Friday 6th of November 2020

Meanwhile, in Philadelphia.

Social Media Says

This is why they panicked and shut down voting in Philadelphia: Philadelphia showed 5K more votes for Trump this year (113K) than in 2016 (108K). He was doing better.
Pam Bondi has received a court order to enter the ballot counting center in Philadelphia.
En route to Philadelphia with legal team. Massive cheating. realDonaldTrump up by 550,000 with 75% counted. Will not let Philly Democrat hacks steal it!
He would do anything somewhat beneficial to him just to win the votes. Even bad mouthing parts of his own country isn't out of the question. Like Philadelphia and Detroit. I am sure these people didn't forget that.

In the primary, Black voters saved Biden in South Carolina and gave him life for Super Tuesday. And now Black voters in Philadelphia and Atlanta are going to bring him home tonight. Full circle.
Ballot boxes dancing to Missy Elliot is how Philadelphia is doing right now.
Philadelphia police investigating alleged plot to attack convention center where votes are being counted; 1 man taken into custody - WPVI.
"Police have disrupted a plot to attack the Philadelphia Convention Center where votes are being counted. A man was arrested and a gun recovered" This is why giving Trump's far right a prominent voice in the media is so dangerous.

Some places are counting all night - like Philadelphia, some parts of Georgia.
Considering Trump spent most of his presidency talking shit about big cities like Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, Baltimore, Philadelphia, etc., I would love to see these same cities gift wrap this clown an L.

Judge Denies Emergency Request from Trump Campaign to Halt Ballot Counting in Philadelphia A state appellate court ruled earlier in the day that more Republican observers could enter the building in Philadelphia where poll workers were counting ballots.

They're gonna think we made 2020 up in like 35 years. Pennsylvania election: Philadelphia police probe alleged plot to attack Pa. Convention Center.
A federal judge has just denied the Trump campaign's injunction to stop vote counting in Philadelphia. The count goes on.
A Philadelphia election observer says he was not allowed to see the ballots being counted and was thrown out for taking video. "There is something wrong" going on in Philly, he says.
Tonight's lying on Fox News is out of control. Hannity, Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham & Pam Bondi have all repeated Trump's lie that Philadelphia is blocking his poll watchers from observing the ballot counting. Bondi herself has been watching the ballot count. I watched her walk in.

2 Detained as Cops Uncover Alleged Plot to Attack Counting Centre in Philadelphia The local newspaper said the men were detained following a tip-off, first reported by 6ABC Action News Thursday night, that an armed group were heading to the center. No.

This is happening nationwide, not just here in Philadelphia, PA! We must fight to protect our right to fair and free elections.
How Cool Is That by Nick Dakota (2015, CD) Tunein: spin:1771 Fri show fsc_radio_library fscradio fscradiophiladelphia bing fsc radio philadelphia yandex.
Philadelphia on my mind.
Philadelphia ballot counting that takes place in secret behind closed doors is illicit and shouldn't be trusted by the courts -- or anyone else.
Can we all unite as Americans tomorrow morning and blast Elton John's "Philadelphia Freedom?".
Democrats are arguing that at Philadelphia ballot counting locations they do not want Republicans watching what theyre doing. Why? Absolute INSANITYnulb.
How pandering low? This low: Lindsey Graham donates $500k to Trump's legal fund and calls Philadelphia's election 'as crooked as a snake' as he and Ted Cruz try to legitimize baseless election rigging conspiracy siding with Trump against American democracy common sense and truth.

This race is NOT over. The president needs to hold MAGA Rallies in Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Phoenix. Enthusiasm matterskeep the pressure on!!
Voting fraud never happens, you guise.
Seems to be very friendly with the group plotting the attack on the Philadelphia Convention Centercc.
Deminsions of God,.ashontelight by Prophet Charles Light (, CD) Tunein: spin:1928 Fri show fsc_radio_library fscradio fscradiophiladelphia bing fsc radio philadelphia yandex.
Is not obeying a court order mandating election observers. Therefore, this is an illegal ballot counting operation, and another reason why a redo of the election may be necessary.
Police now investigating alleged plot to attack Philadelphia vote counting center. Trump is to blame for this.
They tell you vote fraud is vanishingly rare. But here's a 2020 guilty plea in Philadelphia over multiple stolen elections: "Former Philadelphia Judge of Elections Convicted of Conspiring to Violate Civil Rights and Bribery".

Whew Im still craving dick. Still in Philadelphia.
New artwork for sale! - "Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Champions L I I Playbook With Transparent Background" .
Joe Bidens night so far: - Hes closing the gap fast in Pennsylvania - Philadelphia hard for him - When he wins Pennsylvania hell win the election - Its a matter of hours now - Joe Biden is going to be President - Trump is going to prison - Its still only 1:45pm.

The PA SoS website says ~163,500 left to count; of those ~123,300 are in Philadelphia, Allegheny, Chester/Delaware/Montgomery, Bucks & Lehigh; Biden won all of them except the last 2 by resounding margins And that's even before you get to the further blue tint of mail.

This man took his voterfruad to social media, letting people know he voted twice in the State of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This is only half of the video but he also said he was going back later that day to Vote again !

CNN correspondent had some great Philadelphia Story chat and Lemon just not having it. Let the man talk about Tracy Lord Democrats you coward.
Philadelphia is the birthplace of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and now it looks like they may save us from fascism. Thank you, Philly.Vnulb.
We're told that vote fraud is rare, but perhaps its more like its very boring and tawdry. Here are a couple of 2020 DOJ press releases about a vote fraud conspiracy in Philadelphia in 2013-2015.
CNN is now reporting an extensive plan to attack the convention center in Philadelphia where ballots are being counted. 1 in custody.
.realdonaldtrump please DM, we have FRESH evidence from West Philadelphia that a couple of guys are up to no good, starting to make trouble in the neighborhood.
What do you mean there is??? There are people who don't live in there old states that show they voted in that state. Also people who have been dead that have shown they have voted as well?? There is also the evidence with Philadelphia where like nobody voted for trump...there was.

Judge Denies Trump Campaign Bid To Halt Philadelphia Count.
ABC 6: Police in Philadelphia are investigating an alleged plot to attack the Pennsylvania Convention Center where votes are currently being counted. A person is currently in custody. Election2020 ]Knish].

"23,277 votes in Philadelphia, all for Biden." Read it again: "All for Biden." One more time: "ALL FOR BIDEN." The odds of this happening are somewhere below 0%.
Fmr. Mayor of Philadelphia: Black people have been saving America from itself for a long long period of time Black people have ruined the very moral core of America . Blacks will destroy the civility of any nation with their violent tendencies.

I was trying to stay up for Georgia and more of Philadelphia but at this point I'm done.
GOP Traitor Lindsey Graham on Sean Hannity: "I trust Arizona, I don't trust Philadelphia." And thats because Lindsey is a corrupt racist.
PA may want to consider speeding it up; the inmates are getting restless.
"Saddam Hussein never held an election in which he got all of 23,277 ballots cast. Yet here we are in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the United States of America ... and Joe Biden gets 23,277 votes out of 23,277 ballots cast?".

The Sound of Philadelphia.
WARNING: Philadelphia police have arrested 2 men planning an attack at the Pennsylvania Convention Center on Thursday night. Police were tipped off, by a concerned family member of one of the 2 menwho had driven the 300 miles from Virginia in a Hummer. Trumps inciting violence.

Who is the Dj playing in the street in Philadelphia!? all the music I have heard coming out of that city is BADASS! I hope they recorded their set!
Ballot printing machine in Philadelphia.
I like that this one CNN guy's only reference to MontCo is The Philadelphia Story, which has nothing to do with anything, but he's going to bring it up at every opportunity. Don Lemon: "I worked on City Line Ave--" This Dude: "CARY GRANT AND JIMMY STEWA AND KATHERINE HEPBURN.".

Elton John Philadelphia Freedom Oh Philadelphia freedom shine on me, I love you Shine the light through the eyes of the ones left behind Shine the light, shine the light Shine the light, won't you shine the light Philadelphia freedom, I love you, yes I do.

Philadelphia is the 6th largest city in the country. Meanwhile, I can't even name a single city in Wisconsin right now and I was staring at a map of it for like 6 hours straight on Tuesday.
Florida poll workers could've driven to Philadelphia, counted their votes, and driven home by now.
It's day 45 in the Philadelphia election office. Shirley, Shane & Shaun sit sipping their soy latte through their Biden/Harris face mask as they wait for the printer they foolishly bought off aliexpress to cool down, to print the next batch of ballots. BBC - "This is normal".

Philadelphia is the most important city in the world. Philly.
Milwaukee, Detroit, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, and Atlanta(!) are all saving the country. Give em all XFL teams.

If you are waking up in the UK, the Trump lead has been cut in Pennsylvania to 22,576 (with more than 170,000 votes still to count, more than 50,000 of them in Dem Philadelphia). Trump lead cut to 1709 in Georgia. Biden leads Nevada by 11,438 Biden leads Arizona by 47,052.

What You Really Think

The news man is really having a hard time.


I simply cannot describe how much joy this gives me. I love Philly and Ive never even been there.

I keep watching this. I just love those mailboxes.

I am partial to the white house girls..

Lmao at dancing mailboxes.

Im glad Im in the fun party. The other what it is.

I love it! people protesting while dancing old school reggaeton [?]nulb.

Ella se arrebata!! Hasta me dieron ganas de bailar.

Are these the riots and destruction that trump supporters were referring to?



I friggen love Philly.

Me when my friends leave me all alone at a party where I dont know anyone.

Gritty is *boppin*. But Im really just here for the sweet stickwork by the postal box.

Thats what Im talkin about!!!

People are incredibly creative.

They have AwakenedTheGritty Keep it up!


The dancing mailbox and other puppets were made by the team at Spiralq, an incredibly valuable community resource in Philadelphia. Donations accepted here.

Gritty spotting.

Holy shit is that GRITTY!!!!!!

Creo q a surquiyork le gustaria ver esto.

You need to hear this ella se arrebata bata bata bata..

The Macys parade we deserve.

Love it, but Covid doesnt care that the worst person in the world is headed out of the White House.

Is that the official Gritty? I love it either way.

Imagine Alex Jones rolling up to this only to get pelted with batteries by a mailbox and Gritty.

GOP gonna file a lawsuit that MAILBOXES? WITH LEGS? ANDDDDD RHYTHM?? Fraud!

Philly is the best fucking city.

Nice to see an appearance from Bootleg Gritty.

Best protest ever! Ella se arrebata bata bata bata.


I could not love this more! Proud to be a Philadelphian.

I mean yall are too prepared for this. Like who the hell has a mailbox costume let alone a whole White House and a capital building (?) just laying around to wear?

This is such a beautiful thing.

From Panama.

I would like to download this to keep forever, anyone know how to do that?!

La cancion jajaja.

Is that you?

Gritty about to move to Oregon so he can legally continue to do meth.

Do the NHLFlyers know Gritty is out after curfew?

I love the GrittyNHL cosplayer.


Yall aint seen nothing yet if they flip it tonight.

Now THOSE are some cool facemasks!

Heh my states p dang cool :D.

If I wasn't terrified of this disease, I might go down there from Bensalem and hang out on the edges.

Those folks are having good, clean fun! I hope agitators looking for trouble with the cops don't spoil the party.



Mail boxes celebration.

Could use an Eagles chant .

That Trump supporter at the end is BIG MAD.

GRITTY! (he's my boyfriend).

Philly musical street politics today is up there with the very best of Puerto Rico , I have no higher praise.

But, why.

Gritty in a Strike Anywhere T. LOVE IT.

I see you.



Those dancing mailboxes better be careful, DeJoy might try to get rid of them.

Heeeeeeeeey . Wait for me Pals! Danzando Lambada USA Carnival vote.

Omg I want to make friends with whoever it was at the planning meeting who was like, "Hey we should dress up as various government agencies".

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