Tuesday 6th of October 2020

Yesterday, Arsenal Mascot Gunnersaurus Was Let go by The Club After 27 Years. Today, Mesut Ozil Offered to Reimburse His Full Salary Vnulb.

Social Media Says

This is so sad. Surely we just keep the costume and put Ozil in it?
Mesut Ozil has offered to pay for Arsenal mascot Gunnersaurus to return to the club...
Mesut Ozil has offered to pay Gunnersaurus' salary after the man who plays the club mascot was made redundant after 27 years.
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Arsenal is not entitled to a pay-cut from Ozil or any other player just because revenues fell for one season. Do players ask for more money when Arsenal makes mega-profits? Did Arsenal share money with players when Emirates paid for Stadium Naming rights?

It absolutely is. Ozil makes more per day than the guy inside Gunnersaurus makes per year.
So the club didnt back Ozil in the DFB racism scandal, distanced themselves from him after his defence of Uighur Muslims in China and then leaked that he wouldnt take a pay-cut while 2 other players went unnamed... but Ozil is the toxic one is this situation?

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Arsenal's Mesut Ozil is offering to pay the full salary of club mascot Gunnersaurus, who was let go yesterday after 27 years, for "as long as ]he] will be an Arsenal player".
People talking about PR: as if the club didn't leak about Mesut Ozil about the wage cut trying to villianise him in the first place. Laughable!
Ozil with a PR move sent from the PR gods themselves.
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FilGoal News Ozil vows to take care of the salary of the Arsenal mascot so she wont leave.
It's a great gesture from Ozil & we know he does lots of good things for charities & good causes. However, this is also a PR masterclass designed to inflict further embarrassment on the club & prove the point he is willing to give up wages if it means actually saving jobs.

- If Arsenal rejects Ozil offer and still not recall Gunnersaurus, the public tag them the villian - If they recall him without Ozil offer, his gesture forced them to - If they accept it, Ozil is the hero Whatever way it goes, Ozil wins.

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Mesut Ozil, the first and only person to find 20 yards of space to take a solo pic in the Mataaf. And Arsenal thought he wont see this opening? Leemao.
Its really mad that fans would rather accuse Ozil of having some ulterior motives for his gesture than just be happy that he made the gesture in the first place. Any other player and there are no news. This fanbase has let his public fall-out with the club cloud their judgement.

Arsenal Fans real talk. Name 1 player in our midfield who is more creative or as creative as Ozil since you think he is done as a player. And please back it with actual evidence.
Mesut Ozil's tweet on Gunnersaurus got better numbers than our Thomas Partey announcement.
You know Ozil is fit and ready to play? And not being picked by the coach (who had him straight in the first team when he initially took over) under instructions from above because he spoke out about the genocide in China.. which youve been awfully quiet about.

Ozil is pocketing PS350K a week, that's a deal he agreed with the club, we shouldn't taint Mesut Ozil because of the money he pockets, when he refused to take a pay cut and other Arsenal players did, Stan Kroenke wealth increased by PS323M, Mesut Ozil was right, beautiful human.

Brilliant from Ozil winding up Arsenal fans even more!
Club dey embarrass player, you no wan make player embarrass club back. Una dey only remember respect and loyalty when e reach Ozil turn. I feel say na craze and ment.
Arsenal does not deserve Ozil [?].
Gunnersaurus when Arsenal are down 3nil but ozil wired the money.
Yesterday, Arsenal mascot Gunnersaurus was let go by the club after 27 years. Today, Mesut Ozil offered to reimburse his full salary Vnulb.
PR or whatever people may say, Mesut Ozil is a fantastic human being. Has gone out of his way on numerous times to help those needing it.
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Bellerin>Wan-Bissaka Luiz>>Bailly Tierney is 10x the player Telles is Ozil>Fernandes Pepe>>Greenwood Saka at left wing and Auba up front.
Ozil will leave in about 9 months - True. Until then, we'll keep defending him if he's in the right. And when he leaves, we'll move on to your next target and defend him with the same zeal and vigor.
Ozil is playing a dirty game. What will then happen to the mascot after ozil has run out his contract.
I'm old enough to know what beef smells like. There's something very personal about this Arsenal/Ozil thing. This is that "fuck your mum" beef.
Mesut Ozil Offers To Pay Arsenals Sacked Mascot.
Not taking sides as I and you dont know the full circumstances to make a valid opinion, however... Arsenal were one of the worlds greatest football clubs before Mesut Ozil and will remain after Mesut Ozil. The club is always bigger than any player. Amen.

Wasnt he also really keen on not taking a pay cut during the pandemic? (Ozil not Gunnersaurus).
So why una dey vex say Ozil offer him salary to give?
Basically "No Ozil = Gunnersaurus" .
It was not a direct action of the club, was it? What Ozil did today was directly in front of the media. Plus, he did not take the cut, whereas all but 2 others did. So even if the others are unknown, it shall be true for Ozil and that should be a point of ridicule.

Ozil needs to run for parliament, guys PR game is elite.
Mesut Ozil has offer to pay Gunnersaurus salary and bring back the Arsenal mascot Mesut is such a special human being, Gunnersaurus is officially back & The kids will be extremely happy. Wow What's there no to love about this football clubVVV.

This is pure class from Mesut Ozil. He's offered to pay for Jerry Quy's ]Gunnersaurus] salary, should he return to work...
I don't love Arsenal... but this is total CLASS. Respect Ozil and, of course.
Mesut Ozil is in my good books for this . Welcome back Gunnersaurus.
People were laughing when Bale was sitting on the bench collecting wages at Madrid doing golf poses but Ozil must receive hate when there is definitely more to it. Keep going Mesut.
I am still in the Partey mood when i heard of Mesut Ozil act of kindness get my hero back to the squad Asap Arsenal.
Till today, No1 other than Ozil was named as 1 of 3 players that didnt take a pay cut. Fans were left to demonize Ozil and play guess work on the other two, but he shouldnt do this not to embarrass the club, fear God Na? Haba.

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Ozil with another assist.
Kai Havertz (ozil is way better than him and Chelsea see him as their god or something meanwhile ozil is out of squad by this rubbish club) 2 hakim Ziyech 3 Gabriel maghalos.
Not ONCE did that Gunnersaurus prick EVER offer to pay Ozils wages. This makes todays gesture all the more powerful.
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Arteta constantly talks about attitude in training and on the pitch My favorite player Pepe doesn't start because of the same reason..Willock plays a lot of games because of the same reason If Ozil is on form just like KDB, he would definitely play... Arteta isn't stupid.

Also, imagine the plot twist whereby the guy was really happy to finally be out of the sodding dinosaur costume only to be told Ozil has insisted he go back in. Takes a much darker turn when you think of it that way.

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When Arsenal wanted players to take the pay cut, Mesut Ozil stood firm and said no to the idea. Despite a countable number of players taking a pay cut, Arsenal ended up ending the contracts of 55 staffs, the pay cut that was taken went straight to Kroenke's pocket, Mesut knew it.

I stopped supporting Germany's national team after what they did to ozil.
Kroenke is definitely the person who should be held the most accountable by far, that doesnt mean ozil should automatically get pardoned cuz someone else is worse.
Ozil undermining the bosses again. Pressuring Arsenal again. Starting to love him. Real guy.
Lmao dfkm help out ?? The players took paycuts and the club still made staff redundant they just pocketed up the money from the pay cuts if anything ozil was right not to take a paycut thats just free money for kroenke.

Bro, do you realize that with your comments so far, you are inadvertently supporting the fact that Ozil's intention here is not noble but simply an attempt to get one over the club.
Mesut Ozil has offered to pay the salary of Jerry Quy, the man who plays the role of Arsenal mascot Gunnersaurus after he was made redundant after 27 years.
Tears in my eyes for Ozil.

What You Really Think

This is the first time in a long time I have wanted Ozil to stay at the club.

Smart play by Ozil, now they can't let him go. If they do then it affects Gunnersaurus and he continues to get his massive pay packet.

*also long as he stayed an arsenal player. Hes making the team choose. Either he can look like the good guy or the team looks even worse.


Wenger out.

Did him dirty smh.

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I know which one earned his salary on the pitch, it aint Ozil.



He not left he was fire. And straight away SevillaFC_ENG sign him.