Saturday 7th of November 2020

President Trump Just Spoke at The White House, as Key States Continue to Count Votes. Shep Has The Facts: What The President of The United States is Saying, in Large Part, is Absolutely Untrue.

Decision Desk HQ projects that JoeBiden has won Pennsylvania and its 20 electoral college votes for a total of 273. Joe Biden has been elected the 46th President of the United States of America. Race called at 11-06 08:50 AM EST All Results.

A reflection on President Trumps comments last night: The last President I covered who refused to accept the vote count in an election was Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Iran, 2009.
I don't know, but it sure seems to me like not calling the race when the outcome is obvious in states like PA and NV gives the president more time to spout misinformation.
Responding to reports that President Trump has no plans to concede AndrewBatesNC tells FOX: As we said on July 19th, the American people will decide this election. And the United States government is perfectly capable of escorting trespassers out of the White House.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney: I think what the president needs to do is, frankly, put his big boy pants on.".
Doesnt need permission from any network to acknowledge reality. Hes been elected president and should proceed accordingly. Its over.
Iv been wondering where's thus he is Joe Bidden ?? Oh how i love him i thank God he's the president of USA now more than ever since BLM.
President biden must.
If you count the legal votes, President realDonaldTrump easily wins this race. PASS IT ON before Twitter censors this!
Joe Biden should not wrongfully claim the office of the President. I could make that claim also. Legal proceedings are just now beginning!
Today, did you hear the president speak about the 235,601 COVID19 deaths? Neither did I.
Your daily reminder that Trump is still the first president elected since Richard Nixon to refuse to release his tax returns. Hundreds of millions in debt, foreign bank accounts, potential tax fraud and years of paying nothing appear to be the reasons why.

This is where we are, we have a president that is denying our DEMOCRACY. This isnt a presidency anymore, its a dictatorship and his following is a cult. He's a sore loser and can't take the L. What a man baby.

And this is what i mean when i say Donald Trump spreads hate and racism. People think its okay to be like this because their PRESIDENT MAKES IT OKAY.
This woman called the president she will serve under racist. Im sure she wont declare war on India for jayapal ;).
Please tell me how they could call the house and senate winners early but not the president .. same ballets.. this is the one thing I cant wrap my head around.. anyone? Anyone?
President realDonaldTrump: We believe the American people deserve to have full transparency into all vote counting and election certification, and that this is no longer about any single election. This is about the integrity of our entire election process. From the beginning we.

Biden is a fraud elected by dead voters, he's not president of anything.
Madam Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris and the silhouette of Ruby Bridges when she was walking to an all-white school, newly desegregated, escorted by four deputy US marshals in 1960.
We recognize President-elect Joe Biden!
Donald Trump will forever be known as an impeached, one term president.
Hes doing it now: Acting like the President. Taking time to absorb the count is necessary, out of respect for POTUS, & all who voted for him, He is being the bigger person. JoeBiden KamalaHarris (congrats) and (so sorry we lost) 2 greetings for both cases.

The HQNigerianArmy, the PoliceNG, and other security services of the Nigerian government should learn from Americas military and secret services. Their loyalty is to their nation, not their president. Do not let General MBuhari use you to kill innocent Nigerians.

The people love you Mr. President! We support you! Dont give up pursuing truth. Many are praying for you & God is for you ~ so who can stand against you?
I wouldve used stronger words but Im not sure if you can get in trouble for insulting the President lmao.
Its time to start practicing these words. Madam Vice President.
Two Arrested With Guns After Police Get Tip of Convention Center Threat Law and Oder is allready better during President Elected Biden. You would have said "these are good guys" Law and Order is definitely coming but for We the people not for Trump the people.

President Trump has "acted in the most irresponsible fashion" as he continues to challenge vote counts in various states, says Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey.
They are saying democrats dont vote down the ticket but only for President.
luckyseas1 GetsGreased scouter12 ChairmanReturns LADowd no_sifty Odel_Roo kitsaoc TheMorningSpew2 StupidBoomers DaleyGator Thank you, dear friend, it's much appreciated! May God bless you all! "Heavenly Father, please cause only legitimate votes to be counted, so that President Trump will stay in office, and conservatives will win the majority in every city/county/state. In Jesus' Name, Amen" nulb.

Look, I may not agree with how Trump is handling his looming election defeat, but he is still our president and I will defend to the death his right to be removed from the White House, arrested, stripped of his wealth, tried for his crimes and thrown straight the fuck into prison.

My view, SenSchumer told AnandWrites, is if we dont do bold change, we could end up with someone worse than Donald Trump in four years.
Hes not making it four years. I just hope he knows that hes the president whenever its official.
As the 46th President of the United States, I hereby announce God is a woman by Ariana Grande the new national anthem.
This is has been a damned long month, this week, but here we are: President Elect Biden flipped Georgia. GEORGIA. Thank you staceyabrams, and all the voters in Georgia who made that happen. I know, too that ProjectLincoln spent REAL money in Georgia. (Some of it was mine.).

After four years of Trump, 'Sleepy Joe' sounds just fine to Wall Street.
It was never really in doubt. Trump has shown US institutions are strong and healthy and the country could run itself. Do you even need a president?
If Biden gets elected I honestly and sincerely hope that people do not forget that having a democratic president will not fix racism and oppression in this country. Do not stop helping marginalized people. Do not stop reading and thinking the work is done.

Most of them have been counted and you LOST anyway, because the majority of our soldiers HATE a president who calls them suckers & losers.
Hey!!!!! We haven't made a big enough deal about KAMALA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First female Vice President!!!! And a woman of colour!!!!!!! HUZZAH for Kamala!!!!
Alternatively, theyre hiding posts that spread misinformation relating to elections? The post should be removed, but unfortunately hes the President, so they cant. I hate to see Trump and his supporters being so disrespectful to our armed forces, though. How unpatriotic.

NEW: The GOP member of a vote review panel in Gwinnett, GA repeatedly argued Friday that write-in ballots for Mike Pence as president should count for Donald Trump, the group's Democratic representative tells me.

Pence after the Secret Service drags Trump out and he gets to be President for a day.
Hopefully this will be corrected at the Supreme Court of the United States. Also, these late ballots past Election Day are illegal, exactly what the President has been saying. The Supreme Court, in extraordinary circumstances,...

I remember being a kid seeing a black man address the country as the newly elected president. In that moment I knew I could do so much with my life. Thats what representation does.
Yo mama so fat she couldn't RUN for president u/Theo_Perr.
"Trump has loved being the president and what that means is he can issue a tweet and it becomes a cable news chyron and a news alert within minutes. He relishes that... When he's no longer president that's just not gonna be the case" - PhilipRucker w/.

President of Twitter..I had a big lead half way through the count...
We've joined the LawyersComm in urging the CEO of Twitter, jack, to suspend Trumps Twitter account for spreading disinformation and causing civil unrest.
The New York Post is fast losing credibility due to the incompetent reporting, total lack of research, poor writing skills and opinionated personal bias of reporter ebonybowden - stating President realDonaldTrump's claims of OBVIOUS election fraud are baseless.

PM Modi will lead the Indian delegation to the 20th Summit of SCO Council of heads of state, which is being held virtually on Nov 10 & chaired by Russian President Putin. This is the third meeting that we will be participating as full members: MEA Spokesperson Anurag Srivastava.

Trump adviser said Giuliani and others in inner circle are enabling the president as he refuses to grasp the reality that the WH is slipping away. "People are enabling him," adviser said, calling situation inside WH right now "chaos.".

President Biden moving into the White House on Jan 20 and seeing the old employees again.
Former Missouri GOP Sen. Jack Danforth: "By alleging widespread fraud, President Trumps purpose is to undermine Americans belief in the legitimacy of the election and therefore in the foundation of our democracy. He is causing incalculable damage to our country.".

UNSUNG HEROES: We dont know their names and rarely see their faces, but their hands are doing the work of democracy. Poll workers are under immense pressure to count the votes that will determine the next president. Watch the CBS Evening News, weeknights at 6:30 p.m. ET.

His Excellency President Mbeki declares that he will be on strike until such time that His Excellency President Ramaphosa (1st NUM GS) is conferred with an honorary Doctoral degree by the University of South Africa as has been done upon 1st NUM President and NUM VP.

The Secret Service will follow the direction of the President, so when President Biden directs them to escort him out they will happily oblige.
Mr President.
You think these Trump supporters are in their feelings now. Wait until AOC is President.
I LOVE how there are SO MANY President Trump supporters in Scranton then Biden supporters. Drive through the town and talk to the people and all you see is Trump signs and hear about how Biden has done NOTHING for them! But Trump has! I love it!!!!

Anderson Cooper: "That is the president of the United States. That is the most powerful person in the world. We see him like an obese turtle on his back flailing in the hot sun, realizing his time is over.".

Like look at this map of AZ. Notice where its blue and where its red? Notice where the Native Nations are? Yeah, continue to tell us how Native/Indigenous Peoples didnt help with ending yalls 45th colonizer president.

According to RINO MittRomney, it's not voter fraud & theft that undermines rule of law & our elections, it's that President Trump is calling out corrupt Democrats for trying to steal the presidencySomething is seriously wrong w/ Romney.

How tf Biden aint been named President yet.
First trans woman president, it's pretty cool.
I held JoeBiden's feet to the fire when he dismissed real reform during the primary. I expect to soon be out there again, pushing him to do more. But now, before he begins, is the time for dreaming. He can be a bold president. He must.

Aww our sweet President! We love you! Stay strong, we trust in you!
Stay strong, Mr. are fighting in the company of angels. You are the wall that protects us from evil in the U.S.
I believe Joe's a super good man, father , husband to me a president has to have that going for em , I'd of loved to have voted right but they've got the complete opposite, far as politics long as he stays mildly conservative I'll ride with him..

The 68 million ppl who voted for that guy wont go away just because a new president gets elected. Theyll still be in your schools, workplaces, and neighborhoods advancing their dangerous beliefs. I hope youre ready to keep fighting for your values.

A 6k vote glitch in MI discovered which is favorable to the President and you wonder why we fight with President realDonaldTrump to stopthesteal and hold off on calling this race for Biden. Irregularities are not made up, they are very real.

I'm with President Trump till the bitter end.
Trump aides reportedly had to explain to the president that his demand to 'STOP THE COUNT' would actually guarantee his loss.
Mr. President, thats called COUNTING THE VOTES - the numbers tend to change when you do that, like the number of COVID-19 deaths that you ignored as they were going up, remember?

What You Really Think

Finish line he started.

Fake news.

Congrats Joe.

Showing a Costco membership card as proof of ID in order to vote is kinda illegal.

"Please take him out of my ear.".

Since when does MSNBC and Shepard Smith get to decide what is or is not TRUE? We may need to start storming these studios and shutting down these propaganda merchants.

Please tell us how all these anomalies happened. How does a candidate who doesnt campaign set the record for votes even when the Democratic senate and house doesnt reflect the same?

Your statement regarding the decision on Pennsylvania votes is false. If the postmark was unclear or not there at all, but received by November 6th, it was to be counted. Pennsylvania botched this one.

We will see.

So... explain this, Shephard Shit!!! Michigan has discovered they have a glitch in their software that gave votes to Biden!!!

Es ist beschamend fur die ganze Nation, wie dieser absolut unwurdige Nochprasident sich verhalt! Unwurdig und unverstandlich fur ein solch demokratisches Land!


Do you have proof that all these claims are debunked? if not stfu.

Since when is it ok to cut away while the President of the USA is holding a press conference??? This crazy world needs a lot of help.

And this right here is why Ill never watch this station again. Its not his job and let me see his law degree. Such BS. Yes maybe the president is lying but maybe just maybe the president might know more than a stupid reporter.

I dont follow this shit weasel. Why is Sheppard on my feed? No evidence? Weird because Ive seen the videos showing voter fraud.

Why dont you let the people decide. Let the people see all the evidence gathered. Sharpies, videos of poll workers throwing away ballots, usps back stamping votes by hand, polls denying court orders to have parties watch, the number of Deceased people who came alive to vote.

Why would will believe the media? Bunch of liars. He was up went we went to be Tuesday what happened?

I love You.

I love love love this.

Yes, he is a pathological liar.

Shep: Freedom of speech also encompasses our right to hear an opinion other than yours, we have the right to determine ourselves what is valid, and what is not.

Shep: The contract is this: your right to speak is enhanced by our right to speak. And yours is diminished when ours is diminished. When you silence us, you speech loses meaning. It becomes the babble of the tyrannical elitist, that we MUST listen to, but we will never value.

This makes me so happy, that many networks chose not to propagate Trump's false claims Vnulb Well done!

Censorship is fascist.

And we need Biden ???? Hes a disgrace to humanity !!!!

The propaganda with non journalist script reader Shepard Smith.

So your statements today Shep r no different than for the past 4 years? Another reason no one takes the media seriously.

So the news and Trump have something in common.

Hatsoff to you! You took the decision to stop the airing of lies! Wish all news channels could do that.

It is True.

To be fair it was filed under Pole watcher.