Saturday 22nd of August 2020

: Is The Queensland Premier Playing Politics With Border Closures?

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Qld Health Minister Steven Miles to Peter Dutton on his repeated Qld border criticism: Peter Dutton has one job, borders. And he has consistently failed he is one of the few people to have actually, personally, brought Covid-19 into Queensland.

Take a moment to enjoy the beautiful sunrise captured by a fisherman kayaking in Queensland.
Release the health advice that is telling you to shut the borders and then we can talk StevenJMiles. Or is it just all about the election in October? You are destroying livelihoods.
Talk about fishing for corona cases... Queensland CHO: "if youve got symptoms of the flu its most likely to be COVID, not flu" So they'll add flu/common colds to the covid column which will then justify the next major shutdown. And most dopes will fall for it. FMD.

: Is the Queensland Premier playing politics with border closures?
Dutton putting the boot in& gets a well deserved smack down!! "Peter Dutton has one job, and that's keeping our borders safe and he has consistently failed. "He's failed on cruise ships, he's failed on hotel quarantine.".

Coronavirus live news: global deaths near 800,000; Australian state of Queensland brings in new restrictions.
Ridiculous AnnastaciaMP - "Queensland hospitals for Queenslanders" this girl couldn't have her surgery done in a QLD hospital & now you want her to quarantine in a hotel against the MEDICAL ADVICE of her team of specialists?! What is it going to take for the power game to end?!

Inquiry examines why gas issues keep happening at Queensland coal mines.
The Brisbane AI User group is open to people of all skill levels. Join this Meetup group for free virtual presentations on all things AI.
Today we went to the Confucius Institute in QUT for FridaysForFreedom. We urge the Queensland government to launch a parliamentary inquiry into the foreign interference at universities in Queensland, particularly into Confucius Institutes.

QLD Premier thinks shes the prime minister Sky News Australia -------------She is the prime minister of Queensland-that is not part of Australia according to her.
Shit I forgot about Perisher, then again Im originally from Queensland, lol. Still, its mostly the higher elevations. I got to see snow once on a grade 7 trip to the Blue Mnts area. Probs why its the only one I remember!

Urgent protection measures are in place after an increase of COVID-19 cases were reported in Queensland.
Outback Queensland-Warrego Way.
Queensland brings back stricter COVID-19 restrictions so what are the rules now?
New Qld COVID-19 restrictions are in place. So who is affected what's changed Greater Brisbane which takes in 8 Local Govt Areas: Brisbane City Ipswich, Logan, the Scenic Rim, Somerset, Lockyer Valley, Moreton Bay & Redland City.

Coronavirus Australia live news: New lockdowns, restrictions as Queensland outbreak worsens; Victoria records 182 cases, 13 deaths.
DAD????? Chimmy said ST3AM!!!
Tell me about queensland.
They're doing everything they possibly can to get cases in Queensland. The Premier and chief health officer are loving this. Brisbane will be next to lockdown. Watch.
A man has been arrested after a woman suffered fatal head and chest injuries in an abhorrent assault on Queenslands Sunshine Coast.
Wow, this guy is my new hero... "Peter Dutton has one job, and that's keeping our borders safe and he has consistently failed. He's failed on cruise ships, he's failed on hotel quarantine.".
Queensland has nine new cases of COVID-19 confirmed overnight. Six of those are linked to the Brisbane Youth Detention Centre and three are linked to cargo ships.
Other than for sentimental purposes (which, even then, is a weak argument), there is literally no reason to hold the grand final in queensland. wa outshines them in every other area.
For the wordsmiths with a keen eye. I googled "sagedtart". There is no such word. Think it is "start" typed by someone with fat fingers, or sticky keyboard, or it was dictated into the MS Word speech-to-type function by someone with a very broad brogue.

Q'ld'ers Don't forget what the Labor Govt did during the DROUGHT! Joyful View - a Chinese-owned company was granted approval to run a 96 mega-litre- a year commercial water mining operation in severely drought-hit southern Queensland while locals were on water rations!!

Deputy Premier hits back at Peter Dutton for personally bringing COVID-19 into Queensland.
Don't waste your time down south, come up to Queensland!
. Can you believe the LNP is comparing Queenslands border closure to the Berlin Wall? How offensive. Today we have seen the impact just a few cases of COVID can cause. The LNP should stop trying to make it about politics. Meaghan Scanlon - Member for Gaven.

Urgent election measures are needed after an increase in tyranncial despotism cases were reported in Queensland Government.
3.9 million to go! Come on Aussie ARMY it's Saturday afternoon, crank up the speakers and let's bring this HOME!
The apparent temperature in Canberra now is minus 4.2 - after a couple of quick chats it seems most of the eastern sea board minus Queensland is also very cold and windy - so indoors and cooking with wine day it is...

We are committed to investing $145 million in establishing 3 renewable energy zones across the State. These zones will help connect new renewable energy to our power network and will support thousands of jobs for Queenslanders.

New social gathering limits have been introduced in Queensland with immediate effect, as Kath and Kim join the COVID19 fight. FULL STORY.
He was one who personally brought COVID-19 into Queensland. Ouch! Truer words were never spoken.
Queensland needs to declare Queensland a hotspot and stop people from Queensland crossing the border into Queensland.
Man, it's snowing in Canberra a week before spring, and FIRES just south of the Queensland border. We be suffering.
Ugh. Dammit, Queensland. I have to wear a mask for 8hrs while I work and literally all I do is talk . And get claustrophobic as all hell . But I'll do it. I'll probably take some Olanzapine, but I'll do it.

Calling all farmers (and supporters)! Let the NationalFarmers' Federation know you support their new climate policy (including netzero goal) by retweeting us or, better yet, writing your own supportive tweet and tagging them.

Today is the highest daily total of cases in Queensland since the 14 April. This is a jump from 5 active cases to 15 active cases.
Sky News host Gary_Hardgrave says Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk thinks shes the prime minister.
Boeings Prototype of Loyal Wingman Drone For Australia Spotted During Ground Testing at an Airfield in Queensland.
Queensland GPS Basketball - Gregory Terrace v Churchie - 1st V.
Heavens above, in Queensland it is a non event!! So why the headline ' heating up'?? It appears even the AFL States of South Australia and Western Australia are very lukewarm to the idea. That must tell you something!! Probably an ABC thing??

Officials from Venues West, Optus Stadium and Tourism WA have put together a presentation to host the AFL Grand Final. Gill and the Commision will receive it over the weekend. Was described to me as forensic and mind blowing. Queensland to make their case to host on Tuesday.

Deputy Premier hits back at Peter Dutton for personally bringing COVID-19 into Queensland (If Steven wasn't already a favourite of mine before..he would be now!).
**COVID UPDATE** There have been no changes to restrictions for businesses in Queensland, but it is essential to be vigilant in following your COVIDsafe plans and practices. For more information on COVIDsafe plans go to.

Six new coronavirus cases have been detected in Queensland, linked to the Brisbane Youth Detention Centre where a supervisor tested positive earlier this week.
So a few cases have again undone Queensland's tacit elimination strategy, and the response is to punish the whole state with more restrictions? And people are supposed to put up with this until some putative vaccine comes along? Madness.

What You Really Think

Queenslanders want the borders closed. If you dont like it leave.

Palaszcszuk will win The Qld Election .. Border Closures are fully supported here.

All the triggered leftists in the comments. HOW DARE THE ABC CRITICISE A LABOR LEADER! Happy to dish it out, but not take it. Such a tolerant bunch.

Stop playing politics with peoples lives. Disgraceful.

So, what's the point? She's no different to all the other politicians!!

Politician plays politics; Doctor cures; Police arrests. Make more headlines about professionals doing their jobs.

Defund the ABC. Its serves no useful purpose apart from Emergency services and we can always have a seperate dedicated service for that.

No. Shes being a LEADER and protecting the people of her state rather than the pockets of rich mates.

Border needs to remain closed to southern states whilst they have active cases & now QLD has active cases due to those who came from southern states lying on their inbound cards and to obtain passes. Tighter border & biosecurity required.

You are asking for opinion, rather than reporting the news? Every paid digital hack will line up to give an opinion.

Who had a doubt?

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