Wednesday 15th of March 2023

The Raptors Scored 49 Points in The First Quarter Vs. The Nuggets, Their Most in a Quarter in Franchise History.

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sues Buffalo Wild Wings, claims boneless wings just chicken nuggets.
sues Buffalo Wild Wings, claims boneless just childrens chicken nuggets.
sues Buffalo Wild Wings, claims pricey 'boneless wings' basically nuggets.
Nuggets aint getting to the 2nd round.
team with best record (NUGGETS) cant fucking game Spurs record. Nuggets/Magic shouldve been east.
Buffalo Wild Wings admits their boneless wings REAL wings after being sued Chicago saying theyre actually children chicken nuggets It's true.
Sixers 45-22 (67.2 place East Nuggets 46-23 (66.7 place West that talked about team success this should longer swing Nikola Jokics favor conversation Going exciting ending season.

Murray what doing.
Wait, Denver Nuggets just lost their FOUH straight game keep hearing Joker still over Embiid??? Really??? How???
Lmao made laugh.
The Nuggets have lost 4 straight games.
Also, terrible stats, terrible efficiency, awful nuggets game losing streak. Plus plenty ball hogging turnovers.
Keyane_45 discuss Raptors home over Nuggets Tuesday night!
Cant wait watch this team bounced playoffs. Just average team that only regular season games soon that playoff race starts yall cant shit.
Nuggets downfall.
Nuggets have lost four-straight games Bulls, Spurs, Nets Raptors. those have been home, have been points. Theyre locked into seed West, time concerned about their championship credentials?

The Nuggets have now lost 4 straight games. Yikes.
feel like when nuggets loose people didnt watch game just immediately jump conclusion that jokers fault even real would know nothing wrong stop hating teams mistakes.

Them chicken nuggets some serious food boi.
Nuggets now have lose 4 in row.
Denver Nuggets FRAUDS that defense gonna them eliminated real early from playoffs theyll have finals appearances.
Shoulda watched Creed series earlier Ivan Drago easily favorite antagonists ever.
totally agree, said this this morning Locked Nuggets. said "he's there next year! plays there every year!" guys don't view that way.
have been calling this matchup "Revenge" game. much needed
Nuggets have lost Sixers havent lost year especially playoff teams post deadline Nets.
Nuggets have lost games row.
Denver Nuggets have lost row.
Nuggets losses row.
thinks over Bella giving part chicken sandwich when three-month-old puppy. can't chicken nuggets without Bella staring with most hope eyes.

Joker nuggets aint shit bruh. fkin parlay.
Some Nuggets fans brutal.. want good statlines want win? star player shooting from floor only takes shots lose gonna defend him..
Nuggets need together before them.
Thats what happens when worst defensive center anchor your defense give points paint every night. Tough Jokic fanboys when half game basketball (defense) matters. Yikes. Lakers beat Nuggets round 1.

nuggets fans telling better than harden.
Jokic needs start playing defense.
15pt lead. seems like LAKERS ONLY TEAM league that does this. shouldve starters start quarter. coach team like have nuggets record here.

Malone figuring rotation. What concept!
stretches happen. Boredom long season happens. rather nuggets than memgrizz bunch other Western teams.
nuggets fans Malone been telling yall lmfao.
Nuggets when Scott Foster isnt around save them.
didnt want anyways! Nuggets fans shambles.
Bum ass Nuggets.
Bucks tweeting Nuggets-Raptors game more than than Driding crazy.
love this your outfit enter eyes like your nuggets.
Nuggets (.
Raptors scored points first quarter Nuggets, their most quarter franchise history.
Nuggets worst seed history they could easily lose someone like lakers first round.
wow! Nuggets lost straight.
JJK Anime Exhibition Sneak Peeks (Full details in thread).
Nuggets shouldve trade backup instead banking buyout market.. Mike Connelly
suppose believe would made difference round series against real.
Fred VanVleet balled tonight WeTheNorth easily take care business against Nuggets.
Sixers better record than Nuggets. LMFAO CRY.
The Nuggets have been the worst team in the NBA the last 5 games.
Nuggets 22-7 Toronto Raptor lead down Watch live TV .
Unemployed, says whos barely qualified work McDonalds. Hilarious. Make sure dont skimp nuggets next time come through piece.
Great. nuggets then. Just dont tell about
Lakers bouncing Nuggets.
Jakob Poeltl was 30 in 27 minutes vs. The Nuggets. All the starters were at least 13.
76ers fans weird they want smoke between them Nuggets when really it's sided beef plus they keep Jokic pipe mouth like stfu like buddy being final goal y'all? Fuckin losers.

else loves nasty flip fuck, breeding seedy bookstore booth?
Porter 5-9, rest nuggets 1!!!-16 3p... defense always wonky, what happened their offense? Jamal especially brutal over period, team worst far.
played min??? What doing. Ish/Jackson DNP.
Nuggets losing 4 straight after Perkins started talking his shitI know that nigga feel like Pac rn.
Raptors 125-110 over Denver Nuggets. Fred VanVleet drops points, rebounds assists 13-22 shooting from field victory.
Chicken nuggets compare teams east.
mention, Nuggets record inflated being worst divisions league, while Sixers best.
The Nuggets SUCK.
Nuggets lose their Raptors win. Raptors currently conference there only games between 13th. Lots games down stretch while Raptors could move standings well.

FINAL Raptors defeat Denver Nuggets points 110.
Lakers getting yall asses fuck outta here first round Tell Joker money back ass.
Nuggets losing Lakers watch...
Interesting stretch least. Give Murray game rest. Malone look mirror well. know some people think falling Nuggets still play ball like they were month ago.

What You Really Think

What if the advanced stats were actually winning the games?

Then the refs happened.

Nuggets downfall.

They bout to lose the the game tho.

And they are still going to lose the game because somehow they've given up a FG% over 60% thru 3 quarters. But wow they got a bunch of steals!

And still lost!

Denver is not a real contender because they play no defense and their best player is a liability on the defensive end lmao.

So Jokic still yalls mvp . Lmao he a cone and is getting exposed.

Buddy behind drake look like a Hawk tho.

Guess that VORP really don't mean shit, huh? Calculators be damned.

Nick Nurse must be shit. Toronto should be a contender.

Nikola jokic god defense.

Did no one tell the Raptors that Jokic has the highest DRAOR LEBRON DBPM DEPM DICK in NAB history??????

Wonder why.

They need to change the rules for defense again bc no one wants this.

And still find a way to blowout their lead. The Raptors' way.

We are not having fun anymore.

Why is that nigga face so black in the back.

The real championship contender.

Cool. How many points did Drake have?

Jokic downfall party Im here for it.

If Westbrook played 4Q and OT, Nuggets wouldnt have won. Media scrutiny have coaches giving them a free pass.

Traffic cone losing 4 in a row.

Jokic MVP ? LMAO.

Jokics VORP didnt stop them?

Are the Nuggets okay?


Jokic using VORPCUM to allow 100 pts in the paint.

Here come the jokic defense comments.

Bum As$ Nuggets.

No one is scared of that VORP traffic cone.

So jokic was just a joke in the first quarter.

This era has no defense. Thats why MJ > Lebron.

Nuggets have peaked too early. Premature EJokiculation.

Jokic has no impact on both ends of the floor. Overrated stat padder.

Are any teams actually scared of the Nuggets?

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