Thursday 23rd of July 2020

59'Pulisic Subbed on 61'Pulisic Assist 73'Pulisic Goal Taking Matters into His Own Hands.

59'Pulisic subbed on 61'Pulisic assist 73'Pulisic goal Taking matters into his own hands.
Fernandes dyagsHavertz dyagsSancho Ziyech Rashford Pulisic Martial Werner Which would be the best attack?
Christian Pulisic since the Premier League restart: 6 starts 4 goals 2 assists.
I hope Lampard learns not to bench Pulisic ever again.
Ziyech, Werner and pulisic it isnt to late to go.
Christian Pulisic is very good at football.
Christian Pulisic isnt human. Go watch the goal and assist he just pulled off against Liverpool.
Pulisic is a star.
I cant believe Christian Pulisic did all of this work only for Marcos Alonso to be the defender behind him. Tragic.
But why didn't pulisic start.
Pedophile stfu.
Pulisic is what Man U fans think Fernandes is.
Pulisic is just an elite player. Chelsea dont deserve him.
Thats now 20 goals and assists for Christian Pulisic in his first 32 matches for Chelsea. Hes only just getting started. [?]nulb.
If Caballero and Pulisic started today, Chelsea might have been celebrating securing top four..
Any chance of the comeback is gone. Have to put away Wolves now on Sunday. Frank's decision to not start Pulisic is going to backfire, Jorginho should have just taken out Robertson and as for Kepa... he's no longer defendable in any way. Time for a new GK.

An American soccer player is absolutely tearing up the best league in the world. You just love to see that.
Pulisic and CHO saved this game from being a snooze fest.
Lampard bottled this one tbh. Start willy and pulisic fgs!
THIS ! Pulisic has nothing to do on the bench.
Christian Pulisic tore through everyone for the assist ( TelemundoSports).
Lampard also has serious blood on his hands for not starting Pulisic in the first place.
Pulisic, CHO, Caballero. Those 2/3 have to start Sunday.
Pulisic is so so good.
Christian Pulisic has scored as many Premier League goals at Anfield this season as Roberto Firmino. Christian Pulisic has played half an hour at Anfield.
Liverpool 5 - 3 Chelsea Pulisic.
Heartless effort with the exception of Pulisic coming in.
Not the same, Willian is older by 4 years Plus he was already established in the team before Salah came, Dembele literally came to BVB after Pulisic and still benched him.
If Kepa continues to be in goal for Chelsea next season with Werner, Ziyech and Pulisic all starting they can score 6 but will concede 7.
Christiano Pulisic. American Sniper.
Lampard actually believes mason mount is better than pulisic.
Feel bad for Pulisic, playing with fucken dunderheads.
Christian Pulisic ladies and gentlemen.
Pulisic is the best winger in EPL That's the tweet.
Only took 13 minutes for Pulisic to cause 2 goals for Chelsea. Hopefully he's healthy enough to play the full game on Sunday.
Lampard needs to start putting Pulisic in the starting XI.
Sad thing about today is that we have played well going forward but its the same old problems in defence. The great thing for me was the impact Christian Pulisic made when he came on.
We lost this game in the first half and with Lampard benching Pulisic.
Pulisic will be playing for a big club in the next few years...
Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!! Im so hacked! Pulisic all for nothing.
Pulisic and CHO definitely starting against Wolves then.
Christian pulisic always saving chelsea.
Why didnt Lampard start Pulisic Ffs!!!
Pulisic makes me want Sancho more.
Lampard doesn't like Pulisic, the best winger at Chelsea. He would rather start "hard working" Willian in 35 out of 38 games when Pulisic is by far the better player.
All Im taking away from this game is. Kepa is the worst gk out there. Defence isnt strong enough. Pulisic is an unreal player with so much potential.
Yh that killed me, pulisic is unreal tho.
OMG PULISIC. This is like Linsanity if it lasted a full season. A young American starlet living out his dreams of carrying a big team on his shoulders in the biggest of games.
Talent wise theyre very close, but Pulisic has the killer mentality that Pepe is lacking right now. Pulisic wants to be the protagonist while Pepe is way too shy on how he plays.
These fire works gonna give pulisic ptsd.
Pulisic is a fighter and an absolute cold-hearted killer in front of goal. Such a direct player.
Clone 11 of Pulisic for the USMNT.
Son > Pulisic.
Klopps reaction to Pulisics goal is why I love this man.
I put a combined $15k into Pulisic and Bol cards in the past few value today about $100k. And based on todays twitter trends, we about to hit a quarter mil.
Despite the loss it is important to note. Pulisic =.
Omo I dont even understand Lampard problem with Pulisic. I thought he was resting him against United that he will play today. The idiot still bench am. I want to cry.
Pulisic is good.
CHO and Pulisic shld start on Sunday only then can we win that game I rest my case.
A Mens National Team like the US DOESNT Deserve Pulisic.
GOAL! Liverpool 4-3 Chelsea (Pulisic 73). Watch LIVCHE live on Sky Sports Premier League or follow it here.
Lampard killed this game. 3-4-3 wasn't working cos Liverpool forward is strong. He didn't change it. Mount is not good as a winger. Kept our best player Pulisic on bench. William and Jorgihno are pure waste of resources.

Christian Pulisic is the only reason any of us would get let into Europe again.

What You Really Think

Lets goooo.

Alaye howfar now?


Never forget Frank picked MASON MOUNT over a fully healthy Pulisic who just did more in 15 minutes than Chelsea did in 60. The bizarre favoritism of Mount/CHO/Pedro over his best talent CP all season has been criminal. The idea that some praise Franks treatment is a joke.

Lampard did not merge well first eleven, he should take the all blames.

84'- Chamberlain goal.

90 5 - Pulisic loss.


Pulisic today.

How are you guys so quick with these animations.

Buen dibujo te hicieron con la camiseta del Chelsea.

Do it in a U.S. shirt plz.

He should be starting every game.

Captain America.


A great baller is he...should always be in the starting 11.

Conflicted, but Im happy for him.

This one na better player jare. Na only am good for that Chelsea.

My captain.

Any body to telllampardf to never change a winning team.

United should give Chelsea Rashford and take this guy man WHAT A PLAYER.

Chelsea playing so much better without Giroud on the field Absolutely chocking But UK Medias love to show him off cause he is tall and got blue eyes lmao.

Game change for klopp once again.

Just like hazard.

I cant believe it that Lampard always bench his best player . ***nulb***nulb***nulb***nulb.

Sister Christian knows the time has come.

Turns out Hazard never left, instead manifested into an American.

Gonna be better for Chelsea than hazard ever was dont me.


Good capt.

Lampard smh.