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Tuesday 7th of July 2020

NEW: NASCAR Driver Tyler Reddick Fires Back at Pres. Trump's Call For an Apology From Bubba Wallace: "We Dont Need an Apology. We Did What Was Right And we Will do Just Fine Without Your Support.".

Has BubbaWallace apologized to all of those great NASCAR drivers & officials who came to his aid, stood by his side, & were willing to sacrifice everything for him, only to find out that the whole thing was just another HOAX? That & Flag decision has caused lowest ratings EVER!

If you ever find yourself attacking NASCAR from the right, you are wrong. If you find yourself doing so while leading a country through a combination of national emergencies, you are unfit. If you are eligible to vote in November 2020, you know what to do.

1. Bubba Wallace, NASCARs only black driver, wasnt the one who found and reported the pull rope that was tied like a noose. 2. The capitalized Flag hes referring to here is the Confederate flag.
President Trump mounted an explicit defense of Confederate flags on Monday, suggesting that NASCAR had made a mistake in banning them, while falsely accusing a top Black driver, Bubba Wallace, of perpetrating a hoax involving a noose found in his garage.

Russias paid bounty hunters to kill US troops and over 130,000 Americans are dead from COVID-19. Does the occupant of the White House confront these profound problems? No, hes focused on stirring up more racist hate & division, lying about NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace.

30 Years ago Trump called for the hanging of 5 black men known as the Central Park 5. They turned out to be innocent. Trump never apologized. If anyone needs to apologize it's Donald Trump to all of Black America, not Bubba Wallace and not NASCAR! Raise your hand if you agree!

The president doesnt know how he feels one way or the other on NASCAR banning the Confederate flag. Just let that sink in.
Lindsey Graham pushes back on Trumps NASCAR tweet. They're trying to grow the sport," Graham said, referring to ban of Confederate flags. "And I've lived in South Carolina all my life and if you're in business, the Confederate flag is not a good way to grow your business.".

LISTEN: Lindsey Graham breaks with Trump after president demands an apology from NASCARs Bubba Wallace.
Lynching was used to terrorize black people, PressSec so no, NASCAR did not rush to judgement. For a press secretary you are woefully ignorant. Educate yourself or be quiet.
NEW: NASCAR driver Tyler Reddick fires back at Pres. Trump's call for an apology from Bubba Wallace: "We dont need an apology. We did what was right and we will do just fine without your support.".
.jonkarl: Does Trump think it was a mistake for Nascar to ban the Confederate flag? KAYLEIGH McENANY: "You're focusing on one word at the very bottom of a tweet. That's completely taking it out of context.".

Congratulations Bubba Wallace on your big 9th place NASCAR finish! Heres your.
Rhetorical question, right? he blames Bubba for Nascar abandoning it's racist roots. he all but said so w/vile tweets all morning long.
Doesn't owe anyone an apology but I'm sure people are still holding their breath for your apology to the Central Park 5, you hypocritical racist.
NASCAR driver Tyler Reddick fires back at Pres. Trump's call for an apology from Bubba Wallace: "We dont need an apology. We did what was right and we will do just fine without your support.".
The people are speaking. NASCAR, are you listening?
Other than ChanelRion & EmeraldRobinson, most of whpresscorps are absolute idiots siding w/ BubbaWallace. Any child who has been around garages knows there's always a pull rope for the door, even doors w/ auto openers. THAT'S WHY Bubba should apologize & NASCAR SHOULD BAN.

What did that to-the-grass pass for the lead look like from KevinHarvick's view? See for yourself.
Trump calling out the only black nascar driver to apologize like their wasnt actual proof of a noose in his garage meanwhile trump hasnt apologized to any woman or the Central Park 5.
Looks like the Press Corps is only asking about Bubba Wallace and NASCAR Hook line and sinker.
NASCAR ratings are at an all time low. NFL will be next.
So, BubbaWallace didnt report the noose, never even saw the noose. NASCAR President Steve Phelps informed Bubba about it, hours after it was found shortly before telling the media in a statement. This was the garage pull NASCAR said it found in (only) the 43 garage.

Trump: Putin you are perfect. Trump: Black NASCAR driver you should apologize.
Honestly surprised Trump hasnt yet confused NASDAQ and NASCAR.
Russia is putting bounties on American troops. Trump blows it off. Before that, NASCAR banned the flag of traitors who fought for slavery. Trump rants about it. If he wants to work on Fox, let him. But it's time for a president who cares about the nation, not just attention.

The president's attack on Bubba Wallace and his defense of the confederate flag were an overt display aimed at his white base of supporters, after a weekend during which he stuck to the script at his official events and broadly described "history".

"Maybe" Bubba will/would (doesn't need 2 tho) apologize when u/Trump apologize for absolutely anything. Pick something & apologize: President Trump says NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace should apologize for noose hoax.

Sweet Will!Vnulb Thank you for posting this, Dawn. You are such an Amazing mommy. BubbaWallace is a hero. A modern day Jackie Robinson of NASCAR. HE doesnt need to apologize for ANYTHING.
Did NASCAR hit another broadcast low this week?! Man, they really are at the end of their rope..
.dennyhamlin gets to pit road a lap sooner than KevinHarvick ... ... and he overtakes Harvick as a result! The Brickyard400 drama continues on NBC!
"I don't think Bubba Wallace has anything to apologize for," Lindsey Graham says on Fox News radio re: Trump's tweet. "You saw the best in NASCAR. They all rallied to Bubba's side. I would be looking to celebrate that kind of attitude rather than being worried it's a hoax.".

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany attempts to defend President Trump's tweet criticizing NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace.
Weekend in Nascar.
Peaceful people of NASCAR protest Trump's racist whining comments against Bubba Wallace! "We took care of what we needed to do..we don't need Trump here at all!" many replied! Trump wants Bubba to apologize for noose found! Drivers collectively tell Trump to F! O! I am glad!

Trump is tweeting racist attacks against Bubba Wallace hours after a major Nascar race in which Mr. Wallace placed in the Top 10, and the Car sponsored by a Trump Super PAC, which had "Trump 2020" painted across it crashed in the Pit. Talk about Thin-skinned!

Covington Catholic high school students mentioned twice in press briefing as examples of rush to judgment when presssec was asked about Trump's tweet asking if BubbaWallace had apologized to NASCAR drivers/officials.

It was also the DEATH of NASCAR! What if they televised NASCAR and no one bothered to watch? Oh wait! That was LAST WEEK!
Lot of rumblings that Graham, McConnell, and others will try -- after labor day -- to push Trump not to seek re-election. It makes LindseyGrahamSC rebuke today of Trump's NASCAR/Bubba Wallace attack even more intriguing.

I need more BubbaWallace merchandise on your website!
Because hes black? And he didnt even find the noose or report it. Other people in the garage area found and reported it. Yet trump attack the only black driver in NASCAR. Trump is going back to race baiting as a campaign strategy. Disgusting!

Bubba is a nobody. Only there because of race. The new Juan Pablo Montoya (who at least ran INDY).
Thank you Tyler! I am so glad to see the direction NASCAR is taking & the steps forward into the future!
Trump Defends Confederate Flag in Latest Race-Based Appeal to White Voters - The New York Times (TRUMP NOW HAS GONE EXPLICITLY RACIST. He deliberately divides America. Does not believe in American values. This will linger for years.).

The was a lot of attrition in that race.
Bubba Wallace aint nothin but a piece of shit.
You are the most racist mother f-er Ive ever witnessed And ratings? You think a flag representing the losing side in a war to end chattel slavery is why NASCAR ratings were low? The TrumpVirus has taken 127,000 US lives Quit Go play golf with your very fine KKK pals.

Aww look the racist terrorist occupying our White House has decided to bully the black Nascar driver, and complain about the Confederate flag being banned. Does Donny boy not realize his racist is showing?

President Trump attacking the only black NASCAR driver & demanding the return of Confederate flags is appalling race-baiting at a time when America needs a President who can heal not fan racial flames. Stop it realDonaldTrump.

WH McEnany wont say whether or not Trump thinks it was a mistake for NASCAR to ban Confederate flags.
This is a moment that NASCAR has to speak up. Are you going to leave Bubba out there for the wolves or are you going to back him? If you dont it shows a sad state of leadership, willing to cast aside anyone for the next highest social bidder. Your move NASCAR!

Trump mislabels noose found in Bubba Wallaces NASCAR garage at Talladega as a hoax.
Should be apologizing for single handedly destroying nascar. No noose in his garage, or a trophy for that matter.
I am going to start turning on nascar on mute while I nap in the other room JUST to prove you fucking wrong.
Wait he finished ninth... So he actually didn't win.. I guess the race is back on between him and Danica to see who would win a race first.
NASCAR effectively called their fans in the parking lot racists for flying a flag that they view as part of their southern heritage and then engaged in a hoax designed to further smear everyone associated with their sport as racists. NASCAR did that. Trump just called it out.

Reminder that BubbaWallace never saw it, never reported it. NASCAR officials and bubba's crew did. Bubba played no role in its discovery. Bubba has confirmed he's received death threats from this event. Those will continue and/or intensify after this. Donald Trump is a racist.

1. This seems to not be going away and NASCAR has still not released any kind of comment/statement. 2. Still waiting for some kind of explanation on why TylerReddick tweet was taken down after going viral over all news outlets.

REPOER: Shouldn't POTUS actually praise Nascar for banning the Confederate flag, given what it symbolizes for African Americans and also what it represents in terms of treason? McENANY: "POTUS takes great offense when Americans are knee-jerk reaction summed up as racist.".

What You Really Think

He should. He went on CNN and The View and attacked NASCAR fans. He should have waited and said nothing until the investigation was finished.


Even NASCAR is fed up with your so...move along and find your way back to Hell.

Thanks for speaking up for NASCAR & Bubba wish there were ppl in WH tgat would call out pos DT.instead they run away with heads down, theyre afraid of him!

Poor Tyler he has already lost all his fans.

What's really going on these days.

ABC and nascar both are worthless.

Who had Trump vs NASCAR on their crazy President Bingo card ?

Watch the rating slide.

Purr maybe Im a fan now Tyler now.


Good man!

Don't judge a book by it's cover. Would have never put this on NASCAR Folks that say small incremental change is only symbolism never had to endure a journey. NASCAR took a symbolic gesture and turned it into a steely character stance! God Bless America God Bless NASCARV.

Effing A. That's nice to see.

So stuff it where the sun don't shine realDonaldTrump once again a total misjudgement of the American mood.

NASCAR is losing its base over something that's personal choice.

Love to see this. More please.

Brother Tyler Reddick let the folks in the back of the room hear you brother.

Well that makes TylerReddick one of my favorite Nascar drivers of all time.

Is bubba in jail for false statement and ban from every driving again thats what the public wants to know .

Well I guess BunkerBoy realDonaldTrump wont be watching NFL or NASCARs- whats next ? I know you could get a band to play at Rushmore and bands are telling you to stop using their music. The world is closing in Dondon.

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