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Rep. Katie Porter has introduced the Ending Taxpayer Welfare for Oil and Gas Companies Act, which would raise royalties, rental rates, inspection fees, and penalties on oil and gas companies that extract resources from public lands.

Not my place to determine guilt or innocence of Christian Porter, we should have coroners, police & independent inquiries for that. But I am remembering being in Parliament when Porter argued with no evidence that innocent men from Manus were rapists to justify repealing Medevac.

Been going over the transcript of the Porter presser and it's become clearer to me that the intended audience of it isn't the public or victims, but other politicians, in both major parties. He's saying "Don't let them bring us down. If they do this to me they'll do it to you".

We sent a 32-page document to Christian Porter outlining how he is a man of exceptional character and moral standing who has at all times shown the utmost respect for woman. He has not read the document and has denied all of the claims.

Shorten has already been investigated with HIGHER burden of proof by police. Porter has NOT been investigated at all. People are calling for independent investigation into allegations that involve the highest law officer in Aust. It could clear him. What is HIS problem with this?

Christian Porter is worried that he might lose his job* over these allegations... What, like Brittany Higgins and Rachelle Miller lost their jobs? This shit happens to women all the time.
Kevin Porter Jr. is looking at two business endeavors (record label or clothing line). Thoughts?
Lies, prevarication, obfuscation, coverup. The attempt to rehabilitate Porter to the position of Attorney-General. (The police did not proceed to an investigation - the victim died.).
Quarantining healthy students is ridiculous and should never be the practice again. Dr. Porter, a community pediatrician in Denver. We have an opportunity right now to start to right the wrongs weve done to our kids.

Bro I didnt know new porter was coming out. I feel like crying. I drove home the other day from Oakland blasting porterrobinson and man I fucking miss festivals.
A journalist needs to report facts. If you can't be objective because Christian Porter is your mate, cease reporting on sexual assault now.
Two matters in Porter's testimony yesterday I found worthy of further investigation. 1. Porter said he met with Morrison re: alleged rape after cabinet on Weds last week. Morrison says Friday. 2. Porter and Morrison say they never read the complaint they received. Why not? Odd.

Morrison didnt read the 31 page statement Porter didnt read the 31 page statement.
I like Peter Hartcher's suggestion" independent inquiry to establish whether Porter is a fit and proper person to hold such high office in the face of such a grave accusation.".
Let's not breeze over your personal relationship with Porter either Peter.
Just said on SkyNews Linda Reynolds is DONE, she needs to RESIGN TODAY (due to her lying cow comment) And Christian Porter has lost the confidence of the Australian People & therefore he needs to STEP DOWN. GO JACQUI.

Paul Bongiorno is going to go through the things Porter's Lawyers demanded 4 Corners remove from the Canberra Bubble story.
Consider how Christian Porter has destroyed the lives of Witness K and Bernard Collaery (as well as plenty of others) to protect the rich and powerful.
Porter was not investigated, the investigation could not proceed.
Congratulations to MrJeffTrammell ttoffany najja_porter and dashawnmahone for their Annie Award nomination! So incredibly well deserved.
What a cop out. Morrison didn't even have the decency to read the allegation he received and sides with Porter. Just sickening.
In what universe is someone accused of a crime exculpated without an investigation because they claim innocence? In what universe is a public figure one of the most powerful positions in the land, allowed to continue on as though nothing ever happened?

If Katie Porter whiteboarded Ron Johnson for 9 hours in a row I would watch it.
Fran Kelly today said "The Attorney General, Christian Porter, yesterday took all the questions thrown at him ..." This is untrue. Mr Porter walked out halfway through a question.
We must not forget that the family can also pursue a civil claim against Porter - it would be on the balance of probabilities, not beyond a reasonable doubt as in criminal cases. A Judge in a civil claim can make a finding & recommend charges a civil avenue.

Can someone tell Christian Porter that both Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard were 'Put on Trial' by Royal Commissions set up by the LNP Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison Govt and expected to prove themselves innocent which they did.

What drives me up the wall in the case of Christian Porter is the insistence by the Morrison government that this is a purely criminal matter where the presumption of innocence is paramount. Criminal matters do demand the presumption of innocence for very important reasons. 1/5.

Stop trying it on, PM ... Porter wasn't exonerated by police. Their report specifically said there wasn't enough 'admissible' evidence to proceed with a case. NOT the same thing.
Hi Peter, you're mistaken on a very key point; the Bill Shorten allegations were investigated - that allowed police to make an informed determination. The Christian Porter allegations have not been investigated and no informed determination has been made.

Hear PorterRobinson's new single "Musician".
PM's logic Can't trust his office on what they told him on Brittany Higgins; ask for a review Can trust them to read allegations against Porter (PM didn't read them) 2019 Let victims have their say 2021 Don't read what they say when they say they're a victim.

Porter will be replaced in the not too distant future with one of these entitled little pricks below - those accompanying Porter in 1988 know ... this is the very culture they live.
Christian Porter: For the many caring family and friends whove asked me that question over the course of the last week: are you OK? Ive got to say my honest answer is I really dont know. So... How did they know it was him?

My favorite Porter.
Denise ~ you effectively demolish the attempt by anyone to make a link between the case brought against Bill Shorten and the one brought against Christian Porter.
Alleged Cabinet rapist Porter speaks up, while female victim lies silent He has spoken we have all heard his words. In the process, words of the other person at centre of this heinous crime, a woman has been silenced. vmp9 IndependentAus cc.

PM saying rule of law is why hell do nothing about rape allegations against Porter. But rule of law is not under threat from an independent inquiry! Police investigation was closed as the woman killed herself & AFP have no jurisdiction, so indep inquiry is only way fwd.

While A-G Porter was saying the rule of law would end if he couldnt get a fair trial, he was urging a law that would let him deport refugees without them being able to see, or challenge, the evidence against them.

Also the complainant was interviewed in the Porter case nobody has been interviewed. Hopefully the SA coroner will decide to have an inquest he has asked the SA Police for more information pending that decision.

'Despite Morrisons protestations that his office does not have the people to investigate matters of this nature, he has, as prime minister of Australia, resources, including the power to appoint an independent investigator and call an inquiry.'.

So yesterday the lawyers at ASRC1 spent their day before a Senate Committee trying to stop a new law by Dutton and Porter that would allow refugees to have their visas or citizenship cancelled based on secret evidence they would have no right to see. Take that in for a moment.

You cant just make allegations says Porter Um, isnt that how every criminal case begins?
I reject the premise of that question - Morrison My phone was hacked - Hunt I'll take that on notice - Reynolds I was just a boy - Porter I can't recall - Cash I'm sorry for any hurt - Tudge It's a private matter - Joyce Let's move on - Frydenberg I don't remember - Taylor.

I believe Michaela Cash is a very bad choice for Attorney General replacement. As cruel as Porter, it would have been better to try and find someone more reasonable. But then I realised there are none in this government. Another mistake.

This explode isnt loading for me, I can hear the first few words only and then it spirals and thinks and goes nowhere. I'm trying to listen to 'Cabinet support for Christian Porter over rape allegation' with the ABC listen app.

Justice? Ask Bernard Collaery & Witness K. Ask the refugees locked up for years without any offence. Ask him about Robodebt. A-G Porter hasnt got a track record for Justice. Will he commit to the idea of Justice, or just keep doing what suits the politics of the moment?

Porter has NOT been investigated The police have merely decided that a trial cannot proceed because the claimants cant be cross examined.
The BMarshallJoey Porter beef was real! The former NFL wide receiver shares just how the beef was squashed on '10Questions With KyleBrandt.'.
Re Christian Porter 1988 rape allegation. Mr Porter is presumed innocent under our criminal law which requires proof beyond reasonable doubt. A coronial inquest or judicial inquiry is not bound by the technical criminal standard of proof. It will be an inquiry into the truth.

I am in Christian Porters electorate, Pearce. In 2019, Porter came to my workplace after a media appearance and berated me so fiercely and aggressively that I was unable to return to my workplace. I dont know if these claims are true. But I would not be surprised.

Im not distracted from porter by Reynolds. Im a woman, I can multitask like a boss.
"Women's statements must be heard & taken seriously. We need an inquiry. Today." Would the same apply to Bill Shorten's accuser? After all, she's alive, still claiming an offence took place, and able to give testimony, whereas Porter's accuser is not and cannot.

PM says we don't need an inquiry into Porter: " I don't agree with that, because I don't agree with the precedent or the prima facie case for there being such a process. Because that would say that our rule of law and our police are not competent to deal with these issues.".

Lets all hope that Porter has the same access to the law and justice that he has accorded Bernard Collaery.
That's not what I'm saying at all. I'm saying that police should have been enabled to do their job, they weren't. Porter should have stepped aside or been stood down due to the allegation alone, that's enough for a PM to stand down a minister as per the standards.

Has PvO disclosed his relationship with Porter?
I disagree PvO These 2 cases are very different & police tested allegations in Shorten's case, Porter hasn't been subject to any such investigation. If it's up to Morrison there won't be an inquiry, he doesn't want to investigate this, he's afraid the allegations may be true.

As far as the Government is concerned, "the Porter matter is closed". WTAF? This has only just begun.
"Unless and until Porter can satisfy a fit and proper person test, he will remain a diminished man, a degraded minister, a political liability for the government and a source of disquiet for the nation" Thank you Peter Hartcher for stepping up.

Morrison must stop treating us like fools. Police weren't able to conduct a in-depth investigation into the allegations as the alleged victim is deceased. Neither Porter nor the victim were interviewed by Police. That's why we're demanding an inquiry.

My cynicism says that Porter cant resign due to the numbers in the H of R If he goes the LNP will be a minority Gov. A by Election in WA would be a disaster for the Libs On sick leave he gets a pair & the status quo remains. Its all about the numbers.

If I had rape allegations put to me in a 30-page document, I'd be very keen to read that document to find out what the allegations are. Morrison and Porter were strangely incurious about the allegations, decided not to read them, but claimed they didn't happen anyway.

Scott Morrison is now hiding behind the Parents of the Victim as a reason why he cannot talk about Christian Porter that & the 'Rule of Law' So an inquiry can't be held legally? Why didn't this prevent the Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison Govt from the RC into Rudd & Gillard.

Good morning to everyone else still furious & heartbroken about that shitfucked presser yet also hella confused on why the fuck Christian Porter spoke with a photo of a child (presumably his) on the podium in front of him?

Anyone claiming Porter's case has been 'tested by law' or that he's been 'cleared by the police' is talking utter humbug.
Dear scuntmo. The police have not said he didnt do it merely there is insufficient admissible evidence. Not admissible because the victim is deceased. If she were alive there is no doubt porter would be facing rape charges.

Believe it or Not !!! Chief Legal Officer of Australia cporterwa currently Running SECRET TRIAL against Bernard Collaery & Witness K FOR TELLING THE TRUTH !!! While cporterwa & ScottyTheRapistProtector Rely on " It just Didn't Happen ".

A truly innocent man would not only welcome any investigation, but would be actively calling for one. Porter doesn't want any form of investigation. He wants nobody prying into his past. That doesn't mean he's guilty, but it doesn't look good at all.

Incorrect Porter has not faced Criminal Justice System at ALL , And the Accusations arent the same !
After events yesterday, Scott Morrison must call an independent inquiry into the Christian Porter rape allegation. Its the only valid course.
Porter now knows about being innocent accused? No, he's GUILTY Detailed description in her diary, written at the time. NSW Police minister, member of Morrison's Hellsong cult, didn't start to investigate. When did Katharine smear the AG? As 16yo writing her diary?

After multiple journalists all pointed to several ignored media requests, a spokesperson has since alleged Porter was referring to never having received in any substantive form the allegations against him before they were aired on ABC last Friday.

Stephen Silas tells SportsMT that he expects Kevin Porter Jr. and KJ Martin to practice with the Rockets and be available when the season resumes next week.
Morrison spoke to the chief of the federal police about the porter dossier .
In answer to Fran Kelly's "how would an inquiry work", first step would be to (a) read the dossier (b) corroborate it with contemporaneous evidence (c) swear in all witnesses of surrounding circs, and (d) put it all to Porter. Then let him deny ON OATH, not to a presser.

Either Porter was unjustly accused, in which case an independent inquiry is the best option for the truth to come out, or he wasnt, in which case an independent inquiry is the best option for the truth to come out.

I dont believe Porter has said anything of the sort. Dont lie.
I'm shocked lol they always bring out Howard when in a crisis thinking he would make a difference Former PM John Howard told Syndey radio station 2GB that he supports the governments decision not to stand down Christian Porter or conduct an independent INQUIRY.

You dislike Jamal, you dislike Porter... because theyre on the Nuggets, theres no other reason for them to be hated, pretty weird for you to be even on the account of someone you dislike in the first place but I cant expect less from a man hating behind a keyboard.

NSW police then declare the case closed. Porter fronts the media like Shorten. Goes on leave. Morrison, ministers, senators & MPs can now use police and rule of law type responses to answer questions from journalists & opposition until it fades from the news cycle.

I didnt hear Porter say at any stage I didnt rape her Did anyone?
Porters grief was real today He grieved the public pressure Which began when Senators Wong & Hanson-Young received Katherine Thorntons victim impact statement He grieved his corrupt cabal of mates forced his hand & made him front the press.

I cant see how he chose to bring Bill Shorten into this - Shorten went through a legal process without all of Porters drama. Porter cant even be bothered to read the letter - as a lawyer, hed be someone Id avoid engaging.

Christian Porter: No one has ever asked me about allegations or put the allegations to me. Others: How about an independent inquiry to do that then? Christian Porter: No way!

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