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Monday 20th of July 2020

Nicki Minajs Child Finding Out She Already Has Sons.

Nicki minajs child finding out she already has sons.
This is not a drill NICKI MINAJ IS PREGNANT.
Boom, badoom, boom, BABY!!! Nicki Minaj is pregnant!
Everybody saying I knew Nicki was pregnant in the Trollz video So you watched it????
Milano, please come get Meek! There was NO need for him to comment on anything related to Nickis pregnancy-nulb.
An era is closing for nicki and i feel so many emotions.
Ariana liked Nicki Minajs pregnancy reveal photo.
Yall: fuck r*pists r*pe apologists! also yall: omg congrats nicki <3.
Worst day ever for the nicki minaj ace moodboard.
I love nicki minaj so much and it hurts me that i have to say this but i really hope you never post your baby on social media the internet is so cruel the world is just such a disgusting place and i would never wanna see that happened to your baby.

Nicki Minaj took to Instagram on Monday to announce she is pregnant.
Imagine your mom is Nicki Minaj and your dad is a p*do.
Ariana Grande taking care of Nickis baby.
Milano: You better not be in there crying over Nicki again... Meek Mill.
Nicki Minaj shares new photo from her pregnancy photoshoot: Love. Marriage. Baby carriage. Overflowing with excitement & gratitude. Thank you for all the well wishes.
Baby Dreams! Nicki Minaj Is 'Preggers,' Expecting First Child with Husband Kenneth Petty.
Nicki part in Bottoms Up.
I dont give a fuck what yall got to say Nicki Minaj is going to be a great mother. You bitches been her sons for years . Yall should know first hand .
Nicki when she filmed the Trollz video.
Nicki Minaj really got her Moment 4 Life.
Pregnant with a whole rapists baby Nicki why.
So happy for Nicki I seen that post & I felt so proud the journeys been crazy and the growth has been incredible!! Congratulations.
All the women I've ever loved in this life have either left me to marry someone else or gotten pregnant for another person. The latest to join them is Nicki Minaj. This is how Tacha is looking at me because she might join that chat soon!

Im hearing Nicki Minaj is pregnant???
My tweets defending Nicki today do not represent how I feel about the LGBT community, but you will not speak on my sister and her unborn baby.
FACTS them dumbass Nicki stans dont like it when they look stupid af. But I mean they aint ever saying smart things so.
]BREAKING] Congratulations to NICKIMINAJ on her pregnancy, and also congratulations to ViVi of LOONA loonatheworld for being chosen as Nickis future babys aunt! We wish them both the best!
Nicki what happened to you.
He already did on an Instagram post... he's so obsessed with Nicki.
I just saw this video on Facebook anyone with the full info??? This kind of behavior can't be tolerated at all guys.
Nicki being pregnant isn't just a moment, its a lifestyle, a reason to breathe, an escape from this cruel world filled with thieves. Its art, the first gift you open on Xmas, a hug from a loved one, everything youve ever wanted, everything you need.

Lol Nicki Minaj is fucking pregnant.
Nicki Minaj is pregnant!
Am I the only one that dead dont give not 1 fucks bout Nicki Being pregnant -nulb.
Congratulations to NickiMinaj!
This nicki fancam boutta eat hold up.
Nicki really manifested her pregnancy and her marriage NickiMinaj Preggers Congrats Nicki!!!
Nicki, Onika and congrats Nicki are all trending in the us! Reply with these phrases.
I never cried over ANY celebrity in my entire life! But I happily cried when Nicki Minaj announced her pregnancy today. The next time everybody turn their back on Nicki she will have her baby to inspire her to keep going! God bless Onika Tanya Maraj AND her baby.

Nicki just couldnt dress normal lmao.
The ultimate happiest for nicki.
Nicki minaj is really THAT bitch.
Dont forget queen Nicki will be a amazing mom.
Nicki pregnant, Kanye acting up again, covid still here, and Rihanna still aint drop no album.
Nickis baby is coming so hard.
Me in the Nicki Minaj museum in the basement of my mansion in 20 years teaching my kids and their friends about the Queen of Rap.
Nicki really searched for that massive attack wig tho.
Every time Nicki post, yall get yall panties n a bunch.
And MJ fuck them adopted kids and he in hell and least I know NICKI aint fuck with kids good day sis thats why you thats really why you mad mad *nicki VC*.
Nicki queen.
Bin kein Nicki Fan lmao yall just some rude as hoes with no manners.
Omg why do i feel like this baby is my family Nicki i love you so much congrats to you and your husband Vnulb I hope youre having a safe pregnancy Queen.
Niggas do this with Nickis songs then come and twitter and shit on her to impress their homeboys.
Meek mill when he hears nicki minaj rapping about her son.
Lmao, but let Nicki respond. Then shes bitter and not happy. This nigga is a walking L.
Nicki Minaj announces shes pregnant.
Nicki looks so beautiful.
Yall mean to tell me that yall couldnt tell that Nicki Minaj was pregnant since the music video she made with 6ix9ine? Nou egare vre.
Nicki Minaj has one of the prettiest faces of all time.
How is nicki gonna sleep now.
Me at Nicki baby shower.
George floyd gets murdered, you fill up the TL with blacklivesmatter some Zimbabweans can't even shut the fuck up about it. Abductions and unlawful arrests happen in your country and you are concentrating on nicki Minaj's pregnancy????? What the hell is wrong with us.

Nicki knew exactly what she was doing. She gave us the old iconic Nicki vibes in the first 3 pics and KNEW what you haters would say. Then she hit yall with a serve that ended ALL your favs pregnancy shoots. Her mind amazes me.

My mom trynna talk to me bitch nicki is pregnant MOVE.
Uh...this is the judge assigned to the Epstein case.
I cant believe Nicki having a baby like I really grew up on her omg Im finna be an auntie.
]After delivery] Doctor: Congratulations! You have given birth to triplets, all boys Nicki Minaj: *Sobbing* All these b*tches is my sons...?
ON THE SIDE (Nicki husband diss) by THE B-U-N.
Is Nickis husband allowed around his own kid?
Nicki's pregnant?!
Seeing "Nicki Minaj is Pregnant" makes me so damn happy.
Nicki so amazing. The last woman to have a kid by herself without a man was Mary.
Nicki Minaj stuns in her final pregnancy announcement photo. And finally, the Virgin Mary.
You can say Nicki got pregnant because she copied Cardi... Cardi didnt invent pregnancy LMAOO.
Nicki Minaj is really pregnant!!
You are A GROWN MAN WITH A CHILD AND A GIRL and somehow find the way to keep Nicki name in your mouth , start acting your age dummy.
What yall wearing to Nicki Minaj babyshower ? since yall acting like yall going.
Nicki Minaj is finally giving her sons a sibling .
You all wondering how nicki Minaj will be sleeping.
Nicki & Katy watching Gaga win grammys.
Not My family members texting me telling me about Nicki's pregnancy when I have a whole Twitter, IG and Facebook accounts dedicated to her.
& Nicki Minaj chose to do what she did.

What You Really Think


She married, and is having a child with a rapist okay .






Who are her sons? all these bitches.


All those bitches.



You got the feature didnt you?

Period VnulbVnulbVnulbVnulbVnulb.

O sele wena ka bobe nxa!

I'M SCREAMING OUT LOUD nulbnulbnulbnulbnulbnulbnulbnulbnulbnulb.


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