Tuesday 30th of May 2023

Official, Confirmed. Mauricio Pochettino Has Been Appointed as New Chelsea Head Coach on Contract Until 2026. CFC New Chapter For Poch in England Deal Valid Starting From July 1.

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Official, confirmed. Mauricio Pochettino been appointed Chelsea head coach contract until 2026. chapter Poch England deal valid starting from July
clarify once again: Spurs have never approached Pochettino this year. never turned down Tottenham, there were never concrete talks. THFC Poch excited about Chelsea project cant wait build future club.

Welcome, Poch, lets get serious again.
Welcome Chelsea Poch Lets build Chelsea back.
secof don't this should agenda poch clear coach.
Welcome to banter poch.
Welcome Chelsea Poch. Wishing best luck..
caicedo always been plan poch wanted ugarte like well acted fast release clause step Fabrizio said well caicedo after sell players.

Poch everything that Bilal gives Arsenal stick for. Hilarious reading.
He will be shit as per usual and youll blame poch.
Poch fool have taken that
Big Poch!!!
Poch correct coach.
voting cheer him, love Poch wont cheering Chelsea manager, instead. doing absolutely nothing. Campbell level, been offered taken cant around wait forever.

Chelsea announce Poch Tottenham announce Beyonce ever symbolised club Wretched must better. pass someone can.
thing about contracts want work within certain wage structure, keep make exceptions else won't hold. Once make exception, everyone will rise reference. know Chelsea want Mount stay badly. Poch wants too.

hope Poch will beat Tottenham next season. Clubs need wake Really!!!
Poch gonna trophy with Chelsea Spurs fans gonna lose
they were bang average, thats yall never anything, also lowest spend Prem. Poch made Delle Alli look class. Even Danny Rose looked decent. Its Poch baby.

think Poch right cant wait down white Harte lane touchline celebrate last minute winner.
have good feeling about poch.
least months, will judge Poch decisions, results.
Era. Lets Poch.
Abeg where this pastor want tell something Fuel subsidy president Nigeria poch black Monday shege CATEL HERE pastor VVIP adeboye.
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don't think poch could even survive till jan.
SpursOfficial don't blame Poch second. Fully believe would have come been asked. Pressure really levy cullen make sure implement positive change now. It's going very toxic them.

Poch Tottenham team, better than current Chelsea, years. laid goose eggs. failed with Messi, Neymar Mbappe. Don't gassed soon!
Time Fam. LIVE 7:30pm Mauricio Poch Chelsea Transfers Review See! gr8!
Backing poch most debate about this Chelsea.
100% right. speak Poch because they have vision plan, know they want thats Poch, thing. with Nuno scenario, manager will dead walking things will extra toxic very quickly.

Welcome Poch. Best of luck.
Poch might made Tottenham contenders every season knowing they dont even spend like that, clowning winning trophy spurs remember that even conte couldnt same. Also took them final after spending 0PS.

When season starts give Poch months before people start calling sack.
Cook mid. Poch high profile failure.
VIDEO CHECK NOW! CHELSEA ANNOUNCE POCHETTINO!! appreciated! PremierLeague Poch pochettino ChelseaFC Chelsea mufc thfc nufc.
Based Sporting Directors Pochs decision pursue himIm sure they dont just fire YouTube comp videos make their decisions lol.
Spurs fans regarding Poch. Fuck that guy! never anything will sacked Chelsea within year. Funny that Chelsea hiring failed Spurs managers. change dogs name, Poch patch sound same, right?

Welcome Poch take back top!
Difficult situation. doesn't succeed 6-12 months could sacked like *that*. Loved Poch, part Chelsea now, never want them succeed. when loses round League cups, will laughing heart (3/3).

Flying this would feel entirely different. just Chelsea, right? whole idea bringing Mourinho Conte push project that Poch started forward completely failed. one, hope fails going into VERY risky (2/3).

Poch going Chelsea some thoughts Gutting Spurs supporters, Levy/ENIC didn't make call, can't disappointed. day, Poch's career can't expected around wait great offer. think Spurs were (1/3).

Poch aint winning league.
You are dead, not Poch.
Finally... Welcome Poch.

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Lampard grade 1.

Good for them.