Thursday 2nd of July 2020

DISALLOWED! Harry Kane's Goal is Chalked Off by VAR For Handball by Lucas Moura. Sheffield Utd 1-0 Spurs Listen: Follow.

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After consulting the VAR, referee Chris Kavanagh has overturned the goal because of a Lucas Moura handball in the build-up Sheff Utd 1-0 Spurs (35 mins).
Lucas Moura getting the ball smashed at him from one yard away while he's on the floor after being fouled. Rules are rules. Disallow that goal.
NO GOAL! Harry Kane's equaliser is disallowed as Lucas Moura's hand brushed the ball as he fell over Jose is going to take this well...
Unfortunate but you cannot handle the ball in the modern game and that's what Moura did.
DISALLOWED! Harry Kane's goal is chalked off by VAR for handball by Lucas Moura. Sheffield Utd 1-0 Spurs Listen: Follow.
That VAR decision was very harsh, Moura has no control in any of that then gets the ball kicked off him. They say the laws the law etc but what happens when one of these decisions relegates a team or costs them European football? As thats only a matter of weeks away.

What about them fouling Moura to make him fall???? Yeah didnt think youd want to acknowledge that.
VAR has made some farcical decisions, but that Harry Kane goal being disallowed is the worst of the lot. The ball touches Mouras arm because he was being fouled as the defender boots it at him. I know the rules suggest its the correct decision, but common sense has to prevail.

If the free kick against Moura was for handball then why could they not have gone back and said there was no advantage and give Spurs the free kick. It's the Law that's daft though, not the officials.
Aight i did get the idea from them.
Lucas Moura fouled into a handball. Harry Kane goal disallowed. Sheffield freekick. VAR at peak ridiculousness.
Worse thing is. We dont even get the free kick for the foul which is why Moura fell.
Son useless, moura just runs around, only kane lo celso and bergwyn doing something.
Should be Red card for lucas moura for diving.. Fraud bottler fc managed by professional bus parker.
It is all irrelevant. It hit Moura's hand and the ball fell to Kane to score. And that's all that matters.
Where was Lucas Moura supposed to put his hands while falling over?
Not in this case Moura is black so was robbed racism still in the game.
Heres Mouras handball .. thanks VAR.
Kane's goal being ruled out by VAR is ridiculous. I can't believe that the FA and premierleague are not only allowing the game to be brought into disrepute, but are doing it themselves. Moura handballed it but you're ingnoring the clear foul before? That's just cheating now.

Lucas Moura fouled ball bounces off the top of his arm from 0.0001 yards. This game is completely gone.
If it was Bruno Fernandes and not Moura would VAR disallow the goal then?
Poor sod Moura knew nothing about it, I though it hit him in the back anyway.
Does Mouras arm lead to Tottenham scoring that goal? Yes, therefore its not a goal under this current ruling. Its the ruling that needs to change not the decisions.
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Lundstrums big toe 1-1 Mouras upper arm.
This Mouras handball decision is up there with the worst Ive ever seen.
The concept of "advantage" is the latest victim of VAR. Moura's hand touches the ball because he's fouled. So Sheff U (in this case) benefit hugely from commiting a foul. The lawmakers have zero feeling for the game. In fact, they appear to hate it.

Premier League in England will shame you with VAR use and application. Shocking decision to disallow Kanes goal because of a ghost handball by Moura. Shocking.
Don't tell me he's actually kept Lucas moura on.
Is Lucas Moura supposed to detach his arm mid-fall after being fouled?
So it was handball!!!??? Had that happened in the penalty area what .? Moura was fouled!!
Handball law needs to be changed for sure, but... on slow-mo replay, Moura's right forearm landed on top of ball BEFORE SHU player launched it off his shoulder. Letter of the law says that is handball on Moura. But I agree on a foul, should have been free kick to TOT.

This was 'Moura's handball' for those who haven't seen it yet... ***nulb.
Best we have played since we have been back , at least we are pressing a bit , dont get me wrong could have a full melt down about Moura and son and Im sure Aurier will fuck something up soon.
Honestly think that's one of the worst VAR calls all season. Moura is falling over because he was fouled and the ball strikes his arm because Egan fired his clearance at him point blank. What was Moura supposed to do? *HOW* can that be justification to rule a goal out?

VAR yet again is a absolute farce, how has that not been given as a foul on Moura leading up to Harry Kane goal, I will never know. Whats the fucking point of those screens on the side of the pitch, if the referee doesnt want to look at them?!

No he shouldve just cut his arms off before the game obviously.
Most ridiculous VAR decision so far! What was Moura supposed to do with his arm!!
Its a shambles mate. Pukkis goal against you guys at Christmas, the Sheff Utd one that was a toenail offside about 10 mins before the goal, West Ham last night. Its ruining the game. This was a foul against Moura, not even a handball!

But we didn't even get the freekick for the foul on Moura?
Direct is the issue. The ball grazes Mouras hand/wrist as hes fouled and going to the turf. SHU kicks it into his shoulder (not a handball) and it ricochets to Kane. The handball was before Sheffield kicked the ball. Is that in the direct process of the scoring move?

There's also an argument that the ball hit Moura on the upper back and I am sure there will be times when what constitutes an "attacking player" is up for debate.
Let's look at this logically Moura is fouled, he's put his hands down so he doesn't fall slat on his face, the balls smashed off his shoulder and Sheffield Utd get a free kick. Scratch that logically it makes zero fucking sense.

The call on Lucas Moura was correct, it's the rule that's the issue.
Any other serious referees know if giving an advantage means you cant pull it back if something occurs that negates the advantage like the Moura handball?
Thats the worst VAR decision Ive ever seen.. Moura was fouled and his fall. Fucking embarrassing.
Is corrupted and incompetent officials in the league again. Disallowed goal while Moura being fouled, and if there's no hand the ball would still bounced off his body. Norwood should get second yellow too but was ignored. Atrocious league compare to others.

Tottenham Hotspur Attacker Lucas Moura Is Fouled And Then Puts His Arm Out So He Dosent Land On His Head. [?]nulb The Brazilian Then Has The Ball Kicked At His Head, Which Then Assists Kane To Score. [?] VAR Disallows The Goal. Starting To Hate This Game.

- Dissallowed handball, that didn't even hit Moura's hand. - No freekick after the disallowed goal. - Clear red card elbow on Son - all eyes on son, none on the ball. - Two handballs from Sheffield in a row not picked up by referee. VAR out.

Wow. Lucas Moura pushed over/fouled, ball hits his hand in the buildup to a goal as a result, goal chalked off Fuck these rules.
Your presenters are a joke Moura 'stumbled' ... he was taken out by three players... FFS joke.
So Lucas Moura was fouled and on heading to the deck the ball was launched off him by on opposition player, Kane scores and the end result is a Sheffield Utd free kick - games gone.
Apparently VAR expect Lucas Moura to bounce his head off the floor for the goal to be legal.
The Lucas Moura one was correct.
[?]NO GOAL[?] Harry Kane's has seen his strike chalked off by VAR for a Lucas Moura handball in the build-up! Follow in-game updates from our live blog below!
Not sure what is more stupid, rule (every handball, even unintentionally as Moura while falling down) or actual play.
But hes already played advantage for a foul? Which led to the goal. What can Moura do when hes been bundled to the ground by 3 players.
It's a bad rule but it is the rules as they stand now. If any attacking player handles the ball (accidentally or deliberately) in the build up to a goal then the goal is disallowed. Seems harsh alright considering that the ball was smashed at Moura from half a yard as he fell.

Defender fouls Moura, booting the ball from point blank range against his shoulder, so they disallow Kane's goal. You literally couldn't make this shit up.
VAR is fun, obviously a clear arm movement from Moura to divert the ball, but yeah.
100% the right decision Moura handled the ball. I love VAR.
I think thats arguably the worst one this season . Moura himself was fouled. The whole thing a clusterfuck and had been all season. Every team has been affected and its ruined the spectacle.
How SpursOfficial should line up for the second half. Subs: Off: Aurier Davies Bergwijn/Moura On: Ndombele Sessegnon Dele.
I dont understand how they didnt at least get a FK. If Moura grabbed the ball because he felt that he was fouled he wouldve gotten the FK anyways.
Why does VAR determine how far the defender was, was the body in natural position etc. If it hits your hand, it is foul. If not, then strikers or forwards who do not do it intentionally should not be penalized either. Moura was literally pushed there and he fell on the ball ]3/3].

Yes you could argue he was facing the ball Sheridan Moura faced away. Even thought Citys goal wouldnt have been disallowed any other year.
Absolute disgrace that Lucas Moura isnt booked for this attempted rugby tackle.
So basically you have single handedly ruined the game. VAR DOESNT WORK! Moura was fouled, you let it run then you disallow a goal for NOTHING. Then Norwood on a yellow looks at Son twice & then raises his elbow and makes contact with Son's head on purpose (which is reviewed)!

Terrible officiating. Even if you call back the goal, Moura is going down after being fouled. Later, the foul on Son is intentional, a blow to the head, in close succession to the first yellow, it has to be a second yellow and a sending off.

I fear we are watching the death of common sense and also live football. Moura fouled by 3 player!!! FFS.
Moura fouled and falling. The ball is kicked against his shoulder and the goal is ruled out. What a JOKE!!!!!!
If they followed the rule to the letter then it's a foul on moura and advantage played.
Agree. Ridiculous decision. I mean, at least bring it back for a foul on Moura!

What You Really Think

VAR making up for the goal not given to Blades other day- no other explanation!

Our league up here gets slated all the time, but VAR is turning EPL into a laughing stock ..the rules are ruining the game and resulting in unbelievable decisions... in fact that decision is fcking ridiculous.

Sheffield united were perhaps owed that one tbf But surely as the ref was playing advantage you bring it back for a free kick for the initial foul on Moura?

One of the worst decisions.

Football is dead its over.. finished.

Definite handball; hes not the keeper.

If you gave me the option of getting rid of 1 of covid 19 or VAR it would be a tough choice.

Well that was wrong then, Moura was fouled, the ref played the advantage but the goal was ruled out for moura's handball but he was inicially fouled so the ref should have given Spurs a free kick then.

Awful. VAR is just awful.

Farmers league.

Bet he counts it anyway.

Surely the advantage should be with the player that was fouled.