Thursday 17th of December 2020

Jose Mourinho Postgame: "The Best Team Lost.

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Jose Mourinho doesn't have time for Liverpool's injury problems.
He listed the whole team Jose Mourinho isn't buying Liverpool's 'injury crisis'.
"Salah is not injured, Firmino is not injured, Mane is not injured..." Jose Mourinho has played down Liverpool's injury issues - claiming every club goes through problems like this.
Hopefully the result will send spurs into a downwards spiral Leicester up next for them should be a good game ! Yes I love seeing mourinho being salty, few greater sights. Not a good result for Arsenal but a point is good given that we had a man sent off. Hope auba can kick on.

Spurs were the better team in that game for 15 minutes of the second half where they actually attacked Liverpool. People are slating mourinho because he has the best attacking duo in world football and plays them as CBs. Horrible to watch and they wont win a trophy this year.

Mourinho: "I told Klopp the best team lost. He disagreed. By the way, if I behaved like him on the touchline - it would be very different.".
Mourinho on Klopp: "If I behave the same way as he does on the touchline, no chance I stay on the bench.".
Jose Mourinho postgame: "The best team lost.
Mourinhos insta. Undefeated.
Strip away any Mourinho prejudice and the rage of losing in those circumstances, and I struggle to see how that was anything other than a really encouraging performance. Were the better side in 2nd half and created three really good chances to beat Liverpool at Anfield.

Jose Mourinho telling Klopp at full time the best team lost and Klopp shocked and laughing.
Didnt mention Liverpool or Utd. I mentioned the scum Mourinho manages.
Mourinho doesnt need to be salty.
Liverpool Mourinho YNWA Firmino Lizzie McGuire.
32/50 - Antonio Conte is the third manager in Inters history to win at least 32 of his first 50 Serie A games with the Nerazzurri, after Aldo Olivieri (34) and Jose Mourinho (34). Determination.
Trent Alexander-Arnold taunts Jose Mourinho after Liverpool beat Tottenham.
La hawla, Mourinho is going to hell.
Jose Mourinho record against Jurgen Klopp away from home: Dortmund 2 - 1 Real Madrid Dortmund 4 - 1 Real Madrid Liverpool 0 - 0 Man United Liverpool 0 - 0 Man United Liverpool 3 - 1 Man United Liverpool 2 - 1 Tottenham.

Mourinho Lost Ronaldo missed Penalty Barcelona won FPL in the mud Generator engine knocked Dec 16 2020.
Jose Mourinho on Jurgen Klopp: "I told him the best team lost, He didn't agree. "By the way, if I behaved the way he does on the touchline, I would have no chance." ]Amazon].
Mourinho Klopp WHUCRY TOP OF THE LEAGUE Liverpool 4EVER LITTLE MIX Amazon Christmas2020 MaskSinger Jose que bailen is out Sweet Melody.
Words between Jurgen Klopp and Jose Mourinho at full-time What do you think was said?
I think Klopp broke Mourinho.
Jose Mourinho says it's a "very very unfair result" - says his side should have won the game and even a draw was an unjust result. Ok mate.
Mourinho thinks Klopp gets special treatment.
Oh absolutely, Id never agree with him about the better team losing. Hes dead wrong and a sore loser. But its typical Mourinho ***nulb.
Back down your fucking hole mourinho you dinosaur.
You cant blame Mourinho for this. Kane and the other guy let him down big time. Good tactical battle tho.
Its not reactionary its facts! Like if we were generally serious for winning the title we would of got a result here. If people started saying Mourinho out or our season is over thats reactionary. Ive tried to be optimistic but all it leads is to false hope.

That's an insane stat, so many deluded Spurs fans buying into Mourinho's BS.
7 years ago, Mourinho brought his title chasing side to Anfield, parked the bus and celebrated like this. Tonight, Mourinho brought his title chasing side to Anfield, parked the bus, and fell to a last minute goal. Its glorious.

The Reds are top of the leagueeee Late Firmino Winner Mourinho Fuming Liverpool Go Top All with fans in the stadium. GERRRRRINNNN Subscribe for our Post Match Pint video from Anfield and Post Match Podcast.

"Jurgen does exactly the same on the touchline week in, week out!" AlanShearer after Jose Mourinho's post-match interview...
TOP OF THE LEAGUE. MASSIVE win. Still unbeaten at Anfield. Firmino my fucking hero. Fabinho oozes class. Curtis Jones is so good. Mourinho, unlucky mate hahaha. Referee was an absolute shambles. Crystal Palace (A), next.

Mourinho explains his conversation with Klopp.
If someone can tell me why Jose Mourinho is such a dick I'll buy them a fact I'll buy them dinner too...what a jackass...
Mourinho teams dont play football, they play anti-football.
I thought Arsenal fans were gobshites of North London, but it seems they're level with the deluded Spurs fans and they're deluded manager Mourinho. Mourinho has bullshitted all his career and Tottenham fans believe everything he says. Mourinho knows Liverpool were better tonight.

Mourinho upset by Klopps touchline behaviour.
There was literally a moment when Jose sprinted down the line and was closer to the corner flag than his technical area, I like mourinho but he needs to swerve the crying.
Mourinho: 'At the final whistle I told Jurgen the best team lost and if I behaved like him on the touchline I would be sent off.'.
Donald Trump when he sees Mourinho say The better team lost.
"ISO Mourinho". 1. Blame the refs. 2. Blame the opponents. 3. Blame his own players. 4. Blame the board. 5. Blame everyone else. 6. Get fired.
I don't know what game Mourinho was referring to, but whatever it is it definitely wasn't this game.
Paidhng ddhnnlllnguu[?] nyhaukhshichnnriiaueengiicii[?]ddgvaiiikhvddhi[?]rrngdhail Everything is fine between us, said Mourinho. The referees let him behave the way he does. It's not my problem. I feel sad for it because I can not do it but it's just the way it is. [?]ssbh [?]thbhchchau auvRiiddl[?]ii[?]lllng[?]ch iiphddssbhngiiddhlriiddhddh.

Nothing sweeter than Mourinhos post-match rant. Maybe if he didnt send his team out to wind down the clock at every stoppage they wouldve had more time to actually win the game than try to avoid losing it.

Tottenham showed a lack of killer instinct at Liverpool - and Jose Mourinho may have to make a key change in midfield to take Spurs to the next level. Dan_KP at Anfield.
Mourinho: "Even a draw would have left a bad taste for us. We had the chance to kill it but we missed it. We got punished.".
"If I behaved the same, I've no chance to stay there." Jose Mourinho was annoyed by Jurgen Klopp's behaviour on the touchline during Liverpool's win over Spurs. Find out more.
Mourinho: The best team lost Absolutely deluded.
Mourinho: "Today the opponent was not better than us at all.".
Jose Mourinho: "The best team lost tonight." Spurs had 2 shots on target compared to Liverpool's 11. Liverpool also had 76% possession.
"He said 'the best team lost'. I thought he was joking, but he wasn't." Jurgen Klopp and Jose Mourinho had slightly differing views of Liverpool's win over Spurs. More.
Mourinho > Klopp and it's not even a debate. Klopp is just a german Arteta.
Mourinho: A very, very unfair result. Were trying to control our laughter.
Yup; it is personal - seems to take joy in Mourinho losing, which is disappointing from a writer.
Mourinho not taking it too well, I see.
Negative football is evil...but Mourinho no dey learn.
Yeah didn't see the full game but they looked very handy in the second half on MOTD, could easily have taken some of those chances. Whereas those other recent wins were just the epitome of Mourinho shithousing.

Big post-election Trump energy from Mourinho.
Mourinho is the Trump of football. He is literally a bare faced liar.
Nulb MOURINHO REACTION nulb Mourinho cut a frustrated figure after the full time whistle at Anfield...
Typical mourinho bumboy prob in tears that jose list tonight.

What You Really Think

There's so much hate for Liverpool.


Ha ha ha.

If you watch the game and you see who had big chances and big chances missed, you will understand what he is saying.

Disagree. Well played champions, delighted for Bobby.

Possesion doesn't make a team better.

So many people just hate Liverpool Hate to see it.


Delusional idiot.

Apparently having more clear chances makes you the better team.

I can't take it.

He is an expert in taking real beatings, being worse and ending up winning without knowing or how. His only tactical plan is to hang onto the crossbar and go on the counter. Today he loses and the mr. antifootball complains of having been "better". Every day he has less dignity.

This man called Jose Mourinho.

The numbers dont lie.

Stats mean nothing when we had 3 clear cut chances to win the game. Couldve been 4-1 before firmino got a sniff of the ball. Do you not know how Jose plays? Learn the game ffs then come back to me.

Those stats are inaccurate. Liverpool had 28 shots in total to Spurs 10. Spurs had 2 shots on target to Liverpool's 11. Liverpool had an 88% pass completion (711 of 807), to Spurs 61% (152 of 250). Spurs were comprehensively battered, and rightly lost. Mourinho is a child.

Stats don't tell the story really.

Stats don't tell it all tbh.

Ironically he is right.

It wasn't their day but did brought the fight into the game that wasn't enough for them to see them through. I'm sure they'll somehow recover from this and bounce back in their next games. The team is in great hands and Jose Mourinho is the right man for the task.

If my auntie had balls, seriously does anyone really think that Spurs are a better football team than Liverpool. Cop the fuck on. Delusional.

Delusional and blinded by his massive ego.

Bus team*.

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