Thursday 14th of April 2022

A Fast-acting Teacher in East Orange, New Jersey, Performed The Heimlich Maneuver to Save a Third-grader Who Was Choking on a Bottle Cap Last Wednesday.

Social Media Says

Police seeking with mask orange construction vest been wearing dark blue outfit that appeared resemble that transit worker, senior enforcement official said. Live updates about Brooklyn shooting.

fast-acting teacher East Orange, Jersey, performed Heimlich maneuver save third-grader choking bottle last Wednesday.
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Dont think mask restriction think public health measure that enables others things take granted.
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moving orange traffic light level, without changing mask requirements include schools. This seems reckless.
accused trying kidnap walked school bonded Orange County Jail this morning. Vinh Nguyen didnt answer questions walked jail. charged with false imprisonment, luring child battery.

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What You Really Think

Kid in the blue shirt SICK. This teacher is a super hero though.

She is a hero teacher V.

East orange activities.

Awesome but, isn't that a little too old to be swallowing things that big?

Ive had a hand full of teachers/professors that really stood out. Teachers need better pay. Thank you to the ones who reach out, the ones who care and can jump in there, truly. teachers Much [?] 20 years later.

This right here is a hero!!!! God bless her!

Praise the teacher!


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