Sunday 26th of September 2021

Volkanovski Gave a Thumbs up During a Submission Attempt From Ortega.

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might leaving with belt Ortega showed champions heart tonight. Congratulations both guys great fight!
Good sources. Holloway (BlessedMMA) Yair Rodriguez (panteraufc) will headline Fight Night Nov. Holloway agreed date this week. Gotta believe winner takes Volkanovski Ortega winner from tomorrow belt. Heck main event.

Volkanovski gave thumbs during submission attempt from Ortega.
Ortega probably, Volk fought better Ortega probably because still think Ortega finished third round. Couldnt after bell sounded, couldn't answer doctors questions, given plenty time recover. Full credit but.

okay? Ortega
title fights, Brian Ortega absorbed combined significant strikes. comparison, Alexander Volkanovski absorbed combined significant strikes fight career.
Volkanovski Ortega WAR! These guys delivered great show.".
Volkanovski Ortega what bloody scrap! Volk absolute machine!!
Nobody: Ortega championship fights.
Same shit with Ortega.
realize there's world cups, golden balls, balon d'ors many other awards that picture abi? talk sometimes ehn.
Brian Ortega absolute WARRIOR.
Them submission attempts ortega reminds days playing undisputed 2009.
Yeah volk isn't max. doesnt have nearly good chin volume general. game more about shutting opponent down with faints traps. still think Holloway puts clinic ortega.

Alexander Volkanovski says Brian Ortega's submissions were "'Oh f*ck, about lose this belt' deep." UFC266 Full video.
thought ]Ortega's] head, kept coming back. feel silly with some things that said." Alexander Volkanovski.
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Maybe doesn't want Volk take years Cejudos life like just Ortega.
266: Brian Ortega Octagon Interview.
Ortega both horrific.
266: VOLKANOVSKI OEGA Live Stream Live Stream Link: Date: Saturday Time: 10:00 p.m. Venue: T-Mobile Arena Vegas, Nevada, UNITED STATES.
Take nothing away from Volkanovski's control composure, Ortega absolute machine. earth stay that fight?
thought ortega choke lightweight.he said what happened here.
NobNobody: Ortega championship fights.
Live Stream Volkanovski Ortega Radio-Style Main Card Commentary.
Chael Sonnens reaction Volkanovski Ortega
Meanwhile Canada: Alexander Volkanovski, Ultimate Fighting Championship, Brian Ortega, Nick Diaz, Mixed martial arts, Holloway.
266: Volkanovski defeats Ortega, retains featherweight belt Punch.
espnmma: GETS alexvolkanovski escapes Ortega's choke!
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Volk-Ortega fight.
going zero sir, this time different.
266: Volkanovski defends title against Ortega fight with epic overtones.
Ortega next.
prime Anderson Silva joke? does snapping make joke? think volk could beat dustin 155? fight? clinic Ortega, dustin clinic max.
Volkanovski Ortega hands down greatest fights watched this day. expecting another fight between two. respect tough enduring both were.
Volks greatest physical tool giant head. Wonder ever been even stunned. Does always cause many clashes heads? Blowing Ortegas nose open with albeit unintentionally, really seemed lean fight further way.

Brian Ortega getting into back ambulance after UFC266 hell fight tonight hell fighter.
Watch 266: VOLKANOVSKI OEGA Live Stream Match? Live Stream Link: Date: Saturday Time: 10:00 p.m. Venue: T-Mobile Arena Vegas, Nevada, UNITED STATES.
Alexander Volkanovski going beat Brian Ortega. Volkanovski outclassed Holloway while Brian Ortega schooled Holloway. Holloway even gave Ortega striking during fight.
Brian Ortega could take uppercut from Ngannou still keep swinging leave building with Tracy Cortez. What absolute lad.
Brian Ortega fans leaving T-MOBILE arena.
Ortega walk vibes purge.
Fights wanna after UFC266 Volk beats Yair Ortega Giga Val ??? Blaydes Volkov/Tybura winner Merab Aldo Hooker Dariush Daukaus Lewis.
Amazing fight shows great Volkanovski really durable Ortega hope hate stops now. amazing.
probably would have. Except would have Ortega round, wouldnt issue.
Herb Dean: See? Ortega: Yes.
years when contract manager Salvage just called Feast Lawyers, theres extra component called Feast Hyper Media.
What card, respect around, that volkanosvki ortega fight.
Ortega walking Purge siren. What move.
266: Brian Ortega Octagon Interview Ultimate Fighting Championship.
Ortega after every round.
just realized Brian Ortega played Venom movie Collector with Shia LaBeouf. Thats dope cause that movie based L.A.
Never million years Ortega that.
Ortega back with ridiculous listen dude this point need some proof.
start time Volkanovski Ortega: Live stream, fight card, prelims, price, channel.
mind them People watch Ronaldo come opinion about guy.
Ortega improved little since more dominant yes.
Alexander Volkanovski Brian Ortega live fight stream.
GETS alexvolkanovski escapes Ortega's choke!
Volkanovski only wins away from having same amount unbeaten Khabib he's fought Aldo Holloway Chad Mendes Brian Ortega he's only goat contender.
Design made final Volkanovski Ortega 2021, this Saturday September Mobile Arena Octagon. Imagine getting this t-shirt signed fighters... credits
bonuses: Alexander Volkanovski Brian Ortega easy choice Fight Night
Tweets: Fighters react Alexander Volkanovskis slugfest with Brian Ortega, Nick Diaz loss
Alexander Volkanovski retains title bloody battle against Brian Ortega main event
Alexander Volkanovski Brian Ortega full fight video highlights
Volka Brian Ortega make hype saa.
fool Baba JOHN WICK.
convinced Brian Ortega long lost Diaz brother very least cousin.
Volk only stealing Citys soul gonna snatch Ortegas Modelo deal too.
Guy. read tweet downgrade Ronaldo just laugh.. Ronaldo 96-99 period like John Wick football.
Conor smaller than Ortega size typical featherweight.

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Volkanovski gave a thumbs up to this RATIO.

His thumb isnt even up yall are sober and bored.

You're one is be winner.

Volkanovski's pre-workout.

So deadly game.

The best fight ever.

Lol fucking beast!!!

So smart. Never know when a ref may just call a fight cause they think your not responsive.

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