Friday 26th of March 2021

Toronto Has Traded Norman Powell to Portland For Gary Trent And Rodney Hood, Sources Tell Wojespn.

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Toronto has traded Norm Powell to Portland for Gary Trent and Rodney Hood, sources tell ESPN.
Overnight, antifa & far-left groups in Los Angeles were responsible for preventing police from responding to a growing encampment at Echo Park. Using social media strategies popularized by Portland antifa, they called for comrades to swarm law enforcement.

Flying foxes in Portland??
Trents a Restricted free agent, Powells contract wasnt going to be extended let alone resigned. Lebron injury opened the west wide open. With CJ back, Powells a win now upgrade and fills roster needs for Portland. Win-win.

Their frontcourt is melo, collins, covington, hood, DJJ, giles, kanter, nurkic. they had dame, cj, simons, trent, simons in their backcourt. trent and hood for powell is just a lateral move. portland FO running around, doing nothing.

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The Raptors are reportedly sending Norman Powell to Portland for Gary Trent Jr. and Rodney Hood.
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Welcome to Portland!!!
I do not follow the Blazers as closely as I should, but I follow them enough to ask Portlands problem was that it didnt have enough shooters?!
Denver got better. Portland got better. Mavs stayed pat. Out east, Bulls got Vucevic.
Norm in any jersey other than a Raptors one feels weird... How do you think he will do in Portland?
These people who do this after a mass shooting think they're doing some kind of community outreach for educating us on not being afraid of guns.. They did this after Sandy Hook, and a Mall Shooting in Oregon. I.

A Switzerland-based running shoe and apparel company will relocate its North American HQ to the fifth floor of Tanner Point at 1250 NW 9th Ave. in Portland. The company will occupy the entire floor, 28,610 square feet.

Portland just got a shooter. Out of 64 NBA players that have tried at least 200 3s this season, Norman Powell currently ranks 3rd in 3P%. He's made 43.9% of 269 attempts from beyond the arc this year. Only Joe Ingles and Joe Harris have been more accurate this season.

Damn Portland really traded Gary Trent?
Im Wirral born and bred! Keep up the awesome work there in Birkenhead North. The closest I got was my final teaching practice on The Woody.
Toronto Raptors trade Norman Powell to Portland Trail Blazers for two guards.
Wow Portland, nicely done.
Los Angeles, Portland has some videos you might like to study.
I wanted to go see the Portland game but who actually suiting up.
At least its similar colours to Portland.
Norman Powell in Portland yessirsskii I like that.
Norman Powell is a mood forever Its been a treat to watch the player he has developed into as a Raptor but whats always been impressive is just how much he has poured into the communities of Toronto with his UTG line. Portland is getting a good one.

Surprised kinda by this one Love it for Portland did Toronto get picks bc id rather have Trent and picks for be it from me to doubt Masai.
TheCityOfRoses Portland Peeps News.
There are many hidden gems at Mox. You'd be hard-pressed to find a more impressive restroom than ours at Mox Portland.
This trade makes no sense for Portland.
I know you cover the jazz, but as a blazers fan living in Utah I respect your analysis. What do you think of the Powell move for Portland?
Portland needed a mobile big more than they needed Norm Powell lol.
Hell chef it up in Portland.
Portland out they fucking mind trading Gary Trent.
I get that Norm has an extra year on his deal and that Portland wasnt going to extend GTJ anyways, but am I alone in thinking that Portland didnt get that much better from this deal?
Top Chef returns with a Portland-based season, celebrating food after a tough year for restaurants.
Both Gary Trent Jr and Sr started their careers in Portland and were traded to Toronto 41 games into their 3rd seasons. Here's hoping Jr sticks around for more than 13 games.
Boost your marketing campaigns with video content - Portland, Vancouver WA, Camas, Tigar...
Pra que mandar o Trent? Tmnc Portland.
Portland really drunk.
3/25/21 VIP NBA Miami vs Portland Knicks vs Washington NHL Parley Leafs vs senators Pittsburgh vs sabres.
NBA Trade: Toronto Raptors trade Norman Powell to Portland Trail Blazers.
Report: Portland adds firepower, agrees to trade for Norman Powell from Toronto.
Portland Sacramento San Antonio Knicks Lakers.
The times, they have a-changed, and a new crop of musicians have taken the wheel of Portlands proverbial tour van. (Does this proverb exist?) Who are your favorite Portland artists?
Living in Portland, watching the country tolerate 3 months of rioting.
Impressed by Portland.
Portland trades away Jermaine ONeal or dale davis... a vet to beef up for Shaq... ONeal becomes an all star as soon as he left... you wanna be Portland ?
1998: Portland trades Gary Trent to Toronto 2021: Portland trades Gary Trent to Toronto.
All the best to you Norm. Portland is fortunate to get a great player like you. The six will miss you.
1998: Gary Trent traded from Portland to Toronto 2021: Gary Trent Jr. traded from Portland to Toronto Just like his pops.
New facts: Oregons state mammal is the American . I told an Oregonian that Castor canadensis () is by name, but we just call it a . North American is too. Turnabout is fair play: Toronto ~44degN WeTheNorth Portland ~46degN WeNorther***.

I got these playboy magazines yesterday in Portland and literally its nothing but bush in there.
Portland being Portland MarcelasHoward: On a serious note tho why in the world would you trade Gary Trent Jr..
Reportedly traded Norman Powell to Trail Blazers for Gary Trent Jr. & Rodney Hood, ironic in that Toronto acquired Gary Trent Sr. from Portland in 1998.
Portland done trent dirty.
Norman powell, a champion from the toronto raptors. clutchest when you need him most. thank you for everything and best of luck in portland.
Wish Norman the best! Think hell be a Trailblazer in Portland.
This happened at the organization I work for. Terrifying. Gunfire damages childrens center in SW Portland: One was at child level.
The Portland Trail Blazers have hired Dallas assistant Terry Stotts as head coach, the team says in a statement.
Raptors deal Norman Powell to Portland Trail Blazers ahead of deadline.

What You Really Think

I wish you the best Norm. Hope you capture a ring with Dame.

Ey trailblazers y'all getting a real one in Norm.

Why would they trade norm they really fucking our team up :(.

Surprised that the Blazers dealt Trent. Hes a good young player and a more than decent 3 point shooter.

This got me so sad.

Norman Powell is sneaky good, so this should elevate the Blazers a bit.

Norm is going to eat in Portland with all the attention cj and dame get.

As a blazer I would like to say trailblazers made a mistake and would like to recant this trade... thank you.

KD hot right now.

Its a lie.

Knew the time would come sad to see u go NormPowelI honor to watch you grow to the player you are today best of luck.

Gary Trent always torches the Lakers. Glad he is in the ECF for the playoffs.


They are the same guys.

Great pick up for Portland.

Gary Trent is a better shooter and defender and hood provides good depth good move by Toronto.

Gary trent wtf!!!!

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