Saturday 15th of October 2022

Everybody Watching This Nicki Minaj vs Latto Twitter Beef.

Social Media Says

have prob being moved category long being treated FAIRLY. moved then does Energy! ANY1 says diff simply Nicki hater troll. actually more street record win- male female! rightIsRight.

dunno man, Nicki Minaj been complaining about Grammys award shows doing dirty long before these other female rappers existed. seems like just wants fairness tired them playing face.

people think dragging nicki minajs into stuff? lmao almost okay? almost very successful career, hasnt stopped being successful been years. longevity, talent, success yall still that hasnt quit yet.

wonder Nicki Minaj wont address Cardi Remy Azealia Banks directly.
Notice Nicki told post WHOLE call still beginning.
Nicki stopped bag! darling that yourself
Stan Twitter which side nicki. Like latto.
once Nicki Energy didnt deserve Grammy award. victim narrative starting nerves.
cant believe Nicki Minaj clearly wrong this time shes still villain chile this point just delusional have have more argue with cause that insane.
Jack Harlow accepting Best Song Grammys while Nicki Latto fighting.
voting Nicki Minaj Favorite Female Hip-Hop Artist the.
Nicki years didnt feature until Whole Lotta Money Remix, Nicki declined Into Doja still shouted song. definition keeping classy graceful.

Nicki dont work with female rappers? This why.
Young Moneys newest female artist Mellow Rackz comes labelmate Nicki Minajs defense against Latto. Miss Piggy pipe down down. Neva disrespect mama.
They said nicki carmelo anthony rap.
Nicki saying THIS looks should criminal offense.
Doja accepting 2023 grammy award while nicki attacks latto.
Grammys really tried nicki like
cant wait until Nicki realizes shes Nicki Minaj.
This entirely true...nicki gettin busy...but anything tfoh.
would bring Nicki's husband everything. don't even care were talking about lint.
feel vindicated tonight. Because everyone Nicki fans that sweetheart that girl everything power destroy legacy, blueprint glad being noticed queen that started this.

Nicki Minaj ACTUALLY doing these young girls exactly what accused doing 07/08 Babygirl going SAD!
Latto tried pull kanye nicki failed crying.
Sheeran calls Grammys, everyone cheers Weeknd call Grammys, everyone cheers up Nicki Minaj calls Grammys, she's bitter sick each you.
Nicki Minajs legacy impact never scrubbed away. actions recent years have added asterisk. From continuing work side with rapist/abusers, emboldening fanbase attack others with vitriol. been hard watch.

Perfect ticket
having fever dream? Nicki Minaj crying about shaming like didnt that Kim? Everything coming back fold.
Whats killing that Nicki addressed this situation calmly. never once yelled called anyone their name. Drake, Ariana Weeknd have spoken against Grammys when does shes bully?

Recording call shows tried setting This Nicki called Karen.
want Nicki stop trying friendly with these girls herself same level Bey. That would resolve many issues.
Nicki called Latto Karen because assumed black community would Yall know that? tries black weapon. Never forget lied said husband r*pe victim white during height that movement black anger favor.

Nickis beef really with industry. Shes been some accolades award that these girls gets soon they come game.
Nicki Minaj Nene leaks
Yeah Nicki wrong. Shes doing younger rappers what accused doing when first
Nicki been game years NEVER cried about Grammy girls started winning them! year Drake saying Grammys aint nothing!
dont want latto engaging beef when shes unproblematic. dick. This nothing with Nicki semantics. even Stan Nicki. ***.
fact Latto thinks text that type shows lacks respect Nicki. shouldnt able about feature.
Latto: "Whats going benefit me?" Nicki.
LOVE Nicki intentional words. think Nicki dont think yall would post messages record calls? Yall aint exposing shit.
Y'all keep calling this lady bully she's BURNT rappers getting awards being likeable sexy having better personality than real fuckin rapper. feel like Nicki tired being quiet much game CONSTANTLY gets shitted on.

girlies need stop tweeting start making tracks SICKA THIS! Nicki latto cardi need booth shut fuck
DAILY VOTING Reply: voting Nicki Minaj Favorite Female Hip-Hop Artist AMAs EMAs: AMAs.
Hell yeah because getting little popular Nickis taste.
That Nicki Latto beef purely fueled Nickis envy towards youth rappers.
Favorite Female Hip-Hop Artist update NICKIMINAJ 209.7k 2. 128.2k 3. 36.8k Others 9.0k Vote now: Reply: voting Nicki Minaj Favorite Female Hip-Hop Artist AMAs.
dont talk circles dont questioned Nicki Minaj.
What platforms have gotten? Lmaoooo nicki come onnnnnn.
wasnt that many female artist that time Nicki came too. comes every female rapper.
Nicki music fucking good omfg, going back listening Queen lyrics literally applies situations today. Ganja burn Majesty>>> NICKIMINAJ your goat.
honest. this point, here Nicki slander
Lady luck sharing insight female rappers industry really hate nicki minaj. always been pure jealousy!
never understand nicki minaj doesnt have grammy this point career.
Mind NICKI talking about people comparing themselves WAYNE.
Nicki fans fighting their lives lol.
Nicki Minaj lame lol.
proud women like Latto, Cardi Megan. Setting themselves apart from Nicki refusing kiss best thing their careers, sanity, peace mind. having tiptoe their actions fear angering Nicki. Love this them.

Nicki turned down Energy feature Latto went Mariah Carey Thats flex Latto.
diff these girls wanna BEEF with NICKI while nickis BEEF with industry.
Nigga everyone they mama remember gucci showing twitter picture with nicki suckin dick. are?? Like nigga understand denial strong cant that strong where literally saying never happened.

Latto song with Nicki next year watch.
Nicki Minaj calls Latto Karen Grammy erupts. Heres what went down.
Cardi beefed with Nicki Minaj, Akbar, Maliibu Mitch, Azaelia Banks, Angie from Shaderoom, Kyle from neighborhood talk, many other bloggers, Christopher Milan, Doja Cat, sisters from club Cardi problem.

actually look like mutt trying hard want truth. Cheap looking outfit. Girl tired down. Looking older then Nicki.
agree with Nicki Minaj Energy!
can't that's why... tell world frfr talking about music.. somebody rap... Song? What genre Energy? Call real like Nicki trying until made personal that's your platform correct female mess.

Adele stage after winning over Beyonce acknowledged that Grammys were wrong. Billie Eilish praised saying deserved Grammy over her. Nicki speaks about treatment same industry shes bitter/a bully?!

Thats ever think about when mariah nicki come they clashed american idol mariah gets last laugh routinely does.
happy Nicki Minaj airing these fake fans out. scratchoff cant Nicki name promotion more just like foot. that Nicki based peeped game gone have stand talent lack there like foot. Quiet flopping.

Latto problem with Nicki call subtweets, because when Nicki talks about album sales, girls. When says Duds girls. when bahabahahahahahaahaha entire female rappers. Just find shoe beef.

Yall think girls prospering doing better than Nicki because they positive tweets everyday.
eaten this world means nicki right defend herself cause dont defend herself WILL real question ????
Nicki cant accept that nothing Grammy Period Them features them album sells aint Grammy lmao.
love nicki this tweet crying.
Nicki Minaj Latto Beef Ignites After Grammy Snub.
Whats going Nicki Minaj Instagram live love Nicki Minaj what
Please dont youngboy nicki minaj same category youngboy dont like that dont here hating fcking with nobody thats where yall wrong.
Y'all this shaming nicki will make difference that she's boss? here shaming queen while here looking older than nicki don't even your baby daddy DUMB BI**CH.
Nicki rapper give that handles people that dont kiss crazy

What You Really Think

I only know Latto from Joe Budden & I haven't heard a Nikki song since Monster...beef away ladies.

Said no one.

You mean the ppl who are paying attention. Ion know whats going on.

My motto? Fuck Latto. Ill get the seven digits from your mother for a dollar tomorrow.

Bruh idk who "latto" even is but this shits all over my feed.

Everybody watching this ratio lil bro.

I don't wanna watch.

When Latto called her Super Freaky Grandma.

I literally just caught up!!! Seems like Nick misunderstood something and now she gotta double down. Oh well...

Nicki vs who?

Im watching but have no idea what theyre beefing about.

Someone explain.

Does Minaj beef with every female rap artist?

On point with this!!!!

We listening to that new lil baby.

Dont mess with the Barbs.

Direct connect mind kept speed.