Friday 19th of August 2022

Today I Deposited The U.S. Instruments of Ratification With The Depositary For The North Atlantic Treaty, as The Last Step in The U.S. Ratification Process For Finland And Sweden to Join NATO.

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First John Fetterman pulled lead. Then Raphael Warnock Ryan took leads their races. Then Mandela Barnes Demings pulled ahead. Cheri Beasley North Carolina. tell again Republicans going sweep midterms?


West Bengal police arrest suspected Al-Qaeda terrorists from North Parganas, interrogation reveals others active region.
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North Amazing Beds Baths Boston $7,500: Amazing bath North Brand renovation Huge living room Private roof deck kitchen Hardwood floors Open concept Tons natural light Laundry.

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Havenco Limited. Located approximately miles from coast Suffolk, southeast England. situated large concrete pillars middle North sea. Most might have even heard them.

Sydney didn't choice. North Kangaroos like South were Swans Fitzroy were Lions. difference.
clan supremacists, Faqash anyone opposes North West Clan Enclave project dividing homogeneous Somalis.
Welcome home Jewish immigrants from North America.
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Just Released: Check North American Luxury Review including detailed Luxury Home Market Reports Naples, Marco Island Countys higher markets; which Barry Hoey, Broker Owner serves.

Yeah, Florida north York City getting with with humidity AWFUL!
Shop Boys artist Stanley Chow show Sage, Gateshead. Full details link below.
N.Korea says will never deal with S.Korea's 'audacious' economic plan.
Doug Mastrianos goal make Pennsylvania Florida north since thinks DeSantis gold standard Governor. really want that think whatever takes vote 11/8/2022. VoteBlue.

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Forest Midlands Combined Counties North West Division next season after failing Financial Fair Play.
Varsity Football Dunwoody High School North Springs High School Friday, August 7:30p.
Turn away Park LincolnUnited gain point against newcomers North Shields Saturday.
Sydneys north-west required build additional 33,000 homes 2026. Well-located, well-built social housing whole communitys safety net. least that stock required 1650 dwellings just LGAs. cracking Gov!

Volleyball Predicted Second North Division Preseason Poll.
fog-filled Noctis Labyrinthus (top), three Tharsis Montes (middle), Olympus Mons (bottom) imaged United Arab Emirates' HopeMarsMission August 2021. North Mars here bottom left. Credit: MBRSC/UAE Space Agency; Processing.

WATCH: Brightline struck that tracks Biscayne Blvd North Miami today*** Luis Portillo Local 10).
CL42 countries urge Russia withdraw troops from Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant. members, Norway, Great Britain, USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Zealand, Georgia, Moldova, North Macedonia, Turkey joined statement.

Richard Haass: What's going inside U.S. much bigger threat than Russia, North Korea.
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South Newton, north Wichita?
North Rowan 13 East Rowan Halftime.
$LKE putting Argentina focus source lithium North American Battery supply chain. $PNN.
North college hill!
Really long roll cloud north with outflow boundary! Cool stuff!
North Vol.5.
Alastair North Melbourne Thoughts with Caroline Wilson during this difficult time
anti-trans group "Protect North Dakota Kids" that's similar "Protect Texas Kids" group been active since June. It's Keith Hapip recently elected city commissioner Washburn, ND.

been suits. paid attention Florida Texas, South Dakota North Dakota both joined plus same states joined each other's suits they launched them.
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Vietnam Veterans' Day. Five twitter posts from about trip north meet with Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Voice Parliament. word about veterans.
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Update: T-storms north east Phoenix, gradually moving downhill this evening. Gusty winds mph) will precede them, some blowing dust possible. Chance rain tonight 50-70%, varying location.

Tesla Supercharger: Tampa, North Dale Mabry Highway stalls).
Tomorrow captins some fabulous entertainment raise money awareness mental health north staffs mind some fantastic entertainment you.
2022 feet tall National Flag installed IndianArmy Hyderbeigh Baramulla, part Azadi Amrit Mahotsav. This first kind installed North Kashmir.
MULTI ADSBX MANOEUVRING time 00:43:40 2022 ROU1852 likely manoeuvring FL70 from Waterloo_DME_CA near Ottawa Lackner, Ottawa Street North, Kitchener.
guess probably thought North given Bombers werent offer late talks. Exciting times now.
North Carolina raise we're TIED another poll Cheri Beasley: 42.3% Ted Budd: 42.3% you're already paying attention race North Carolina, it's time start.
Protecting American farmland critical maintaining national security. introduced bill that would prevent China, Russia, North Korea Iran from buying farmland businesses More here.

Clayton-based health insurer Centene Corp. canceled plans East Coast headquarters campus Charlotte, North Carolina, company said Thursday.
From tomorrow Karthikeya2 will occupying more screens since it's Janmashtami north collections will high level this janmashtami weekend.
volleyball coaches poll (one school participate): Pleasant Valley 85 2. Assumption 82 3. North Scott 75 4. Bettendorf 63 5. Clinton 49 6. Central 38 7. Muscatine 32 8. Central DeWitt 27 9. West 23 10. North play opens Tuesday.

mention, more than satellite phones have been ordered North Rhine-Westphalia police that officers communicate event blackout. Cant believe called alarmist reporting this since February. about really dystopian.

Just posted photo Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
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Today deposited U.S. Instruments Ratification with Depositary North Atlantic Treaty, last step U.S. ratification process Finland Sweden join NATO.
Google works? They give information they want see, what you're actually looking for. people west point fingers censorship North Korea?? what's happening? This west "Standing with Ukraine".

North Korea's problem nuclear, Japan serious problem gambling addiction passive smoking, there sign improvement all.
stop Gaslighting!
Miss weekly Starbucks that used available from house Cali.--Starbucks Starbucks expand into north central Florida.
Birthday banners Bonsall Street home North Philadelphia where girl will remember 17th birthday party awful reason. friends&family house shot. girls, 15,16&18 boy,16. PhillyPolice captured teen males with guns 1/2.

bazmcstay were delighted welcome always charming Otto_English onto timely chat about abysmal national myths, which included some astonishing nonsense from North Korea, Wales, Turkey Russia.

Need prayers North Carolina murdered sheriff deputies family which includes boy. illegal aliens responsible this smirk face taken into custody! these animals crossing border because Biden.

"North Dakota passed last year banning cities counties from enacting local paid family leave laws. Lawmakers abortion states Oklahoma Tennessee have introduced passed such legislation.".

North Rowan's Tsion Kelly going interception records. That's Pretty sure county record game record season stood long time. Adrian Davis North 1994.
Mandera County: Roba king politics North Eastern Kenya. newly formed party Governor position, Senatorial, Women four MPs. Jubilee respectively.
look north Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, Stuart. Theres just many people much traffic where youre looking. Been back years keep moving coast away from urban sprawl.

North Korea says will never deal with South Korea's 'audacious' economic plan.
N.Korea rejects South's 'audacious' economic plan.
Please connect with nnewi north please.
Burrard Beaver SeaBus arrived Lonsdale Quay, North Vancouver 5:07
"Any boss sacks North Melbourne supporter turning today
SEVENTEEN WORLD TOUR SUN] North America Merchandise.
North Predictions 2022.
Helloooo North Carolina Senate race: Budd: 42% Cheri Beasley 42%.
Good North. We laugh Bombers day, today about North.

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And Sweden will join NATO irrespective of the malignant influence of certain so called allies. Let it be known to them that our collective security will never be compromised by their futile attempt to bargain like Anatolian bazaar fake leather goods traders.

Congratulations Ukraine will be next!

If global peace is supreme then of what apparent use are such bodies like Nato? why doesn't international community demonstrate its firmness being one on planet earth? what is the hindrance? can't there be a global summit to recognize oneness of the international community?

Thank you Sec Blinken.

All Talk, No Action, Sounds Good, Doesn't Work, Never Going To Happen.

Finland and Sweden are two countries that are example to be followed by the world, including the United States.

You all need to be wearing masks.

Fantastic little tony.

Zhidobandieroviets Blinkien stal simvolom biesslaviia i pozora sovriemiennoi Pindossii! Koniechno, krysa, zaghnannaia v ughol vies'ma opasna, no i na etot sluchai iest' bolty s obratnoi riez'boi! Of course, a cornered rat is very dangerous, but there are reverse-threaded bolts for this case too!

Now give Finland some air defense and F-35s.

VSweden VFinland.

Loving the alt text.

And Portugal is closed for vacancy season until the end of the month Our presidencia is running country for selfies snaps What are you waiting for antoniocostapm JoaoCravinho defesa_pt ? NATO SecDef kajakallas Wildfires aren't excuse, cos everything is burning down.


Haven't they joined like 12 times in the past 2 months. Just say hey dummies, Finland and Sweden are in NATO. IF attacked we have to defend there countries. Then we will know 100% their in. NATO book for dummies, Thanks!


Excellent News!!!

Thank you for your strong support.


Who knew there's a treaty vault?!

Welcome to NATO my Scandinan brothers and sisters! We are honored to be your allies!

Your foolishness will get us all killed.

Great news!!

Theres an actual treaty vault! Cool.

Thanks V.

Great, but NATO may mean nothing soon. Ukraine still needs help. Mediation, stopping (again) a nuclear disaster. So much US can be doing to help. Isn't Rich Nephew a Nuclear Arms negotiator? If so, WHY is he silent on the precipice of destruction?

So so fantastic!

Stop russian nuclear terrorism now.

You dont like peace !

Thank you for the work you're doing to make sure Kenya have a peaceful transition,keep the pressure on for the outgoing heartless regime,be blessed we are grateful.

- .

What a waste of effort. We don't need 2 more useless depencies.

Good job sir.