Saturday 1st of October 2022


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Partey starts Arsenal.
Usual stance from Arteta terms injuries, wouldn't give anything away comment individual players' fitness ahead game. Partey, Zinchenko, Tierney just said smiling: "They part team.".

Very soon Thomas Parteys shots will start finding back net. Fear Arsenal fans.
Partey Attending Emirates should prison.
Thomas Partey scores beauty Arsenal London derby.
ARSENAL take lead! What strike Goal from Partey [?].
Protect Thomas Partey costs.
Goal PAEY Assist WHITE Arsenal Spurs mins).
Thomas Partey better than Bruno Fernandes.
What open scoring!! Thomas Partey makes Arsenal with gorgeous finish after minutes!
Greenwood watching Partey Ronaldo ball week week out.
Thomas Partey scores. see!
I'll that Arteta managed freeze Aubameyang when suited he's kept playing Partey. None teammates seem have objections either.
Partey faked injury just play North London Derby
Ronaldo literally paid woman raped isn't allowed United States anymore because arrest warrant have justified partey being part that arsenal side just simply saying your club employs ronaldo despite similar charges.

Thomas Partey scores, Hueng should come out. Give Ghana World already!
Thomas Partey plays like Kante Arsenal plays like Casemiro Ghana, very useless.
Dont. just watched thomas partey score already mad.
Thomas Partey faked injury wont play Black Stars herh.
THOMAS PAEY What open scoring North London Derby.
GOAL Arsenal Spurs mins) hosts ahead! Thomas Partey scores opener, picking right-hand corner.
Partey begin [?].
Thomas Partey >> Sergio Busquets dont have time argue.
Precision Finesse Power Thomas Partey that goal goodness! This Shere quality.
partey after partey night.
Thomas Partey attempted shots from outside Premier League Arsenal: '''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''''''' '''''''''''''''''''' ''''''''''''[?] saving goal north London derby.

Thomas Partey clipped.
Thomas Partey faking injury just avoid playing Ghana best decisions career.
Partey what goal.
Uber collect from that place Partey shoot net.
Partey rinsed build criminal justice been served there.
absolute blinder from Thomas Partey!! Whaaaat!
Partey!!!! What strike first ever North London Derby goal!!
Thomas Partey goal.
surprised that partey gotten away with crimes, this always happened with powerful men.
That typical Partey goal. Always from outside beyond goalkeepers reach.
Partey Barcelona player they would have given ballon shouts already.
same people condemning Partey same people will defend Prince Andrew death. People forget that Cristiano Ronaldo rape charge hanging over over years. Barely criticism towards Ryan Giggs assaults too.

Goal partey.
Thomas Partey only hope World Cup. What goal.
Outrageous strike from Thomas Partey.
Thomas Partey already better premier league legacy than Gerard.
Chants were rapists, were rapists, were rapists, thats they like coming from North Bank following that Thomas Partey goal. Disgusting scenes.
Well, Thomas partey being celebrated, might well bring back Mason Greenwood.
this Partey that purportedly injured? Wow.
Partey scoring.
Thomas Partey better than Manchester United players,including Gigs Rooney.
Partey scoring return very dark.
This some strike Thomas Partey!
Partey picks spot and.
Thomas Partey stay games, Arsenal will Premier League.
Thomas Partey just scored goal season, what brilliant strikeeeeeeeee.
they couldn't block Partey's.
Thomas Partey cook Arsenal Ghana?? Problem!
Otto Addo expect Partey that starting against Brazil... Concert coach.
Thomas partey injured, miss games more goals than Cristiano Ronaldo this season. tell children Ronaldo considered GOAT.
Partey collecting match award.
Bend like Partey.
What goal partey dont play half does with national team.
Piers both Ronaldo Partey? There's only thing they have common it's.
Thomas Partey's first goal season beauty!
Mendy court about rapes somet. greenwood still waiting partey case looked dismissed, thats difference.
Thomas Partey already Arsenal legend!
feel same exact way, were playing very compact counter attacking really well, just well taken shot from Partey.
Thomas Partey given Arsenal lead with first season! What strike open scoring North London derby!
knew these days these outside shots from Partey would
WHAT GOAL PAEY game live stream.
Without injuries Thomas Partey dines same table with Michael Carrick!.
Partey scores!!!! What goalllll.
Damn Partey what strike.
Thomas Partey scoring goal outside Arsenal V Something RONALDO last 2018.
WHAT.A.GOAL!!!! Strike from another planet from Thomas Partey Arsenal
Thomas Partey finally done Wow, what hit.
Thomas Partey there schooling already, giving preview that World match will
Thomas Partey your mates against you.
Thomas Partey world. WHAT GOAL. Wonderful strike.
Inaki Williams goal yesterday, Partey goal today, Change Otto Addo will world cup.
Despite injury scare during international break, Thomas Partey starts Arsenal North London Derby.

What You Really Think


[?] Granit Xhaka is here and is not dream ! PremierLeague ARSTOT 1-0.

Lovely goal.

Why doesn't Gabriel J. give the ball to Saka?

Shouldn't be celebrating a rapist.

Hopes the partey has just started.

Raila watching too Arsenal! losing 2:1 to Hot spur. Live bet sure bet.

I was at school in my Geography lesson, and I asked my teacher what was the smallest sea. Is it the Mediterranean Sea? No he said. Is it the Carribean sea? No he said. Is it the Arabian Sea? No he said. By far the smallest sea is Spurs . I was embarrassed, its so obvious.

They can't bring him down..

Mamayoo partey!!

Big game player Partey is.

Partey..what a goal !

What a hit.

False accusations cant stop Partey!!!

Perfect time. Hes being trying it since he came.

Teach orlando pirates how to play like this.

No Thomas no Partey.

I don't care that he's a rapist, goal's a goal, trust me I'm an expert.

Incredible goal, North London is red [?].

Thomas without any doubt.

Warra consent for Thomas rapist !


Video of the goal.

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