Sunday 28th of March 2021

The Fight The World Needs JonnyBones Vs. Francis_ngannou Heavyweight.

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B/c IT'S FIGHT DAY UFC260: StipeMiocic vs Francis_Ngannou 2 ] LIVE on ESPNPlus PPV: Manscaped ].
StipeMiocic vs Francis_Ngannou 2 ] UFC260 LIVE on ESPNPlus PPV: ].
White on Ngannou: The guy that we saw tonight is scarier than the guy we were afraid of yesterday.
Patient Ngannou might actually rawdog Thanos himself.
I dont see a trilogy happening mike stipe is 38 and I think its gonna be a while before we see him in the octagon. I think he just passed the torch to francis_ngannou am sure he will retire very very soon. Thats my take.

Remember the first fight? Wow.
Whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! francis_ngannou did it! francis_ngannou! The NEW ufc Heavyweight Champion of the world is also the SCARIEST champion. Absolute best thing in the world that couldve happened for the ufc. Any event this man headlines will be BOX OFFICE. Must see!

Francis Ngannou committed murder on live Tv.
He's scared that's why he's pricing out the ufc and asking for Tyson Fury money.
Jon Jones reacted to Francis Ngannou's knockout win at UFC260 ( JonnyBones).
The three kings Israel, Usman and Ngannou. African warriors.
What the world wants to see Francis Ngannou Vs. Jon Jones Who you got?
Looks like Ngannou/Lewis II is the fight to make.
Omg were gonna get get Francis Ngannou vs Jon Jones.
I need a Francis Ngannou movie. One of the most--if not the most--remarkable stories of any modern athete. He worked in sand mines as a teenager, took a 14-month journey from Cameroon to Europe that failed six times. He risked his life. He was homeless. And now he's the champ.

The Brooklyn Nets just signed Francis Ngannou.
DC if Ngannou knocks Jon Jones out...
Africa has their first heavyweight champion! Francis_Ngannou is the heavyweight king.
Kamaru Usman: UFC Welterweight Champion Israel Adesanya: UFC Middleweight Champion Francis Ngannou: UFC Heavyweight Champion UFC260 Africa has some shining stars in the UFC right now thanks to the champions from Cameroon and Nigeria.

What a story, what a fight!
WW UFC Champion - USMAN84kg MW UFC Champion - StyleBender HW UFC Champion - Francis_Ngannou No continent holds more UFC titles than Africa!
Is a beast daaaaaaam.
Africa has more male UFC Champions than any other continent. FUFC Heavyweight Champion - Francis Ngannou (Cameroon ). UFC Middleweight Champion - Israel Adesanya (Nigeria ). UFC Welterweight Champion - Kamaru Usman (Nigeria ).

Cameroonian Francis Ngannou is the first African ufc heavyweight world champion after demolishing Stipe Miocic in a second round knockout in Las Vegas. Francis spoke to us last November about his plans of introducing Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) to Rwanda.

Stipe when Ngannou defended the takedown.
Francis Ngannou puts Stipe Miocic to sleep!
Nigeria was first! Cameroon next! What a moment between USMAN84kg & Francis_Ngannou!
The heavyweight champion.
Joe Rogan after Stipes KOd: Jon Jones Vs Francis Ngannou - Thats the fight! Jon Jones.
3 African Kings Ngannou- Heavyweight Champ Adesanya- Middleweight Champ Usman- Welterweight Champ.
Its a no brainer . he put weight on just to stay on the sidelines come on dana should just pay the kid.
Yeah because if you and ngannou go at it it's gonna be worth hundreds and even billions of dollars and all you guys might leave with almost ten times less than a boxer.
Vs. JonnyBones for the UFC heavyweight championship is a legit super fight.
Francis Ngannou. His story is inspiring. From working in a quarry at 10 years old to being jailed in Spain for being an immigrant, to being homeless in France to becoming the UFC Heavyweight champion. Life will always reward the active son of fate.

John Pollock (iamjohnpollock) and Phil Chertok (fishbulb_ca) are back with the UFC260 POST Show where Francis Ngannou knocked out Stipe Miocic to become the UFC heavyweight champion.
Kamaru Usman says relaxing is the most important thing Francis Ngannou needs to do at UFC260 ( bokamotoESPN).
Heavyweight - Francis Ngannou Middleweight - Israel Adesanya Welterweight - Kamaru Usman No continent holds more UFC titles in the men's division than Africa.
Francis Ngannou was never losing this fight.
Francis Ngannou says there is "no doubt' Stipe Miocic is the all-time greatest heavyweight.
Could Jon Jones be next for Francis Ngannou?
Is The Predator vs Bones next? Francis_Ngannou is ready...
Are you saying Towards Ngannou against AJ in boxing or UFC? If youre seriously favouring him against AJ in boxing then Im done with this conversation, AJ could stop him just using his left hand... you just dont understand the levels to boxing lol.

Francis Ngannou started : Leg kicking Attacking the body Improving on Wrestling Being patient & select shots Improving on gas tank usage Who tf is stopping that man He literally did everything that the community said he needs to start doing.

Ngannou is a scary, scary man...yet still wholesome.
Jon Jones when he saw that Francis Ngannou performance.
Future Events: Francis Ngannou (-200) Jon Jones ( 170).
Ngannou says hell be ready to go in July or August to fight Jon Jones.
Is looking kinda big you know. Let the Motherfucker get paid what he thinks his worth is. After all Jones v Ngannou is gonna be a huge fucking fight. PS: Jones, I know you are the . I want no smoke for that kinda big comment up top.

Again I've humored Dana's rhetoric over the years to a certain point but I know bullshit when I hear it. To insinuate that Jon Jones is scared of Francis Ngannou is really, really, dumb.
Dana white after francis ngannous win.
Ngannou, BKB, Look ahead to Bellator 255 - HOSTILITIES.
I wonder how many Hollywood studios are trying to option the francis_ngannou story for a film or event series right now? That guy has one of the most incredible stories in combat sports history from where he started until now.

Stipe Miocic taken to hospital after UFC 260 loss.
Is THE most dangerous man on the planet!
3 African Kings: Kamaru Usman (Nigeria) UFC Welterweight Champion. Israel Adesanya (Nigeria) UFC Middleweight Champion. Francis Ngannou (Cameroon) UFC Heavyweight Champion.
"We been working, my man." francis_ngannou told dc_mma not to be surprised by his takedown defense UFC260 ( bokamotoESPN).
This punch from Ngannou.
Sad af Stipe lost but happy af Ngannou achieved his dream. What a wild ride of emotions what a fight.
Congratulations Champ francis_ngannou UFC260 Cameroon How it started. How it is going.
Did he?
It is that serious..some of you don't understand that there are rules and some lines were crossed. Shaffie Weru, Kibaki, Francis Ngannou, Andrew Kibe.
Jon Jones watching Francis Ngannou KO Stipe Miocic.
Herb Dean after Ngannou dropped Miocic.
When she carries on after you bust.
Congrats francis_ngannou! Beautiful story.
What a knockout! Francis Ngannou finishes Stipe Miocic in the second round and is the new UFC Heavyweight Champion!
Jon Jones making his way back down to Light Heavyweight after seeing that Ngannou finish.
Teepe wouldve beaten Ngannou.
Three Africans walk into the UFC and take over Francis Ngannou Kamaru Usman Israel Adesanya.
Dont get it twisted... I would still take you ha. Felicitations!!!!
Francis Ngannou built different.
Joel Embiid make Francis Ngannou look like a child.
Would literally shake ass for Jones vs Ngannou.
I've been fascinated by this story and with Francis becoming UFC heavyweight champion it's really game on now. The francis_ngannou x Bosslogic NFT drop continues on makersplaceco. 11/11 1/1.
More than ten pounds of gold. A lifetime of hard work and dedication comes to fruition for Francis_Ngannou.
Congrats to francis_ngannou the NEW Heavyweight Champion of the World.
If it was Kevin Holland you would say big mouth which personally i dont agree with because I think thats racist too...

What You Really Think

Disaster for Jones.

If Jones beats Ngannou there's no longer a GOAT conversation. Gonna be a massive fight.

Not really.

Bones in 2.

Why are y'all brushing Stipe all like it does not deserve a trilogy?

I can't wait to see Francis make him sleep.

Ngannou vs Jones = $$$.

Ngannou gonna send him to shadow realm.

Not Even 24 hours & Jones's is Whining on Twitter.. Told You.

Does not need this, he will get destroyed.

Not gonna happen, Jones is already making excuses.

Lets rrrrruuuunnniiittt.

That would be a CRAZY showdown.

I think Jones should fight Stipe first then the winner fights king Ngannou.

Jon Jones.

Gets to pick who he wants to beat, between GSP and Ngannou, to crown him !!

I hope Jones brings it. No matter the style, formation or game plan. He hasnt fought in a while.

Jonny has a death wish.

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