Tuesday 23rd of March 2021

Is Scott Morrison Trying to Protect The AFP's investigation - or Trying to Protect Himself?

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Last week, the Morrison Government walked away from their commitment to criminalise wage theft. It was a broken promise, one that showed the Morrison Government is on no one's side but their own. Parliament is back and Labor will be fighting for you. Because we're on your side.

This is classic Scott Morrison. He told Parliament Mr Gaetjens would answer questions today, knowing full well that the investigation had been halted. And in the room next door we learn that the Police Commissioner never actually instructed Gaetjens to stop his inquiry anyway.

Scott Morrison deliberately misled parliament about an investigation relating to a rape. That's a sacking offence under any meaningful parliamentary system. Not to mention an affront against basic decency as well.

My thoughts were that he was upset that the media has rightly been focused on the sexual abuse of women for the past month and his attempts to spin away from it have failed. Morrison went from tears about the women and girls in his life to threatening a journalist.

Not even the expected tag match, yikes. Imagine robbing workers like Morrison/Priest of their WM spots and putting Miz in a SINGLES match instead. Recipe for Disaster.
The PM's tears weren't for the hell women in parliament house experience; there's blood in the water&the sharks are circling; 3,2,1 leadership spill. Morrison doesn't have it in him to lead; all reactionary, performative, playing smoke & mirrors.

The Morrison gov need to go asap.
Everyone knows Morrison is a liar and an absolute stack of shit. He just said in Parliament that they don't even know if any of this is true and correct. WELL WHAT ABOUT THE MALE HE SACKED LAST NIGHT OVER THIS STORY . Does this man ever get anything straight, we need him gone.

The Speaker doing a shocking job today It would appear that the hill he has chosen to sacrifice his career on is Morrison's I really thought he was smarter than that. A waste. But that's the inevitable reality now for any MP/Sen not distancing themselves from PM.

If there was any doubt Scott Morrison will do anything to avoid justified scrutiny of enormous problems within his government, his office, his party, then today should eliminate it. Giving up a woman's sexual harassment that has nothing to do with you to deflect is wicked stuff.

Scott Morrison - "allow me to make this all about me".
Everything Morrison does should be viewed thru a political lense. He is the perfect example of watch what he does, not what he says.
Thank you tanya_plibersek for calling out Scott Morrison's disgusting outing of an alleged incident at Sky.
..to get to someplace where the love is generous. - toni morrison.
The Morrison government is not a government. It is a racket.
If women are the centre of Morrisons life and hes been listening carefully to them why did his government abolish the Family Court?
Carla morrison was right, todo really does pasa.
Bring Julian Assange home. Stop his extradition to the United States. Labor calls on Scott Morrison to bring this to an end. Respect the UK Court's decision and save his life.
's scott morrison PR WAFFLE by moir_alan Bruce Lehrmann BrittanyHiggins rape libspill corruption COVER-UP.
Remember when Christian Porter was tearful with the quivering voice but his voice firmed up miraculously when he got a tough question. Morrison did the same thing today.
It's March 23, 2021 at 03:00PM and the current Australian Prime Minister is Scott Morrison.
I have covered the careers of 10 Australian prime ministers. It is hard not to conclude that Scott Morrison is the shallowest, most short-sighted and most self-pitying of them all.
Dozens of towns isolated by flooding in Australian state.
WTF is going through Morrison's boofy head? Frydenberg is talking, Morrison puts down his phone after looking at it, makes this hand gesture, then looks up admiringly at JF for some time - while all the other Libs look like Easter Island statues...

Asked for the 12th time if he has asked his staff whether anyone from his office sought to undermine Brittany Higgins loved ones, Morrison says he has 'no information to suggest that' - which doesn't answer if he's asked the question to get that information.

Following his tense exchange w/ aclennell, I asked Scott Morrison to explain how he knows about an anonymous press gallery HR complaint but was never told by anyone in his own office or lindareynoldswa' about a rape on her ministerial couch. Watch his response...

I usually try hard here to play the ball not the player/criticise the policy not the politician etc, but with Scott Morrison it is precisely his character which is such a big part of the problem. He fibs & bullies & obscures his way through everything.

The Prime Minister stepped up to say he "heard" the issues women across the country have been raising, then he got defensive and the mood changed.
How will Scott Morrison spin his way out of this one? The faces behind him in Question Time are not so confident looking now. Something is happening.
If Morrison's been listening so hard to women he can probably stand Porter down now.
Wow. Scott Morrison dishes out backgrounding live on air - tells journalist his employer has its own problems with abuse of women, so how dare he suggest Prime Minister has lost control and should face consequences. Just wow.

Morrison and his mob continue to dig a hole deeper and deeper, every time they avoid a question whether from journalists or at qt they look shiftier and shiftier.
Why would any woman, or any person, vote for Scott Morrison?
Albanese: Why does the Prime Minister fail to take accountability for misleading the house? Morrison: I am not going to respond to abuse.
Disagree, the flood disaster (even though devastating) wont distract from Morrison performance today. EnoughIsEnough auspol btw, any word on federal support for flood victims? Paul Bongiorno: Double standards and cover ups rule.

This is new from me: It started with a mea culpa, and then Morrison went off-script.
Gail Morrison's rent is going up by $90 a week after WA's rent moratorium ends on Sunday. She can't afford it, but has to stay on because 1% vacancy rates means there's no housing available and she fears homelessness.

Morrison in damage control with another appalling press conference. False emotion, lies and blah, blah, blah. What a charletan.
Wild that Morrison knows the exact details of a sexual harassment complaint at a private company he has nothing to do with, but was ~completely in the dark~ about an alleged rape in his workplace.
How very dare Morrison use the word "trauma" to describe his experience of the last couple of months? HOW VERY DARE HE.
Weve seen it so many times in the past. Morrison goes to pieces under pressure. He gets angry, he denies, attacks the questioner, starts compulsively making stuff up. The pattern has been there since Reza Berati.

We have a PM incapable of conceding a mistake or being truthful. After his train wreck interview this morning Morrison had two questions from tanya_plibersek in QT to demonstrate some honesty and contrition. He refused to take up the opportunity and kept digging a deeper hole.

According to Morrison, the rapist had previous form re: security breaches - so the govt did nothing about that until the rape triggered a dismissal and a few solid references for the perp. What sort of shit show do they run up on the hill.

What a tangled web he weaves . Morrisons handling of the Brittany Higgins matter, like the Christian Porter matter, is primarily about political management. Its become a window into Morrisons soul. The public would just like the truth.

The danger for Morrison is that the tears looked to some women as if they were about him... Lets not ever forget it is women who have been the victims here. Its not about Morrison.
In 2015, Mirabella said Scott Morrison would be the "next conservative prime minister of Australia". Eventually paid off.
Scott Morrison let slip that he was briefed last night on a woman's harassment complaint at Sky News. In other words, that was a planned deflection. A team of advisers and the PM all considered publicly outing a woman's complaint against her will was fit and proper.

Are we still meant to believe that despite 3 ministers and multiple senior members of his own office knowing that the story of an alleged rape metres from his office door was about to break- NOT ONE person told Scott Morrison.

So Morrison says that the alleged rapist was a "security risk" and was accessing sensitive information but he still managed to get a job with a government aligned lobbying firm after being stood down?
Morrison has asked women MPs in the government to continue to step up to ensure meaningful change: "Blaze the trail and let it burn bright, let it show the way for others to come. Women do not need to 'step up' here. It's the men. How much clearer does it have to be?

Scott Morrison pretending he is just now suddenly awakening to gender inequality. This is embarrassing and infuriating.
Let's be clear, the Prime Minister just used a sexual assault claim in a media company as a way of fighting back against a journalist. I wonder how the alleged victim feels about being used by the Prime Minister like that. He's still exactly the same Scott Morrison.

Have you read proverbs 6, lately, mr morrison?
Quite a few people in the 'know' are saying Morrison's days are numbered. Of course the thing is, who will replace him? Dutton? Frydenberg? Hunt?
I know it's not Jenny's fault, but I'm sick of Jenny. Sick of hearing what Jenny thinks. Morrison has used her as a human shield so much that her name is the subject of jokes, parody & derision- thru no fault of her own This is abuse. PM's trashed her reputation.

I've written a piece explaining why the Morrison govt's story about who knew what when about Brittany Higgins is so implausible.
Keep digging Morrison, keep digging You were not misinterpreted or misunderstood Late last night you were 'briefed' on HR complaint at Sky (you own words)- you then weaponized that info to deflect legitimate questions It's the lowest act from you I've ever seen.

Convinced the issues around rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment were boutique feminist issues that didnt have cut through in Australian suburbs, the Coalition has belatedly realised that sexism knows no class, race or political persuasion.

I am agog. Morrison picking a fight with Sky is beyond belief. It's like Darth Vader turning off his life support system.
How long does it take The amazing cheryl_kernot smashing it on ABC 24 giving Scott Morrison some basic truths.
It takes a story about a solo sex act on a desk to muster the outrage that a reported rape didnt. But he still wont commit to doing anything. This man does not get it.
Morrison cant stop fkn this up coz he really believes the man/public & woman/private divide. Only way he can empathise w women is sanctity of family (thru relationships to men). He cant see women as a public social force so cant fathom political responses to this crisis.

OMG I thought I saw Morrison but I was mistaken.
Interesting that the offense occurred before Morrison became PM. Another attempt by the left to destroy the Libs?
//Is it me or does John Morrison look horrible with that hair?
PLEASE- I know Morrison have no ideas for change, but dont reduce today to an argument about quotas in the LNP. We need to talk about structural change in court processes, in police stations, in the diversity of who gets to be hired as political staffers- in socialising boys.

How does the PM know more about the harassment of a woman in the toilets at Skynews & not what goes on in Parliament House?Morrison has lost control which is the only thing concerning him,hes in big strife & knows it. Ian.

's scott morrison March4Justice by davpope Bruce Lehrmann BrittanyHiggins rape libspill corruption COVER-UP.
Spare me your crocodile tears, Prime Minister. If you cared at all youd announce a transparent & independent inquiry into Porter, Higgins, & the toxic culture in Parliament, then resign. Youd answer questions from the press & opposition. But you havent.

And the stuff about his wife, daughters and mother just makes me want to scream. Women dont want to be seen as a strange yet precious species best kept in genteel captivity which is essentially Morrisons view.

I'm surprised Morrison hasn't already Promised the Flood Vicitms the $2 Billion Dollars he didn't give to the Bushfire Victims.
Morrison in the press conference: "So you are free to make your criticisms and to stand on that pedestal but be careful." But. Be. Careful.
What will be the legacy of the Morrison Prime Ministership? Will it be: - his failures during the bushfire crises? - his failures to respond to the cries for change from hundreds of thousands of women? - his self-indulgent staged photos? - his collection of contemptuous hashtags?

LNP insider who is neighbour has told us Morrison given the ultimatum dump Porter or be challenged for the PM's role. Liberals are furious with Morrison.
So Morrison is briefed on an incident in a newsroom but is blissfully unaware of rape allegations on his doorstep! What an imposter! What a bullshit merchant! What a self obsessed uncaring wanker! His only concern is holding onto power! Australia deserves much, much better!

Morrison says the staffer who raped Brittany Higgins wasnt sacked because of a security breach on the night of the rape. But a series of breaches. He had form says PM. So how come he got good references when he was moved on?

Scott Morrison cannot continue as PM. This was the worst press conference imaginable. His credibility's shredded, his anger at journalists was threatening. He knows more about complaint at Sky than about alleged rape in ministers office.

Morrison finally gets 5 week ongoing scandal under control by making every journalist in the country really pissed off with him.
If women are the centre of Morrisons life and hes been listening carefully to them why does Porter get paid a full-time salary for a part-time position whereas women have to access their super once theyve been raped?

Most recent election, in WA, Morrison didnt even venture into the state.

What You Really Think

HIMSELF as usual.

Probably both would be correct.

Go ladies, both of you are so strong, wish the men could take a leaf out of your book.

You nailed it, but teflonScotty will be working on the usual nothing to see here mantra.

Its so blatant now ,the coverup attempt is pathetic...does he really think he can spin and lie this away...he has no clue and i hope it finally comes back to bite him at the polls...

Rhetorical question, right?

When is Albo going to take a drive to Government House This has to change.

Stick it to the bastards.

It is eminently clear that he is a compulsive liar.

He only cares about himself Penny.

Amazing how much voice there is now because of a political stunt when for decades women are bashed and raped and even now today and they have not had the voices as there is now from high political people so why now and not decades ago political.

The AFP dude with all the military pomp looks ridiculous.

Weve never needed your forthrightness more than in this jungle of lies and coverups. These guys ducking, diving & running for cover is how men in general, and men in power operate. ENOUGH. Not fit to lead. THANK YOU.

This is rubbish. Is a work place issue more important than justice ? This is just political. Wing and Hansen prove that idiots can hold decision making positions . They embarrass females.

Clean out the AFP as well.

All very smelly.

In the Court of Public Opinion he is as guilty as sin of a cover up. Credibility ZERO . Give it up NObody believes you Morrison.

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