Wednesday 4th of January 2023

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There clause Cristiano Ronaldo's contract Al-Nassr that means Newcastle qualify Champions League, loan there they owned Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund. (Source: MARCA).

Eddie Nketiah scored last three home starts, will make four when Arsenal host Newcastle?
Newcastle coach Eddie Howe keen sending Australian talent Garang Kuol loan: Garang needs play, priority. NUFC Were working find solution, very good level with good club good coach.

Minutes ball play Arsenal Newcastle. That 18th shortest this season minutes shorter than average minutes.
craziest video 2023 Ronaldo Messi Alan Shearer Mbappe Neymar Suarez Mufc Maguire Mane Oscar Robbed Casemiro Penalty Marcus rashford World Qatar lampard Everton newcastle Saudi Arabia halaronaldo hala Burna Brighton Manchester united.

TickfordRacing, cool would Block tribute livery look Waters first Gen3 Mustang Newcastle. door.
Thought frustrating great workout many will play Many fans unhappy Newcastle were excellent their defensive shape. Just learn move Long long season loads games go.

When will learn trust this Newcastle team? bench Trippier Pope?
This what United have done since Premier League returned: point swing Spurs - points gained Newcastle - points ahead Liverpool from 4) - points gained City (now behind) - points gained Arsenal Taken advantage.

Bathurst performance showed could match some biggest names Australian motor racing. what comes next Canberras Cameron Hill?
Arsenal Newcastle match report: frustrating.
Nearly instead sleeping think about that game was. Newcastle were weak just couldnt together. player bench trusted change flow also worrying. move tho.. frustrated understatement!

Nein Newcastle.
Really good game 0-0! Both teams showing great fight with inch given. Arsenal shouldnt worry about dropped points, Newcastle most organised team league!!
Light rain stopping 9degC with rain, Possible light rain until tomorrow morning, starting again evening with highs 10degC.
Smith Rowe wouldve changed that Newcastle game.
What this means Utd: point below City Level with Newcastle points above Spurs points above Liverpool points above Chelsea points below league leaders Arsenal TRUST PROCESS V.

04/01/2023, 01:59:18 driver seems have been travelling average speed 53.34 Ponteland/Barrack section A189.
Tonight super frustrating only game Newcastle have lost this season minute added time, theyre very tough team beat.
04/01/2023, 01:59:18 driver seems have been travelling average speed between Royal Infirmary Grandstand Road A167.
Many clubs following French talent Manu Kone. Been told summer move most likely plan player, agents Gladbach. transfers Bayern, Newcastle, also Liverpool (Bellingham remains their priority) well informed Kones situation.

That Arsenal Newcastle game enjoyable, proper Barclays performance that one.
Newcastle favourite team.
have pass proper owners test, Newcastle were recently brought Saudis that gives clue into passing one.
People always mention Arsenal when they talk about process, ignore fact Newcastle proving that dont have through years mediocrity play better football.
Arsenal Newcastle.
Thats come smartly included contract play loan Newcastle they qualified Europe wants play also earn big.
officiating Arsenal Newcastle game Andrew Madley tonight's performance.
Arsenal Newcastle Premier League J19 6/10.
FULL-TIME Arsenal Newcastle points shared after entertaining encounter Emirates Stadium.
shoutout Newcastle. league overrun managers play posession heavy, attacking football there's niche this market team that's defensively solid, counter-attacking, doesn't away from dark arts game.

speaks itself dont worry just edge after watching Newcastle reinvent super saiyan form anti-football.
were clearly watching different game! Pretty gutted have scored, Newcastle defensively solid. Think theyll much happier with point then though.
hits misses: Newcastle's stubborn backline, Arsenal need additions.
Newcastle have made fouls first half have persistently wasted time. Just bookings Arsenal's Referee having good evening.
Arsenal's Premier League title charge checked leaders could find through third-placed Newcastle United disappointing draw Emirates.
Nketiah spinning away from marker half-turn outlet Arsenal escape Newcastles press. Even colossus like Sven Botman struggling deal with him.
Andy Madley absolutely horrendous display tonight this Arsenal Newcastle fixture. many bookings lost control game.
fouls preventing counter-attacks, Arsenal, Newcastle. Guess which yellow cards?
Struggling against Newcastle deep block? Only some guess.
Table: Despite dropping points home Newcastle tonight, Arsenal remain Premier League table eight points, having played game more than second-placed Manchester City, travel face Chelsea Thursday.

Newcastle were good didn't they come face man??
Arsenal Newcastle Time wasting seriously that's your tactic. r...
Fabio doesn't have physical strength play against team like Newcastle.
Mikel Arteta frustrating: proud this team. dont think that Newcastle wanted like this. This they play. They havent played against team like this, credit players. ]Sky].

'That penalty! million years' Gary Neville potential handball final moments Arsenal Newcastle.
Newcastle Maxi.
Newcastle first team stop Arsenal from scoring since... Newcastle! DNS.
Newcastle serious team mhan.
What more want Beat Arsenal Tottenham Liverpool drew with Chelsea Newcastle what else want just wanna talk
This Saturday Virus. sheffield leeds liverpool manchester newcastle Shoreham Please share.
]EPL trend, 22/23] ManCity have spent more time than Arsenal title-winning form, latter having just recently - MUFC steady growth, hitting level recently - Newcastle look good spot - Liverpool, Spurs up-down - ChelseaFC largely mid-table.

Mikel Arteta when asked about aspirations 2023: against Newcastle. then next then next one. That dream. ]Independent].
Elton John Start Australian Zealand Shows Newcastle This Weekend.
Aston Villa willing Danny Ings boss Unai Emery looks reform side liking.
most annoying games football ever watched, totally unsurprising. Newcastle football club known causing headloss.
Somali newcastle kill
There clause favor Newcastle contract between Cristiano Ronaldo AlNasr [?].
Arsenal excellent team Newcastle played (and sometimes play-acted) like they knew much. real complaints about performance, increasingly evident much quality options from bench (even only Smith Rowe) would help turn screw.

Ref made is not like you got robbed, the ref just bad.
Newcastle what they came tonight Arsenal relatively happy with outcome. Obviously would ideal, Newcastle tough beat (losing only once stoppage time goal against Liverpool).

Newcastle's positional play their compact blocks, physicality press what makes them good. Most teams have exact same potential they they elite manager (and spine players such good GK).

There were players field Newcastle.
Eddie work today almost scored. Nelli flatlined game, with space looked lost. were dead left once Newcastle decided cower front their lock down. Tough match, just didnt have strategy planned unlock them.

Notice checked nothing incident Newcastle half business with what Burn Gabriel.
leaders Arsenal held Newcastle.
wanted once Newcastle were doing better than anyway.
To Ball first.
Mikel straight blower PGMOL Newcastle dive looked stonewall pens were not.
think Nketiah's played really well tonight. He's shown much round game improved against really strong Newcastle defence. Tireless running.
Didn't watch match heard Newcastle walk around arsenal house shirtless like they place took food from their fridge, Guardiola have against Chelsea, repeat have job!!

Throwback Gabriel Martinellis goal against Newcastle Emirates Stadium last season. assist from Takehiro Tomiyasu.
Interesting many people only picking Newcastles timewasting tactics. been ongoing months!
Surprised. tonight, feel Newcastle team this season. Defensively resilient. what
Newcastle United Magpies have dismissed fake news reports Cristiano Ronaldo playing them loan they qualify UEFA Champions League.
more fact Newcastle players were literally kicking throwing ball away chance they referee nothing about There should have been several cards time wasting there werent. poor officiating whatever. Were still top.

Manchester United Bournemouth FT: Arsenal Newcastle United FT: Everton Brighton FT: Leicester City Fulham.
Bukayo Saka scores Newcastle today, will give away Mystery Football shirt lucky follower! enter: this tweet Follow Good luck!
This disgraceful match. stonewall penalties even reviewed. Newcastle were very good, weve been cheated crucial points. Disgusting refereeing. Lost words. Every time, without exception, cheated against.

Commend Newcastle. Hands down best side we've played season. Meanest defence Premier League shows. Eddie Howe them running through walls. They'll four May. Fair play.

been shocking. Newcastle more worried about losing than trying win. This same referee sent Crystal Palace players last game week. why, he's amateur.
What about Rafa? Wasn't there period where actually doing really well with Newcastle?
deserved better. Newcastle came with Burnley tactics. penalties given. Horrendous referring. move onto next one.
This about Brentford Newcastle.
Wins Back Back Back clean sheets Level Point with Newcastle with game hand. Points clear Tottenham Points clear Liverpool. Points clear Chelsea We're having good run...We continue building momentum game game.

read somewhere that link Newcastle United allows Ronaldo back champions league should Newcastle make it... sure true this never never.

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