Tuesday 28th of April 2020


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Pentagon declassifies three previously leaked top secret Navy videos of "unexplained aerial phenomena"and that some believe could show UFOs.
Pentagon formally releases 3 Navy videos showing "unidentified aerial phenomena".
Aliens Exist? These three videos are among the most famous UFO clips ever, and this recent release suggests military airmen have viewed them and the Pentagon researched their validity.
Pentagon just confirmed UFO sightings so I told the aliens to pull up lol.
2020 is so fucking wild that the Pentagon just confirmed UFOs and its barely news.
The Pentagon have officially published three videos containing real footage of UFOs.
2020 is.
Just when we make jokes about aliens not existing then boom.
We gon wake up to this tomorrow now that the pentagon released proof that aliens exist.
BREAKING: The Pentagon has released this alien clip amongst other UFOs footage.
UFO or UAP? Heres why the US Pentagon declassified the 40 miles/min object footage now.
Pentagon releases three UFO videos taken by US Navy pilots.
The Pentagon has officially released three short videos showing "unidentified aerial phenomena" that had previously been released by a private company.
Pentagon officially releases UFO videos.
Pentagon: uhm so yeeeaa aliens existme:.
The Pentagon: After decades of denying it, heres proof that Aliens exist.The South:.
Pentagon declassifies three previously leaked videos taken by Navy pilots that show unidentified aerial phenomena, which some claim are UFOs.
This and the Pentagon sponsored UFO. And poison delivered to Eastern Europe. Betcha our pres. is scrubbing his doorknobs. Meanwhile listen to Jon Meachams great podcast; Hope through History. Sleep well.
Me at 4am when the releases UFO footage.
pentagon responding to babe, my parents want to see you texts- a thread -.
Pentagon officially releases 3 videos showing UFOs.
Everyone 2 months ago: Damn 2020s been crazy, whats next, aliens exist?The Pentagon:.
"Look at that thing!"Pentagon declassifies three previously leaked top secret Navy videos of "unexplained aerial phenomena"and that some believe could show UFOs.
A sign of how strange these times are. The Pentagon released legit pictures of a UFO today and its not even trending on Twitter.
The Pentagon declassified the videos in an effort "to clear up any misconceptions by the public on whether or not the footage that has been circulating was real or whether or not there is more to the videos," a spokesperson says.
The is confirming the existence of UFOs. I knew some alien related shit was gonna come up soon. 2020 is so unbelievable that Im just expecting the unexpected now.
THE PENTAGON declassifies new UFO tapes and the internet rightfully freaks out:.
Another US Naval UFO sighting that was officially declassified by the Pentagon today. This occurred during a combat training exercise off the coast of Southern California in November, 2004. Known as the USS Nimitz UFO incident.
Welp, pentagon just released videos of ufo sightings. What the fuck is 2020?
I honestly dont understand this whole thing rn. Like didnt they release ufo findings or something before? Like a yr or so ago? Why is everyone losing their shit rn.
Live footage from inside the Pentagon after discovering unexplained ariel phenomena.
2020 is so fucking wild that the Pentagon just confirmed UFOs/aliens exist and its barely news.
This is real! released three declassified videos on Monday, filmed by navy pilots, that show "unidentified aerial phenomena." The videos were leaked previously, and some claimed they were .
So apparently the Pentagon confirmed Now Im just waiting for Paul to show up.
The $64,000 question: WHY is the Pentagon releasing in the middle of a pandemic?
The Pentagon has declassified videos showing unexplained "aerial phenomena," which were previously leaked. The Defense Department in 2017 confirmed to the New York Times that a secret $22 million program existed to investigate UFOs (Video ).
TLDR: No, those are not alien spacecraft in the Pentagon footage.
Pentagon: t freak out but UFOs are real. Us, having dealt with 2020 thus far:.
The pentagon declassifies videos of UFOs and nobody gives a damn lmao. 2020 is fire.
Pentagon declassifies footage of UFOs caught by US Navy pilots 2004-2015 in order to dispel any stigma around reporting sightings by pilots.
Its like a Circus Pentagon cant hide this clown & his circus show even If they publish a real s video.
Footage declassified by the Pentagon today shows "unexplained aerial phenomena (UFOs) recorded by a US Navy pilot during training exercises in 2015.
The increase in paranormal activity are signs of something coming.Close both eyes and see with the Third eye.Be still and Ye shall know.

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I hear Biden sexually assaulted the Aliens in the halls of the Senate.

intelligent?their design?dark matter virus?

Why come now when we have a virus going around the whole planet?1. They gave it to us to make us more palatable2. They gave it to us to control us3. They didnt know China gave it to us and are gonna be surprised when they get here they cant control or eat us.

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