Tuesday 29th of September 2020

Chelsea's Top Rated Premier League Performers so Far Reece James - 7.65 Mason Mount - 7.41 Timo Werner - 7.17 For All of The Money Spent, it's Two Blues Graduates Leading The Way...

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Last up... No mistake from HKane. And Mount misses!!! NS THFC: [?][?][?][?][?] CFC: [?][?][?][?][?].
Mount hits the post. Spurs progress. NSnulb: : [?].
Chelsea's top rated Premier League performers so far Reece James - 7.65 Mason Mount - 7.41 Timo Werner - 7.17 For all of the money spent, it's two Blues graduates leading the way...
Lool hate it had to be you Mount.
Lampard, Mount and CHO will kill Chelsea. That I'm sure.
And Mount could not locate Timo Wtf!!!! Mason is a promising young star but I pray Lampard Doesn't but him out with too many games.
Send Mount out on loan to championship thats wheres his level.
Mount this mount that fuck off all of you let's stick some fucking blame on CHO for missing that chance. On Emerson for not marking his man for the goal. On zouma for missing the header for the goal. Don't pick and fucking choose where the blame goes. It's a TEAM FUCKING SPO.

Just transferred mount to my fantasy today,my job is on the line.
But why did this dude took off Kovasic, it could've been mount For Berkley and Jorginoh for Kante, why is mount playing every of our game without being sub? We'll know that soon when we Pulisic, Ziyech, Avert, Werner all fits...

Mason mount missing a penalty EbereEze10 would never.
We all knew Mount was going to miss it, had a horrible game man. So devastating, shouldve won that.
Mason Mount vs Tottenham Hotspurs (A) Decisive Penalty[?]nulb The Lampard Regeneration.
You dey use player like he be black jeans. See say the jeans dey tear. Mount for rest.
Right now Ive reflected on the game mason mount got us back in the game vs West Brom which may of well won us a point, Im not phased by this loss at all it will make mount stronger like it did with Abraham in the super cup final, we go again on Saturday. COME ON CHELSEA.

Jorginho was just as abysmal but as per usual Mount is the scapegoat, we win as a team we lose as a team, only Chilwell, Mendy and kante when he came on played well tonight, any Mount Agenda simply unfollow me.

Mason Mount misses Chelseas fifth spot kick! Tottenham win 5-4 on penalties!
Mason Mount tonight.
No Mount was stfu could have easily made it 2-0 and that goal wouldn't have happened or mattered if it did.
Wow Chelsea Fans smh...Mason Mount is young & the most hardworking player in that team so far. Y'all want to cut his head becuase he missed a penalty? Ei Lampard should make sure this boy plays ALL the remaining matches so y'all can die.

The scenes when Chelsea finally sack Lampard and he tries to force Mason Mount into a box with the rest of his belongings to take home with him. Just Frank watching Mount practice his freekicks in the back garden while he ignores his actual children asking for breakfast.

Cant believe Lampards stubbornness is causing me to hate Mount I know its reactionary but that shouldnt be happening. Rest the lad and play Havertz.
He takes the one mount took and we would eventually win.
Mount IG post incoming: not the result we wanted/deserved, gutted to miss the pen but Im starting again at the weekend.
A gentle reminder Chelsea will be in the next round if they had Bruno Fernandes and not Mason Mount.
Eric Dier went straight over to Mason Mount to console him after missing his penalty.
Lampards favouritism for Mount is gonna get him the sack by Christmas.
Let's here what Mount daddy wants to say.
Lampard is the problem always electing mount on the starting 11. I won't watch any chelsea match with mount in the lineup. I can't take this anymore.
The last penalty should've been taken by someone senior. Lampard made a big mistake by choosing Mount as one of the penalty takers.
Nobody mentioning the Odoi one hardly all jumping on Mount.
He is gradually getting there. Until he takes out Mount of his first team he will never achieve success.
Lampard and Mount in the dressing room after losing to Spurs.
You cussing Mount na your L o.
Mason Mount missed the crucial penalty as Tottenham edged past Chelsea on penalties in the Carabao Cup. Read all about it.
If life gives you Mason take Greenwood not mount.
Mason Mount had a massive chance to pass the ball to Timo when we were 0-1. And he missed it up. I blame him for that, not the missed PK. It is what it is.
Eric Dier going straight up to Mason Mount to console him after his missed penalty instead of celebrating with his Tottenham teammates!
Lmao!! ... I've since scratched that theory. mount is a proper English boy, and lampard sees himself in him that's why he plays him.
Mount have not had a minute of rest since the Liverpool game.. he is tired of playing.
Lampard after Mount missed the penalty.
TBH Mount n Lampard cost us d game This is a cup game, straight penalty after draw, yet ur best Penalty stopper is no where near the lineup Mount had a bad game yet played 90mins as usual Beautiful counter at 2nd half to seal d game, bad pass from Mount at close range.

I said it Mason Mount is lampard's son.
You see why some times we dont agree with somethings coach Nimley says! He says he will pick Mount over Havertz any day, just look this oh. Simple pass.
Just a reminder, that Mason Mount has played 4 games this season, completing 360mins without any assist or creativity. Watch as Lampard start him on Saturday, benching Kai Havertz. At 75mins, a Havertz would have tore apart Spurs Defense.

If only Mason Mount had taken penalty tutorials from Bruno Pernandes.
When life gives you a Mason let it be Greenwood and not Mount.
For one million times please kick Lampard & Mount out of the club.
Mason mount to hull city news?
Mason Mount tonight was awful lets get that straight but who's really to blame about that? Frank Lampard Give Mason Mount a rest and stop starting him every game.
Odoi, lamps, mount and Azpi for overlapping too much.
Mount said no not todayVnulb.
Pretty sure Mason Mount scored an absolute rocket on Saturday? Been one of our better players since Project Restart and this season. One miss from 12-yards is hardly the end of the world. Besides, the Rumbelows cup is rubbish anyway.

Idk why Lampard is forcing this whole agenda to make Mason Mount the star player???
Lampard has just made things so impossibly hard on Mount sometimes. He never should have even been out there at the point where he failed to put in Werner, never mind the missed pen. Really disappointing from Lampard. Love him but hes got some serious work to do managing.

Mount has played 90mins in 3 games, dude is looking exhausted but watch Lamps start him on Saturday He's setting him up for critics at this point.
Nice touch by Dier to go over to console Mount first rather than join his THFC teammates celebrating.
Lampard treats Mount as if he's f*cking prime ronaldinho.
That game was absolutely shambolic... Lampards decision making needs to be questioned now, how on earth can Mount stay on the pitch after that shocking performance. Wouldnt have even gone to penalties if Havertz was subbed on. There MUST be changes!

If any pricks are sending direct abuse to Mason Mount. You are not a Chelsea fan. Remember JT etc. Shit happens.
Lampard gotta realize that it's the club over any player His obsession with mount will ruin our season.
Mason Mount when the pressures on.
Fvck his thoughts!!! Lampard is obsessed with Mount!..You know the class of players who take 5th penalties??? Ronaldo, Kane, Hazard..you give a 21 year old mount who has not up to 5 CL appearances a 5th penalty with the pressure on us.. Lampard is becoming horrible.

My thoughts on TOTCHE Yes, Mount shouldve gone off but no need for all the negativity lads Mendy showed his abilities and potential tonight Chilwell with a solid performance tonight My Chelsea MOTM would have to be Zouma tho.

Lampard is not the rightful coach here. Certainly mount and CHO, we are not here to develop players, where was havertz and barkley. Im pissed off.
I got no confidence in Lampard. Unlike 2015 and 2017, I got no confidence of victory whenever Chelsea play. If Ziyech and Pulicic are fit and Lampard still finds a way to squeeze in Mount, Lampard should be sacked. Odoi, Kepa, Jorginho should be sold immediately!!!

Mount was gasping for breath in the second half but your man say naaah make he play full 90 Lampard er he no change dieer by December he go dey house.
Someone said Lampard is rotating formation like sex position TOTCHE Chelsea Tottenham Mount Mendy.
Lampard will still read bedtime stories for mount and kiss him goodnight.
Same manager that coached mount that engineer the comeback against westbrom.
Eric Dier, going straight to console Mason Mount after he missed his penalty. Class .
Chelsea should've finished this game long ago! Those two chances, the Odoi one & the Mount one might come back to haunt us.
Frank Lampard when Jody Morris suggests he should take Mount out of the starting XI.
Mount will get scapegoated. The guy can't control if he plays or not, it's the managers job to see who's good enough.
Why are people calling Mount Lampard's son?
Mount will mount pressure on him.
Lampard HAS TO BE questioned now. Why does Mount have to be forced into every single lineup? Why do we not have a clear style of play? Why not make the right changes when we're getting dominated? Why do we look worse after spending 200m? Questions, questions & more questions.

No one should blame mount. He did what he could do. Does how the game of football is..Vnulb.
Mount will be the downfall of Lampard at Chelsea if he doesn't change. I love Mount but Lampard should give him a break, huh. He's not any extra ordinary player to always be completing games. Werner was clear on goal only to give that average pass. Don't win as a cup and see.

Mount hasn't done anything Ibi Hudson Odoi he fool I don't even understand why people dey see am Penalties anything go fit happen.

What You Really Think

Are we supposed to be upset by the fact that our best players are homegrown?

Ziyech, Chilwell and Mendy haven't even played yet... So out of two players, one is top 3.

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I'm unfollowing this account.

Any of your money? Concentrate on stats..

The Hate You Give.

Fuck that. We still good.

James best ja.

Ey no dey matter , we need all our players to perform at the highest level.

Ode, how many of the new signings don play?

James would be world class in the future wish he got him instead to be honest but dest isn't bad either.

Stupid tweet.

We didnt sign them to play by themselves.


Bro only 3 have played.

Agenda must agend.

Buying a car doesnt guarantee you a safe ride home everyday you guys should be realistic for once.

That is why we didn't sell them.

Those grades are stupid. Mount had only a few good moments and many bad.

Leading the charts.

Hey MouTheTactician I said you havent watched any game and i was right.

Ziyech will top this once when he comes back..

But Mount is supposedly stinking up the place. Stupid children.

Mount has had two stinkers out of 3. Your rating system is flawed.

How many goals has Firmino this season???

The academy graduate are fighting for a spot now because the big guys are not available yet to see the best out of the new signing! How many of the new signings are playing well except James rodri, jota is in a well polished team, thiago just played only Chelsea, who else.

Ok this is just disrespectful like come I this editor is one of those rivals who hype us up to win the EPL when sign Kai and Ben after Timo and zeyich. Like, come on give us a break.

Chilwel is yet to play, Ziyech is yet to play, Mendy is yet to play, Haverts and Werner have played 2 games, Thiago has only just made his first debut on Saturday, Sarr is going on loan and the other has gone to the academy - but yeah, keep pushing that agenda, I suppose...