Tuesday 16th of March 2021

Patriots Making Moves in The Offseason - QB Cam Newton - OLB Matt Judon - TE Jonnu Smith - DB Jalen Mills - NT Davon Godchaux - OL Trent Brown NE is Going to Look Different This Year.

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Former Titans TE Jonnu Smith reached agreement with the Patriots on a 4year, $50 million deals that includes $31.25 million fully guaranteed, DrewJRosenhaus told ESPN.
More for the Patriots: Former Eagles DB Jalen Mills to the Patriots on a 4-year, $24 million deal including $9M guaranteed, DrewJRosenhaus tells ESPN.
A trade among old friends: The Patriots are trading OT Marcus Cannon to the Texans, sources say, in a deal that includes swapping picks. Cannon does return after a year away, but not in New England and Bill Belichick and Nick Caserio do a trade.

"Wow the Patriots signing everyone. Belichick trying to get another ring." Belichick.
The Patriots are working on a potential deal for wide receiver Kendrick Bourne, per sources. He's got multiple offers and still talking with teams but New England could get that done.
Matt Judon: 4 years, $56 million Jonnu Smith: 4 years, $50 million Jalen Mills: 4 years, $24 million Davon Godchaux: 2 years, $16 million Busy Monday afternoon for the Patriots' front office.
Trumpers often mistake me for kin. And I explain to them that REAL American Patriots care for the well-being other - to the point where we dont mind paying taxes to cover healthcare and wear masks to protect people we dont even know. Progressives reclaim patriotism!!!

WR Kendrick Bourne, who was identified as an under-the-radar target for New England, had a 6.73-second time in the 3-cone drill in 2017, which reflects short-area quickness that could translate well to what the Patriots value.

Former Patriots S Terrence Brooks reached agreement on a one-year deal with the Texans for $2 million, per DrewJRosenhaus.
Patriots have me like.
What should the so-called Covid Relief bill be called? I try to follow all Patriots who retweet my poll.
The Green Goblin goes to New England.
By the way, as jeffphowe reported, it sounds like the Patriots are talking to multiple receivers. Stay tuned.
Im hearing that the Patriots are still aggressively pursuing Curtis Samuel. The bidding war for Samuel has been even busier than expected, but Patriots are the clear front runners for the dynamic young playmaker.

*Stimulus Check hits* New England Patriots .
Patriots making moves in the offseason - QB Cam Newton - OLB Matt Judon - TE Jonnu Smith - DB Jalen Mills - NT Davon Godchaux - OL Trent Brown NE is going to look different this year.
Patriots went and got CameronNewton a TE1.
The Patriots and WR Kendrick Bourne are working towards a potential deal, per.
Big deal for chiefs after letting the tackles go.
8th Grade Pike Central Charger Shootout Champs! Congrats Patriots.
Get this deal done quickly Patriots I was just doing my HW on Bourne. Would be a really good pickup.
The Texans are signing former Patriots safety Terrence Brooks to a one-year deal worth $2 million, according to RapSheet & AdamSchefter. Listen to ClintStoerner & RealRonTheShow react here.
Patriots overpaying people. This really is a new era of football.
Will the Patriots make a splash day 1 of free agency? The Patriots.
FBI is harassing Oath Keepers & knocking on their doors. They try to put as many patriots in prison as they can. It's Stalinist persecution campaign to suppress the opposition to the coup that is being done right now by the left in the country right now & by the deep state.

Patriots top pass rushers Donta Hightower Matt Judon Josh Uche Chase Winovich.
Underlying story in Patriots signing Ravens Pro Bowl OLB Matt Judon is Pats conducted private workout with him at Grand Valley State. Intel gathered during pre-draft process isnt necessarily all about the current draft. Oftentimes it helps five years later when players hit FA.

Bring me Curtis Samuel. With Jonnu already in the mix, we are talking schemed touches and YAC for days.
Former Panters WR Curtis Samuel reached agreement with the Patriots on a 4year, $48 million deals that includes $29.75 million fully guaranteed, caafoundation told ESPN.
NEWS: the Patriots will sign former Ravens EDGE/LB, Matthew Judon. Massive Free Agency for Bill B. and co.
I cant wait to see CameronNewton go to work this season with a full off season with the Patriots! Dude a baller man, yall be tripping!
Anyone retweeting fake Schefter or Rap accounts today catches an insta-block.
The Patriots and Drew Rosenhaus right now.
Fake accounts pretending to be Patriots is a fairly common phenomena.
2/11 There were three stop the Steal rallies, same organizers and same speakers N14, D12, J6 all with the same message, 'Christ is King' and the election was stolen from Trump and the Patriots needed fight like hell to take their country back.

The Patriots are paying top-of-market prices for players coming off their best seasons to play major roles. That's the opposite of how it's done. Today is a disaster for them that's being reported as a triumph.

And his "plan" against Covid_19 has killed more people in 60 days than Trump in a whole year. JoeBiden AstraZeneca Patriots.
Seeing Belichick and the Patriots pissed off is what I LIVE FOR! FUCK A REBUILD! WE RELOAD!
Patriots spending their stimulus check as fast as they can in an effort to try and catch the Bills.
In this video I predict that Ju Ju Smith Schuster will sign with the New England Patriots in NFL Free Agency NFL NFLNews nflrumors.
Yahoo! Sports: Report: Patriots re-signing DE Deatrich Wise .
REPO Patriots and LB Dont'a Hightower are finalizing a contract restructuring that will free up $6M in additional cap space this year. Looks like the Patriots aren't done, per.
All day, $doge all night.
Is this a hint Accepting dogecoin as payment on Patriots Merch Shop in near future.
The Patriots are spending money?!?!? They mustve gotten their stimmy today.
Surprised that Nigerians who congratulated JoeBiden when he won, now condemn me for congratulating BurnaBoy and WizkidAyo for their Grammy and say they are sinners. Look at what Biden stands for and what these youths stand for. I choose these patriots any day!

What receiver do you think is more realistic for the Patriots? Kenny Golladay or JuJu?
Holy s**t, Patriots give Jalen Mills 4 year, 24 million. Good for him! Like him or not, Green Goblin always gave 110 % and was bleeding green through and through in his 5 years in Philadelphia.
Hes checking out the.
Patriots, LB Matthew Judon agree to four-year, $56 million deal. ( RapSheet TomPelissero) by.
This the most black players the patriots ever signed.
Miami Dolphins' Davon Godchaux agrees to deal with New England Patriots in free agency .
Favorite FA signings so far: Jonnu Smith to Patriots John Johnson III to Browns Jason Verrett retained by.
RUMORS: Patriots are speaking to a few WRs, per jeffphowe Im sure Kendrick Bourne isnt the only one they have spoken/are speaking to.
This is a big time move for the Chiefs---plus took him away from the Patriots who still wanted him started in SB his first 3 years (according to the Patriots he is the only player to ever do that in the history of the league) versatile winner.

The Patriots aren't close to being done...
Patriots fans today.
Idk if Id call that mad and I agree they had to upgrade, but its fair to question if giving guys big deals based off their best years of production is smart, especially when we gave the patriots so much credit for doing the opposite in every year before this pretty much.

DL Deatrich Wise has agreed to return to the Patriots, per a source.
Does this mean dogecoin will be accepted?
Belichick once the Pats sign Kenny Golladay.
League source confirms the Patriots have signed tight end Jonnu Smith and nose tackle Davon Godchaux. Smith gets four years, $50 million, Godchaux two years, $16 million. AdamSchefter first with the news.

Do you see it?
Patriots board ... NT Davon Godchaux: 2 years, $16 million. OLB Matthew Judon: 4 years, $56 million. DB Jalen Mills: 4 years, $24 million. TE Jonnu Smith: 4 years, $50 million. Smith and Judon = now the highest paid skill and defensive players in team history.

The Patriots jumped right into FA. React all night w/ MutWEEI starting at 6 - Pats spend big - are you on board? - WR Watch is on - JumboHart joins in at 7P - The QB Plan - Brady and the Bucs reload Your call/tweets all night.

So far... *Trade for Trent Brown *Re-sign Cam Newton *Sign Jonnu Smith *Sign Matthew Judon *Sign Davon Godchaux *They'll get LB Dont'a Hightower and S Patrick Chung back after they opted out. And more is coming... Bill is going for it.

Its easy to see this as politicalization. But, I dont think thats the point she was making. Guamanians are patriots is more to the point. Its something Greene can actuallysee, given the uniforms. But your point is well taken.

What color is it in your world, wowxn? Conservative patriots are extremely in the CA minority so no power grab. Dude has stolen individual freedom from working people, not empowered. It is difficult to imagine how he could have made things worse. He followed the wrong science.

Wouldnt fear these two patriots for Trump who were arrested in the assault on Brian Sicknick, a police officer who died after the January 6, 2021 insurrection because they were not affiliated with Black Lives Matter.

What You Really Think

Brady and the Bucs still gonna destroy Belichick Pats in the upcoming season.


Then hes gunna top it off with a solid rookie QB (I know they signed Cam).


These moves are actually so unimpressive.

He does this every year!! Master of free agency. Patriots are coming back strong next season.

Patriots when brady won his 7th.

Get Cam a receiver or two and maybe you have something decent.

NE is going tO lOoK DiFFEreNt tHis YeAR" No shit lol.

Every team is going to look different!

It would sound ok if Cam wasnt involved.

All this for Brady to win his 8th ring LMAOOO.

I really hate yall.

My team back in business.

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