Thursday 28th of May 2020

Some Of The Biggest Stories Ive Ever Done Were Written Here, Alongside Some Of The Best People, At The News_mail. They Fell into My Lap Because People Trusted The Printed Word And Dropped in To Tell Their Story. Solidarity With My Former Colleagues Today.

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Anyone celebrating the end of so many journalism jobs is misguided about the importance of local journalism to accountability and democracy newscorp.
The NewsCorp numbers are clearer now: a total of 112 print newspapers will stop the presses, including 36 which will close altogether and 76 which will remain as digital-only.
Dear sacked Newscorp staff This is probably the best "first day of the rest of your life" you will ever get. View it as an emancipation, never go back. There is a bright Murdoch-free future ahead, join us in the fight against this maniacal perverter of democracy. Auspol.

take $50m subsidy to keep regional newspapers afloat, then close them.
's Maranoa electorate hit hard by the NewsCorp closures, with 7 local titles going digital and Balonne Beacon & Surat Basin News disappearing. Says "For many of our seniors, printed content is their only way to stay informed with news from their community.".

NewsCorp and now Nine only keep one side of politics accountable (and increasingly, ABCNEWS. Perhaps if they had a more inclusive brand of political reporting that provided a balance, they wouldn't be in so much financial trouble.

For those slamming witches today for not sorrowing over hits to NewsCorp (tho we have NOT gloated/celebrated job losses), be aware Murdoch has deliberately crushed hundreds of small local independent newspapers over many years. Maybe some of those can now flourish/step back in.

One of the titles being dumped by Newscorp is the Bribie Weekly. Today their 32 page paper had ten pages of news and 22 of advertising. And printed the date wrong. So how exactly are the people of Bribie Island missing out here?

When this is considered news/reporting then one must not be overly surprised when NewsCorp cost cuts! spoiler she used an Instagram filter ?????
Also, because of the NewsCorp job losses and because I'd fail at being on TikTok or OnlyFans, I'm looking for a job (like 150 others) so if you need someone to write yarns that all begin with anecdotes, I'm your guy and feel free to touch base.

When people think of the NewsCorp job losses they aren't the big opinion hitters. They're local people, who show an incredible amount of care for their community, to promote small business and spread the good word. I've am incredibly proud to have been a cadet for The Star.

hughriminton Barnaby_Joyce newscorpaus Because there was an election to be won and newscorp's support is vital.
in Australia is dying. NewsCorp to cut hundreds of jobs in move towards digital-only publishing.
We need to keep decision-makers accountable. We need to keep providing a training ground for young journalists and employment for the many excellent journalists currently working at these publications who I know report without fear or favour supportregionalnews.

This take is spot on??
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I take no real joy in seeing the NewsCorp NewsCorp cuts, because they're cutting the wrong people really. But, perhaps some of those sacked might take time to think if it was their work to Murdoch rules that have seen the company going broke. Negativity only sells so much.

Shame they didn't shut down the Daily Telegraph and Australian instead of all those regional publications, but it's understandable as neither of those rags can be classified as newspapers. NewsCorp.
mixed feelings about local papers, local journalists, losing their jobs, but also the drivel, racism, and the morons the company is keeping on. Australian mainstream media landscape (& I include the ABC) completely fucked, NewsCorp or NewsCorpse. Just fucked. Colony whitewash.

So if you care about journalism and journalists, please consider following inkl. Or buying an inkl subscription. You'll get fabulous value: $10k of news from 100 sources with 1 subscription. And your fee will go directly to supporting newsrooms. journbiz.

With this (low) quality of journalism I'm not really saddened by the NewsCorp job losses. Their current headline/clickbait is - they have allegedly identified the 'major source of infections' - from a sample size of '23' (despite over 7000 cases), from 2 days in early May. ????

Maybe the govt should have thought that media monopoly policy through a little more clearly. msm.
So what now for local communities after newspaper closures? NewsCorp says "Major now become more state focused with increased regional content." Worth remembering many of these titles were once.
I thought you didn't like NewsCorp anyway??
PatsKarvelas Why many other Aussies have lost their jobs what makes a Newscorp employee who just regurgitates Murdoch propaganda any more special ?
Metoo and Metooindia like all MeToo forums are nothing but a feminist tool to harass innocent men ... Never believe any story on Metoo without first seeing a solid evidence as most of stories there are vindictive flights of fantasy NewsCorp racism BlackLivesMatters.

journos losing their jobs.
working for Newscorp & collateral harm all this is very true & a noble view still, all those at Murdoch rags should reflect on the: ?feedback being given to & about the BRAND ?harm caused by day to day, wall to wall trash hate writing by sadly, too many auspol.

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