Wednesday 28th of September 2022

Victims of Optus Data Hack Are Now Receiving Text Messages From Hackers Demanding $2000AUD be Paid into a CBA Bank Account, With Threats Their Data Will be Sold For Fraudulent Activity Within 2 Days.

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**Victorian Optus customers** need replace your licence that free charge info need here: State Government will cover cost replacement charge this back Optus.

This wasnt hack. Optus literally left door wide open. perp simply used connection that wasnt password protected download data. THATS bigger story than hack. Optus culpable because data exposed unprotected. wasnt hacked.

Victims Optus data hack receiving text messages from hackers demanding $2000AUD paid into bank account, with threats their data will sold fraudulent activity within days.
fluid digital world, governments firms cannot prevent data theft completely. they should doing much more stop cyberattacks first place smooth process when people have their information stolen. Age's View.

Huh? Wha? does Optus need Medicare numbers? Im with you. Whats going this picture?
research says potential impact data breaches Australian organizations massive.
you've been victim mass data breach, what should Money magazine.
hacker claimed have breached Optus stolen data million customers withdrawn their extortion demands after facing increased attention enforcement.
Karen Andrews says Labor failed first test with regard Optus data breach. like know isn't Labor's fault that Optus data breach. certainly isn't Labor's fault that legislation hasn't been upgraded Coalition years.

left Optus havent heard thing. sure thats good bad.
Anthony Albanese says Optus should passports data breach victims.
Optus hacker apologizes allegedly deletes stolen data.
cant that. changed from Optus many years they still info yes, hacked. have idea what gave trying talk them after hours hold.
Seven months Optus lobbying Parliament AGAINST tougher cyber security laws, complaining they would cost company much money. politician told today hasnt aged well. latest OptusHack auspol for.

Perhaps thing that indicates that Optus entirely ignorant publicity optics this hack that they least know send person most folks will still look think ICAC-roasted ex-Pollie parachuted into megabucks consultancy.

Optus offers data victims free subscription Equifax identity protection service thats previously been hacked.
Optus employee Gladys Berejiklian been asked give daily update hacking numbers.
Neil Mitchell been corrected tweeters after issued plea Victorian Government help victims Optus data breach full after Victorian Government rolled help victims, including flagging reissuing licences free.

huge company they should compensation. optus staff have disappeared.
Optus Hacker Tax-Payer money used? to Foreign Company? pull Political stunt? Does Optus have connection with W.E.F?
This afternoon albomp gave parliament important update Optus security breach. only demanding Optus replacement passports those affected breach, we're also committed strengthening privacy laws through Privacy review.

When last time penetration test?
beyond realm possibility that hacked
This hacking thing getting weird, this shit happens everyday, I hacked weeks they changed details Until someone here referred HOOD_H4CKK1 here Twitter helped recovered account time.

Indeed, could Either though, government blameless this, it's fascinating hear them pretend that it's just Optus's fault. Optus have wish keep that radioactive data longer than they need to.

Optus school chart, with marketing reporting (Matt Williams) corporate affairs another (Gladys Berijiklian). that lineup (apart from CEO) would even responsible creating playbook before this sort crisis?

Federal government wants Optus passports, arguing there justification' taxpayers foot bill News.
This seems like very simple effective replacement corporate storage. also saves companies risk having hacked.
FFS... lindareynoldswa accusing Govt being flatfooted over Optus- Linda 'lying cow' fame from 'Call Couch Cleaners' sure knows what alacrity means when 'reputation' stake!
Initial reports suggest basic security error allowed attacker access company's live customer database unauthenticated API.
Optus customers there further communication from company?
Spare thought Victorian news rooms working overtime tonight find ways blame Optus stuff Dan.
Optus made communications choices which changed trajectory worse. Kelly Bayer Rosmarin lost weeds arguing 'sophisticated' attack even when that being widely contradicted. looked slippery. should have better advice avoid it.

been waiting months Optus $370 credit account certainly wont trust that they will that.
Channel Melbourne just reported Optus data breach means anyone driving around your licence, racking driving offences, quote that corrected. That false Channel should issue correction attempting create panic.

hello. abcnews Peter Dutton allowed unlimited time what Gov. should correct Optuss mistakes. minutes later Chalmers interrupted mid-sentence when talking budgets newsreader giggled. need timers counters these events.

VicRoads been swamped angry Optus customers desperate drivers licence. Most were turned away today hacking crisis deepens.
DFAT website which yesterday said victims Optus data breach their passports been updated remove that information. hasnt government announced Optus will passports required?

Called Centrelink this morning. They asked name, address, drivers license number verify was. Thanks NOTHING Optus! No details exactly which have been hacked! WTF!?

Note Paterson calling govt Optus foot bill passports. he's representing party that left Home Affairs mess with long delays passports before hack. Seems Paterson's only interest criticising Labor.

Remember that Metadata Retention Scheme which both AlboMP PeterDutton_MP voted made requirement telcos store LOTS information about your browsing habits. Optus, great leaker personal data, stores excessive data behalf Commonwealth.

Good reminder from.
abcnews Optus have hear much from Coalition making cheap dodgy political points Where balance read your charter!!!
thought would have been licence number that used (can't even remember, haven't been with Optus over years).
Optus hack: Hacking community slam Optusdata script kiddie.
need companies like Optus confirm identity without needing DL/passport/Medicare. should possible MyGov generate one-time code that confirms party without them seeing numbers. they *ever* need store them?

Note that Opposition asking payers foot bill passports that Optus should paying for. This what Albo refers when says Optus should pay.
Typical liberals asking government waive fees passports instead Optus paying them those affected. Always looking corporations giving fucks about taxpayers footing bill. mean they asking passport staff work free?!

Free data breach with every contract?
Thanks clarification- Radio Adelaide discussing years. suppose depends customer status among other things.
Health Minister Mark Butler says hell have more about possible need Medicare numbers people caught Optus data breach soon. government angry they only found yesterday Medicare data included lost data.

newsletter, Wednesday 9/28 edition -Chile ransomware second time month -Optus hacker changes mind about selling telco's data -UK plans fine TikTok -Facebook yeets lame (but large) Russian propaganda network.

Singtel should monitor dark costs losses experienced their failure protect users details lifetime user.
Communications Minister, Paul Fletcher's dept minimised Optus' security testing requirements 2020 Fletcher also Optus' Director Corporate Regulatory affairs from 2000-2008 million have their private data stolen HUGE story developing here Fletcher.

Neil Mitchell going blame issues with Optus? Perhaps should! blames everything else. Anything wind gullible Illinformed brainwashed listeners.
they need establish identity phone anyway. What crime that preventing? serious criminals doing checks Optus.
Optus confirmed number medicare records exposed their data breach, same time confirming first time officially number exposed records million.
Also tried cancel number optus, told prepaid refuse cancel. I screen, previous addresses file. What's going here, your thoughts?
positive note, Gladys announces Optus call centre worker Daryl Maguire wins employee month after selling hacker iPhone14 24mth contract.
Happy Optus isnt thing lol.
They never needed store them, they wanted Information power.
What about Conservatives that makes them intent blaming victims, excusing businesses dodging responsibility. that here too.
State govts promise free drivers' licence replacements Optus customers hack
Optus paying replacements; taxpayer having pick their security failure?
government on-charging OPTUS other states.
Optus needs better crisis management, privacy lawyers.. better project management professionals. which Gladys doesnt bring table.
skewers Optus during When customers hand over their data companies Australia they expect that will kept safe this kind data breach should absolute wake call Corporate Australia. believe Optus should pay, payers. !!!

there health advice National Cabinet publish Albo? only taking advice from clueless Qantas Optus CEOs these days? running theory that you're wilfully ignorant you're culpable? Well just like Qantas that won't fly.

Yes, something like that good idea.
heres another thing about optuswhen changed better smaller company internet home phone they made impossible have same home phone numberso optus.
least finally "new phone dis".
Optus Karen Sunta-Befired announces telco will rebrand using name Gladys regain lost credibility online dreams.
Seen tweeps asking Optus shit like Licence numbers. Cast your mind back 2017 Metadata Data retention laws Cyber shouting that fucking idea. Anyway, told so.

Optus used 1990s, possible find whether data hacked?
Given been more than four years thought maybe lucky alas, week after made public, Optus gets around notifying
Optus security breach important wake-up call. reality living digital means cyber attacks will continue happen. Cyber Security Minister, determined lift standards protect every Australian online.

This information! havent received emails since first "When touch, we'll place credit your account cover relevant replacement cost. Well this automatically, dont need contact us," Optus informed customers.

Optus can't trusted.
federal authoritiess response Optus cyberattack however confirms that alleged hacker tried extort corporate true deal thats unhealthy information these affected. Earlier than nameless Optusdata consumer deleted exto.

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Damn. The lengths some dogs will go to for treats.

That is so incongruous and manifestly stupid, and it reminds me of a wonderful cartoon of a nervous bank robber, pointing a gun at the teller he says dont stick around this is a fuck up.

Might just be a scammer... i think the hacker would use a untracked webpage to receive crypto coins rather than direct deposit into a CBA bank account...

Thats a massive increase from $1M.. if 10 million customers recieved this, it adds up to $10B for the hackers.. They would have been smarter to ask for $200 per person & more likely to get paid per customer.. even if only half paid, theyd still end up with $1Billion .

CBA account. LOL.

Looks India are hard at working their over time from Calcutta again.

Good luck to them if they send me one of these letters.


Mhm not quite matethis is not hacking workthis is a scam. A bit like you, you are not a journalist, you are just someone pretending to be one.

Is this really a scammer or a the Gov introducing the new digital system which is due in 2023.

Just when we think it can't get any worse, they want the ransom to go to the crims.

I sent a text back today, saying that they can have the 2k (2.5 if negotiated), if they lick my Taint. Waiting eagerly for a response...

This is really quite scary.

Telstra shares probably just went up!

Yeah, Im seriously doubting thats the Optus hackers, thats just random hackers taking advantage of the situation.

The English in this text does not match the English used by the hackers on the hacker forum. This doesnt sound like its from the same person / people.

Hm! I wonder if a "good" hacker would be able to hack that account number given in the text, clean it out and give the money to a neutral party for fair distribution to those conned into complying?

How much id for a bank acct..?

"Send money naow or we fraud you bad!" >Australians.

Are these guys amateurs? They may be good at hacking but then $1mill? Its like Austin Powers Dr Evil then these clowns set up a cba account? Wheres the CBA KYC process here? Youd think theyd be all over this. Kwon Your Customer, go arrest them ffs.

They underestimated the fact 100% of Australians get 3 scam calls/txts a day and are so used to ignoring them they dont even answer calls from random or 'no caller ID' numbers even if they know theres an urgent call coming in.

I hope the person/ group/ govt that did this is found and punished.

The hacker is Jonah Byrde he'll have it swept out of the account in milli seconds before it passes through a labyrinth of Cayman Islands and Liberian accounts.

Can't they track down the bank account details of the blackmailer?

Send it Optus, they must pay it.

Wouldnt the commonwealth bank have 100 points of ID. For whoever opened that account ?

What? a bank account? lol.

Its copycat hackers!

This is just rubbish .I received this and have never had an Optus acc.

Seems OptusData has had a crash course in English. I'm gonna say scammer rather than hacker.

Pretty funny that a scammer would use a bank account to request funds though.

Blind Freddy could see past this. The language is utterly different to any foreign threat actor. This looks like some smart ass kid in Toorak who is gonna be in a lot of trouble when dad gets home.

Just send back bad nudes.

This is huge!

CBA account. Send a $1 and report.

Hmmm There were billions of dollars gained by Scammers using citizens in Australia over the last Decade. Surprisingly it all becomes public today after Labor comes into power and talks about Data protection updates in laws. Conservatives.

Common scammer.

I do hope the sender is getting a lot of d!ck pics in return.

Surely if they have the BSB and account number they have their details.

Reminds me of the black & white films with Alec Guinness & Peter Sellers eg The Lady Killers.

Asking $2,000 per record from ordinary Australians , and 10's of cents (depending what final number of affected was) from a multinational conglomerate, is one of many indications that the perpetrators aren't 'masterminds'.

Really who would be so dumb.

It would be much more convincing if they did a simple Mail merger.

Optus will collapse. Anyone paying zillions for toxic Gladys, is doomed to implode, one way or another.

I would say.sell it.

Come on CommBank ! To open that account u took 100 points of verified data right ? So AusFedPolice has the offender right now, or have failed us too CBA ???

Ph bullshit; if it were a CBA account the police would be all over them.


I would say this isnt even the hacker. Its probably some heartless person who is trying to cash in on peoples misfortune of having their information stolen .

Were aware of this SMS. We have identified and blocked this account. We continue to work closely with the AFP and other investigative, government and regulatory authorities to limit the impact of any fraud and scams resulting from the events over the past few days.

Do CBA have a branch in Nigeria?

No one could be stupid enough to use a traceable bank account for a crime at that scale. Im questioning what documents were used to open the bank account. Ransomed are usually paid in crypto - but what do I know.