero Moms - they know things. :.
Happy Mother s Day to all of the moms and mother figures out there. Today is for you! We thank you, we see you, and we celebrate you.
sends Mothers Day aid to Kenyan moms.
Join me this Mother s Day in giving thanks to moms across the world. From the moms doing double duty, working & teaching their children to the essential workers, still on the front lines to care for us all. You are appreciated today and everyday. Stay safe, and enjoy your day!

To all moms and feels-like-moms (especially the naughty ones): Today is the day for some hardcore and shameless Enjoy it!
CAW is sending a huge shout out to all the moms. During this pandemic, you ve shown you really can do it all! Here s to hoping your day is full of pampering and thanks for all you do!
Highmark lit up in pink this morning for Moms day. Happy Mother s Day to all the Moms out there !
to all the hard working moms out there! They really don t get enough credit for all the good they do!
Happy Mother s Day!!! Black moms make the world go round!
Happy Mothers Day to all the fantastic Moms out there!
Attention moms: if a confirmed sexual assaulter asks you to let him speak privately with your children, the answer is no! and to call the police.
Let s be real, no one quite does Klean like a Mom. Thanks to all the moms who keep it all together for us! Happy Mother s Day!
Meowning & Happy ! And to all celebrating it I wsih yoo a ! To those of us whose Moms are no longer with us I send yoo big ((((HUGS))) and furkid luv! OxO.
Wishing all moms a happy Mothers Day! Check out these great ways to show the special moms in your world that you care.
Thank you ! Mommy of 3 here at work before the kids are awake. Lets open this economy back up so other moms can do the same. Happy Mothers Day!
JoJo moms are TRULY something else.
Holding our hand during our first walk on the beach, cooking a family-favorite meal with our fresh catch from the creek, wishing us good night and kissing our make vacations especially Mothers Day!
Happy mothers day to all and future moms Share the with your and join the with some free crypto. Join telegramgroup.
Happy Mother s Day to all the farm and ranch moms out there! Thank you for all you do!
Check out this recap of us celebrating our CAU moms! @ Community Access Unlimited.
Happy Mothers Day! Thank you to all of the moms out there who make sports at every level possible! Hoping you stay safe and healthy with your families on this special day.
Serious question. Come election season, how many politicians will claim they took action and protected the public when in reality, they just arrested moms and dads for trying to feed their families?
gm to all the moms.
Happy to all the moms out there, no matter what species they are!
Happy Mother s Day! Whether you re a new mom who needs help from our HANDS program to learn how to take care of that new baby, or you re bringing your child in for routine vaccinations, we re here for you! Visit us at to learn more!

To all of our moms out there, we love you and were forever grateful for everything you have done for us. Happy Mothers Day from all of us!
Happy Mother s Day to all you Super Moms! You know who you are.
Happy Mother s Day to all the incredible moms! We hope you have an amazing day.
Happy Mother s Day to all the amazing moms out there!
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! To all of the moms out there keeping your families happy and healthy, today is your day! You are the Sparkle in our lives. Enjoy your day.
Happy Mother s Day to all of the amazing moms out there! Enjoy your day!
Happy to all you selfless Moms! Your love can never be replaced.
main apni mumma ko mom bulata hoon sons may turn into men but in front of their moms they become their lil boys indeed. happy mother s day to all you amazing and strong ma,mumma,moms out there.
Big shout out to all the Moms out there! . Happy Mothers Day Patriots. . Family is everything.
Happy Mothers Day to all the moms from and myself.
This goes out to all the people whose moms have passed away, moms that have left you, or you just don t have a mother figure. I know today is a hard day, and if anyone reading this is in need of ANYTHING please don t hesitate to send me a DM. My heart and mind are with you.

Happy Mother s Day to all moms. If you lose your mom due to Covid I hope n pray that god covers you today . If you had a miscarriage we pray for you as well to be mentally strong today. For all the pregnant moms we pray for you to give birth to a healthy baby, Happy Mother s Day.

Happy Mothers Day to all the racing moms out there!
Economics says the best gifts for moms are: -paid parental leave -affordable child care -men doing much more housework and parenting -accomodating work policies -fixing the Black motherhood mortality rate.

happy mothers day to all the amazing moms out there!
Happy Mother s Day to all the great moms out there and especially to ours.
There is nothing like a mothers love. Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful moms out there! As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you. Isaiah 66:13.
Happy Mother s Day to all the moms out there. Thank you for all that you do.
Happy Mother s Day to all the moms out there! @ Fitness & Conditioning of Frisco.
She sacrifices her wishes in a heartbeat to fulfill yours. It s time to help mom to listen to her heart, not her worry about her responsibilities . It s time to with our moms.
Our Warrior Soccer family would like to wish all of our lovely moms out there a very happy and wonderful day.
: So sweet! , and send messages of love to their moms for . Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there!
Do you have a message for all the moms? We have beautiful fighter jets like youve never seen. Sir, the moms.
Special Mother s Day gift tonight with every purchase from Sula Wok for all Moms. Also don t forget every purchase over $100 will get you a free Sula Wok dumpling T Shirt. What a memorable gift for the Mom in your.

We may not be able to celebrate all our mothers in person, but that didn t stop us from taking a moment to recognize the incredible moms that make up our . We teamed up with our Parents & Caregivers network to feature moms around the globe.

Thank you!!! Happy Mother s Day to the ladies of your family and those moms working hard in your administration!
This Mothers Day, there are 114,000 women in jail, many of whom are there simply because they cant afford bail. 80% are moms. Were fighting for decarceration today and always.
It s & we re celebrating with facts about some of nature s fiercest moms. ? After a 15-month gestation period, giraffe moms give birth while standing or walking. The newborns can be >6 ft ( m) tall, & are able to stand up right after birth! [ : Rox Bixby].

Happy Mother s Day to our Clemson Family Moms ... Especially our sports medicine moms and Sharon Weaver!
Thinking of my mom Julia today. Happy Mother s Day to all the moms in Kentucky and across our great country.
Happy Mothers Day to all the great moms. You are the single most important thing in a childs life. Have a blessed day.
For the past several weeks, children have become coworkers, landing a front-row seat to what their parents do for work. In honor of , we had ExtraHop moms ask their kids what they think they do for work heres what they said.

Dr. Harvey Karp, the inventor of the $1,300 Snoo Bassinet, knows how to help new moms get more sleep.
Its Mothers Day, and if you grew up with a mom like mine, chances are you be been told stuff like this: "Shes your mom. She made sacrifices for you. You should be grateful that you have a mom at all." Please dont. The truth is not all moms are good moms.

Happy Mother s Day to all the single moms, young moms, struggling mothers, adoptive moms, strong moms, and the ones like me who s baby got called home early You are ALL loved and appreciated. Everyday is your day. Happy Mother s Day to all & myself.

Happy Mother s Day to all you beautiful strong ass moms. Y all deserve more than just one day.
My moms abeg.
Therell be no US without YOU, Moms! Being a mother/parent is the hardest, yet the best role anyone could ever have. Thank you so much for everything, Moms! HAPPY HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the amazing Moms in the universe!

happy mother s day to all the moms but especially all the dads who had to play both parts.
Happy Mother s Day to all the moms! Keep being strong, God bless!
Because moms are the best.
Were grateful for all of the moms who have made our houses feel like homes. Have a relaxing Mothers Day -- let the sunlight in!
Celebrating & honoring all Marine moms! Happy.
My thoughts & condolences To all my friends, associates & followers who have to go thru today & any day without their moms who have transitioned beyond the physical. You are skrong & beautiful. I hope you find strength to celebrate today as best as possible.

to the moms who serve and sacrifice for our nation and those who support service members with their love.
Wishing all Moms & Moms everywhere the happiest of Mother s Days.
this happened to my moms cat he didn t change his behaviors still wanted to eat all the time took his naps and went to the bathroom regular but lost so much weight and he had heart failure the whole time and we didn t know until one day we noticed he was breathing so hard and.

Wishing all the Basketball Moms out there a wonderful wonderful day!
Even to the Moms who are haters and losers.
Happy Mothers Day to all of our Ranger moms! None of our work would be possible without you. We appreciate everything you do!
Moms - your love and strength have influenced many. Keep being amazing.

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This is the most adorable thing I have ever seen.

Hahaha lucu sekali mom otter jaga nak nya yaaa!!!!!

That is so sweet .

From 1:44 to 2 mins are river otters, not sea otters. Sea otters moms spend 9 mos nurturing and teaching their pup how to survive on its own. The adults also eat up to 25% of their body weight per day. Fur is thick, approx 1 million hairs/sq inch to keep warm, since no blubber.