Wednesday 19th of May 2021

Myanmars Junta is Trying "to Limit Access to The internet to an internal Network of Only 'whitelisted' Sites to Quash Opposition to The Coup And The Follow-up Brutal Repression.

Social Media Says

country, country with virus. understand opposition would want attack Govt. singularly commercialise political opportunity deal death; never imagined Congress capable such low.

Rep. Madeleine Dean Jan. Commission: "I'm very puzzled Leader McCarthy's now-reversal opposition commission wonder what McCarthy's afraid afraid subpoenas? afraid truth?".

Israeli opposition leader Naftali Bennett Jazeera reporter: "This about left right Israel. stand united. back Netanyahu. want tell Hamas terrorists that after you". Indian Army's surgical strike Pakistan. Opposition: Proof dikhao.

What won't find covered US/UK media today. pair notorious Russian pranksters, posing leading Belarusian opposition figures, have duped NEDemocracy into revealing extent involvement Eastern European political movements.

Irrespective what elected representatives foreign ministry always defend nation. nation isnt party only ruling party. nation includes opposition parties. First time years foreign ministry shown this pettiness.

hell stopping your opposition vaccine Bhai tumhare Pappu tootichor vaccine aayegi lagwana Bhai Centre already achieved near crores vaccinations which world record .

Rep. Madeleine Dean Jan. Commission McCarthys opposition: "I'm very puzzled Leader McCarthy's now-reversal opposition commission. wonder what McCarthy's afraid afraid subpoenas? afraid truth?".

single authorative voice opposition. That most disturbing point going forward 'free democracy'.
questioning always good. It's better throw questions them then have blind faith anyone. Today's enemies were friends once. Today's opposition were alliance once. Politicians afterall they always looking their benefit. Case June.

Said this before; will again. It will take thousands crores rupees counter/dismantle Godi Media infrastructure that play Alternatively EVERY opposition spokesperson adopt Pawankhera model show these Anchors their place. Zero Cost solution.

Smriti Irani Good morning. RaGa Good morning. Smriti Irani this opposition works, while ModiJi fighting pandemic night, Rahul Gandhi wishing everyone good morning, cheering pandemic. opposition needs answer. Shame.

uses foreign ministry spokesperson criticize opposition leaders their country?
Opposition leaders encouraging Nitin Gadkari become Sadly Nitin also taking this bait. hope better sense prevails.
Granting zero tariff access would ultimate proof Westminsters zero loyalty Wales. This deal ones that would follow would wipe Welsh agriculture. Wales must urgently unite opposition this economic vandalism.

Opposition knows Time Circumstances have Changed; Divide Hindus Easy Unite them Difficult . Reasons Many.
Everton Wolves: Opposition View Waiting season end? Nuno out? Switch back four Wolves impressive youngsters Thanks daveazzopardi previewing Wednesdays game with
Singapore government opposition insult Delhi this internal matter. sirf gaali bakenge.
Problem they always their demean opposition that process they demean country been anyone from said this than they would have moved earth heavens prove right !!!

Across Gulf Arab countries, vocal opposition Israel being expressed street protests, social media newspaper columns, with Gaza second week just months after pacts that established ties with Israel. ayaelb.

MohamedHRoble needs bridge these fundamental differences opinion. However, also needs seen independent political actor maintains equal distance from both president Farmaajo opposition...

Singapore Govt, Opposition, Media unitedly speaking against idiot Kejriwal lying about Singapore Variant. India, opposition media happily calling Indian Variant. shame shaming country politcs.

Indian Opposition knows nothing only dirty politics. . . Israel's India's Opposition opposition.
Singapore united against Kejriwal called strain Singapore variant. India, opposition wants people call Indian variant Modi variant. This tells that India opposition against govt against India.

Bapir says ruling parties opposition enemy, opposition ruling parties enemy.
Singapore opposition issue when someone called some variant "Singapore variant". While opposition party spent money call "India variants".
have youths opposition this that. Unless member opposition, owes nothing! have participate struggle free yourself from tyranny being helpful. Some cant even RETWEET public service announcements want change.

Remember what Corbyn achieved months Labour Leader wonder establishment crucified him. months Jeremy Corbyn already history's great opposition leaders.
Short corner result chance opposition team within seconds 96.4% time. I've done work. don't have check.
government keeps lockdown opposition blames government lockdown/economy,if government doesn't keep opposition requests lockdown,now evey state implementing Maharashtra second wave before February, still people ignored only question April?

Myanmars junta trying limit access internet internal network only 'whitelisted' sites quash opposition coup follow-up brutal repression.
should they? opposition oppressing Giving expired drugs? Making poorer? drag thought
Urgent Turkish Justice Development Party spokesman Omar Celik: Celik: need make clear that opposition Palestinian killers anti-Semitic, those refuse condemn.

Short answer: leader opposition state assembly.
dont recognise Government take oath serve same Government fight Juicy postings that come with being Opposition, what message across?
Very useful suggestion from Opposition Party Minister. Wish such intelligent Ministers convey such things directly right time after adequately bungled vaccine procurement.

said it Kejriwal said it. Gadkari saying Modi Govt. busy: Building palaces with taxes. (including those paid pre-death, corpses). 2. Pulling down tweets posters, & 3. Accusing Opposition opposing them! (which, they DOING ENOUGH OF!).

Until Muslim voters Britain turn against Keir_Starmer Labour Party replace Starmer, there will opposition Israel CRIMES. those Muslims helping Starmer those silent also guilty letting Israel away with Crimes.

first years spokesperson tweeting about Indian High Commissioner being chastised foreign nation. down Opposition parties, dont mind running down nation.
opposition party says policies beliefs confidential! they confidential they offensive Britain that they have hidden.
Medical groups have also expressed strong opposition with virus from under control Japan where only 1-2% population fully vaccinated.
There seems opposition having closer look normal tourist visit Capitol.
would have problem even they (Opposition) called Modi variant. call Indian variant, this shows that they went targeting India itself: Shehzad_Ind, Lawyer, tells Navika Kumar thenewshour.

don't know other nation whole world where opposition parties used COVID19 situation lucrative opportunity project their country failed state managing pandemic. What they nothing short sedition!!

Priti Patel whatever hell likes media complicit, opposition brylcream Johnson ignores ministerial code.
swearing ceremony Museveni conducted against drop back pressure from opposition from which launched defiance campaign even conducted mock swearing-in ceremony their flag bearer 'president Kizza Besigye.

thats what Opposition doing... then they committing serious crimes... NarendraModi having them arrested... then dereliction duty... failure enforce protect victims such crimes... goes ways...

think Rachel Carson /The Second Place is... ableist? even uses word crippled? disability a... punishment? life lesson? Freedom care created opposition which non-disabled normative view. unexpected. Have other Crips read it?

...thats date. question "where Opposition insisting emergency removed", democracy back.
Remember when Kevin McCarthy didn't speaker because admitted that Benghazi Committee just there opposition research Hillary Clinton? Then bunch reporters pretended hear because they were busy printing leaks about Emails...

Present opposition parties are enablers MoSha govts How? remaining silent EVMs other electoral frauds Proofs recently held assembly elections Assam (Bjp won) West Bengal which seats, come?

vibrant sensitive opposition that's hellbent getting truth because you're hellbent distorting "defaming India".
They understand Grand Ethiopian Renaissance matter Ethiopias sovereignty share water from Nile. Foreign.
Dawn breaks Little England. With Democracy further diminished. Where Paymaster General refuses answer legitimate questions Corruption. Where backbenchers bray their approval blame Opposition Parties having audacity raise issue. slippery path.

Singapore Leaders Media outraging after some Indian Politician called Singapore variant here having toolkits from opposition calling Indian variant/Modi strain Singapore placed happiness index while India placed Happiness index. Thats difference.

Social media campaign using market negative highly targeted campaigns have with it.. this only exacerbated opposition opposing giving clear alternative worse more content infighting obsessing about failed leader.

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NyanLinHtet was abducted on May18 in his house at SoeKawMin Ward, Magway. Now SAC Terrorists are planning to charge him under penal code by accusing him of being PeopleDefenceForce member.

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