Saturday 8th of July 2023

All-Star Guard Dejounte Murray With CEO of KlutchSports Rich Paul And Atlanta Hawks Are Finalizing an Agreement on a Four-year, $120 Million Extension, League Sources Tell NBAonTNT, BleacherReport.

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Atlanta Hawks All-Star Dejounte Murray Klutch Sports Rich Paul finalizing four-year, $120 million veteran maximum extension with franchise, sources tell TheAthletic Stadium. Deal includes player option.

Dejounte Murray finalizing four-year, $120M extension with Hawks, per.
Centre Court rises for andy_murray who leads two sets to one. To be continued tomorrow...
So. So. So. Disappointed. For Murray.
Henman Hill...Murray nothing! loads strawberries cream that hill.
Couldnt agree more. Look forward hard court season, when well play again.
someone like George Santos, who's obviously public figure, wanting someone experience representing public figures, kind scrappy," Partner Sterling Marchand said.
Baird adam nathan murray.
That scream feared worst Andy Murray right back third set.
Got to feel for Murray. If game was completed last night he would be through.
honestly thought that Murray would cause Tsitsipas wasnt firing cylinders like last night.
very disappointed Andy Murray press now. Says very hard moment leave that Wimbledon.
Stefanos Tsitsipas hits peak send Andy Murray Wimbledon.
Stefanos Tsitsipas outlasts Andy Murray after two-day five-set thriller.
idiot. Tsitsipas didnt beat prime Murray barely beat with fake should have lost yesterday.
Centre Court rises favourite champions Thank another classic match, andy_murray.
It's years since Andy Murray first Wimbledon title!
World Stefanos Tsitsipas, playing Centre Court first career, gets very significant over times champion Andy Murray 7-6(3), 6-7(2), 4-6, 7-6(3), reach round Wimbledon. Almost five hours days). Best match week.

Murray showing July.
know jews israel stuff the holocaust well they 911 watch sound freedom ukraine nafo pedos going down 77th brigade to andy murray rigged.
very happy that Supreme Court ruled did... reading Constitution, theres room area branch have absolute power," writes Weber State's Leah Murray, referencing Moore Harper decision.

Andy Murray down hey!...
THIS DAY... Andy Murray beats Novak Djokovic 6-4. 7-5. become first British Wimbledon title since 1936 (2013).
Internet Explorer super slow lol.
Murray Sabrin (msabrin) affirmative action higher education.
Andy Murray Wimbledon beaten five sets Stefanos Tsitsipas.
Andy Murray done brilliantly back level compete with players like Stefanos Tsitsipas. yet, think hell have real regrets about this match. passive often unwilling that BHDTL. Cost match (and great draw beyond it!).

Inspiring panel last week with Head Global Institutional Markets BreMadigan, Director Strategic Growth vanessadice Sales Director Fiona Murray discussing career building, leadership skills, navigating blockchain space more.

Because played more games, they should same tier. Russell Wilson tiers better than Kyler Murray.
Murray today, would have been slam victory 200.
It's always pleasure.
Cool Luka that same Suns team second star. Your couldn't even game suns. second star like Murray jokic would never touch time. Remember Murray they made bubble jokic.

Wouldve been start 3peat Jokics Nuggets Murray didnt tear ACL, thats fact.
Andy Murrays Wimbledon journey over this year. fought hard ever.
Andy Murray, Wimbledon 2023.
pensioner with replacement Andy needs retire, health safety grounds.
Good effort Andy Murray. You proud.
really like Murray, fear he's done now.
good fight
Andy Murray owes money after that L!!!
Murray tennis champion when comes court etiquette even flight.
Mojo Wimbledon Full Recap *** (5-1) 7.68U MAX) Safiullin -135 (2U) Marterer -130 (2U) Fucsovics Wawrinka 124 (1.5U) Ymer -105 (1.5U) Karatsev sets -135 [?](2U) Murray -140 Really wish Murray pulled.

Andy Murray match changed having stop come back: mean, does change. It's different playing indoors/outdoors it's same conditions. never know what would've happened. same result could've happened. knew we'd only playing curfew.".

Andy Murray only discovers press conference that angled cross-court backhand return 4-4, 15-30 fourth actually landed rather than out.
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Classy from Stefanos Tsitsipas "Murray, Novak, Roger Rafa reason player today.".
Wimbledon admits Murray much crowd-puller schedule matches earlier.
dear! Cameron Norris Andy Murray Wimbledon..
Andy Murrays living room! Stefanos Tsitsipas, said Centre Court like Murrays front room, beat Scot five sets.
When Andy Murray told press that ball didnt challenge actually hung head moment. Totally gutted.
Just for the birtish media.
ANDY MURRAY lost better player day. Well done steftsitsipas Champaign Socialist supports JSO. Mummy will take home smack bottom!
close, Murray!
Wimbledon themselves were responsible loss their home player. They first shifted match next when Murray clearly momentum. Secondly that line call 30-15 4th, just electric line calling need "traditional"?!

according your report today Andy Murray beaten sets wimbledon2023 reporting score keeping there.
have squirrel eating tomatoes, peppers, flowers Tried tricks nothing deters. feel like bill murray caddyshack.
Andy Murray: certainly could've beaten today yesterday. This year great over Berrettini player. He's obviously injuries. certainly can, it's clear based match went. it's just about winning match.".

Well said Zainab... years wrote tennis history books will never forget that. He'll back fight another day.. will there shouting just loudly... Scots never will Andy...

actually Murray 40-0 first service game so...
Fair play Murray,he played better than expected would they continued playing last night most likely would have match cause momentum with him.
Stefs moment Match point steftsitsipas overcomes Murray two-day thriller!
personally take Brian Windhorst's takes that seriously. think he's wrong. think front office capable enough have backup plan case Kris Murray wasn't board went through multiple potential scenarios.

Happy Dejounte Murray, man! Very guys league play hard Dejounte does every night. all-time favorite Spurs' players, sure.
think finished last night momentum close sets long maws were
Andy Murray needed this victory even more. many more Wimbledon participations does Moaning Murray have him? just match home super ranked player 2023 best surface slam with everything side (except course).

about residents area, that's official take, they have renew court before next day, can't expect entire workforce stay because Murray says
What battle Andy Murray shows incredible fight Stefanos Tsitsipas wins epic battle Centre Court.
good rook play. Murray going beast.
Brian Windhorst, OldManAndThree, regarding trading pick think their explanation they really wanted Kris Murray that wasnt something that they went into draft like were gonna make move space, draft night maneuver.

many years time, people will whisper about legendary tennis player with metal hip, never gave played night under roof, delayed OClock News more than other person. That Andy Murray.

Murray just retire nothing left prove help young players.
Tsitsipas (89) Murray (54) total winners throughout match.
Just Murray listed hawks some nice there.
Chance went last night when guys stopped play, flowing just couldn't done today. Gutted.
lost! Andy Murray, always choke artist. Constant complainer.
Stefanos Tsitsipas defeated Andy Murray five-setter Cameron Norrie lost Christopher Eubanks Jannik Sinner beat Quentin Halys
Wimbledon: Andy Murray suffers five-set defeat Stefanos Tsitsipas with Cameron Norrie also beaten Tennis News.
Centre Court debut savour steftsitsipas comes from sets down beat Andy Murray 7-6(3), 6-7(2), 4-6, 7-6(3), 6-4.
Dejounte Murray finalizing four-year, $120 million contract extension with Hawks, agent Rich Paul told WindhorstESPN Thursday.
TSURVIVOR steftsitsipas defeats home favourite Murray sets make Wimbledon third round!

What You Really Think

Great player. Pretty good deal honestly. Your point is noted though. Our view points need to slide up the salary ladder a little. Only four years and 30 mill will be traceable in this era.


Excellent value for a player that can play point, score, and play defense.

Looking at some of the free agents that got PAID this off season, Dejounte is underpaid.

Why do we have to put rich Paul name in everything. Wow agents trying to be bigger than the players.

Chris Haynes over here trying to get up in Richs pocket too by including him in the statement smh.

Whole lotta money for .500 ball.

9th seed locked in for next couple of years.

30 per for DJ? Pretty fair.

Does anyone know how to get Rich Paul to represent me?

This is a huge bargain at this point.

He the getting Murray that contract because he played like shit in the playoffs.


ATL is.gonna miss the playoffs next yr and he's getting traded.

Fair deal imo.

They learned from Braves good deal!!!

Theyre stuck with bro for another 4 yrs.


Franchigia fallita.

Rich Paul CEO...bitch...sounds less impressive than just agent. Maybe it's just me, but it sounds like overhype. Props to the guy, but sounds like the boss has to go deep in the trenches.

Rich Paul getting that team ready for lebron.

Atlanta keep Atlanta-ing.

Absolute steal to get him in that contract. Going to be great for a long time. Does a bunch of things that don't show up in stats. Atlanta should be thrilled on that one.

Rich Paul deserves Adele. He is magic! Domination.

He's a weirdo.

But where will he ask to be traded in two years????


Seems like a big hawks trade is on the horizon team friendly deal.

Why do all the tweets concerning free agent signings name the agent? This seems to be a new thing. Is there some sort of deal Rich Paul has made with the media to name drop him anytime one of his players signs?

Klutch is tearing the NBA up with these mega deals. You love to see it.

This is a solid deal. I wouldnt call this a discount, but I think DJ 100% could have gotten more in FA. If hes a fit with Trae, this is as good of terms as you could hope for.

Contracts are meaningless nowadays; KD proves that. Next year, someone else will request a trade.


Its wild how the Atlanta hawks were in the conference finals like 2 years ago, and now about to get jumped in the East standings by a pacers team who did a full rebuild in that same time.

L racist.

I would trade Trae Young now.

You embarrassing stooge.

Trae on the block now.

Good deal for the Hawks.

McDonald's along with RonaldMcDonLuv have agreed to a lifetime contract in the billions sources tell.

How much Rich Paul paying you to keep referring to him in these tweets. We do not care who the agent is.

Amazing deal, money wise, for Atlanta based off what players like LaMelo Ball & Fred VanVleet just got.


Are you sure??? Remember when you reported the Suns released CP3??

He thinks he's woj.

Better value than Fred VanVleet, but then a lot of contracts are better value than Fred VanVleets.

No one cares who his agent is.

That's a really good deal.

Rich Paul LOVES Rich Paul.

He making more then jalen Brunson.

If my agent was Rich Paul, I'm pretty sure he could have gotten a $10m contract for me... and I don't even play ball.

Desmond babe getting 40 mil tho.


Fire your editor please.

Overpaid wow.

We get it you already said that announce Lillard now.

Matching Siakams contract I see.

Your not reliable anymore jobless freak.

Take the extension back he dont deserve it.

L edit.

He gotta fire rich Paul how is he making less than jerami grant.

We saw the first one bro.

Bro can you stop editing.

He dont deserve it.

We get it.

Holy overpay.

Stop editing.


Bro... Rich Paul wanna extend his talents outside the NBA??? an extra few bucks an hour is all I need.


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