Friday 30th of December 2022

The Many Crimes of Mark Meadows Make Him The Prime Candidate For DOJ Prosecutors to Flip Against Donald Trump. Because.

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many crimes Mark Meadows make prime candidate prosecutors flip against Donald Trump. Because.
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What You Really Think

Keep dreaming.

If only Glenn. Where is Meadows ? Has anyone seen him lately?

Indicted for what, all you people need to get over this January 6 stuff. Its affecting you mentally. There were no crimes committed other than the FBI inciting a crowd.

Please enumerate crimes, after that, enumerate all the crimes committed by the Democrats in Congress, to lie to Congress is a crime. Check Schiff, Nader, Warren, SwalloWell , Blumenthal and all others. Jeffries denied results of 2016 election over 100 times.

Unfortunately, Justice no longer matters to the.

Donald Trump did nothing wrong!

Flip him straight into prison!

Are you speaking of Mark Supermax Prison Inmate Meadows?

Thank you Glenn.

F that - put him in jail as well - with Josh, Gaetz, the GA Troll and Gym Jordan.

Flip or what? Prison?

Yeah, but every day now the GOP proves they're above the law since nobody in America has the balls to do anything about it.

Im sure hes cooperating.

Actually unless he is being paid for by the PAC funded by the donation from Trump hes got a far better lawyer than any of them and will do what is best for his client and not the former boss.

There's such a backup of lying, cheating political shite constipating the entrails of America that not a single person is spared the taste of the cancerous reflux of shit constipating our Democracy!

Id rather see him in the next cell from TFG in a special wing in Guantanamo prison.

Yep but agree he deserves to do some hard time even with cooperation! What was meadows thinking throwing it all away for Trump its mind boggling!

From your lips to God's ears.

I dont think Mark should get a free ride. He needs to be held accountable for something.

Plus, he is a cowardly, spineless opportunist with no moral center. A perfect rat.

If hes got an ounce of GD sense, this has already happened.

Could Meadows be the fallguy?

Yeah, theyre all above the law.

Already done imho.

Should have been reported when it happened- theyre all corrupt or enabling of corruption to avoid being accountable to their own actions and words.

No one is going to flip. They will come for his family. Or push him out a window.

Yea. Trump is probably paying for his attorney. Means nothing. Unfortunately.

Talk, talk, talk! To those who can .. Indict somebody! Flip somebody! Do something other than talk.

They should give him limited immunity. Meadows needs to be behind bars.

So how is he going to commit sidewise, fall out of a window, accidently get his neck caught in a n00se, chemical overload.

Quit spreading misinformation.

He has managed to defy prosecution for two years under democrats, he can manage two more. Dems ALWAYS seem to fail at holding opposition accountable!

Manafort too These Treasonist Must Pay!!


Burning documents on a regular basis? Its all beyond comprehension at times, and completely unacceptable. I hope in 2023, the Justice Department picks up the pace, and starts holding them all accountable.

I hope flipping does not mean immunity from prosecution, since he is a MAJOR PERP!

Not unlike those burned documents, Meadows' arse now in a high state of conflagration.

Mark is definitely a flipper.

So Meadows is guilty AF. DOJ basically ignored him then DOJ ignored the contempt of Congress referral, and everyone assumed he was co-operating with the 'Genius' Garland, but he wasn't, he was witness tampering. I swear, Garland MUST be a MAGA for him to be this incompetent.

Oh please oh please, I hope so! I always saw Meadows as a very weak personality.

Hmmthe DOJ will need to find him first, as I dont recall anyone seeing Meadows since trump left office. And apparently the media doesnt care about that fact, they just like to speculate that he will flip.

As long as he goes to prison too for more than 10 years, ok.

Yep, especially since his spine is made of Jello. The second George Terwilliger tells Meadows he is looking at prison time Meadows will tell him to cut a deal, and he will give up every single thing every one associated with the coup did.

Do you have any thoughts about why Biden wont replace Merrick Garland? Put in a strong female, preferably black, and we will see some action. Theres no law that says he has to keep Garland.

Glenn, I guess you forgot, the DOJ isn't prosecuting ANY of the ruling class. Let me know when you're ready to admit, Merrick Garland(R), is dirty, and he's not just, slow-walking this, he's actually, stifling this case. Was he dirty when you were there, too?

Meadows also needs to be held accountable for what he did. Trump was their puppet, he didn't have the brain cells to create and execute such a plan. He was told what they were going to do. Meadows needs to be in jail for a long time.

This just keeps getting better.

Ah, tfg has his fall guy.

Didn't he already flip? Anyway, that's my thought.