Sunday 11th of September 2022

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre Said Peter Doocy's Question Was 'ridiculous'.

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always knew there more meeting with Bill Barr Pierre Hotel than uneaten sandwiches. Former SDNY Atty improper partisanship DOJ, speaking revealing names book. review WashingtonPost.

this piece timeline Biden coming into office promising weak goal open schools then backtracking when Randi Weingarten involved. Psaki, Jean-Pierre, were/are lying mouthpieces operation.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Peter Doocy's question 'ridiculous'.
Pierre Poilievre leader Conservative Party Canada. couple thoughts.
During speech after becoming Conservative Party leader, Pierre Poilievre goes offensive against vaccine mandates, ArriveCan, Trudeau's policies punishing law-abiding firearms owners.
Andy Vermaut shares:Pierre Poilievre Canada's next Conservative Party leader POLITICO: Pierre Poilievre Thank you.
Ontario Pierre Poilievre wins leadership Conservative Party Canada. Glen McGregor reports.
JUST Pro-Bitcoin Pierre Poilievre declared leader Conservative Party Canada.
Pierre Poilievre, massive bitcoiner, just landslide election lead Canada's most powerful political parties. Next step: Ousting Justin Trudeau Prime Minister role.
Pierres popularity growing almost fast RosieBarton size.
Pierre won.
would like extend congratulations Pierre Poilievre becoming Leader Conservative Party. know will disagree rarely find common ground it's time Canadians have leaders that tell truth refuse destructive politics division.

Pierre Poilievre calls Trudeau Liberals during leadership speech: "]Canadians] don't need government their lives, they need government that passport office".
Canada NEEDS Pierre Prime Minister.
Well done, Pierre. been following your YouTube channel since inception years ago, remember commenting that should next prime minister. must have read comment! Lol.
Every time Karine Jean-Pierre says heres thing, THING either distraction-.
Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre claims friend working class. fact, Poilievre spent entire career attacking Canadian workers, undermining workers rights pushing policies that drive down wages.

Marina, cream Capucine's gigantic butt. (Capucine Pierre's sister, she's gonna comics soon swear alongside Ophelia).
support Pierre Poilievre prime minister, share this graphic give follow! Honk Honk!
Canada's Tory leader, Pierre Poilievre: - first elected parliament 25 - supported Freedom Convoy - railed against globalism "Great Reset" - said wants make Canada "blockchain capital world".

It's most divided ever under black face groper. He's ruined Canada. Pierre will start
Pierre Poilievre will next leader Canada.
Pendulum swinging back Canada, congrats PierrePoilievre winning conservative platform landslide This week Chile, people rejected "woke" constitution huge margin midterms shaping same.

work days week more hours with weeks vacation other hours week with weeks off. Guess which Pierre
That civility politics (respectfully acknowledging Conservative leadership race). Now, Canadians, must stand 2SLGBTQIA rights, abortion rights, BIPOC rights, disability rights, public healthcare public education. Pierre never again.

It's been said before bears repeating... Pierre Poilievre stupid man's smart person.
speech party members, Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre says begins journey become Canadians first.
That would make extremist based jean pierre's definition extremist.
Pierre Poilievre first leader Majesties Official Opposition. vote with record numbers, already triggered.
That's best Pierre. actually think VIva's idea would best possible scenario Lib's they could maybe grab another minority.
Pierre Governors take Mitchell Kernels tonight Hollister Field. Coverage starts 6:30 with kickoff 7:00 kccrpierre YouTube KCCR Sports. BlakeDeaner_38 joins call.
human beings having spiritual experience. spiritual beings having human experience. Pierre Teilhard Chardin.
Pierre Poilievre going next Prime Minister Canada.
Congratulations Pierre Poilievre, next Prime Minister.
Grand Wizard Pierre Poilievre shared super-inclusive immigration citizenship policies. cpcldr pierrepoilievreforPM PierrePoilievre
Dear Anti-Vaxxers just tricked Pierre says inspired BillGates. should have done your research.
Raise your hand think Pierre Poilievre would make great prime minister!
WOW! Such great news tens millions Canadians! Pierre leadership CPC. AWESOME! what seems eternity, have hammered Twitter abhorrent disregard people PMJT. HAVE HOPE FUTURE! PIERRE POILIEVRE PRIME MINISTER!

struck today Pierre Poilievre will likely emerge leader tonight, after campaigning defund CBC, while public broadcaster shows (and during times like these) precisely valuable.

330/338 ridings Pierre. Domination. Theres simply other describe this.
Pierre Poilievre been voted leader Conservative Party Canada.
Anaida Poilievre amazing asset Pierre Canada too. will make Canadians proud when Pierre Together, they will true power couple. because their birthright social-class privileges, because their hard work! pierrepoilievreforPM.

Positively repulsive pick Pierre Poilievre leader... there nothing about that palatable. He's racist. He's liar. He's despicable excuse human being.
Pierre Poilievre Canada's next Conservative Party leader POLITICO.
agree that should seatbelts. Because Pierre could possibly suddenly change direction least some issues possibly even least some issues.
This lady stage telling everyone that there's only "unholy alliance" calling Justin Trudeau Jagmeet Pierre gonna come wearing white sheet acceptance speech..

Check moment Pierre Poilievre wins leadership.
don't know anyone could awake last years, Trump, Boris, Doug Ford, confidently declare that Pierre Poilievre will never because he's odious. Yes, he's odious. Odious people elections.

would even acknowledge crap lefties spewing, real everyday Canadians know Pierre stand guy.
Pierre elected public service workers walk solidarity with Libtards, will Canadians even notice difference? staffers could cheques people.

have always supported since Harper have such high caliber leader like Pierre Poilievre.
Pierre Poilievre definitely white supremacist. Open your eyes ears, Ling.
Congratulations PierrePoilievre being elected leader Conservative Party Canada Leader Official Opposition. Conservatives united behind you. work together make Pierre next Canada.

Doctor, implore explain which those issues believe Pierre Poilievre does support. have problem with anyone liking Poilievre, truth must out. Frankly, thought supported those things mentioned. wrong? will gladly listen.

Pierre racist.
Vaccinated support Pierre. Nice ,with respect unvaxed brothers.
imagine election debates will Groper McHappy Hands Trudeau trying battle against Pierre Poilievre Groper minutes
Havin wonderful fire party tonight celebrate Pierre breath fresh air.
Keep tweeting please.
Leader Pierre Poilievre promises that, elected, will "axe" ArriveCan other Covid restrictions.
Pierre Poilievre chosen Conservative Party leader first ballot.
They will anything their power further divide Canada, hence their choice leader today. hope Canadians wake take next election seriously because lives depend Only votes ensure Pierre Poilievre never becomes Prime Minister Canada.

alone. This World Suicide Prevention Day, listen Natalie Pierre's story. Amid greatest struggle your life, know that KidsHelpPhone available 24/7.
Anaida Poilievre tells family story Pierres story, their families grew cheque cheque. very very good speaker. its.
Bloody hell happy camper! Pierre Calgary boy! shows!
Don't trust Pierre Poilievre's "moderate" speech. America trusted Donald Trump. Ontario fell Doug Ford's "everyman" act. Everything they touch turns garbage. Poilievre different from them.

Pierre Poilievre been elected leader Conservative Party.
Never forget Canadians. Pierre last chance united Canada.
says Trudeau doesn't run. takes pierrepoilievreforPM knowing full well that Pierre will obliterate him.
Congratulations friend PierrePoilievre becoming Conservative Party leader! Pierre will great leader party, great Prime Minister.
Every riding Brampton voted Pierre Poilievre. Every riding Mississauga. Every riding Hamilton. Every riding Windsor. places where need people want take back control their lives.

Congratulations Pierre! congrats fellow candidates. Let's work together make Canada free, hopeful prosperous nation once again!
wrong. Pierre will next election. People sick what have currently. landslide ahead Pierre.
certainly military specialist, remember reading national security journal three decades that Russian military needed wake failure empower NCOs facilitate tactical flexibility.

Saying Pierre landslide would understatement. cleaned Nows time knees. dont want help this country back track way.

outstanding! know late, text relatives congratulate them. This happeningPierre will
don't think Pierre capable winning trust Canadians. anti-democracy (Fair Elections Act), anti-union, voted against marriage, against legal cannabis, supported occupation Ottawa name few.

Pierre WON!
isn't wrong, Billsmafia still hates that article. never forget.
this Pierre?

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The fact she can't answer questions is ridiculous.

If her mouth is moving she's repeating democrat lies as I'm sure she can't have her own thoughts.

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