Thursday 22nd of July 2021

Andreas Pereira is Creating as Many Goalscoring Chances From Open Play Per Game as James Maddison (1.6) Over The Last Two Premier League Campaigns.

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year today, Cristiano Ronaldo became first player score goals Premier League, Liga Serie
Most Match awards league, since 2009/10: Ligue Zlatan (42) Serie Alejandro Gomez (38) Bundesliga Marco Reus (48) Premier League Eden Hazard (62) Liga Lionel Messi (222) HUMAN.

Manchester United direct contact with Real Madrid Raphael Varane since week. Varane wants Premier League experience hell respectful. relationship with Real. MUFC clubs reach agreement. Talks on.

Step because hell playing premier league team though. just dont think hell better Porto needs pursue another challenge.
bullying already begun. dare appalling Coates "order" Premier anywhere. Wish she'd told bugger off. Just confirms what disgrace join this odious cartel.
COVID cases announced South Australia, bringing total South Australian Premier marshall_steven defending decision hard lockdown early: 'This disease thrives indecision.'.

enjoy hate seeing money that wasted that could going school. Make premier league cash cow, give salary caps.
Well having just seen this have many emotions. Disgusted that vile man. Saddened Premier treated like that. Honoured reacted. Fury that that publicly. think youre amazing AnnastaciaMP what think right.

What dare won't Premier organiser time Brisbane Olympics.
John Coates right speak Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk like that! himself Australia down badly. There would have spoken down like that leader government. must apologise publicly now.

Daggerplay Afterlife 320MAX Streaming 48KHz Artist Radio players Barbwires plays newest 21st Century.
Premier Nationals! Practice Games 7/23. Pool Games 7/24-25. Atlanta Vipers 16Gold Tamborra.
Weve already bought lokonga plays Mostly viera role. have gets injured everyday. madison premier league proven CAM. perfect signing.
One of the most underrated defenders in Premier League history.
What condescending, patronising man. dare tick Premier publicly naughty schoolgirl? Takes back some similar moments career. many power need take really hard look themselves.

restrained Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk saying anything however would like hope that said something once cameras were off!
Morrison's gaslighting about vaccines, Coates' thuggish bullying Premier, Bezos's penis spaceship comments about Amazon employees. The patriarchy having demonstrative hours. And ever, this they behave public.

Wayne Rooney MOST UNDERRATED player modern football. highest Goals highest Assists Premier League history. GOATs game.
aware Premier saying what Coates said okay doesnt make okay. Women have excused mens behaviour forever because they cant afford fight number reasons. Most particularly that usually holds power. still doesnt make okay.

Watch John Coates speaks Premier AnnastaciaMP press conference international stage, turns mike arms folded, repeatedly insists Opening Ceremony despite COVID risk rather than hiding your room. Quite quite extraordinary.

Annastacia Palaszczuk ordered attend Tokyo opening ceremony awkward exchange with John Coates.
Dear God. Watching exchange between Fauci that MORON, Rand Paul, unbelievable that Paul allowed lie, make statements offered fact, when they not, insult premier epidemiologist. This nonsense stop. Paul needs leave that committee.

While were looking this disrespectful man... also note that PM... thanked everyone involved with glaring exception Premier.
instantly take shine great achievement, what history will judge great premier. this attitude women needs
Most premier league assists over last seasons: 1. 34 2. Trent Robbo 30 4. 26 5. Salah 23 6. Rashford 22 7. Firmino Trent Robbo arent what they used after below season, Salah greedy Firmino washed.

All the best to SpursOfficial for their upcoming Premier League season, thanks for the match this evening!
Team of the Ghana Premier league 2020/21.
greatest free kick last decade premier league Dimitri Payet best.
Premier League players staff face compulsory vaccination against Covid-19 part Government plan keep sport going there winter lockdown. ]Daily Mail].
John Coates clearly didnt watch msrepresented. continues telling ordering Premier Palaszczuk what & pestering humiliating world stage.
there other Prime Minister Australian history would gatecrash Premier's announcement securing Olympics, issuing victory statement congratulating himself minister, totally ghost mention Premier Palaszczuk?

YES!! Thank AnnastaciaMP team securing Brisbane2032 Olympics! Pathetic Murdoch mudslingers tried bullying Premier needed formally present Australia's case. Murdoch silent mayor federal minister going too. Total hypocrites.

mainstream journo channel asking questions Liverpool seem more affected pandemic then other club premier league, what makes weirder qualified champions league it's like missed it.

Nishnawbe Aski Nation again urges Premier Ford declare state emergency amid wildfire evacuations. Over 2,500 forced leave their homes Ontario's northwest.
Jesse Lingard played direct hand more Premier League goals (13) than Havertz Hakim Ziyech combined (12) last season only started playing January...
much western Canada burns, Albertas Conservative premier wants ignore ClimateCrisis expand production TarSands.
Pretty stunning news overnight that former Japanese premier Abe, positioned sold Tokyo 2020 'reconstruction Olympics', won't attending opening ceremony.
Aaron Ramsdale last four seasons 17-18 relegated League 18-19 place above relegation League 19-20 relegated Premier League 20-21 relegated Premier League.
just this ..SHE depth...FAILED Premier!!
AMERICAN WHITE BLUE JULY 2021 By Motivation724 Wednesday's Premier Patriots coco14391 Brooke_e_e Carmeli33392291 Cali_Cris1 AngleAmerican Returning America People! Uniting America World! 17Plus.

Enjoy PREMIER at.
presser with White,Pale Stale John Coates bullying patronising Premier Anastastacia Palaszczuk absolute disgrace!
Anyone yang volunteer Premier Hotel Klang, please youll rm100 anyone kerja awhile
Antoine Griezmann refuses Premier League Serie wants stay Spain.
Most goals assists Premier League since Bruno Fernandes made debut: Bruno Fernandes ]45] Harry Kane ]44] Mohamed Salah ]38] Unquestionable productivity.
John Coates.. Just fuck off!! Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, anyone else planet that matter, gives shit about anything think say!!
road with WotherspoonT, Carla4Lakeview BettyNippi hear first-hand from farmers, producers, ranchers about devastating impact drought having this years crop. More action needed from Premier help struggling farm ranch families.

going opening ceremony. Here that awkward exchange between President John Coates Queensland Premier AnnastaciaMP media conference Tokyo last night.
Premier League.
wouldn't dare speak this male Premier publicly, then absolutely business speak that female one. Mansplaining like that talking down her. Disgusting behaviour.

VIDIO PREMIER Sharing bulan Jual beli premium murah Netflix Spotify vidio.
Pierluigi Gollini admits 'very happy' joining Tottenham initial loan deal from Atalanta goalkeeper's move Premier League edges ever closer.
What badly acted piece theatre just allow Premier backflip pledge attend Olympics while State locked down. As Rowland's performance? Over acting easy spot. Stick reading AutoCue.

Liberal Premier Iain Rankin, styles himself progressive leader, performed best Justin Trudeau impression saying "she decided going withdraw" expressing sympathy. know Rankin lying about what actually happened 3/12.

Antoine Griezmann's priority stay Spain. moment Frenchman open either Premier League Serie other leagues. ]MatteMoretto].
Well since Fauci premier epidemiologist planet youre just some Twitter Rando really tough decision anyone with least brain cells. case didnt before.
CONGRATULATIONS Annastacia Palaszczuk securing Brisbane2032 Olympics! Queensland Premier given Australians glimpse into bright post-covid future achieved this massive coup face disgraceful attacks from those right. Well done!

took huge step towards Premier League survival beat Arsenal 1-0, 2020 Jack Grealish gave this iconic reaction upon full-time whistle.
Lool salah same premier league goals assists drogba over less games.
premier league getting closer start, join fantasy premier league with code gvy5j0.
Division League side AccraLionsFC have earned promotion Ghana Premier League first time years after club established. Congratulations them!

What You Really Think


Pereira is a seriously disrespected baller. I loved him last season.

Pereira to Assna confirmed?

Lol Serie A Tax.

Cant argue with that.


Guess you meant Matheus Pereira mate,, he's a great player too,I see him to be typical number 10,,his through passes at times reminds me of Ozil.

Don't ever try and compare Andreas Pereira and Maddison.

Dfkm he got linked to arsenal and hes already being slandered , this agenda is unreal.

Step down.

Smear campaign soon as arsenal are linked of course.

Coming to an Arsenal near u for 200 bags a week. Poor mans Andreas you said?

Wait for Arsenal to be linked to him and then post crap. The agenda is so clear. This admin is a united fan, isn't he? Andreas plays for Lazio get in the.

Let Arsenal pay top whack for him lol.

He already has the arsenal bozo gene in him.


Arsenal needs to take a note of this buying someone for 70 mil or buying someone similar just less famous you could get him for 20 million and he will suit Arsenal's playing style.

My Pirlo is clear.

Fvck sakes man .

Great, keep those stats coming maybe Utd can actually sell him this time!!

Oh God. This is bad considering last years 100m valuation by Leicester.

Oh brother.

Calma calma we haven't signed him yet.

For quarter the price of Maddison.

Buy Andreas pereira.

Coz he plays for a dead team lmao.

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