Sunday 15th of August 2021

This is Supposed to be a Statue of Beyonce at The Poland Wax Museum.. Lort ***.

Social Media Says

Congratulations Indian Archers winning gold medals compound cadet women's men's mixed team events World Archery Youth Championships Poland. superb performance fabulous news entire nation! proud!

JAPAN'S MASAHIRO SEKITA PLAY POLAND Tokyo2020 Olympian will play Cuprum Lubin. year setter joins Nishida Ishikawa list Japanese athletes playing abroad this 2021/2022 season. Latest Volleyball News.

Scott Morrison seriously said million doses hope arriving from Poland. Yeah right. Millions Australians sure hope theyre lucky enough grab one. hope strategy. little late. Should have these months ago.

Coming from Poland. Has secured fake vaccines?
Looks like Poland walked passed
The joys of 'Federalism' !
V Thank You Poland.
Poland celebrating ArmedForcesDay, memorial 1920 victory over Bolshevic Russia you're Warsaw, don't miss ceremonial change guards Tomb Unknown Soldier noon.
union disbanded until 1989 when workers forced government have elections elected president after splitting with union comrades over conversation Poland market economy preventing formation Solidarity-backed Coalition sold out.

comment your latest shipment from Poland Scotty?
Awards Awards Poland ALBUM Album Year LOVESICK GIRLS Favorite Dance Track LIKE THAT Best Choreography CREAM VMAS I vote Blinks Blackpink Awards (BLACKPINK).

can, please help support efforts Poland stand against government.
Morrison thinks great thing that Poland Pfizer vaccines. If done would with begging bowl! What creep have
shouldnt. jewish property destroyed during WWII. They were rebuild POLES LOLISH nation. some want them, ahead jews only spread fakes anti-polonism, most open nation jews past centuries *********.

Today wish Polish Allies Friends HAPPY ARMED FORCES DAY! In Poland, Armed Forces (Swieto Wojska Polskiego) commemorates decisive Polish victory Battle Warsaw (1920) during Polish-Soviet War. "For Your Freedom Ours!".

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Catholic priest from Poland; would like take place because wife children. St Maximilian Kolbe Maximilian gave life Auschwitz lived years present canonization Maximilian 1982.

SHINING ABYSS Poland Formed 1996 Black 2008 Sacrifice-Reh-96.
curious. Were taking delivery mill doses Pfizer from Poland tonight. Poland population dose. they selling
Australia secures million more Pfizer doses from Poland more needed everywhere... This rolling, unmitigated disaster-Linda Burney (Federal Labor) Indigenous people Western have contracted.

Sounds legit.
The nuthatch.
these tough times Australian friends, Poland decided share with Australia MILLION doses Pfizer vaccine, with immediate delivery. Good luck, Australia!
Poland will help secure Lithuania border Poland have already secured their country people simply kicked them can't take control borders stop these people from taking over country.

& BLACKPINKs Kiss and Make Up has been certified Platinum in Poland.
"No, very unlikely, definition." herd immunity against Covid19 possible? MayoClinic's Greg Poland explains what done delta variant continues ravage communities globally.
No one need that poison in Poland. Enjoy.
Corrected title: Israel's irrational hysteria angers Poland. Polish still makes possible Jewish non-Jewish owners heirs claim property. Btw, ethnic Poles outnumber anyone else wealth loser occupied Poland.

Today Poland Army national holiday that commemorates turning tide 1920 battle Warsaw, against advancing Bolshevik army. this day, Polish troops under command general Lucian Zeligowski, recaptured twin Radzymin, the.

Israel Recalls Envoy Poland Over WWII Property Law.
Jews that want have their property back. Blackrock that wants from dead people.
Today marks 101th anniversary 1920 BattleofWarsaw. Polish Victory1920 over Bolshevik Russia saved newly regained sovereignty, halted westward advance communism into Europe. Battle Warsaw Polands victory Europes freedom.

Pfizer have press release about fake vaccines Poland.
Black fallow deer seen in the Barycz Valley - Landscape Park in Poland.
Coronavirus: Pfizer confirms fake versions vaccine Poland Mexico News.
Acting were responsible Holocaust smh.
desperate Morrison, unable "secure" vaccines through official channels, cutting underhand deals vote support Poland's dictatorship against Pole's democracy movement exchange million vaccines. FEEL. PROUD. AUSTRALIA.

Dear donation vaccines from Poland. Bless them really they poorer countries It's like getting food parcels from Ethiopia.Aren't just little embarrassed this.

Hope they're fake ones Pfizer warning about April! Mexico Poland were mentioned.
Please your jewish friends which property their
Poland's quest for its own kind of democracy has more in common with the British civic tradition than Brits realise, and it deserves more sympathy than it receives.
Far Left hypocrite Noga Tarnopolsky makes obscene racist remarks on Poland.
Poland complicit genocide Jewish people during Holocaust they refuse have made illegal acknowledge that. This week Poland passed antisemitic that would prevent Holocaust survivors their descendants from reclaiming stolen property.

Wrong: They were killed GERMAN occupied Poland Germans 2. Jewish property stolen DESTROYED Germans. 3. Germans invaded destroyed POLAND, Israel. VICTIMS Israel. 4. Those Jews were POLES... Polish Jews. Whatever they left Israeli.

Poland happen vote against UNESCO motion declare Great Barrier Reef danger"?
Imagine we'd done deal with Pfizer rather than Poland.
Million Pfizer Vaccine Doses From Poland Arrive Australia.
17,550 additional Pfizer doses will sent Tasmania part Australian Governments announcement deal secure million doses from Poland.
Because Poland long "proud" history being virulently antisemitic, amount guilt-induced "change" world's attitude towards Jews going make them change. then, that "change" lip-service. 1/2.

wish ScottMorrisonMP bought those million Pfizer doses last year. could have prevented current lockdown. million doses getting from Poland tonight doses that Polish have been trying sell some weeks.

According latest stats Poland only 47.6% population fully vaccinated. they selling vaccines Australia?
will never understand Poland Alan Fimister.
Australia purchases Pfizer vaccines from Poland Covid-19 infections spike.
Australia ,BBC WORLD JUDT REPOED. That POLAND MEXICO HAVE recieved FAKE PFIZER VACCINES, AUSTRALIA RECIEVING 1,000,000 doses Pfizer, from Poland now, goody AUSTRALIANS going know what they given 100% Pure ,PEOPLE MORRISON EXPLAIN.

SHINE Poland Formed 2013 Stoner/Doom 2015 Weednight 2018 Moon Wedding.
The traditional Funeral of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, Poland.
Israel Saturday condemned Poland's approval that restricts rights Holocaust survivors their descendants reclaim property seized country's former communist regime announced recalling diplomat protest.

IH Torun is looking for EFL Teachers Find more information and apply here.
Reluctance Pfizer after fake Pfizer found Poland. covered this story.
09:30 Temperature fair Wind km/h Humidity Poland
Polish Women fight back against near-total Abortion Polish Government continually attacked LGBTQ reproductive rights. Activists form legislative committee take legal route fight back. here.

It's pretty weird that have plane from Poland heading Aust's with million Pfizer onboard when could instead have publicly-owned pharmaceuticals company manufacturing could ever need. Like, know that sounds like socialism, also...

Poland says will take 'appropriate diplomatic political action, taking into account principle reciprocity'.
Slovak Hungarian politicians renewed their squabbling over shared history, while Poland fallout continued from controversial media law. about past week Central Europe: Via.
Israel recalls diplomatic envoy from Poland over restitutions law.
Israel outrage Poland does worse Palestinians. Israel seeks compensation restitution from Poland denied same Palestinians Israel ethnically cleansed! Polish president signs restricting property claims.

Poland: population 38m, ordered 100m doses Pfizer selling some selected countries Sounds very generous, not!? ***.
questions asked about Australia purchasing million Pfizer vaccines from Poland, directly from Pfizer? cost? Media screams addition millions Pfizers already secured, making sound like theyre already Australia.

Average excess mortality mar 2020-jun 2021 (Eurostat) tracks GDP/capita quite well Poland 26% Czechia 25% Slovakia 23% ... Spain 17% Italy 16% ... EU 14% ... Netherlands 12% France 11% ... Germany 7% Sweden 6% Finland 3% Denmark 2%.

Negotiated incredible deal with Poland. million doses Pfizer they Tasmania.
Australia secured million doses Pfizer from Poland (made Belgium) ScottMorrisonMP spinning this 'win' diplomacy when it's failure that didn't secure enough Australians 2020 When's use-by date Polish vax?

July 13th, Polish media reported that Poland selling excess stock vaccines other countries. Instead getting Polands scraps, ScottMorrisonMP should have ordered million Pfizer doses that were available last year.

Beyonce Poland Museum..
perplexed...if, previously stated ScottMorrisonMP, supply Pfizer sorted way, there need panhandle million doses from Poland?
Poland recently signed forbidding people from reclaiming property lost more than years ago. main target law, despite it's president's denials, Holocaust survivors their decedents, many lost their lands property during after Holocaust.

crowd gathering start LGBT Equality March Krakow. Heavy police presence after previous nationalist attacks pride parades Poland.
talking about? These things happened Poland Germans were doing should victim state back their attacker. Your lack historical knowledge absolutely absurd.

Taylor Swift "Favorite Singer Female" category Awards 2021 Poland TPHAs2021 TPHAs Congratulations taylorswift13!
Jews survived Poland that polish helped nazis them that polish were worse hide about find people acted otherwise, this will change truth should ashamed your roots.

Watch the recurve under-18 (cadet) individual, mixed team and team finals live from Poland.
EU risks COLLAPSE as threat 'bigger than Brexit' threatens Brussels project to 'its core'.
were taking Pfizer from Poland because Morrison failed procure enough LAST YEAR, when presumably Poland did.
You all who support my fashion=all my friends=fashion designers from Spain, China, Japan, Ukraine, Poland, Greece.

What You Really Think

The disrespect they have for us.

It looks like shes about to hit the beatbox challenge *** smh.


Look just like her.


WTFF!? That's cold blooded. Looks absolutely nothing like Beyonce.

Was it you?

It looks like a blow up doll.

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