Monday 29th of June 2020

Commissioner Drew Harris And Assistant Commissioner Paula Hillman Supporting This Years Virtual Pride Parade.

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TONIGHT: Join Faith in America: Evangelicals for Trump hosted by jepence with special guests Paula_White, JohnnieM and NHCLC's Rev. Samuel Rodriguez at 8:00 pm ET! RSVP.
Let every weary, weak, wilderness place in your life, heart and mind be watered by the Holy Spirit tonight! In the name of Jesus!
Rumours on douban and weibo are literally rumours for a reason. anybody can make one up as long as they have an account and are good in writing stories. i too, have heard a rumour from douban . yuyan taught gordon ramsay how to cook and yuxin has a master degree in drawing.

If anyone has anything they'd like to say about Paula, Jason has now given us permission. I'll start: She took advantage of what the state had to offer to improve her position, which is great. Then she shat on everybody below her and pulled up the ladder.

Choke on your "well played, good game old mate" sportsmanship shit. Paula Bennett is a murderer like every other bloody-handed perpetrator of austerity.
Paula Bennett is a piece of shit who did her best to starve out the working poor and bludgeoned us with nasty leaks when anyone tried to fight back. The austerity politics she forced on the country have a bodycount attached - kids dead of rheumatic fever, the old and the sick.

Cant wait for the inevitable Trotter piece about how Paulas retirement shows that National doesnt care about W*itakere M*n.
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This is how Paula White became White House liaison to faith community. Randy her past husband was treating trump, who suffers surface tension real bad, with surfactants. Call Paula to see if she has a flocculent still. . . She came and delivered. Tampa shout out! he'll yeah!

Physically i am two days away from july, emotionally i am still processing february.
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Amen lndeed He's the Waymaker Miracle Worker Promise Keeper of my life.
Paula would like you to see her hot ass . come on let's play for free and fun.
I'll miss paula bennet But my aim is getting better!
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This is not an explanation. You've cancelled your flight and you've to refund. I had read the same before booking the flights. If you do not provide this politely, I will have to take a stricter action.

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Paula Bennett is probably our most notable class traitor. She abused beneficiaries so severely it resulted in a shooting in Ashburton. National picked her to front this assault on our societies most disadvantaged, because she is lower working class herself.

I agree with you, in Jesus name. Amen.
AMEN THANK YOU MY LORD JESUS VnulbVnulbVnulbVnulbVnulbVnulbVnulbVnulbVnulbVnulbVnulbVnulbVnulbVnulbVnulbVnulbVnulbVnulbVnulbVnulb.
For the other two - Paul Vennells' letter is examined here: and Fujitsus effort is here.
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Amen. Wao! This is direct. Thank you, father. Hallilluja.
She isnt an absolute champ for doing this. She did it in a cynical attempt to get people to say aww, Paula was an absolute champ rather than Paula condemned thousands to a cruel and inhuman poverty.
Time will tell.
I don't blame Paula Bennett for leaving. After years of loyalty and solid work upholding National principles, she was delegated to 13 on the list and her job given to a leftie who is a carbon copy of Jacinda. She would have seen the writing on the wall re next election too.

He will receive blessing from the Lord and righteousness from the God of his salvation. Psalm 24:5 ESV.
Politics will never be normal in Australia while one side is fully supported by nutcase racist media proprietors hellbent on using their media assets to protect their vested interests. The Liberal/IPA/Murdoch influence is a deadweight cancer on Australian society.

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New Zealand right now after hearing Paula Bennett is leaving...
Yes! But make sure to take the croissants out of the plastic bag first!
Amen, thanks, ma'am.
Some credit for this spike must go to those responsible for running the disinformation campaign that DanielAndrewsMP's restrictions were too tight, that he was power crazed & behaving like a dictator. Tim Smith MP Georgie Crozier MP Murdoch Media Sky News Take a bow.

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: Paula Bennett joins Tom Sainsbury for retirement dance.
The Lord is our strength, he sustains us and fights our battles while we sleep. He's got the Victory prepared for us every morning.
That was dreadful, but the thing Ill never forget was the way Paula/MSD treated the Coronors report into the death of Wendy Shoebridge; first they hounded her to suicide, then ->.
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When you are faced with a reasonable question that you know in your heart is correct, and you know the right answer but are afraid or unwilling to express it, yup, people run-away from the situation. This was a moral clash. Paula asked a fantastic question.

John Key, mother raised him on the domestic purposes benefit in a state house, Paula Bennett, raised her kids the same way. Both got free tertiary education. Horrendous then, that in government they dismantled the system for others. Hypocrites.

I believe with faith that Jesus Christ will locate me at the point of my need through his riches in glory Amen.
Well thats a lie. You dumped her quicker than rancid meat. And for a younger blonde. Paula was an appallingly cruel horrible woman who did untold damage to women and children. If you admire that then that says who you are.

I was working for _AAAP_ when Paula's welfare reforms were rolling out and devastating families. Her legacy is very grim, families suffered so much because of her. Good riddance.
Paula Bennetts legacy is her unwavering commitment to creating a crueler and less humane welfare system. So many people have suffered unnecessarily because of her. Shes condemned so many New Zealanders to abject poverty. Good riddance.

Paula Bennett is leaving Parliament, meaning the highest ranked Maori in Todd Mullers team is at number 16.
Yes! He's got all of us in the palm of his hand!
Paula Bennetts legacy will be plunging thousands of families into hardship through the introduction of more arbitrary benefit sanctions in Govt. NZGreens Poverty Action Plan will remove all sanctions and build an income support system that is based on support, not punishment.

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This campaign is about standing up & saying we arent going to wait for our elected officials to act in our best interests. Our movement is strong & our ideas align with what The People demand. Pitch in now & lets show the world what NotMeUs can do!

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Sick twisted degenerates!

The amount of fake accounts commenting on this is astonishing.

Absolutely brilliant. Commissioner Harris showing support for all minorities . Clearly Harris is a breath of fresh air in the Garda organisation . He is also leading from the front on ridding the G.S. of the corruption of the previous decades.

Really good to see the gardai taking part in this. Maybe they will also consider a black lives matter theme, women's rights and a free Palestine theme also. Great job Drew.

You look like a bunch of clowns. Well done.

Im loving the colours i dont care what your religion colour sexuality is we all live on the island and we all get on.

Shameful spending money that could go where it's needed more.

Maybe paint them black to support Floyd? This whole world goes wrong.

Biodh naire oraibh. Is leir nach bhfuil oiread agus giota ar an bheirt ud sin ach caithfidh se go bhfuil GS fagtha a dtuigeann go bhfuil muintir na tire dubh in eadan na truiflise seo.

And you wonder why you lost on control on the crime in Dublin !

Virtue Signalling from a countries police force!?