Tuesday 4th of August 2020

The Real Deal James Neal With The Steal.

Social Media Says

As Ive said, this can move quickly. The Manhattan district attorneys office suggested...it has been investigating President Trump & his company for possible bank and insurance fraud,a significantly broader inquiry than the prosecutors have acknowledged.

Freddie Mercury, Wembley Stadium 1986. The fourth frame I shot during that show has become one of the most well-known rock photos in history. Its a photograph Im very proud of and like all great photographs it will live forever. Neal Preston.

Love neal_katyal on TheBeatWithAri Trump to judge: youre asking for too much stuff. Neal: yeah, cause youre committing too many crimes. Made me laugh from deep within.
Crawford is not 100 percent theres no way if he was he would of stopped about 4 of the goals plus the neal goal.
Im kinda the same man, I trust science and all the evidence that points to evolution but still an open mind about god.
"These are the last ditch arguments of losers." -neal_katyal on Trump's legal pushback to new reporting that the NY DA is now investigating Trump for insurance and bank fraud.
Yes we are.
Yall claim you from the struggle but will clown people that are going through it, how does that work?
Fr. Science is facts but who made that science, ya know?
A late night/early morning delight Nicole Neal and Danielle Sharp.
Im not saying he is becuase truly I dont know. I just believe in a higher power. Im a weird guy who believes in a god but also sides with evolution and the earth being 4 billion years old.
On Manhattans district attorney seeking Pres. Trumps tax returns, neal_katyal says, Theres a reason why Trump is pushing back on it so much and I dont think its because the documents show that hes innocent.

Him or Neal next week ?
I can get behind this Chaisson Khaira, Neal line. Punishing and intense! What can we call this line?
James Neal.
Hell they play him on the power play. Would you dare play Neal? Oh yeah I guess you would lmao.
After a disappointing Game 1 loss on Saturday, the Oilers bounce back with a huge 6-3 win tonight to even the series! LetsGoOilers McDavid Nugent-Hopkins Chiasson Ennis Neal Bear Nurse.
Question was so bad n cringeworthy Neal actually laughed. Can we not get rid of these lazy journos. I dont know a person who thinks Jones or matheson are close to relevant anymore. Not trying to be mean but these guys are over there jobs.

Imagine seeing the death tolls from those different states, comparing them, and thinking TX and FL are failing...
Debo and Keanu Neal on the field together YES LORD!!!!!!!!
How about you ask Neal and Bear questions about themselves instead of what a God McDavid is? Thank fuck for.
Im more than a hashtag, Rep Neal. Youve been in office for decades and youre just noticing we dont have broadband? Im voting for AlexBMorse who will actually DO something.
Yall dont even know how to play yall own game.
Fundamentals of Software Architecture by Mark Richards and Neal Ford.
Flames can now make the case that if you include the play-in round, James Neal now has 21 goals. There's still flaws with the argument, and if Lucic gets his 10th it becomes an Edmonton argument instead, but yet another piece for the arbitrator to consider.

Stoked about the Oilers big 6-3 win. McDavid was on fire with the hatty. Goals from Ennis,Neal and Chiasson. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins having a 3 assist night. And to think that Leon Draisaitl is yet to get going.

Aw snap.
We gots lots of leeks around my hood. Do you need the market addresses?
I was thinking, too, about the time Jr. & Ivanka almost got CRIMINAL charges for some phukery with SOHO Condos but then they paid Vance's campaign (think in excess of $100,000.) the LAST time his seat was up. Yeah, Cyrus just prolly looking for some campaign finan$e.

I really do hate these hours of the day. The hours when Ive got nothing to do but think of my mistakes and my personality and why I hate both. Music really is the only thing keeping me sane nowadays.
Not gonna lie, I was surprised they didnt give Crawford the rest of the night off after Neals goal. Reminded me of game 1, when the game is close, one mistake & boom.
When did you do this? Recently?
McDavid 1st career Hat-Trick...leader! RNH, 3 assists in support. Oilers PK did a great job...committed and disciplined. Neal-Khaira-Chiasson brought the heaviness home in 3rd and got rewarded. Bear another stellar poised performance.

Absolute rubbish.He sold his soul to the Tories and that is unforgiveable. He had a personal vendetta against Corbyn who had huge support which was demonstrated when Corbyn took away May's majority. It was then the smear campaign was ramped up by the stooge Austin and his cronies.

I trust you more than laura neal tho you're my laura no 1.
Goodnight i love you all and link neal so very much <3.
Listen guys, if I ever get to meet James Neal, we CANNOT tell him about my Twitter.
AG Barr has lobbied Congress to give him jurisdiction over the Manhattan DA. He is supported by Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, Devin Nunez, Lindsey Graham and Tom Cotton. Trump tweeted his support.
And Neal gets his 2nd of the playoffs.
I respect Jonathan Isaac for his decision. He isnt a bad person because person because he decided to stand and not wear a black lives matter shirt. I would of liked to see him kneel and protest with everyone else but we cant vilify someone for choosing not protest.

Earlier today, Milan Lucic missed an open net from two feet away and the Jets went down and stole the lead. Tonight, James Neal steals the puck and tucks it into the open net and it's 5-3 Oilers.
5 of 5 stars to Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman.
You mean like how they had to ask Neal about Tipp going after the ref... And then ask Tipp some stock question about special teams?
I love Neal & his clocks.
And you know how slippery it is by the windows in those Russian hotels.
As a huge Chaisson basher I gotta say I really liked him and Neal together tonight Ethan gothi[?] astounds me at times .and he's a rookie. Just think about that a minute.
Neal said yall haters corny with that illuminati mess.
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Look at this graph was amazing...
Oilers win 6-3. McDavid hat trick. Neal and Chiasson score 40 seconds apart in third period to secure win. Koskinen solid. No passengers. Athanasiou best game as an Oiler. PK was excellent and blocked nine shots. Game three Wed and game four, now necessary, is Friday.

Meme wasnt even funny. Wackest shit ever.
Neal trying to hold it together during Terry Joness question was the highlight of the presser.
Itll more than likely be Daytona or Talladega let alone a fuel mileage race or rain shortened but if thats what its gonna take for him to win his 1st race, Ill take it!
Just watched all the goal highlights again, and honestly, love the McD hat trick, but nothing put a bigger smile on my face than seeing Neal banging at the net, and Chiasson dig it out and score... all the while in the middle of the announcer still relaying Neal's goal.

It's amazing because it's the first time in anyone's memory that a person got into an office that powerful who is that dumb. Can you think of anyone? Dan Qualye was a one time record holder but he would gaffe on one word, not rant like a lunatic.

Photograph turned into a meme and we see where that went too.
Time to try something new IvankaTrump!
People hate just because the media tell them too. Stupid as hell. Lets not forget when Rockstar was a popular song everyone would sing that shit when it came over the radio.
Yeg media embarrassing themselves on national TV. Ethan Bear,who do you think would win a race, McDavid or the roadrunner? James Neal, youve seen Conner in the shower - please describe is penis in vivid detail.

Thats very true i have faith in my driver too i could see ty dillon eventually win a race.
Nulb GO TO THE NET. The Neal - Khaira - Chiasson line just RELENTLESS in the 3rd to seal this one.
People hate em just to hate em. I dont like their singer as a human, but as a musician, I like him.
Thats just me having faith in my driver, thats all hes come closer to winning in that car than Mears or Papis ever did.
Fun Neal-Fact: the first time I listened to astroworld was at a Starbucks in Kuala Lumpur That album only works in 90F degree weather.
Nobody: Niggas who think they winning an online argument.
To be fair, most of Neal's were with the Pens during the dark years of Dan Bylsma.
Idc what anyone says Nickelback is Goated as hell.
If Ive forgiven you, its only cause God told me to do it.
I believe it, whatever the charge. I do believe that when the Democrats take over, we can stay in power to right so many wrongs and to make sure we keep going in the right direction. So much to do but once theyre gone, imagine it.

Oilers with 18 Grade A chances, Blackhawks with 8. And I don't think I took a breath all game until Neal scored in the third.
McDavid was outstanding obviously but Nurse, Benning, Athanasiou and Neal were among the standouts to me.
I mean but there not on the furniture row path to sucess they arent getting better.
I think RNH needs to get back with Dry. He looks a bit lost out there without Nuge. Lines 1 and 4 were by far the most dominant. Nice game by Neal however.
My opponent Richard Neal is doing everything he can to protect his big corporate donors from common sense legislation to end surprise billing. We need Democrats who will fight to protect patients, not the greed and recklessness of corporations.

I feel that 100% I love those bands like Theory of a Deadman, Chevelle, Godsmack, Incubus, Foo Fighters, Nickelback, White Stripes, Shinedown, and Stone Sour. Many more too.

What You Really Think

I cringe everytime that I see goalies handling the puck.


Penguins legend.

*40 seconds later* The EdmontonOilers take a 6-3 lead.

Live look at Crawford playing the puck, besides that live look you already posted.

Calgary can have that 3rd. Neal >>> Lucic.

Never go full mike smith.

He was just getting started.