Monday 12th of April 2021

"I Don't Understand Anything Anymore!" "Maybe Pogba Should Get a Red Card For an Elbow." Jose Mourinho Gives His Opinion on VAR After Spurs Lose to Man Utd. TOTMUN Reaction Now on Sky Sports PL.

Social Media Says

Watching peak Paul Pogba is like watching Thor enter Wakanda.
Pogba my man of the match. Stellar performance. Showed his class throughout.
Pogba and Greenwood too get mind. 1 - 3.
You can look at Cavani and Greenwood, the disallowed goal, Pogba, Uniteds recruitment, plenty of different factors. But ultimately this is about a manager whos proving hes relevant against a manager who no longer is.

Pogba is ManUtds best midfielder. Bruno Fernandes disappears during big games and is not as influential as Pogba.
Salah is a cheating cunt. United time waste. Bruno Fernandes is a penalty merchant. And people that throw racist comments at son is fucked up. I bet if some fans called pogba names there would be a war over it.

Pogba was playing Warzone till 2am last night in the team hotel too.
Glory Glory United !!!! Mufc Tottenham Man u Henderson Rashford Pastor Fred Comeback Kings Shaw Scott Kane Martial De Gea Spurs TOTMNU Greenwood GGMU Cavani Pogba.
E go cost you 0.0 to retweet this! Paul Pogba na World Class!
Mourinho preaching about Pogba to his boys, and they still failed the exam .
Jose will continue to suffer for what he said about pogba. That lad just wants to play football and make everyone happy.
Retweet for pogba. Like for casemiro.
Add the excellence of Paul Labile Pogba to modules for schools.
Youre telling me the Pogba assist for that disallowed goal was a NUTMEG??? Nah we were stupendously robbed.
Greenwood really saw the way Jose beefed Pogba & wanted to put the last nail in Mourinhos coffin.
Daddy, ur team needs players like Bruno and Pogba to turn things around..
Im actually crying. Tottenham fans wanted a red card on Pogba for the elbow in the first half. Where was this energy for Lamela mfs!
Pogba and Greenwood reportedly on the bench vs Spurs. McTominay, Fred and James starting.
Pogba just wanted to revenge against is formal manager... because he wanted to send he back to LA Liga.
Pogba coming inside to receive the ball between the lines in that 2nd half was perfect man. Their midfield literally couldnt stop him.
Paul Pogba appreciation post one of his greatest games in a Manchester United shirt.
Pocketed Bruno and Pogba twice btw.
Paul Pogba is truly unplayable at his best. Incredible footballer.
You can look at Kane and Son, the red card, Pogba, Uniteds recruitment, plenty of different factors. But ultimately this is about a manager whos proving hes still relevant against a manager who never ever was.

I really doubt the team was better. The only players that hit 17 goals in the PL with Mou were Lukaku and Ibra. The midfield besides Pogba were literally arse and don't even get me started on the defense.

Paul Pogba Appreciation tweet. My MOTM.
I'm so happy for Greenwood!! Cavani and Pogba were world class!
You gotta be speaking some facts to get dem likes... Pogba was world class today... That's about 85% of who watched the game saying it. Maybe you're in the other 15%...
-: Luke Shaw is the best LB in the premier league. -: Bruno Fernandes, Cavani and Pogba are World Class! -: Mason Greenwood is the best teen in the league! -: Wan Bissaka is best RB in the premier league. -: Henderson is destined for greatness! -: Pastor Fred its all loveVVV.

Jose Mourinho: "My opinion was we didn't deserve this result at all. We were unlucky because maybe Pogba should get a red card for an elbow on Serge Aurier.".
Jose Mourinho greeting Luke Shaw & Pogba.
His name on twitter is FergieTime, his is SIIIIUUUUUUU and he got a pogba avi you are surprised he fumbled it??
Goal - GREENWOOD Assist - POGBA Spurs 1-3 Man Utd (90 6 mins).
Greenwood backed Pogba since Day 1.
Pogba just has something other players dont , what a fucking baller man.
When Ndombele links Pogba at France Camp .
6 minutes extra time...only Pogba wasted 3...I love this guy.
Fred was poor apart from the goal. Pogba was good not great.
Scott McTominay: "Fred was terrific today, along with Paul ]Pogba] and Mason ]Greenwood]. They had real energy and the manager will be pleased with a lot of players today." mulive ]sky].
And what's the alternative exactly. Matic/Fred? Matic/McT. Pogba has been out a lot, so who was better? McFred has been a solid partnership. They started in the 6-2, 9-0, and the win v City. You need your eyes checked.

Pogbas injury ended our title race. So sad.
If Cavani can stay fit, Im more than happy to let Rashford have a few games rest now that Greenwood has found his spark. Greenwood, Bruno and Pogba behind Cavani is a very ble option.
Pogbas treating this game like 5 a side loool, what a touch.
Pogba on his way home at the moment TOTMUN x Iheanacho x Mourinho x "Man U" x Cavani.
Absolutely no words to describe Pogba... fucking rolls royce of a player.
Ha! Ole just told Pogba that when he tried to flick it he should have swung at it. Oles striker instincts coming out there lol.
Pastor Fred glory glory man united greenwood pogba.
Pogba without a doubt. He gave us that umphhh.
And bruno plays with pogba, rashford, cavani and Greenwood... making excuses lol.
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We really went in the trenches to defend Pogba and now everyones praising him. We actually won ffs.
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Pogba anytime he sees Mourinho.
GOAL Spurs 1-3 Man Utd (90 6 mins) Mason Greenwood wraps up the three points in style after silky footwork from Paul Pogba!
Some Pure Facts!!! Luke Shaw >>> Chilwell Bruno Fernandes >>> KDB Wan Bissaka >>> Trent Greenwood >>> Saka Henderson >>>> Mendy Maguire best CB in the premier league. Pogba the biggest big game player!

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Paul Pogbas game by numbers vs. Spurs: 88% pass accuracy 23 final third passes 9 attempted take-ons 6 successful take-ons 4 ball recoveries 4 clearances 2 chances created 2 shots 1 assist Caption this!

Kenny is a student of LASU he is the pride of his parents & the school. Let's bring him home Kenny couldn't watch Ihenacho, Pogba, Conte nor TOTMUN becus he was kidnapped & is being held for a 10m ransom BringKennyHome for Ramadan Tiwa HelpFreekenny KennyMustComeHome Top 4.

Best half Ive seen in months. Pogba is unreal.
When Pogba's on that form, he's United's finest footballer. The disallowed goal jolted Cavani, who was everything you want from a striker after that. Greenwood was decisive and Henderson showed why he's the No.1 again today with his presence, communication and saves.

Second half is the best Ive seen us play for a long long time. Enjoyed it! Cavani and Pogba unplayable.
Another Pogba Masterclass.
No, I can think of 3 straightaway KDB , Pogba and Kane, maybe a couple more but 15 no chance.

What You Really Think

What a hypocrite . He first said Pogba should be getting a red and then when asked about the Son incident AFTER his Pogba statement , he says he doesnt know anymore!! LOOOOOOL.

He needs to go.

Your absolutely talking rubbish your not special anymore your rubbish and you wont be in spurs manager next season and you will be finished in premier league manager job .