Wednesday 19th of August 2020

Just When I Thought I Couldn't Hate This Woman Anymore: "Pauline Hanson Calls For Young Transgender Children to be Removed From Parents." Unbelievably ignorant. Can She Just Shut up And Not Talk About Things She Knows Nothing About?! She is The Poster Child For Boomers.

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Less than 20 years ago, the Australian Government apologised for the Stolen Generation. Now Pauline Hanson is calling for another. This should be enough to have her censured or removed from Parliament.

Latham, a member of Hanson's party, has legislation in NSW parliament around "parental rights" banning any teaching on gender or sexuality. This should make it pretty clear it's just transphobia and nothing to do with parental rights.

Here's some heavy-duty gear - Pauline Hanson claims authorities have "falsified" COVID death data and says "I won't be forced by the Prime Minister to have an inadequately tested vaccine" (also says she doesn't get the flu vaccine).

Pauline even though what you say is incorrect, that is your choice. The majority of Australians will take up the vaccine to be vaccinated against your nonsensical propaganda.
One day they have you smiling...the next day they have you questioning everything about them.
We couldn't get a polar bear, close enough..
Preferably Pauline wouldnt be offered a vaccination.
PS Shell be first in line for a jab after no airline will fly her (business class) internationally without one. Dont forget. Our Pauline LOVES the finer things in life.
I think those days are gone forever .
Pauline I have nothing but admiration for you.
So it wasnt just that he was on 2GB that Morrison back flipped over the mandatory covid vaccine. It was also because he has to keep Pauline Hanson happy. This is the story of the Liberal government.
Being married to me is fun if you enjoy people falling asleep mid-conversation.
My tweets suck but at least Im consistent.
The One Choice That Can Change Your Life Forever.
The holographic stuff is my new obsession.
Pauline I have voted for you and support you. I am surprised at your attitude regarding this vaccination. Which one of your children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters would you not care about if, inadvertently you passed on the virus to them. Like Polio, vaccinations protect all!

How many years until I will be able to wear a red ball cap again?
I never used to be a big fan of Pauline. Im rapidly changing my mind.
If this customer service rep calls me "Sir" one more time I'm going to physically go through the phone and strangle him.
.PaulineHansonOz has ranted against the Prime Ministers remarks about a mandatory COVID-19 vaccine, saying she wont be having it.
Tick tock, it's Furry O'Clock... "An asthma sufferer like Ernesto Guevara..." It's Hermann Loves Pauline Re-tweet if you love this one!
Too young for a reverse mortgage, too old for a tree house.
Thx Pauline, knew you'd be in the case.
Hes serious.
I personally need her to have the vaccine running through her veins, because if we lose pauline to covid, where will i get my politics based seratonin from.
Happy Birthday !!
Your hubby sounds like a real hoot! Too funny!
Pauline Parker (Lynskey) and Juliet Hulme (Winslet). When the film was being made AnnePerryWriter announced that her real name was infact JulietHulme who helped her friend PaulineParker murder her OWN mother. Because she wouldn't allow Pauline to go and live with Juliet and.

My husband just declared my friend too hoity toity because she has an air fryer.
Unpopular opinion but Im in favour of Pauline Hanson not getting vaccinated and then dying in pain from a highly communicable virus. Choice is choice.
My darling, David This has been the most pleasant Twitter Poetry Roast Throwdown But as the sun begins to set Her last golden hues kissing goodnight to the trees I too must be gone get For I'd be sad to have to bring you to your knees For real though it's bedtime Nighty night.

OMG I laughed. Goodnight bespectacled one.
Zero big sky thinking from politicians. China is creating cities of the future whilst we have Palmer and Pauline spewing racist jaded tropes.
For Australians- about time people realise what labour and liberals are! Im giving Pauline her shot next election- sick of fat bastards selling snake oil!
Wow- you really just don't like women do you? Weak, beta-man = woman according to you. I'm surprised you like Pauline Hanson- she's a weak, beta man, you know.
Lol good old Pauline, hangs around with the qanon crowd but then votes for big business and the liberals every time.
Oh nonnn horrible.
Fuck I love her sometimes. Go Pauline.
Dont usually agree with Pauline but I think on this she has a point. My own issue is why we would vaccinate anyone under 60 (unless they want to be vaccinated) given the low risk. But in particular our kids.

Resident crackpot Pauline Hanson doesnt want the COVID vaccine, reminding all Australians that you dont need a medical degree or intellegence to deep fry fish or hold a seat in our senate.
Awww Happy Birthday Peanut!!
It would appear PaulineHansonOz speaks for the majority of your readers. Pauline for PM.
This is simply a smoke screen. Parents need to know that no, absolutely no, HVAC projects will be completed before the school year starts. At best, filters will be changed and vents cleaned. (this has already been done by caretakers as part of their summer cleanup routine.).

1980s pauline and peach meet for the first time.
Wow. So 17 years ago, the political systems in Australia were so corrupt, they sent Pauline Hanson to jail for a crime she didnt commit. Think about that for a minute. Now think about the fact that they have never changed and this woman has never backed down.

I always said "if you need a good man for the job, hire a woman".
Shut the fuck out Pauline just shut the fuck up and I want listen to anything you got to fucking say.
I loved the ending and the surprise encounter with Edgar. Cannot wait for book 6.
Well said Pauline!
Appearance. That his tattoos were the reason I was being so critical of him.
Its so beautiful.
Just when I thought I couldn't hate this woman anymore: "Pauline Hanson calls for young Transgender children to be removed from parents." Unbelievably ignorant. Can she just shut up and not talk about things she knows nothing about?! She is the poster child for boomers.

Pauline keeps asking where her husband is and Im like :((( because we have to tell her hes gone each time.
Its not just me either which is the sad thing. My coworkers have all cried out of frustration from arguments with guests. Two cried mid shift after guest have disrespected them for following rules. Today alone I had a guy say that I mistreated him and then said it was bc of.

White people love referring to protests as everything going on.
The ONE time I agree with Pauline.. ahahaa.
Do you have a crush on asahi or are you not okay OurTreasureAsahiDay Yi Fu Yi Zhuan _Duan Da Yi _Lang geokXun _Bang Bi.
Thank you Pauline for speaking up and fighting for the rights of the people! Exactly what the silent majority are thinking/feeling.
Just heard Pauline Hanson is refusing vaccine. Need lots more public figures to speak up.
These chicks were being shipped by a meat farmer, Pauline Henderson of Pine Tree Poultry, who, as the headline points out, is out thousands of dollars because she wasnt able to kill the chicks herself and turn their bodies into profit.

We were so fortunate HelenKillaspy presented at Psychosis Australia symposium "Rewiring Circuits" in Sydney in early March before borders closed. May the momentum continue despite impact of COVID-19.
Hawkesbury Obiri Winds of War Stellar Pauline Carif Warnnambool Tonnarello Confusion.
Bikini Pauline V commissioned by.
What did he think was going to happen.
So interesting because the people who vote for pauline (my mum, apparently) are terrified of this virus and will be the first in line for the vaccine turns out they value life.
When that kpop group's subunit went underwater for their concept photos.
Pauline Hanson saying she wont have any COVID19 vaccine is surely a good argument to have the vaccine No jab, no fly I say. The luddites & loonies can slide ever further into the dark crevices where they belong.

The hotel employee said not today! Why did she knock her in the head with the phone like that though?!
Six women of awesome. Debbie Harry of Blondie, Viv Albertine of The Slits, Siouxsie Sioux of the Banshees, Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders, Poly Styrene of X-Ray Spex and Pauline Black of The Selector. London 1980.

Well don Pauline. Dont have the vaccination.
What a terrible person Pauline Hanson is - she doesn't give a stuff about anybody except herself. Pauline Hanson rants against mandatory COVID vaccination.
Still need the backstory.
The sexual tension between my skull and the wall right now.
I live born and bred in remote rural Queensland. I can't remember last time a politician came to our town except Pauline Hanson years ago.
Chicago officials raised the bridge not knowing a group was still crossing!
I miss life before corona.
The PO isn't destroyed & tell me seriously why you need so much your postal vote without proper verification? They didn't win the election, trump did, and since then democrats have been nothing but sore losers. If u want to destroy democracy, at least change your party name.

Thank You Pauline Hanson Great speech May God Bless You always.
I'm with Pauline! I'm not going to be TOLD to get a vax & be a guinea pig...
Pauline's brain activity has about a day of latency. Tomorrow she will work out the vaccine announcement was a sham.

What You Really Think

. I am a boomer and I strongly object to your classification of boomers as a whole. Hanson is a repulsive and stupid trouble-making woman. You would search among my boomer peers to find one person who agreed with her.

No way is she a poster child for baby boomers ... thats very insulting . Most boomers think shes a nut case.

I am pretty sure Pauline and her knuckle-dragging ilk are quite practiced in the methodology of taking children away from their parents for arbitrary reasons. Its their go-to option of choice. No thinking; no evidence; no accountability. Perfect in every way.

Pauline's denied boomers the right to live in dignity by voting with Morrison for no transparency in Aged Care and she's no doubt against pension increase. Those little transgender children have loving grandparents - Boomers.

This boomer detests her with every fibre.

Queenslanders I'm calling on a day of protest on the 31st of August for anyone mistreated by the Queensland border closure to meet at Tweed Heads and march over the Queensland border in defiance of the border laws. The Constitution states laws must be consistent with Fed laws.

Hanson desperately seeking attention again ...

Agree with everything you said except the last bit!!!! Definitely not a pin up for boomers! For the uninformed - maybe, for the small minded - maybe. Her followers are not limited to a particular age demographic.

I am not referring to the Baby Boomer generation. Boomer as in 'OK Boomer'. The phrase has been used as a retort for perceived resistance to technological change, climate change denial, marginalization of members of minority groups, or opposition to younger generations' ideals.].

Im a boomer - Paulines views are abominable! Please dont make the assumption that all baby boomers admire her. I loathe everyone of her opinions.

I hate her so much and more after seeing this, not that I thought it was possible. My mother is a boomer and adores her, I can see how you got the boomer thing. I know heaps of boomers that detest her however.

No she is not!

She is NOT Boomers poster child. Her constituents gun toting Queenslanders all ages. Ageism discrimination.

She's a narrow minded, petty, individual with no clue about pretty much anything at all. I call for her to be removed from the public sphere.

Is it child abuse?, is it parents being trendy? If a man taking his son to bid on an auction is called child abuse, why cant this be questioned?

She is getting desperate for a few moments in the media. I wish she had people around her she could trust.

Well when kids as young as 3 are being forced into a different sex she kinda has a point. Its child abuse. No child knows they are transgender at 3. Many of these kids are gonna hate the parents down the line for pushing their political views on them. I disagree with her kinda.

Im a baby boomer. Shes no poster child of mine.

Heartless. to be expected from a narcissist. Go away cruel old lady.

Hey, fair go on the boomers, I am tail-end charlie and I assure you I abhor this woman, even since Pauline Mark 1. Live and let live is my motto, and don't be a dickhead. Just dog-whistling again, hoping she is still relevant.

Not this boomer! I hate her.

Pauline still hold office.

Shes so ugly as wellpick a struggle woman.

I've never seen or heard of this woman before, but I already despise her.

I call for her to be removed... From earth.

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