Tuesday 14th of July 2020

New Zealand Opposition Leader Todd Muller Unexpectedly Resigns Two Months Out From Election.

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National leader Todd Muller has resigned.
My thoughts are with Todd Muller & his family. Opposition Leader is a very tough role & I wish Todd and his family the best for the future.
Todd Muller has resigned as National Party leader.
THE TELEGRAPH - structurenewsworldnews structurenews New Zealand opposition leader Todd Muller quits weeks before general election and only 53 days since he got job.
You can make hot-takes about Todd Muller and the National Partys awful, beneficiary bashing politics and how they represent the wealthy elite without further stigmatising people who are going through ill mental health :).

And where is the fallout over ( Muller, Get Stone ) ??
Muller needing a cup of tea and a lie down thing speaks volumes about Jacinda - dealing with a terrorist incident, a volcano and a pandemic WHILE MOTHERING A NEWBORN and always being available. And yet RW fuckwits still talk about her as a part time PM.

Mina I don't understand why this Helgard Muller is still standing? His house needs to be burned down with him inside. We need to make an example of him. Where does he live? Someone investigate please. I'm gatvol manje.

Of course everybody is free to support who they want as leader & there appears to be popular support for Collins. As a Conservative, I don't support liberals. Happy with any disagreement. Its too late anyway now. Only a miracle could save the Nats after the idiotic Muller bungle.

Was right about Todd Muller & will tell you Judith Collins, a liberal lefty feminist who has never fully departed from her far left political roots, & has supported Jacinda's govt in some of its worst legislation, would be a mistake too. Don't do it.

My sympathy to Todd Muller and his family. I regard Todd as a decent man and know the pressures he faced in his previous role. Wish him well for the future.
New Zealand opposition leader Todd Muller unexpectedly resigns two months out from election.
What a disgusting tweet from NZF but would we expect anything less? You do realise that Muller said it was due to health issues .but then again what has he done for anyone with health or mental health issues in 3 years absolutely nothing! Gutter politics from the left!

I cant reconcile the Todd Muller who has worked so carefully to meet so many people ahead of becoming leader -just resigning? nzpol either its a seriously dysfunctional & hostile caucus, more to come? -just never let me hear anyone call women part-time leaders again.

The trouble with the National Party caucus is they keep choosing leaders who they want to lead them, instead of someone that New Zealanders want to lead the country. Tip it is not about you - it's about your voters.

Exactly. It was a Hail Mary all around. Whereas Muller was like.
So yeah, it hurts like hell seeing people who should know better feed into this narrative because its Muller. Not because I am worried about Muller, but because Im worried about everyone else who now sees people they admire and look up to equating taking breaks with being bad.

Since I went on pre-election leave: - Paula Bennett resigned - David Clark resigned as Health Minister - Hamish Walker resigned - Jian Yang resigned - Roughly 11,000 people escaped from isolation - Todd Muller resigned as National leader Im never going on holiday again.

I couldnt care less about Muller. But I do give an awful lot of fucks about what these narratives do to my disabled and chronically ill community. I spend hours every week supporting people who have new (and old!) diagnoses of Fibromyalgia to understand that their productivity.

Todd Muller resignation: Judith Collins, Nikki Kaye, and Simon Bridges won't rule out runs at National leader.
Vultures. You can bet they're camped outside Muller's, too.
On The Todd Muller Resignation Agree: No "poor Todd Muller" choruses. He knew what he was getting into and failed to control his own troops. It's called leadership. Standby for Crusher.
Nope. Little had a cohesive team and set of policies; Muller didn't. M actively pushed and rolled the boss because he thought he was better; L stood aside because he knew he wasn't. L understood that he didn't have the charisma; M assumed we'd adore him.

To be clear -I give zero fucks about Muller. What I do care about is how easily people will slip into ableism and saneism when it suits to score political points, and the harm that does to others who experience mental distress, and how it perpetuates ableist capitalism.

Politics can be a brutal game and it sounds as though Todd Muller has made a difficult decision on what he believes is best for the country, his family and his own health. It cannot have been an easy call to make but I wish him all the best.

Live updates: Todd Muller resigns as National Party leader.
Here is absolutely the most important thread you will read not about Muller but about ableism in our politics.
Probably one of Mullers biggest achievements in his 53 days of leadership was making Simon Bridges look good.
Are you picking up whats being put down NZ?!?! Patriots Are Now In Control.
For those who don't follow NZ politics - NZ has a general election on 19 Sept. The National Party (sister party of liberalaus) is in turmoil. They replaced their idiot leader Simon Bridges with Todd Muller 6 weeks ago. Muller himself resigned yesterday. Farcical.

There have been so many nasty comments directed at Arden including to "stick to her knitting" & "part time PM" yet in 2.5 years what she's done for this country is immense. Muller was in his job 6 weeks & it seriously impacted his mental health. It shows you how strong the PM is.

New Zealand opposition leader Todd Muller resigns just two months before election.
So Matthew Hooten wins again He knew Muller wasn't up to it but by pushing him into an area he was uncomfortable in, the pathway was cleared for NZNationalParty to make a seemingly desperate decision. He needed to put Nats under pressure to allow the unthinkable to have a chance.

Stuff reporters have been visiting Todd Muller's house this morning looking for comment, according to Stuff's live blog. He specifically asked for privacy. Very unprofessional.
Muller's resignation is a National nightmare - and a sign of a toxic political culture.
I have a growing suspicion Eleanor Catton wrote 2020. Every chapter seems half as long as the last.
Cant help but feel mad that the empathy and grace being shown to Todd Muller re health is never, ever given to marginalised groups who unlike cis white dudes, are held to ridiculously high expectations and told theyre simply not cut out for it when they cant meet them.

Ahead of the New Zealand election, Todd Muller's resignation is a National nightmare and a sign of a toxic political culture.
This is the thing for me too. Woodhouse, Hooton, Collins, Brownlee, Kaye, Adams are all still there. Kicking Muller while he's down is petty, sticking the knife into those still standing is holding power to account.

To be fair I shouldnt criticise cause Todd Muller lasted longer in leadership than most of my relationships.
Todd Muller may have left for the right reasons. But he leaves National in tatters.
I don't understand why Muller didn't succeed. He was an unqualified, unprepared generic white dude with a complete lack of experience. How are they going to find that again?
I don't think she is up to it. She made several slip-ups during the early days of the new leadership, she is 'tainted' due to Muller and she will have to deal with being so close to Boag.
My main issue with National isn't who they choose as leader to replace Todd Muller - it's whether they will continue with policies that increase inequality, increase injustice, worsen health, & make our environmental & climate crises worse, or whether they will believably change.

The complete disrespect the MSM showed to Muller is reprehensible. They deserve to go broke.
Just a reminder The FIRST thing Muller did was set up an "intelligence unit" to dig up dirt on the Govt's MPs That's right to ruin people's lives. He ain't THAT nice a guy really.
Indeed and is it a sign of more to come from Heron QC. What else did Muller know and when? It is horrible to hear of anyone going through the mental health issues but is the toxic culture behind it the reason?

Todd Muller to Simon Bridges RE: Party Leadership.
Muller looked like this was all sprung on him, he hadn't been in the club, hadn't had opportunity to discuss & work out credible answers & excuses.
Todd Muller got rid of Michelle Boag Jian yang and Paula bennet SIR you have served your country more than we can ever say.
Todd Muller quits as National leader: Party's nightmare and a sign of a toxic political culture.
Why would u put an aging man in prison during a pandemic? These should be questions for declared (non hating Catholic Pelosi), Morman Mit Romney...& executioner Muller...who all continue to advocate for such--.

At least Todd Muller was honest about his mental health not being up to scratch, unlike Winston Peters who lies about "old rugby injuries" and "food poisoning".
Enjoy our takes before theyre necessarily wrong.
Respect to Todd Muller for stepping down in order to maintain health and family as his priorities. Whatever political side of the fence we sit, I think we need to just recognise the human behind the media character and applaud a call which would have been difficult and humbling.

So now it's 1 John Key 2 The one everyone forgets about. 3 Simon Bridges. 4 Todd Muller. 5 Who cares?
Lol Im going to make both , do you know where I can find dry lavender I know HEB muller but they NEVER have it.
Events, dear boy, events opined Harold Macmillan when asked what could blow a Government off course. The same could be said of oppositions. But at the end of the day, within the rips and reefs that claimed Todd Muller, the trigger is a decision by 1 person to share private info.

Todd Muller received more scrutiny from New Zealand's MSM in his 50 odd days as opposition leader than Jacinda Ardern has in 3 years as Labour leader & as a PM with virtually zero delivery on major election promises during that period.

So much for Hootons magic touch, btw! Even if one feels a bit sorry for Muller, I think its perfectly acceptable to gloat about Hooton.
I knew Todd Muller wasn't up to the job from the moment he failed to tell the mob to fuck off re: his MAGA hat.
If this was a Little-Ardern play, Muller would have fronted with Kaye, said "I cannot in good conscience put my family through the pain of an election campaign etc. etc. etc", endorsed Kaye, and then left. It's not. He didn't.

Im not a fan of the Nats, but I do think its ok for someone to realise a job is making you sick, early in the piece, and resign. Its a healthy thing to do. Too many people make themselves sick, at least Muller realised. This doesnt make him weak. Lets not be ableist here.

Analysis - The National Party has been thrown into utter confusion by Todd Muller's resignation and now the caucus has to find someone prepared to take a hospital pass.
In New Zealand >> Simon Bridges shares kind words for Todd Muller, won't say if he wants 'toughest job in politics' again TVNZ.

What You Really Think

If he is not felling well he is right to resign.

Another male bites the dust. Last man standing in NZ. Todd who? 50 days in job took its toll. Try pregnancy, giving birth, running country during pandemic. But wait Tod didn't do that. He sat as opposition leader 50 days. Wow. How embarrassing. Is there any hope for patriarchy?

Oh for goodness sake hes only been in the job for a matter of weeks, he should never have applied, if it was too much of an imposition!

He already knows Jacinda would embarrass him.

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