Tuesday 27th of April 2021

Australias Home Affairs Secretary Michael Pezzullo Has Told Defence Staff to Get Ready to Fight And Said The Drums of War Are Beating Amid Rising Tensions With China. 9News Details.

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Australias Home Affairs secretary Michael Pezzullo told defence staff ready fight said drums beating amid rising tensions with China. 9News Details.
tensions build with China, Australia's most powerful national security figures talks 'beating drums war' Australia must prepared 'send off, again, warriors fight'.

'Drums war': Home Affairs Secretary says 'precious liberty' must lost message staff.
Mike Pezzullo banging on about the beating drums of war in the Indo Pacific region . Xi Jin Ping must have pissed himself hearing that .not with fear I'm guessing.
This jumped-up Pezzullo character seems think Winston Churchill.
This insane auspol Home Affairs Secretary Mike Pezzullo warns 'drums war' beating message staff News.
Dutton Pezzullo acquiring kits instruments their band, Drums War?
rear PekingDuck Pezzullo culo. wonder google translate will work?
send off, again, warriors fight"? Dutton calls team! Home Affairs Secretary Mike Pezzullo warns 'drums war' beating message staff News.
lads cried Captain Pezzullo. Give buggers taste cold steel
What's with these two beating their toy drums of war. They both look like cartoon villains.
That tosser Pezzullo should be explaining to all our exporters who have their backs to the wall how his stupid war rhetoric is the reason our trade is up shit creek. Get the nutters out or politics.
Where start! Morrison weird laying hands, public servant, Michael Pezzullo talking about drums war, just over prepared vaccinated. Morrison must spend less time religion more time challenges facing nation!

Michael Pezzullo pontificating prospect war. Seems rules public servants, your mate PeterDutton_MP what want. youre member CPSUnion lose your right voice your opinion probably your job!

What these lunatics Morrison govt smoking? War with China? Unthinkable. they spruiking it? Home Affairs Secretary Mike Pezzullo warns 'drums war' beating message staff.

Nothing changes. Bring back leaders lead wars. Thered less sure. Pezzullo going white horse lead warriors
Could someone on staff pls take Mikes drum away? Cheers.
Global drums of war are beating, Home Affairs Secretary Mike Pezzullo warns in message to staff.
What fuck? "Home Affairs Secretary Mike Pezzullo warns 'drums war' beating" meanwhile warns social media 'used evil one', speech Christian conference" auspol witnessing civilisiation collapsing just me?

Strangelove, here come. Home Affairs Secretary Pezzullo claims "drums war" beating Australia must prepared send "our warriors fight". role government reduce war, encourage This government going mad.

presumably Stokes Nelson will soon planning billion Pezzullo wing AWM.
This very ill-advised language from public figure.
With Captain Pezzullo leading from the rear.
speech, Pezzullo, warned that Australia must prepared send off, again, warriors fight". Pezzullo, It's none business. like, You'd better send your father, your brothers sisters battlefield.

More drums talk War. What good for? Absolutely nothing Home Affairs Secretary Mike Pezzullo warns 'drums war' beating message staff.
Ill wait here for you to get back, Captain Pezzullo added.
Many people (including AndrewBGreene) forget that General Douglas Macarthur advocated nuclear weapons Korean war. Home Affairs Secretary Mike Pezzullo warns 'drums war' beating message staff.

Pezzullo reminds minor character Death Stalin.
cyclist with your car, break their collarbone drive before police arrive, probably shouldn't advising potential war.
Ill believe all this drums of war rhetoric when Morrison, Dutton, Hunt and Pezzullo are at the frontline, wearing military fatigues and dodging bullets. Until then, its kids with toys, talking about their boy fantasies.

Pezzullo cracked head.
Dutton Pezzullo making stories about imminent with China, Morrison claims doing gods work whatever, this worst version start Monty Python script.
just want confirm that this individual elected speak behalf? clumsy right now.
war-propaganda, screaming lies hatred, comes invariably from people fighting George Orwell.
Perhaps he should be seeking the pipes of peace then. Pezzullo, like Dutton, has flourished on dog whistling, exaggeration and fear.
Home Affairs Secretary Michael Pezzullo soon tipped move Defence says must brace 'curse war' tensions with China rise.
Home Affairs secretary Michael Pezzullo's note staff about "the drums war": excessive language strikes wrong note 2021 1930s. needs chill".
Dutton Pezzullo lining Australia against China, ffs!
Home Affairs Secretary Mike Pezzullo warns 'drums war' beating message staff. This dangerous clever idiot. Labor should sack when they in.Mirandaprorsus radio_austin PhillipAdams_1 By.

More like "the gums of war are flapping" ...
elderly relative refused march ANZAC glorified war. Unpopular opinion these days agree. When power freaks like Dutton Pezzullo spruiking back Anzac feelings confirmed tenfold. Fuck these guys.

When Pezzullo gets Defence he'll shock life learn armed forces aren't that big, Australia doesn't decide whether there'll war, just whether join when decides to.

Listening Dutton Pezzullo sounds like should wondering this government planning taking with China.
would have thought obvious. Were entitled know what this crank Pezzullo
honestly can't (war) happening stranger things have happened! Pezzullo sounds like nutter!! Trump would acting like this..
This is the clowns you're pushing ABC, The Pezzullo Mafia family.

What You Really Think

Hes echoing Spud, his boss.

Chilling but accurate.

What a war monger! He is haunted by the US ghost! Look at China, how many war has China fought in the past 100 years, apart from nations that invaded and intruded China and killed her people? Yet look at the US and its allies, even Australia, how much blood in your hands!

Since when is Pezullo defence minister? Should be sacked.

With what ? Another idiot.

Dangerous criminal.

Oh more dickheads with jobs they should never have!!!

Yeah right 100k vs 1billion troops ?? let go before you hurt yourself.

This will turn out well.

Well past due. This is what happens when citizens allow themselves to be domestically abused and do nothing about it. We are all controlled by sociopaths.

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