Thursday 2nd of September 2021

On a 5-4 Vote, The Supreme Court Denies Relief to Plaintiffs Challenging Texas SB8, Allowing it to Remain in Effect For Now. Chief Justice Roberts Joins The Democratic Appointees in Dissent.

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Even standards Roberts court allowing Texas just...saying nothing before goes into effect low.
vote, with Roberts joining liberals, Supreme Court REFUSES block Texas' six-week abortion ban. Opinions here.
Make mistake: Brett Kavanaugh Coney Barrett responsible ending Wade. Chief Justice John Roberts explicitly announced that would block Texas' law. Kavanaugh Barrett cast decisive votes allowing six-week abortion take effect.

Justice Roberts appalling coward.
Important note that while Roberts voted with Sotomayor, Kagan Breyer, join this dissent. Sotomayor speaking only justices here.
Thank BrewCrew, from fans NLWest leading Dodgers your biggest fan, Dave Roberts.
Roberts: "The legis essentially delegated enforcement that prohibition populace large. desired consequence appears insulate State from responsibility implementing enforcing law." It's this very point that Alito says justifies inaction.

Supreme Court wont halt Texas banning most abortions after weeks pregnancy. vote with Roberts joining liberals dissent.
Supreme Court denies request stop Texas 6-week abortion ban, with Roberts liberals dissenting.
January 2004, when Jayson Boebert arrested exposing himself young women Colorado bowling alley. future wife Lauren Roberts then known), time, also present...

case inaction didnt make Barrett Supreme Courts intent clear, this action does: SCOTUS denies request stop Texas 6-week abortion ban, with John Roberts liberals dissenting.
SCOTUS votes *not* block abortion law. Chief Justice John Roberts dissents, Justices Breyer, Kagan, Sotomayor. Court notes this decision underlying substantive issues. Underlying case merits will proceed.

Every single dissenter wrote their dissent signed their names including Roberts. None judges that voted refuse injunction signed their name.
Roberts rapidly becoming moderate.
SCOTUS broken silence vote, challenge Texas abortion bill been denied. will remain place, signaling Wade know Chief Justice Roberts joins Dem-appointed justices dissent.

Roberts conservative knows America balance. Garland-Ginsburg reversal death knell America's ability solve it's biggest problems.
With vote Roberts joining liberals, SCOTUS REFUSES block Texas' abortion ban. promised stack SCOTUS abolished filibuster Dems either abolish filibuster protect voting rights expand court, kiss democracy goodbye.

take page outrage playbook call resignation Supreme Court Justices: Brett Kavanaugh Amy Coney Barrett Neil Gorsuch Clarence Thomas Samuel Alito John Roberts Their assault RoeVWade intolerable unconscionable.

Roberts Scherzer pitching tonight tight hamstring: "He's competitor." Roberts said gonna long without putting himself team jeopardy." After 6th, gave look." Roberts does expect Scherzer make next start.

Roberts lost control court. lower courts packed. Filibuster expand damn court. It's been done before more than once.
Supreme Court denies request stop Texas 6-week abortion ban, with John Roberts liberals dissenting. Thank you, President Trump, majority.
Actually Nader voters gave Dubya through SCOTUS fiat Roberts. Same fcking arguments Stein. here are.
Supreme Court, voting 5-4, refuses block Texas outlawing abortion after weeks pregnancy, lets measure remain effect. Roberts joins liberals saying would have blocked now.

Roberts: would grant preliminary relief preserve status antebefore went into effect that courts consider whether state avoid responsibility laws such manner. could light Chiefs order carried day?

vote reject emergency request with court's three liberals dissenting, joined Chief Justice John Roberts Jr., called only unusual, unprecedented.".
Roberts isn't control. sided with liberal justices this one. enabled this mess can't control
Federal Society influential appointing Alito, Roberts, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, Coney-Barrett? Thomas member close friend Leonard Leo. SCOTUS more like court clerics favor corporate interests than judicial neutrality.

Only Roberts enough respect pretense conservative judicial modesty want follow procedure. Every other Republican nominee content overrule Supreme Court precedent shadow docket.

Changes Dave roberts decision making narrative
Again: Roberts, Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan all wrote separate dissents highlighting different aspects of their disagreement with the majority (which partially explains the delay). Didn't matter. Barrett's fifth vote made all the difference.

Roberts court been continuous undermining their legitimacy. Theyve gutted Voting Rights Act, they problem with dark money influencing elections with Citizens United, they chose remain silent face attacks women.

Roberts knows what doing. Joseph Biden should EXPAND Supreme Court now!
After agonizing wait, have agonizing decision. Five four, Supreme Court green lights Texass week abortion banwhich flagrantly violates Wadewithout much holding argument. Roberts joins liberals dissent.

Roberts full shit. made this possible with Citizens United.
Steve complaining that Roberts dissenting.
And SCOTUS is rotten to the core.
Justice Roberts likes pretend court isn't political.
vote. Chief Justice Roberts joins Breyer, Sotomayor Kagan dissent. decision allow Texas save lives.
Thats just like John Roberts saying voting rights protection longer needed because racism over voter suppression will never happen.
Supreme Court formally denied request from Texas abortion providers freeze state that bars abortions after weeks. Chief Justice John Roberts joined three liberal justices dissent.

Supreme Court ruled against blocking Texas abortions after weeks before most women know theyre pregnant. Chief Justice Roberts dissented with liberals saying Texas uniquely makes whole populace enforcer. stunning decision.

vote, Supreme Court denies relief plaintiffs challenging Texas SB8, allowing remain effect now. Chief Justice Roberts joins Democratic appointees dissent.
clarify, even Chief Justice Roberts knows legality this still subject change. Wade danger until case brought private citizen. Texas clowns. Masks violation freedoms, stopping abortion access not? bent.

ruling 5-4. Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh Barrett vote block law. Chief Justice Roberts joins three liberals (Breyer, Sotomayor Kagan) dissent.
Seems like good time reread April MSNBC column about Roberts bill expand Supreme Court.
Supreme Court vote Texas abortion case: votes Texas: 1. Clarence Thomas 2. Samuel Alito 3. Neil Gorsuch (Trump) 4. Brett Kavanaugh (Trump) 5. Coney Barrett (Trump) votes against: 1. John Roberts 2. Stephen Breyer 3. Sonia Sotomayor 4. Elena Kagan.

Providing abortions. Justice Sotomayor calls exactly right when says burying head sand. Chief Justice Roberts tellingly sides against Texas. this rationale, that Texas enabling only private lawsuits 2/.

Dave Roberts 521-322 years Dodgers manager. That .618 winning percentage, same 100-win season.
JUST U.S. Supreme Court voted allow Texas' banning abortions state TAKE EFFECT, signaling death knell Wade Texas. Chief Justice John Roberts sided with court's three liberals.

dick trophy goes Brett Kavanaugh Clarence Thomas Coney Barrett Neil Gorsuch Samuel Alito John Roberts making Supreme Court United States corrupt pile shit. Fuck every single you. Sincerely.

following Judges below supporters Domestic Terrorist, Child Predators, Rapist, Nazis Incest. Brett Kavanaugh Clarence Thomas John Roberts Neil Gorsuch Samuel Alito Amy Coney Barrett legal system been invaded infected predators.

Confirmation. The Supreme Court effectively overturned Wade vote last night. Roberts dissent. It's Roberts Court. It's Shadow Court. They didn't even have decency schedule case pretend hear arguments.

Texas abortion law: Supreme Court denies request stop ban, with John Roberts liberals dissenting.
2000 Election stolen from Gore Conservative Judges SupremeCourt! didnt fight back harder changed History Shit Show! Repubs wanted that Presidency badly Right Wing Nuts Roberts Alito. would Progressive today!

Correction, with liberals dissenting. John Roberts needs lumped this point.
This outrageous only beginning Supreme Court formally denied request from Texas abortion providers freeze state that bars abortions after weeks. Chief Justice John Roberts joined three liberal justices dissent.

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Child support should be mandated by the father starting with a positive pregnancy test.

Why do I feel this has something to do with that hunting lodge in Texas where Justice Scalia mysteriously died and the secret society he belonged to?

Texas really the most trash state in existence,, right next to Florida. Damn..

The Roberts Court will go down in history as the worst Court in the history of this country, and I'd bet every last penny that's not the legacy he wanted.

I'm on the "fence" concerning TX abortion; because, a white Catholic woman was raped by a black man years ago and put the baby up for adoption after birth. The baby grew up to be a doctor and also teaching at a college. Later in years, her white birth-mom regretted giving her up.

Chief Justice Manipulator Roberts, Amy Covid-19 claims faith and lied during confirms, Neil Sorta-Christian Gorsuch, the Mont Co cry baby & another guy who liked to talk about a well-endowed porn star w/uninterested colleague Anita Hill. Why would we expect them to give a damn?

So it turns out the fifth seat mattered after all.

Yea Im crying.

I wonder when the ball will drop for the Trump children that this is what they created.

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