Sunday 7th of June 2020


Taking a knee to fight white supremacy is an act of patriotism because it is for the love of our country and for the fight for racial justice. I took a knee as an Asian American doctor and paid the price from racist physicians at Vanderbilt who said NO KNEELING just like Trump.

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Tech companies often push a narrative that the product drives growth: - then they price low (eg Uber, WeWork) - or, spend vast sums on promotion (TikTok, Grammarly) Understanding the role of the 4Ps (price, place, promotion, product) has never been more important.

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Are you willing to bet on this? My thesis is, we'll never touch that 's2fx line' again with any of the monthly btc price dots in the next 4 years .
SNP - no lives matter, champion independence at any price.
Even very recently Bitcoin was just "tulips". Now "something needs to go really wrong" for hyperbitcoinization not to happen.
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Capitalists always advocates privatisation because they know they will be able to buy a diamond at the price of coal and after they squeeze everything, govt will be forced to take over.
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Gassing me, turn my eyes into a sea Swinging through sick police lines Choking on my own insides But it's just the price I pay Destiny is calling me Washing out my burning eyes Cause I fight for black lives.

Open Positions going into next week NavinFluor 1/4 avg price 1513 APLAPOLLO 1/4 avg 1421 TECHM 1/4 AVG 546 Wonderla 1/4 avg 134.3 SUNPHARMA 3/4 avg 487 CADILAHC 2/4 avg 361.3 ALKYLAMINE Full Position 2085 SONATASOFTW starting position 220.9 , might add.

Price of an ambulance especially if this isnt even serious.
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But this is in Paper. The moment the price craters, nobody will believe it'll ever crater again. Every single big investor will get their hands on whatever physical they can so you better believe the rest of us will be crowded out. The economy just *cannot* handle another shock.

MRP - Maximum Retail price... The first full form known to me from 2001 thanks to sister.
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The price of venus 4400N95 has come down to less than Rs.95/piece, but d same mask being sold at around Rs.280/piece on amazonIN even today. How can such a big margin of profit be allowed. Or is it just ignored? COVID?19.

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Good news for PriyankaVadra... Delhi Government has decided to withdraw the 'special corona fee' levied at 70% of the maximum retail price on all categories of liquor, with effect from 10th June 2020. cc.

Our deceived friends need to be spanked. Patriots could shield them from everything, but sometimes folks need to see what tyranny is like before they're willing to stand up to it. We will endure the pain of the coming months together, but it is a price worth paying for freedom.

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This depends on how much pain your margin can take before the reversal begins, This is why the only people who should hold on to fundamentals over price are those with large enough margin.
Delhi Government has decided to withdraw the 'special corona fee' levied at 70% of the maximum retail price on all categories of liquor, with effect from 10th June 2020.
Airhead has been in the files since season 9, it finally got released! The current price showcased in the item shop is incorrect, should be corrected soon.

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When you expose a racist student, you stop them from attending a university that will allow them to become a racist healthcare worker, teacher, lawyer, real estate developer, politicians, etc.
Former Security Minister, Lt.Gen.Henry Tumukunde has said he is not surprised that he was arrested and imprisoned for over month after announcing his presidential bid. NilePostNews NBSUpdates Here's more.

This Uttarakhand farmer has traveled to Delhi with his flowers. Gurgaon has been placing orders directly with him. And they are much cheaper than market price..almost 70-80% cheaper His contact no : 91 94123 83468 Pics shared from whtsapp group.

Please sign and share this petition to reopen her case! The surveillance videos of her at the station are edited!
?BRAND NEW RELEASE? ?SMOKE? Poppet Laveau wants her memories back. Someone stole them from her and only the Mind Mage can return them. But what will the truth cost her? Magic always comes with a price.

Last price ?
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To highlight their thematic relevance (rather than quantity for price). I don't know how many submissions you've received that would fit that criteria though.
.crypto is littered with shill groups of every status & size. Whatever you do, DON'T stop at the truth that sentiment IS the KEY price driver; Why? It's the org. shill-power BEHIND IT that drives prices (esp. lowcaps). From VCs to Influencers & EVERYTHING between; WISE UP!

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Great men have allied themselves with angels at a terrible price to themselves. Evil men indulge their slightest whim for small satisfaction while accepting the fate of burning in Hell.

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