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Friday 17th of July 2020

WATCH - Portland Police Officers Knock a Protester Off of His Bicycle And Arrest Him Outside of Lownsdale Square Park Near The Federal Courthouse Downtown.

WATCH - Portland Police officers knock a protester off of his bicycle and arrest him outside of Lownsdale Square Park near the Federal Courthouse downtown.
Whats happening in Portland right now should terrify every citizen of this country.
A peaceful protester in Portland was shot in the head by one of Donald Trumps secret police. Now Trump and Chad Wolf are weaponizing the DHS as their own occupying army to provoke violence on the streets of my hometown because they think it plays well with right-wing media.

And you are clearly an idiot who doesn't care about the citizens of Portland. Smh.
I stand with Portland protesters in resistance of FascistTrump. Who's with me? Common folks. Hands up.
So theres 140,000 dead, 40,000,000 unemployed, and a full blown fascist takeover in Portland. Thank God we didnt elect the email lady.
Get Portland trending 1 people. This is fascism and its a test run for all of our cities. tweets with the word Portland, send out your own tweets with Portland in them. Warn everyone. Fascism is doing a test run in Portland as we speak.

If you read one thing ever just let it be this. This is the Secretary of Homeland Security justifying the federal invasion of Portland. Fascism is here. Its not hiding. At all. Its in writing.
Unidentified militarized agents in Portland are grabbing people off the streets & putting them in unmarked vehicles. They need your help. Comment FascistTrump to make this trend, so media can't ignore it!

This should be Page 1 news everywhere - with Portland and Oregon authorities in federal court Friday morning demanding explanations from Trump administration.
Hey, America! The feds are here in Portland, grabbing folks off the streets and throwing them into unmarked vans! Its real. Its happening. Your city is next. What are you going to do about that?
Oregon Public Broadcasting confirms tweets today that federal officers in camouflage but no agency identification or badges, driving unmarked non-government rental cars, are grabbing protestors off streets in Portland and not talking w local authorities.

What the hell is going on with the Portland police?
This is happening on the streets of our hometown of Portland, OR. We will continue to resist. They are fucking with the wrong city.
A group of Federal Officers attempt to hold a line at 3rd and Salmon.
Wow I'm reading about Portland and this shit is fucking terrifying.
Be careful Resisters. The difference between demonstration and riot is fine. You do not know all who walk with you. Trump and Fox spout Law and Order and actions like those in Portland deepen the divide. Its a deliberate trap! Demonstrate with care. Save evidence.

So anyway I guess were invading Portland now because spray paint.
The Trump regime disappearing random protestors into unmarked vans in Portland ]footage not from tonight]. No attempt to de-arrest by surrounding protestors. PoliceState PortlandProtests PDXprotests BlackLivesMatter (matcha_chai).

This political theater from President Trump has nothing to do with public safety. The President is failing to lead this nation. Now he is deploying federal officers to patrol the streets of Portland in a blatant abuse of power by the federal government.

REPUBLICANS: i need an assault rifle in case the government ever tries to take away my rights *secret military police start kidnapping people in portland* REPUBLICANS: thank you so much!!!! love you guys!!!!!!

You know what, I saw the daily signal in your feed, I'm done talking to you. The daily signal and the heritage foundation are both racist trash. If you're ok with what's happening in Portland that's all I need to know about your opinions.

Would you do the protesters in Portland a quick favor? Comment FascistTrump to make it trend. Pass it on.
You live in Portland. Why am I not surprised..
Just scrolled through matcha_chai 's timeline, what the actual hell is going on in Portland right now? Jesus H Christ.
If you are confused about why you keep seeing tweets with FascistTrump, look up PortlandProtests. Straight up gestapo tactics. Portland protestors arrested by federal agents, in military fatigues, from unmarked vehicles.

Only a few days after federal officers shot a protestor in the face with less lethal ammo, fracturing his face and skull.
Is using his Gestapo to attack Portland.
I deleted a tweet about whats going on in Portland because it said that this letter from the department of homeland security only lists graffiti incidents. The letter lists more than graffiti incidents. But the letter is a good 80% graffiti incidents.

Something sinister and extremely dangerous is happening in Portland ,who are these armed and dangerous men who are threatening protestors and not identifying themselves ?
So theres like 140,000 dead, 40,000,000 unemployed, and a full blown fascist takeover in Portland. Thank God we didnt elect the email lady.!!!
There is full-on fascism afoot in Portland. THIS IS INSANE.
The Mayor of Portland and the Governor of Oregon are both asking federal troops to leave.
Homeland Security just released their rationale for why theyve deployed military force, disappeared people, and attempted to murder people in Portland. Its a list of graffiti incidents.
Read this. Department of Homeland Security is refusing to take federal officers out of Portland and is essentially calling local officials cowards for not cracking down harder on protesters. In the statement they use the term anarchists over 65 times.

Unidentifiable militarized agents are policing Portland, arresting people, and putting them in unmarked vehicles. This should be a much bigger story.
This Portland police officer should be promoted to Police Chief.
Everyone needs to be paying attention to whats happening in Portland right now.
Portland, Oregon had its Kristallnacht last night. Red lights flashing, sirens blaring Trump is trying to go full Authoritarian on us. Stand Fast. Do not yield.
Badegeless, nameless, masked federal officers are assaulting, arresting protesters without reason and throwing them into unmarked vehicles in Portland.
Portland police continue to be completely out of control. This is from earlier this morning. Dont look away. Dont let them get away with this.
Portland needs to be the biggest story in the country. When everyone wakes up they need to see that Trumps feds are in Portland terrorizing protesters. This footage is from tonight. This is fascism happening now on U.S. soil. .

Stop what you're doing. This is Portland tonight. These are MEDICS. We need answers, NOW. What the FUCK is going on in Portland?
Its 2 am and Im not even close to sleeping. Im thinking, of course, about all of the disturbing videos coming out of the city where I live, the city that I love Portland, Oregon. So Im tweeting like crazy and hoping everyone is safe. Whatre you doing up?

All those libertarians who complain about government red tape are awfully silent about the police state brutality in Portland ...
See my recent tweets mention the vehicles. The Portland News reported them as rentals. But you have to get a look at the plates. Do they say Potty or Gov?
Thread time. This one is important but complex, bare with me. I swear this is good info if you are a protester, live in Portland, or just want to resist Trump. As many of you know I work in politics. This is why I know why Portland Police is live streaming lately.

Your Kitchen Garden is a small farm in Portland that sells exclusively to restaurants. When COVID hit, they were devastated. Now, WCK is providing 800 meals a week local families, so restaurants like Produce Row can consistently buy fresh veggies again!

An ANTIFA bike ride in Portland gets interrupted by police!
Retweet if you agree whats going on in Portland is fascism.
Do not sleep on the violence that unmarked, unidentified authorities are raining down on portland civilians right now.
Trump has sent the Gestapo to Portland, Oregon, having decided that only Illegal, Hitler-level fascism can stop modern-day Americans who are anti fascist.
Is using Portland as a testing ground, to see if he can get away with Marshall law and gestapo tactics. Portland is just the start. This is where democracy lives or dies.
This letter from Acting Homeland Security Secretary Wolf is extremely alarming. Like 5 alarm fire alarming. Like justifying the Gestapo invading Portland.
Portland is a great city. Like all of the US, we face difficult problems & a legacy of racism. But what a gift to live in a town where people are standing up - refusing to accept the status quo. DHS_Wolf, the racism you and realDonaldTrump embody is not welcome.

Troops in camo have been driving around in an unmarked minivan and snatch-and-grabbing protesters off the street. That is not a paranoid conspiracy, that was just confirmed by mainstream press. This is happening now in Portland.

A large group of antifa black bloc have taken over a busy street outside the southeast Portland building of the Sherrifs Office.
Feel like paramilitary groups from unidentified US government agencies in full combat gear sweeping black lives matter protesters off the streets of Portland in the dead of night and into unmarked vans should probably be a bigger story.

WHY THE FUCK ARE THESE MILITIA VIOLENT MEN IN POLAND UNIDENTIFIABLE??? If these people can not be identified, the people of Portland have a right to defend themselves against violent strangers.
It can't happen here? IT IS HAPPENING HERE. I'm not telling you that. Trump's Gestapo unleashed on Portland is TELLING YOU THAT. FascistTrump TrumpFailsAmerica NotMyChild CNNTownHall FlunkTrump maddow Portland Gestapo.

Putin does Portland?
My friend just sent me this pic thats across the Portland Bureau of Transportation. Wonder what its for.
Yall please take one minute to look at this. The highest levels of our government are now justifying open fascism and the federal invasion of Portland. This will not go away if we close our eyes. We need to fight.

The whole country's eyes should be on what's happening in Portland. Trump has sent federal troops into the city to intimidate, harass, and arrest protestors. Don't *ever* let a Republican tell you they're the party of states rights.

Dems need to place an immediate moratorium on White House and DHS funds now. When Trump is holding campaign rallies in the rose garden. When CBP is shooting people.. in Portland!? When hate groups are inside the White House. Why would HouseDemocrats continue to play along?

Officers have deployed gas and riot control munitions in downtown Portland. Live coverage.
Joe it's time: Call the actions in Portland for what they are: Amerikan Brownshirts. That is what Fascists do, unmarked gestapo w/no ID taking resistors to unknown holding facilities in the middle of the night. Better get tough on Fascism Joe: It's here now in the USA.

What You Really Think

This brutality must be stopped now.

6 of them against one guy on a bicycle., they're such brave sissies.

Why is this not being reported? But yall can report shit on shopko? Do FUCKING better.

Aggressive sons of b*tches.

Dude on bike was payed to do that on camera.

Photo op.

Thugs. Police riot.

Once again, the police making the case for defunding law enforcement. Excessive force is excessive force, regardless of the provocation.

Its the gestapo right???

Shits getting out of hand, he was just riding through. Didnt know they were locking down the area and they do that. Just let go and tell to get off the street. Just bollocks.

Who do I get clearance from to run this audio on our podcast? Or, would you be willing to give an audio statement on the incident? You can leave us voicemail at 504-291-8575 Thank you.

You hate to see it.

Where's your freedom to protest/ freedom of speech, America?

Emmy award winner that has a 23 second clip of a cop reacting and arresting someone. Great journalism bud. Like it or not we need cops .

Wonder what the thug was up to a few minutes earlier.


Demilitarize the police.

Have you heard/seen this?

I dont live in Portland. I wonder if all the people commenting do.

Could have died if he hit the lamppost.

I had no idea so many people were clairvoyant! Imagine, knowing zero facts and yet able to pass judgement.

Id be lying if I said Ive never wanted to do this to a bicyclist as they fly past me after running a red light as Im crossing street as a pedestrian. Or almost hit by CriticalMass asshats in San Francisco.

Didnt he just collide with someone on the crossing? He didnt look like he was looking where he was going or had any intention to stop.

Follow the Law. If he followed the law he would not be in this situation.

Thank you for showing us Portlanders what really happened here. There need to be consequences for this incident.

Lay off the . It would make your crap job easier.

Arrests without justification are essentially kidnappings done by law-immune agents of the state. Shit like this is why we should protest /more/.

He had just fired a weapon at a woman and child. They arrested an attempted murderer.

As an oldish out of condition fat guy, I think I could have stopped the guy on the bike without the need for brute force. Totally over the top aggressive thuggery.

Excellent news guys keep up the great work. Support all first responders.

This is sum fukin bs smh.

Western states should cut ties with Oregon for what they did.


Really? A guy on a bike requires that kind of force. Exactly what was the threat? That he may have been delivering Chinese food to Al-Qaeda?



Land of the free, my arse.

What the fuck????

Isn't Portland like one of the most hippie cities in the country, or do they just not give a fuck, my goodness, even Portland is losing its' shit, hopefully this fucking cops lose their jobs and end up in prison.


Look at those rabid animals run in like a pack attacking. Disgusting.

Who raised these f**king animals?