Sunday 28th of June 2020

Happy Pride Everyone!! . ?????????

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Happy pride everyone!! . ?????????
Happy pride to all! Be safe out there ??
Kick Cops and Corporations out of pride!!
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Daddy lost his pants, we ain't upset about it!
Love is love. ?
All my love to my friends in the LGBTQIA community. Stay proud, stay strong and stay beautiful!
In PRIDE month, as we mobilize to unseat a president who turned his back on LGBTQ rights, good to recall 2016 when US & other members of the UN LGBT Core Group got 1st Ave crosswalk to the UN painted, in support for LGBTQ rights.

You sound amazing!! True colors!! cyndilauper happy Pride NYCPrideCheer2020 ???????????
The b is not silent, happy.
Happy Pride, Toronto! We're honoured to celebrate this year's parade virtually with you!
Tune in here to enjoy Hulu PrideFest, an event honoring the 50th anniversary of Pride Love Love Love.
Celebrating Pride and BTWFoundation with our ElvisDragSpectacular ?????? With celebrity judges: idinamenzel, Instatituss, elvisduran, CynthiaGerma & michellevisage ? Enter now to be in our show & your chance at $10,000!

Happy Pride y'all!
Right now, and it is huge.
Quiet Pride Indoors ?
While PRIDE may look a bit different this year, we continued our 4-year tradition of wrapping a bus to celebrate. We are proud to keep riding with Pride and celebrate how love wins every time. ???? ????

Happy pride month.
"I absolutely do not accept the insistence that my trans body is grotesque and dangerous or that my health care is unnecessary or that I should simply not go to the bathroom"- Chase Strangio.
Evening , If your from Rustenburg or the North West , lets follow each other comment with ?
One of my favorite videos from last year's Pride. ? It remains a truly powerful and moving gesture. Bravo, sir. ?
We deserve respect not for who we love but for who we are.
Hewwo ??
LOVE is LOVE! PrideMonth2020 Pride onurhaftasi ???????
Happy Pride! ???
In celebration of Pride, check out one of Utah's most celebrated poets, May Swenson: read a little of her poetry here, and follow the links to learn more about her extraordinary life as a writer, editor, and translator.

For pride, here's how you can help the Stonewall Inn.
Happy Pride from me and the FAB5. We love you all! How are you celebrating?! eu amo-te mais ?????? pride?
Happy Pride Here's a wallpaper I drew for the Pokemon lovers.
We celebrate PRIDE year-round, league wide.
Ethel Merman and horses.
Love is bored.
This is Pride!
Happy Pride, San Francisco!
HAPPY PRIDE MONTH, Y'ALL! The Bi in Bia, right here ??? I will post a special Pride Month Comic later today, so stay tuned!
Are you ready?... let the party begin????? Happy Pride .
And thereby shattering the Pride of Corona Virus..
I like girls?????
Happy PRIDE month. I see you and I love you ?????????
In more than 70 countries, discriminatory laws criminalize private, consensual same-sex relationships. This Pride, we have one thing to say.
Love wins. always.
Let It Bi.
LIVE: Aerial footage shows massive crowds rallying to celebrate Pride in Chicago.
Adam Harry the first transman to become a Pilot has inaugurated our virtual Pride March today! ?
Rainbow tears ????? Pride Lady Gaga at Stonewall today in 2019 (28 June 2019).
On Pride we celebrate our progress in the fight for LGBTQ rights & vow to keep fighting. We will keep knocking down the barriers to equality. This year we will work to repeal the WalkingWhileTrans statute & combat anti-trans violence.

???? Som joves, som diverses i estem orgulloses. pride?
Thank you KrRutherford and Sportsnet for sharing my story. Fortunate to be surrounded by so much love and support in life and sport. Best teammates, former and current! ?????
Japiii Praid bitchessss.
WITH OutMakingGames kicks off 15th August to 29th August! Follow RainbowGameJam for more exciting info!
Your pride look can just be you however you are most comfortable. I dig the big rainbow flamboyant stuff with the accessories and hella makeup, but you can just wear simple comfy clothes and be proud too ?????????

HAPPY PRIDE ???? "I mean we're all a little bit gay, aren't we?"~ Harry Styles?
Pride weekend memories with the one and only theebillyporter ???
This open, proud homophobic racist (seriously) didn't check to make sure he was talking to a guy before he accused her of being a "faggot." Homophobes really are just so hateful they can't be smart, huh?

Happy Pride!! We wanted to prepare something special for this day, but we've had a lot of mishaps ;__; So we'll just say a few words. Whatever happens in your life, we hope that one day you won't be afraid of being who you are. Be proud of yourselves! ^^.

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Tus hijos felices de verte coger con otro hombre me das asco tu y todos los putos.

Felicidades Riky un saludo de Juan desde Palma de Mallorcay que seas muy feliz con tu marido y tus hijos.?

Porque siempre quieren dar a notarse ptm! Solo hagan lo que quieran con su culo y yaaa!! No tienen que darse a notar!

Hijueputas enfermos de la cabeza.

Que asco, deberian mantener su vida privada en privado, y creo que asi nadie les diria nada, ustedes mismos se exsiben de forma inadecuada y por lo mismo los critican.

Maricon de mierda.

Que viva el amorrrrrrrrrrr ????



Puro amor ?


Que lindos lindos lindos.





No ricky no.

Ay dale besalo, que tanta vuelta das.


Happy Pride! Feliz mes del Orgullo a todos. ??????

Te amo ricky.




Lean esto.



Mucho miedo al covid, y el HIV que ??




Happy pride for you too baby?

Re tiernos los amo?

Te amo rey, no le des importancia a los comentarios negativos!



Puto asco.

Ser gay esta de moda being gay is fashionable.

Puerto ReChimpo ya Callate, Mari- Con!!.. Estais bien repleto de $lD- A Y Ereis, un Empleado de George Soros y los Ju- Das de IsraHel. Como puede haver "Pride" cuando haceis el amor con otro hombre y todo lo que embarran es ?? ???.. DONDE ESTA LA "PRIDE" AN ESO???..

Cute! A bit dangerous still, but, you know. It's art.