Friday 29th of April 2022

]?]Sanction Patrick Nip Now Hong Kongs Secretary For Civil Service SanctionHKOfficialsNow Nip Currently Owns a Residential Flat in Islington (London), UK, Alongside His Partner.

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very special night Wayne Rooney, Patrick Vieira other 2022 inductees discuss honour being enlisted the.
love Texas love Texans. Thats running Governor. Because cannot nothing Greg Abbott Patrick destroy this great state hurt people.
Bill Hwang, founder private investment firm Archegos, Patrick Halligan, Archegoss CFO, have been charged with racketeering conspiracy alleged fraud that inflated firms portfolio billion.

Hello Patrick! live Eugene Oregon. Grandmother. have cats, Ollie wollie Baby. love them very much. Okay. now! Teri.
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Patrick Corbin lowered though, it's small things.
Putin plans stop Ukraine There time hesitate. Give Ukrainians: Heavy artillery, Armored vehicles, defense systems, Combat aircrafts. think possible only through sanctions with bare hands? ArmUkraineNow defend freedom!

Patrick, from South Carolina!
Hello Patrick your message reached Texas!
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Exactly. another country feels same they seize assets Americans. Cause Russians ethically compromised their connections they have done nothing legally wrong.
having hard time getting over story about police execution Patrick Lyoya back head. literally talks about helped "widows" "orphans" contains wedding photo surrounded African children.

Hello from Francisco, Patrick! This seagull decided photo bomb shot sunset think better photo with
Patrick Greatings from Germany.
Official reveal Patrick Stewart Professor MultiverseOfMadness Spot.
Times tough. After CEO, Mark Wahlburg, Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, sponsor Indycar, hire militia, film reality show, open stations, theres simply enough money office workers.

"Trump listened White House meetings phone calls allies including Sidney Powell, Mike Lindell, Patrick Byrne Rudy Giuliani stoked baseless conspiracy claims about voting machines other matters.".

Patrick journalist same Trump still president.
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National Outraged Nominees Statement that Cops Shoot Unarmed Black Every "Her statement false. knew then knows now... call JudiciaryDems SenJudiciaryGOP reject nomination." Read.

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Broncos best defensive draft picks this century Miller (1.2011) DL: Derek Wolfe (2.2012) LB: Danny Trevathan (6.2012) CB: Patrick Surtain (1.2021) S: Justin Simmons (3.2016).
Feels like dangerous precedent set.
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Great idea.

Is a great place to store assets for.

So called patriots, their actions are so honest.

So??... UK in wars outside their borders as well .

No rush, but urgent.

Patrick Nip, along with other Hong Kong puppet government officials, have to be accountable for the human rights abuses and loss of freedom in Hong Kong in the past 3 years please. Freezing assets and denying entry from free nations would be great!

ICYMIits time to do the right thing by demanding our admin & SecBlinken for imposing sanctions on these HongKong officials.

Hong Kong seperated from China due to British invasion. Never forget British invader ID.

The sanction on pro-CCP Hong Kong officials must have been imposed for years Patrick Nip is one of the worst puppets executing persecution against HKers under his CCP licking ass activities. Nip's property in overseas including in UK must be frozen by UK government.

To deal with these unscrupulous people, they will only oppress the people for their own benefit, only the most direct methods will be effective, like confiscation of their foreign property and cancellation of foreign passports of their relatives.

You all uphold the Joint Declaration: PRC has sovereignty over Hong Kong. Don't pretend anymore.

Islington? Very posh, and with easy access to Jeremy Corbyn who never criticize China.

No soul humanoid object, ccp characteristics.

The sanction list will be miles long.

So called "patriots" ==> Sell their people out for their own benefits.

Right call. More Hong Kong officials should be in the sanction list. In particular its time for UK to step up.

The NSL not forbid anyone to own property legally anywhere on the world. Whats your point/???

[?]HKW calls for a full audit of Hong Kong officials' assets overseas as a pathway to sanctions.

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