Thursday 6th of May 2021

Christian Pulisic & Mason Mount Have Come a Long Way.

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Pulisic youngest player with goal assist single semifinal round since 2010-11 Star.
Christian Pulisic Mason Mount have come long way.
Pulisic squares Mason from byline double lead late ]87'].
Please make MOTM awards give starters plus Pulisic each.
Once upon time. Young Mason Mount with young Christian Pulisic Chelseas academy. Pulisic just assisted Mount Chelsea Champions League final. What moment.
Pulisic coming showing Hazard levels isn't spoken about enough..
players ratings Real Madrid Mendy 10 Rudiger 10 Silva 10 Christensen 10 Azpilicueta 10 Jorginho 10 Kante 10 Chiwell 10 Havertz 10 Mount 10 Werner Subs Pulisic 10 Ziyech 10 James 10 Giroud Tuchel 10.

DUDE FREAKING OWNED SPANISH. C-H-E-L-S-E-A, CHELSEA. realsies were frigging gnarly there. Let's hope European conference jabroni. We're finals play we're gonna skeddadle that ring! TEAM USA. Pulisic out.

Pulisic just make sure Courtois crawl ground again before gave pass Mount.
started Havertz Werner they both proved they started this game! He wanted bring Pulisic from bench Pulisic showed exactly Tuchel wanted bring half against tired Madrid defense This truly amazing with team selections!

could have been thats hard watch' Hopefully he's smiling after watching Mount Pulisic send Chelsea Champions League final.
Pulisic holding flag when will iconic.
Mason Mount settles tie! Great work from Christian Pulisic build-up.
Mount, Pulisic Havertz will HUGE Chelsea.
Frightening think have these under much look forward Timo Werner 25 Tammy Abraham 23 Christian Pulisic 22 Mason Mount 22 Kai Havertz 21 Callum Hudson-Odoi
Vinicius Chelsea highlights Better than Pulisic?
fact Pulisic pulled this against Real Madrid teams just shows confident moment. other player would passed took extra touch.
Finna name first born Pulisic scores finals.
difference between Pulisic Wernner? Football sense. that runneth.
Tuchel risk taker mean would have thought would bench pulisic start Havertz upfront Ramos.
Pulisic disgracing courtois both Stamford bridge bernabeu such beautiful sight witness Someone should help with picture snake grass second goal.
Lion mate...who compare apeja Pulisic, blame them Desmond Eliot cause
hiding Pulisics frustration starting tonight interview with AlexScott. Looking from team point view, Tuchel done superbly well rotating balancing this side.
Pulisic getting subbed 60th minute.
67': Pulisic comes on 85': Pulisic sets Mount Chelsea aggregate lead IMPACT TUDNUSA).
want Pulisic come from bench. also, wanted height front line set-pieces chose Havertz" Tuchel.
Mason Mount goal, Pulisic assist just love this.
won't much Chelsea Lampard CHERMA ChampionsLeague Pulisic Mason Mount.
Pulisic more goal involvements semifinals this season than Diego Lainez league (1).
Christian Pulisic's -record seventh career ChampionsLeague assist puts ChelseaFC doorstep Final! (TUDNUSA).
Pulisic without injury beast.
Abraham will gone, Pulisic should push transfer, would assume target striker Werner gone bottom line, this list will change.
Christian Pulisic Real Madrid (H).
Christian Pulisic youngest player with goal assist single semi-final round since 2010-11. ESPNFC].
feels like Pulisic good bench that costs starts.
PULISIC against Real Madrid defence.
Christian Pulisic sub) today Real Madrid..
He just wouldnt start over pulisic.
Mason Mount Christian Pulisic have come long together.
PULISIC greatest American Time.
Last time tweeted this 2012 worked... lets again. Dear God, Pulisic dominate, Mount create, Timo strike, Rudiger oppress, Mendy deny, Champions League.

Pulisic greatest now.
Beats that people genuinely think that Pulisic better than Pepe Kante miles ahead Partey.
Christian Pulisic become first mens international play UEFA Champions League final. Already only have goal assist Champions League semifinals.
American bias only reason pulisic here.

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This gave me goosebumps.

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