Sunday 11th of September 2022

Queen Elizabeth Was Not Universally Loved in Africa. My CNN Live Report on Colonialism, Fairytales And The Africans Who Refuse to Mourn Her Death.

Social Media Says

mark respect Majesty Queen Elizabeth this weekends Premier League match round will postponed.
Queen Elizabeth universally loved Africa. live report colonialism, fairytales Africans refuse mourn death.
"Queen consort" what should call straight girlies accompany gays nights out.
Following loss Queen Elizabeth Allie will featured bill These bills will printed starting sometime 2025.
Jokes about Queen that have sent thread.
which false. Queen enjoyed time with him. never heard that about Biden.
Cancel culture Black women from Global South targeted singled abuse billionaire right wing media refusing perform civility respectability about Queen's death while entire Irish football stadium sings their delight that "Lizzy's box".

Photo Brandenburg Gate Germany honour Queens death. This what means European..
energy bills should suspended foreseeable future mark respect Queen.
Princess Anne will accompany Queens coffin from Balmoral Edinburgh.
know that late Queen Elizabeth visited Nigeria twice? visits, spent night this house Ijebu-Ode son, Chief Timothy Odutola, happened close friend George queen's father. much know about Odutola?

Another called "Veer" found Kolkata. Truly it's "Egiye Bangla" (Bengal's leading) churning such "Veers" hide truckloads cash under their bed. Question it's just facade, who's real face behind? Self declared Queen silent Mayor's crying foul!

panel just debated whether President Biden should invite Trump Queen Elizabeths funeral. SHOULD BIDEN INVITE TRUMP?
Can't believe they going make queen. This woke nonsense gone far.
British mourns death Queen Elizabeth Colonies.
love body language analysis. gulf between future King Queen massive. mean your fella going through would show some level affection surely. know would.

ARCHBISHOP CANTERBURY: Queen's final wish, must obey CHARLES: But...HIM?!?! ARCHBISHOP: I've researched there's rule saying can't King. This Christmas... Disney proudly presents... HEIR BUD.

Someone please explain English Queen Elizabeth Spanish Reyna Isabel???
Concern that tributes Queen have been universally respected, potential global embarrassment fans were disrespectful, factor decision call football this weekend. (Source: MattHughesDM).

favourite dead queen piccy this insinuates that Paddington bear grim reaper British people.
grandmother said that sadness price love," said statement. "All sadness will feel coming weeks will testament love felt extraordinary queen.

queen? omg.
Queens personal assets will passed down Charles III, once officially takes throne. special legal clause (that aims avoid erosion royal familys wealth), wont inheritance tax.

very telling that far-right commentators going about what Meghan, Duchess Sussex, have Queen through, fail mention Prince Andrews abuse case. what is.

Rest well Queen, good night kha, love you.
never supposed queen. never asked burden crown. watched crippled father sent early grave. last seven decades, been rock. strength. stay. queen. devoted life service.

Yall taking Queen death serious Black twitter.
queen more..I love what seeing..don't stop showing that Beauty. Press thier neck.
they just that 'the energy crisis inconsequential compared news about Queen's health' because unsure year women's death going energy bills.

This interview Princess Diana asked thought shell ever Queen.
Sweet pictures Prince Harry Meghan, Duke Duchess Sussex, looking floral tributes late Queen Elizabeth outside Windsor Castle. Steve Reigate.
think that President Biden class after just informed British Prime Minister that following reports Queen Elizabeth's health that First Lady "are keeping Queen family their thoughts," retweet follow us!

forget about queen like that.
Queen elizabeth dumbledore drinking hell
Parliament today, spoke about tributes paid Queen Elizabeth Luton North. read full speech here.
People their 3.18am tributes queen Buckingham Palace with Lego Princess Leia.
more sponsorsCapedcu Idaho_Centralhave dropped support Boise Pride Festival, which advertised child drag queen performances featuring kids young years old. That's least sponsors that have canceled their donations.

world changed while Elizabeth Queen profound ways, many steadfast rock patriotic duty.
Reflecting passing Queen England, wide range conversations happening social media. forced down rabbit hole history, colonialism colonialism. piece "Her casket, such good wood; crown made gold" inspired by.

Thank SunidhiChauhan5 Madam Appreciating Queen ishehnaaz_gill ShehnaazGill
Prince William Officially Releases Statement Queens Passing >> READ << movies movie.
Correspondent Claims Queen Elizabeth Universally Loved Africa.
Irish friend says that when news Queens death came through, drinking Irish Republican Socialist here Dublin woman everyone raised glass woman loved Ireland much bring about peace islands.

Before go... Have Queen?
Queen Elizabeth passed away this week many Brits, only monarch they've known, reigned years. CGTNs Alasdair Baverstock tells this affecting British people what means UK.

queen Arsenal Supporter? Perhaps Shed have lived longer wasnt.
life-long republican NotMyKing. want live normal country, with written constitution, clear separation powers, proportional electoral system, elected second chamber, enshrined rights, absolutely kings, queen, princes.

Queen dead when reading this right now?
Ignoring Queen's inexperience time, you're blaming Monarchy actions British government, matter evil, don't understand role Monarchy.
Prince Harry Meghan, Duchess Sussex, walk outside Windsor Castle, following passing Britain's Queen Elizabeth, Windsor.
death Queen unleashed tidal wave hate against English people more broadly white Europeans general from anti-whites around world This must opened people's eyes kind situation countries become increasingly non-white.

Australians from across country paying their respects Queen Elizabeth contribute messages condolence being sent Buckingham Palace here.
institutions very invested putting across idea that queen's death much more monumental affecting event than actually was.
hail queen.
Just me.. Princess Diana coulda woulda shoulda been crowned Queen today.
Neil Oliver: With Queen Elizabeth dies only version Britain most alive today have ever known. News YouTube.
Memphis museum science history will hosting ages Drag Queen party featuring drag queens Fendi LaFemme Angel Fartz. There will cash bar, dancing, cross-dressing, along with children attendance. science museum.

Still roar with laughter Julie Goodyear telling story Doris Speed meeting Queen Coronation Street 1982, Doris saying very loudly "isn't makeup dreadful, dear?!".
Letter condolences from President Tigray, Debretsion Gebremichael King Charles United Kingdom passing Queen Elizabeth RoyalFamily September 2022.
Biggie Queen Elizabeth next week.
Super freaky girl queen just omg.
Brits weeks mourn because Queen died. When have Black folks gotten chance mourn? Anybody?
Lying Queen could sink lower than that?
There only million chance come across King Queen Rewarding correct answers with spots.
There stories front page News website. about death Queen. seismic nature event, Russia brink biggest military defeat years. continent. nothing.

Queen elizabeth lived world wars witnessed times grammy rejected blandpink shamelessly applying best artist year their career before dylng.
again. What Meghan British media?? They very very critical her. Cant Queens death platform truce?
Queen elizabeth's death false flag distract people from susan sarandon saying she's
Yalls queen died, mine cooking kitchen
FOLLOW QUEEN SELENA GOMEZ official spotify selenagomez. SUBSCRIBE.
Queen Elizabeth will September 2022.
Princess Diana when sees Queen Elizabeth pull pearly gates Heaven.
queen after winning gulag.
Queen Windsor: place work rest.
Recently Africa their followers RESPECTFUL while tweeting their video about Queen Elizabeth connection with AFRICA. thought British rule India here small peak into British treated people Africa. 1/n.

historian Britain I've been asked today understand death Queen. thread what would saying adding media frenzy. ever British history much about change even more about what changed.

Queen Have great weekend everyone happy birthday yours
Happy Saturday everyone believes treasonous Trump should blackballed from attending Queen Elizabeths funeral!
text: He's prince. ceased prince turned king same instant Queen's heart stopped. nanosecond pass in-between monarchs.
Desi people pretending queens death.
Princess Diana emotionally abused cheated that twat Charles they gave adultering bitch Camilla crown, queens Andrew pedophile SOMEHOW MEGHAN MARKLE COMPLAINING THAT THESE INBREDS WERE RACIST TOWARDS HER?

Prince Andrew Boris Johnson leading tributes Queen, encapsulate society perfectly. There consequences rich powerful media will happily forget everything. never expect better people, when such sickness celebrated.

Born 1926, became queen died hmmm... 666?
Reading this voice makes times better.
You're laughing about queen dying? Yeah well what called nigger? funny
Leave queen come with this jlobeauty smoothing booty balm. Available NOW.
Working Queen's bodyguard greatest brightest honour life Major Alexander Owen writes for.
Queen will buried private George's Chapel Windsor Castle.
Crazy, true.
jealous that queen able watch finals that Juve lost.

What You Really Think

Thats OK she was universally loved by many others. She didn't need your universal love. Just don't send your itinerant young men to a country you don't respect and expect it to support them financially forever. Unless as I suspect you want revenge and hope they will destroy it.

My president just shamed himself as usual.

Our ancestors suffered. We are suffering because of the same queen Elizabeth government.

Time to check our white privilege.

This still goes on today along with selling surplus children and selling old people for ritual. Do you think I actually care what Nigeria things.. LEADER OF THE SLAVE TRADE.

Cant say Im bothered what they think .proud of being around in the era of of our great queen .god save the King.

Do shut up u little bed wetter.

Best you go back to the country of your ancestors if you hate the benefits that youre feeding on in the States..

As South Africans native citizens on the ground not administration that is the puppets of British Monarch. We still suffer today from the colonial systems that are being refused to be admonished. Common Law doesn't suit us including the pledge or secret night to monarch.

We have our queen.

I suspect their to busy counting their slaves and money to mourn her passing ?

Asa si?

Im not surprised hes trying to erase history.